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||I will Always be There for you||Part 5-Page-22

-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Yo Guys Devi
Here :) .. Call Me Devz Or Bulbul (My nicknames) I prefer that people call me
by my Nickname ! LOL !!

Ok Moving
towards the FF :) . This is my first My FF. So bear with me ..LOL. I am only 13 , So you can't expect Many Romanctic Scenes. Well Ya , I have read tons of FF. So , I thought , I should Write One .. Lets see does it works or not..





Armaan Malik- The Hunk of the Collage. Flirts with every girl , BUT always be aware
that Riddhima isn't close to him so he flirts. Childhood friend of
Riddhima.Each and every Girl goes Gaga over him. Is a Bright student. Loves
Riddhima to death. Cannot hear anything Shit About her. If anyone tries to do
so , He/She can straight away go UP !.

Riddhima Gupta- Childhood friend of Armaan . She is very Simple , Down to Earth Girl. She
can do anything for Armaan. Whatever Armaan says she does. She is an excellent
student. Very Helpful.Extremly Gorgeous. yep , Many People have crush On her.
But , No one has dared to speak anything shit about her. Loves Armaan.

Rahul Garewal- Best friend of Armaan. Ok can say a CASANOVA. He loves to flirt with
girls. He thinks Girls are just toys and Boys can use them on first day and
throw them on the second day. He isn't a Bright student but has a soft corner
for Muskaan. He tries to Impress her , She gets impressed but never thought
Rahul as her Boy Friend.

Muskaan Chadda- Jolly , Sweet , Bubbly , Panjabi Kuddi. She has no Intrests In Studies.
She is Best friend of Riddhima. Her favourite Place in collage is Canteen. In
every hour She stuffs something in her stomach . But still she is SLIM TRIM .
Likes rahul , But never confessed her Love to him .

Ok so Here
Goes Part 1 :)

Armaan(Ar)-Will you be my side forever Chutki? Will you be my Future Wife ?

Riddhima(Ri)-Of course Duh. Ok , don't call me Chutki.. I don't Like it . And Yes , I will
always be there for you , I ..I will be your Future wife.

he placed the ring on her finger. She made Him stand as he was on his knees proposing
her. He slightly kissed her on her right cheek , making her Blush. "Oyye
Hoyee" He said, And hugged her as tight as possible . They parted after
somethime.She looked down at her finger where Armaan had just placed the Ring
in her Finger.she smiled. He finally Proposed her. He finally , for the First
time itself he Kissed her. He hugged her. He cupped her face.

Ar- Happy ?

I didn't broke My Promise . I Promised , I guess when we were in 9th class, and
I promised that when we both will turn 18 I will propose you. And I did. You are 18
I am 18 ! Picture Perfect.

Ri- I am Glad. You remember. I acctualy forgot, that you promised me this thing 4 years back But I am Happy .Very Happy. Happy because you are my Official Boy friend from Now.And.,..And..,. I hope you don't flirt with anyone and make me feel jealous.Understand?

her index finger , and he kissed her finger lightly)

Ar-yep Baba,Wont Flirt with anyone From Now. * Crossing his fingers behind his back* 

4 Years back.

Note- When Armaan and riddhima were

As Riddhima entered the class, wearing

the School uniform.. Red Shirt with black short skirt. And Armaan with Red Shirt
with black tye and Black sexy pants. She wore A shorter skirt today to impress
him. He whislted at her, as she leaned and kept her school bag at her bench.
<And her Thighs were exposed from back.

Ar-Ahem Ahem... Someone's looking Very HOT... hun ? What's cokking Chutki.

Ri-Eyyy... Maine Pehele Bhi kaha tha,Mujhe chutki Mat bolan. And whom are your flirting with hun ? Me ? Riddhima Gupta ??

Ar- Oh! Tumhare siva yaha aur koi hai kya ?? If yes then tell , I will flirt with them . And they will surely pay attention on me because Each and every Girl goes gaga over me..Samjhi 

Ri-Proof do...

>Ar-Ok .. Ummm Shikha ?? Yea u ..Come here na please

Shi-hey Ammy ... Wassup Hun ?? How come you called me today?Any Help?

Ar-Na Na.,.. I was just askig , If you are free at 7:00 ...Wanna join me at Costa Coffee ?

Shi-Wow! Sure dude ..Will be there ..*She hugged him , and he hugged him back*

Riddhima's jaw dropped , her eyes were
widened by now. She was Fuming... She knew , Armaan will Impress any Random
girl. But still she told him to proof him self.. And he proofed himself... She
wanted to kill armaan right there. Armaan saw at her face and laughed keeping
his hand on his stomach. He laughed out loud . He piched her nose

Ar- Happy ??

