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crysind IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Armu4eva

Wohooo Himanshu.. some awe inspiring answers....n i m so glad that u have refreshed the memories of the golden 90s in ur answers.....

Well heres my set....

The one (name them & give reason to chose them)
---- The one awe inspiring Indian & why
---- The one young Indian Visionary of today & why
---- The one biggest achievement of india in the 21st century
---- The one key reason for Indias problems
---- The one (may be amongst a list) thing/ idea/ initiative that culd turn India into the 'Sone ki Chidia' of the future

A poem/ quote/ thot which best describes
---- Love
---- Family
---- Hope
---- God
---- Pain

Choose please -
--- Are u a morning person / night person ?
--- Are u an extrovert / introvert?
--- Do u like to sing/ dance?
--- Is it sports / music for u?
--- Are u a yaaron ka yaar / dushmano ka dushman?
--- Does the rains please u / snowfall amuses u??
--- Whats better for the future of Bengal? - CPM / Trinamool?
--- Do u love a rashogolla / mishti doi?
--- Is it love what u seek / friendship that u need?
--- Are u bored / very bored/ super bored with my questions?? ROFL

Hope u njoy answering.... Hug

OMG Tanu.... When I saw your questions, I didn't feel like those are this much deep....  After reading his answers I felt that I was wrong.... such deep and social questions... I loved it... Clap

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crysind IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 April 2010
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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
@himanshu.... I must say you have really good general knowledge and you have clear political views too... I loved reading your answers... It seems like you are a very good reader.... Read more n more... 

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mjtruelegend IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Nice answers. Very good indeedClap

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infinity00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Himanshu  I am truly truly impressed I must say I want my son to have clear mind and pure heart like you, although living in West, I agree with each and every point you raised, education is the key, and to be honest , I am really impressed by India ,s progress , as I see Pakistan lacking behind , I always blame it to lack of education and corrupt Govt,  unemployment, law and order , intolerance, lack of religious knowledge , everybody has become a scholar with out any knowledge. I think basic problem in both countries are the same , education, India is better in that aspect but the other social problems are the same . I back your punishment for eve teasing and rape, its the worst crime then you kill somebody, when you kill somebody that person is dead, finished but a rape victim has to live with scar all her life.  I like SGP to address this point through Radha Bua,s story. And totally disagree with another serial about glamourising eve teasing ( not bashing here just my opinion)

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Sinha18 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 July 2010
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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Armu4eva

Choose please -

--- Are u a morning person / night person ?

 I am a night person..kyonki raat ko kafi shanti  ka environment hota hai..i got some time to spend with myself..."Mein aur meri tanhai...aksar ye battein karte hai..."but the best thing about the night is ki raat ke time padai bahut achi hoti hai.....i remember when i was in class Xth...i used to study math and Phsics throughout the night till 1-2 am of night, listening light and peaceful music of 90's and by this late  night study i always secured 90+ till class 12th...
So..i love nights....nights are so peacefulSmile

--- Are u an extrovert / introvert?

I am an Introvert but i am not a shy person...i like to spend time either with my and then with myself..with my inner world..discovering their new views..thoughts..philosophy etc....and no one is allowed in my inner I am an Introvert

--- Do u like to sing/ dance?

I can not will be look weird ...being 6 ft 2 inch tall and with a good physique is very hard too dance...dancing to patle aur lachile body wale logo pe suit karti sinha can't dance salaLOLLOL...

But as far as singing is concern...i am a born singer...never learnt from any one but i have a confidence that i am much better in singing even than professional singers joki singing ki class leke aate hai...i don't need it...i am a born singer...singing is the gift and talent with which i born.....Smile

--- Is it sports / music for u?

Music is in my music toh hamesha chalta rehta hai is implicit...but explicitly i like sport..i was a kid who just wanted to play..and play..and no study at all

--- Are u a yaaron ka yaar / dushmano ka dushman?

I am yaaron ka yaar...mera gussa bhi koi gussa haiLOL...aata hai toh suhana ki tarah aur jab jata hai toh sab kuch bhool jata hoon....

--- Does the rains please u / snowfall amuses u??

Rains please me a lot..barish mein bhigne ka maja hi kuch aur hai magar tab tak jab tak ki tabiyat naram na ho aur apun bukhar se garam na hoLOLLOL

--- Whats better for the future of Bengal? - CPM / Trinamool?

