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||I will Always be There for you||Part 5-Page-22 (Page 8)

-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 1:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by krazzy4armaan

Awesum start
plz add me in ur pm list

Thanks :) Big smile

-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kajen.Rocks

hey just caught up with ur FF ..
Great FF yaar .. :) 
Just awesome !!

It was FAB !! 
Just great Job !! 
hattssss Off .. :) 
Add me to ur pm list !
add me to your buddy req please !! :) 

Hey Hi Hun Big smile
Thanks a lot yaar :) 
Done :)

-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Sidma_sux

I was just visiting FF forum ,... N found urs !!! 
Great work Bulbul .. :) 
U r such a FAB writer!
Add me to ur PM list ! :) 
Cont soon !

Big smile Big smile

Glad , That you visited FF forum LOL
Thanks a lot! :)
-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 1:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by armaansbigfan

vry nice and cute...plz pm me when u continue...

Thanks dear :) 
Yea will Pm U :)
-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by mohit_aggarwal

just read it....
loved it truely!!
tooo cute n too sweet,...
do pm me nxt tym u upd8

Thanks Mohit :) 
Thanks a lot :)
-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by salinashah

hey great part
do pm me
love u

Thanks salina .. :)
-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Hey all :) 

Glad to know , You all Liked my FF .. :)
Thanks :) 
Means A lot to Me Smile

Part 2 


After saying  Good Bye to Armaan , she moved towards her bed and tried sleping. She was trying to sleep , since 2 hours by now. Who can sleep in this situation Dude. A best friend of yours , Proposed you , Kissed you , Hugged you. Who could sleep .. She recolected all the Moments which took placed at Basketball and Blushed. She picked her Blackberry cell, and dialed Muskaan's No. She placed the cell near her ear, waiting for when Muskaan would Pick Up her call. 

Mu-He...Hello ...

Ri- Muskaan ? Yo ..Riddhima bol rahi hu ... 

Mu-Rid..Riddhima ?

Ri-Yea..Why the hell are you stammering ? 

Mu-Dude, Its 2:00 in the night ... What did you call ...? 

Ri-Oh , Its 2:00 ? Really ? *watching her clock , striking 2:00*

Mu-Ahhh , riddhima bol ..kya hua ?

Ri-Arey haan haan ...Tujhe pata hai aaj chamatkar hua ..

Mu-OMG, kiska balatkar hua ??

Ri-What ? Idiot !! Neend se jaag , Chamatkar hua ..

Mu-Oh! What happened ?

Ri-Armaan ..Proposed me .

Mu-Hmm..Ok..WHAT ? He what ? He Proposed you ?? Am I hearing right ?

Ri-Haan , you are hearing Right ! He proposed me today at Basketball Court.

Mu-Woowwww!! Ab Mera Kya hoga ? 

Ri- Kya matlab ?

Mu-I mean.. Rahul ..

Ri-Oh that Casanova ?


Ri-Ok sorry sorry .. Kya hoga ? Confess your love to him. 

Mu-Itna hi aasan hota , toh kabka kardeti ..

Ri-Oh C'mon ! He loves you ... You know ..Maine bhi uske pyaar main teri aanken dekhi hai .. 

Mu-Kya ?

Ri-Aaa ...I mean ..Maine usske aankho main tere liye Pyaar dekha Hai ..Ya now its correct.

Mu-Are you sure ? 

Ri-Yes baccha...Baba Riddhima keh rahi hai na .. 

Mu-BABA ? You have changed ! Completely ..

Ri-Armaan , is the Reason .. 

Mu-Hmm ...

After chatting for 3 hours , continously they slept peacefully. The clock stroke 7:00 , riddhima got dressed up in white salwar kameez , with matching pair of earings. she headed towards the collage. On the other side , Mr.Armaan was still sleeping peacefully on his bed. Completely lost in his dreams. He Couldn't even hear is mobile ringtone. 

After an Hour , he got up. Picking his cell , he unlocked the cell and saw the time.It was 8:00 .. He was LATE. He was late for the collage.. Without even thinking for a mintue , he rushed into bathroom taking his clothes.Havign a quick shower he headed towards the collage. He immidetely parked his bike and ran into corridors. Watching no one their , he got more scared. This was the 9th time he was late in collage. He reached towards his destination and screamed..