Ri-NO NO NO!! Bilkul nahi armaan What ..What do you think of your self dude! I Mean.. You hugged her? U HUGGED her!! *Quoating her word* Ass.. Shameless...

Ar-Oh Helllo Hello ... Stop abusing me... She was the one who hugged me ..

Ri-SOOO? Didn't you hugged her backk?? Tell Me..

Ar-I was proofing my self! Ok bye...Its recess Time...Bye Beta..Chillxx Now..

Riddhima immidetly started finding the girl who , Armaan Just asked for a Date right Now.She found her ,..And lied to her that

Armaan told her to not to come to Costa Coffee Today.And when she questioned her
"Why?". She answered her , that he had some important work and
carried herself to the school terris .. Armaan asked everyone , about where
Riddhima was ? .. He thought She must be on terris so he ran upstairs.. He saw
Riddhima near the parapet.. And moved towards her..

Ri- *Talking to herself* Samjhta kya hai apne aap ko ? hero banta firta hai .. "Every girl goes gaga over me" *she immated him * ..Hun ... Main Nahi baat karungi usse.. I hate him

... *Crying by now* ... Arrrgghhh.. He has no right to flirt with that
shikhaa... Cheee... I hate U Armaan... Bahot jyada...

She pulled her skirt down till her waist , she had pulled her skirt a little up to impress him!

. She thought , he will be impressed If she would wear short clothes.She removed the kajal from her eyes , bye rubbing them..And burried her head in her hands. Armaan heard all the talkings , he felt bad, he didn't knew that Riddhima would cry so much him. He was quite suprised when riddhima pulled her
skirt down till her waist. He understood that she wanted to impress him. But he
just flirted with any aother girl. She gave him all the rights her wanted to do
with her. She never stopped him.
he even , Used to give him her favourites.. Like her favourite Books , CDS, Her ToysLOLAnd other stuffs.

Armaan placed his hand on her Shoulder. Riddhima immidetely stopped crying , knowing that , the person standing behind her Is Armaan. Only Armaan Knew that Riddhima used to come on Terris whenever she used to be sad or Hurt.

Riddhima wiped her tears , and turned behind and saw the figure standing in front of her. He was Armaan, with a serious face.


Ri- No.I ..Umm.. Missing my Mom.. I didn't told u na. Mommy is in Newyork , she left last week. Bas unki yaad aa rahi thi.

Ar-Tujhe Jhoot Bolna nahi aata na ? Mujhse specially ... your Mom is back I know that.. I talked with Aunty yesterday Only..Ok sorry Baba .. I was just flirting with that Shikha... And , yaar Hum Log 14 years ke. Ye Age main ye sab chalta hai. Why to be so Serious. You know that I Love you? *Cupping her Face*

Ri-Do you ? As A friend ?

Ar-As a Friend ? Ekk thappad lagaunga na ... Idiot... I love you . Waisa wala Love.. Pagal .Accha I promise , Hum jab 18 years ke honge na Tab main tujhe propose karunga..Kya bolti hai ?

Ri-*With a wide smile* Chalega ..

Ar-Pagal .. Accha chal niche ..I am hungry .. Tiffin main kya lai ??


Ri- OMG !! hhahaahaah!! ,...I remember ..I remember... I was so crazzy behind you ..

Ar-Ahem Ahem ...sab hai *Rising his Collar Up 

Ri-Eee Zero! Shut up ..

Ar-make Me .

<Ri- Really ?

Ar- Really..

<Ri- Ok ...

>She just Smacked His Lips. And catched his collar pulling him Closer. He was quite surprised.He didn't expected a "KISS" from Riddhima..And Plus on Lips.. Well , He didn't Mind. He wraped his hands on riddhima's Tiny Waist and pulled her close... Both parted , for some Air..

Ri-Made u.

Ar-hun ?

Ri- Made u Shut up ... Mujhe Ghar chodo .. Mujhe ghar jaana hai ... Please..

Ar-Haan Haan .. Come ..

They both left the Basket Ball Court headed towards the Bike...He made her sat on the Bike.And they both Headed towards Riddhima's Home..

>Ri-Suprised Kya ?

Ar-Obviously , I mean Tumne ...Tumne Mujhe Kiss kiya.. Vo bhi Lips pe .. Who won't be suprised dude !!

Ri-Hehehehe!! But you Know I enjoyed it. You taste So Good. *Whispering in his ears*

Ar-Oyeee Hoyee... You taste Maha Maha Awesome ...

They Reached to Riddhma's House. Riddhima said Good Bye to him .And pecked his cheecks.

Ri-Meet you tomorrow at Collage ...

Ar- Hmmm ..Bye .. :


>She quickly carried her self to her house , and pressed the Door-Bell. She freshend up , and peeped out from the window , saw Armaan still there sitting on his bike. She blushed and looked down. He saw Up , And looked Riddhima , He smirked and gave a flying kiss to her.She caught the Imaginary Flying kiss and placed her hand on her heart. She waved a good bye, and Armaan started the Bike and Headed towards His Home


Ok , How was the Part ? Was it Kiddish ?? Sorry for the Poor Vocab

If liked Please Please Hit the Button "LIKE" and Please Comment/Critize..

>Devi_BulbulBig smile

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-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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                             ~~~PM LIST ~~~

3) gauri_arian
6)shristi sarda

Character Skecth -Page 1
Part 1 -Page 1 
Part 2 -Page 8
Part 3 -Page 14 
Part 4 - Page 18
Part 5-page 22

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DreamerReality Goldie

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hey devz.....

OMG!! first of alll
CONGRATGULATIONS!! apne naye FF ke liye!!
i knw its gonna b freakin awesum........
i luvd, luvd, luvd d lynz

a:You know that I Love you? *Cupping her Face* 

Ri-Do you ? As A friend ? 

Ar-As a Friend ? Ekk thappad lagaunga na .... Idiot... I love you . Waisa wala Loved .. Pagal!

man i loved dose lynz!!!

dat was soooo cute....loved AREmbarrassed

jaldi update karo nahi toh bahut pareshaan karungi

lyk u did... *rmbr* LOL

loved it bulbul....


kinBig smile

p.s: BTW 1st to cmmnt!!! yayyyyyy!!Big smile

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-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by kinnarik

hey devz.....

OMG!! first of alll
CONGRATGULATIONS!! apne naye FF ke liye!!
i knw its gonna b freakin awesum........
i luvd, luvd, luvd d lynz

a:You know that I Love you? *Cupping her Face* 

Ri-Do you ? As A friend ? 

Ar-As a Friend ? Ekk thappad lagaunga na .... Idiot... I love you . Waisa wala Loved .. Pagal!

man i loved dose lynz!!!

dat was soooo cute....loved AREmbarrassed

jaldi update karo nahi toh bahut pareshaan karungi

lyk u did... *rmbr* LOL

loved it bulbul....


kinBig smile

p.s: BTW 1st to cmmnt!!! yayyyyyy!!Big smile

Thanks Kinnari Di :) ..Means A lot to Me!!
Thanks A ton ton ton! :)
LOL! Hahahah! Glad you like that line... :)
Oh Oh Oh! Pay back Time Hun ? Will surely Update .. :) 
Thanks again .. :)

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dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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heyy dear
nice part 
loved it 
so cute
cont soon 
n plzzz pm me 

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gauri_arian Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged
Oh My Gosh ! 
I can't belive it ! Devi ? You have written A ff ?
Tune ?? WOW !
I am SUPRISED ... 
Just Awesome Dude ! :) 
Written so amazingly !!
Loved each and every Line ! ... 
Explained sooooooooo Damn Beautifully Yaar!
Main toh FF main Khoo Gaii!
Excellent Work !
Please Cont the Next Part Soon! Please !!! :) 

Thanks for the PM .. :) 
And Do me PM me Every thime When u Post the next Parts ..

Love ya tons!!!

Ur Miss Fatttyyy .. Hehhheehehe .. :p
Gauri Star

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diyachill Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 12:23am | IP Logged
hey buddy...........i loved it...doesnt look like u r a new writer. thanks for ur pm...i reallly admired their lovey dovey dialoguos..i m sure..u r gonna rock on further   parts also..............update soon.......

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Arians.Rock Newbie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Hey Devi :) 
Never thought You will  sgtart your FF :) 
I Am Glad You did ! :) 
I just found your FF , Just Awesome. Its a wonferful Start ! 
Hope you get Numerous Comments On You FF :) I srsly Hope so! 
U have written everything very Beautifully! 
All sounds Just Like Heaven ! Magic .. Hhehehhe .. :P 
I specially Liked when AR was Just 14 ! Gosh , Its so Difficult To Pictur Them! .. Hehehhe.. :P 
Well , I don't know what exactly the Concept Is ... But wateva it s ..I am surely Gonna Love This ... Just Fantastic! 
Please , Update the Next Part ASAP! 
Can't wait More ! Its very Intresting na !! Tongue

Thanks For the PM! 
And Ya , PM mewhen you update the Upcoming Parts !

--Shruti! :)

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