Ar-SIR MAY I COME IN ? *Keeping his hand on his chest for some air*

Sir-Oh , Armaan ..9th time , Am I Right ? 

Ar-Sorry sir ..Won't happen again. 


Ar-Thank you sir , Mujhe pata tha aap mijhe andar aane se nahi rokenge ..Thank u thank u .. *Sitting besides Riddhima , while the whole class laughed*

Sir-ENOUGH. Copy down , whatever I am writing down on the board. 

Ar-Wassup Basket ..Looking Gorgeous..*Whispering in her ears* 

Ri-Armaan..Shut up , or else you will be out of the class. Likho..

Ar-chodo yaar. Who's gonna write all this shit. 

Ri-Iam not going to write this for you later, NOR I am going to give you the Notes.Samjhe ?

Ar- Ok Ok ..Writing.. 

As Soon As the class ended, Riddhima walked out of the classroom, and started finding Muskaan. Armaan came running towards her and ..


Ri-Ahh .,..mammaa.. 

Ar-*Laughing * Dar gai ?

Ri-Abbey Mote(Fat) aise daraega toh darungi na ..

Ar-Eyy , Mota kisko bola be... I have six pack abbs Babe ... 

Ri-Toh ? Anyways ..Help me in finding Muskaan ..Jaldi..

Ar-Hun ...Usme dhundna kya. Canteen main hogi .. Pagal .. 

Ri-Oh ! Ya ..Right right! Chalo ..

They reached canteen , Ans yes Armaan was right , Muskaan was in Canteen stuffing Vada Pav In her Mouth. Armaan and riddhima , both said together, "Iska Kuch nahi ho sakta " . Riddhima sat near Muskaan and Armaan Opposite the Gals. They both still waited for Muskaan , To end up with her Food. But no , She odered One More Vada pav Plus after sometime she odered Samosa ..She even Ofered Armaan &Riddhima , Both Refused to eat it. After Stuffing so much she Burped. 

Ri-Eeewwww , Muski !
Ar-Yuk , Muskaan! 

Mu-Sorry!!  Oyee ..Congo Shongo ... Finally couple Hun! Kya baat hai .. 

Ar-*With a wide smile * Thanks ..

Mu-shaadi kab karoge ?

Ri-Muskaan ..? I think , we are only 18 ? 

Mu-Haan Haan .. 

Ar-Accha Sun Kameeni ..It has been 1 month now, ab toh lectures attend kar liya kar.

Ri-Exactly ! Black List main , vaise bhi naam aa chuka hai tera. 

Mu-Main bhul jati hu ki humare koi lectures hote hai ya nahi .;...Chal koi nai ..Abhi lecture attend kar lungi .. Khush ?

Ar&Ri-Haan ..

Ri-Umm...Armaan? Rahul Kaha hai ? 

Riddhima , Mentioned Rahul's name perposly to divert Muskaan's attention.

Ar-No Idea. Dekha Nahi maine Usse. 

Mu-Arey , Aisa kaise nahi dekha ? Tu toh uska Best friend hai na ? You should know , where he is! 

Ar-Hoga yaar , yahi kahi . 

After conversing a little , Armaan headed towards the Football Ground. He found Rahul In between His way. He even told Him , Riddhima was finding him . Armaan went towards his Friends Again ... 

Ar-*Almost Screaming* Guys Parso po*n Night hai ..Everyone Remember's Na ? Preaparations done ?

Mu,Ri,Ra-WHAT ??

Ar-Abb ..I mean Prom Night hai .. Everyone Coming ?

Ri- Armaan , Prom night is for senior Students.. 

Ar-So Kya yaar! Ghuss Jayengee.. Chill maar :)

Ri-Accha ..I am ok with it ..

Mu-Me too ..

Ra-Umm.Same Here.

Ri-Vaise , I was thinking , ki aaj raat mere ghar milte hai Movie dekhne Ko. What's say? Parents are out of town too.

Ar-Oh My God Riddhima! Tumne Mujhe bataya nai Riddhima! Ki Uncle Aunty Ghar par Nahi Hai. Main tumhare Ghar par rehe leta ! U know for Protection! Matlab ..ek kamre main , Bed...

Ri-*Smacking his arm* Shut Up!

Ar-Make Me .. 

She blushed at his comment , and thought of last night how she had kissed staright on his lips . Armaan snapped his fingers in front of her. They all decided to meet up at Riddhima's house Tonight. Muskaan left with Rahul to ATTEND THE LECTURE for first time! Both Armaan & Riddhima were shocked. Thier jaws were drop till their knee! But then they grinned , knowing because Of rahul , Muskaan attended the Lecture. Armaan was about to go when riddhima called his name. He turned back to face her. Where as she just questioned him , "Not attending the lecture ?". He simply nodded a No . And replied he wanted to practice Football. Riddhima also , didn't felt like attending the lecture. So she bunked the lecture too, And went with armaan to practice football. 

Ar-tum Bhi khelogi ?

Ri-Hmm! Tujhe khelte dekh dekh , main bhi sikh gai ! 

Ar-oyee Hoyee Jannemaan ..

Kissing her cheek deeply , then the forhead and was finally going to capture her lips but riddhima placed her hand on his mouth . 

Ri-NO! agar tum Match jeete , Toh hi Kiis milegi ...

Ar-WHAT ? This is not fair! 

Ri-Oh ! So you think , you will loose.. 

Ar-Pssshhhttt.. Never ! Armaan Malik Kabhi Nahi Haarta ! Aur vo bhi , asi vasi ladkiyo se toh kabhi nahi ... 

Ri- Really ?? Lets Start the game ! Dekha jaega, Kaun harrega aur kaun jeetega! 

They started the Match , Riddhima was obviously finding hard to play, she wasn't a proffesional Player! She used to watch Armaan , Whenever he used to play. She didn't even Knew the Proper Rules Of football . They were Playing since 30 mins from Now , Armaan had scored 1 Nil where as Riddhima didn't still didn't score. They decided to sit for sometime. 

Ar-Panni De! Jaldii...

Ri- Let Me drink first! Mere main tujhse thoda kam stamina hai , Samjha ?

Ar-Riddhima..Please yaar ! Give me Fisrt!

Ri-No .. *Drinking the water*

Ar-You are so Meany Kameene! 

Ri-eeee!! gali Kisko Bola be ? Aana Phir "KISS " lene! 

Ar-Kiss toh meri Hi Hogi! that's for sure.. Panni Khatam ..

Ri-Nahi ..Here .. *Giving him the Bottle of water*

Ar-thanks..Chal ..Lets get going..Match adhoora rehe gaya. Come Come! 

They again started palying the match. Riddhima was really finding hard, to win this Match . She was palying against a Proffesional Player! 

The Game ended. By, Armaan Scoring , 3 Nils and Riddhima only one ! So , well ..It was time for a Kiss. Riddhima knew that Armaan won't leave her At all! He is surely gonna kiss her. 

He came towards her. He lifted her chin up , and stared at her lips. He parted her lips , with his hands.. And Muttered "Rosy Lips" . He captured her Upper Lip Slowly sucking it. Where as Riddhima was sucking his lower Lip. They Both wanted Pace up , But still went slow, Tasting eachother. Armaan pulled her closed , and wrapped his Hands around her Tiny little Waist. And Riddhima Slowly Massaged Armaan's hair. They Were fast Now. They were kissing eachother vigorously but not in a Vulgar way. It was a passionate Kiss for them . They Slowly parted and breathed heavily , Smiling .

R-I love you... And always will..

Ar-Oyee Hoyee.. Love you too , Miss Football .. *Pecking her cheek* Well umm.. What time Should we come to your House for the Movie ?? 

Ri-10:00 ?

Ar-Hmm! great . Will Meet You at ten!Vaise , I know kyu plan Banaya movie dekhne ke liye...Rahul Muskaan ...Right ?

Ri-Kafi intelligent ho gaye tum mere saath rehe ke.. Good..

Ar-Yea watevea..bye ..



Part Completed Big smile

Boring Part ? I know ! Sorry! :)

Will Update the Next Part ASAP! Big smile

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hey devi loved the part.....the football match was awesome....thnxx fr the pm....update soon nd pm me as soon as possible...

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