Trinamool is better as Smt.  Mamta is a very very brave and courageous leader...the way she disclosed the fact of Fake profit of Railways as showed by lalu ji must be appreciated and recently she went alone to have a convo with Naxalites shows her courageClapClap

....waise sabhi ek hi thali ke chatte batte hai...their is only one good party in our nation in today's time and it is none other than the one which is leaded by Baba Ramdev and late Shri Rajeev Dixit is
" Bharat Swabhimaan Party"

--- Do u love a rashogolla / mishti doi?

I neither love rashogolla nor mishti doi...(roshogolla wohi hota hai na white walaShocked)i love brown rashogolla and black rashogolla..jisko hindi mein gulabjamun aur kalajaam kehte hai....mein ye ek baar mein 20-30 toh aise hi kha jaon aur dakar bhi na loLOLLOL

--- Is it love what u seek / friendship that u need?

I neither seek love nor need if it is there anywhere will be blessed by God at correct why wasting time in  seeking can not be is eternal...atleast for me..don't bother about othersSmile

Friendship ki baat hai toh ache friend mile toh achi baat hai but i can not make friendship with a character less person jo dusro ko bigadne mein lage rehte haiConfusedaur ache Character wale log ab rahe nahi thats why my friends are very few

But i am glad that i found so many good ..very very good friends on this form ..u all are very very valuable in my life...aap sab to aise sache dost hai jinse aaj tak mulakat nahi hui magar kya faraq padta hai..mujhe pata hai ki mein aap sab ko samajhta hoon..janta hoon...jabhi toh hum sab itne time se iss forum pe ek dusre se jude hue hai...what is is the True bonding..i love you ab aur kaun se friends ki kami hai

--- Are u bored / very bored/ super bored with my questions?? ROFL

You all are my for friends ...mujhe boring word ka meaning hi nahi is not in my dictionary yaar...

I enjoyed a lot ..a lot...and ...a lot...thank you very very much tanu for such a nice set of questionsHug

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
hey himanshu....ok here is some questions...simple ones...
since u sing well...something related to music...

1. Dedicate one song for these pairs of SGP

Badi Maa-Bade Papa

2. Which is more important for a song...lyrics...tune..or picturisation??

3. What do u think about music directors singing...i mean i always felt the songs that the music director sings is always a hit..whats ur take??

4. What do u like most...hearing music thru headphones or putting it loud in speakers??

5. Do u think the singers are given due credit nowadays??
SomerholicGirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
@Himanshu bhaiyya: you didnt answer few of my questions.. I mean abt forum members....
do it fast or else Aman will change the member of the week again...
I thought to give more questions...But, no tikme cuz of studies...
and ya, must say,,  u are a simply awesom and super fantabulous writer.... Loved all your answers... And I just loved ur passion of becoming an IAS officer..... I wonder how someone can have this much passion....
My mom always tells me to write IAS... But its never my cup of tea.... Means I am not interested.... But mom says I have the capability... But I dont think so.... Cuz I always want to do something practically... Interested in Writing and creativity...I want to be something different.. But I am sandwiched..Between mom's dream and my goal.....They are different...
Mom accepted my way of thinking and my goal..But I think she wont be that much satisfied regarding my career thoughts.... Many people around SGP forum know how much I struggled to convince my parents for my goal....
I am no where near you when compared to writing....I recently wrote my first article at bolly curry.... But it was completely edited..That showed my writing standards...And the other people were amazing there...
Even though i was happy that i was selected for bolly curry as a writer among many members  who applied...I think I dont really deserve that...
Sinha18 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 July 2010
Posts: 2575

Posted: 17 January 2011 at 3:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by haaki_ragz

describe the following in 3 words each

Me (Harika)
Laxmi di
Sheema di (venture)


1. Me (Harika):[Sweet,Talented, Obedient and Naughty too]

She is my sweetest sister ,I always call her as chutkii.Smile She is a born writer and very very creative. she is a little bit naughty too but at the same time very mature in her views'.she is very clear about her goals from the beginning and not like other ordinary children who often disillusioned and confused about their goal and aim of life, at the same time she is very very obedient of her parents and apart trying to achieve her goals.. She fulfilled her parents wish too. She studied those subjects which she doesn't want but she did it to fulfill her parents wish. She is such an ideal girl who is a bundle of talent and master of all tradesSmile

 I pray to God to bless her all happiness and with all her wishes to be fulfill soon.

She is just like suhana'got angry off and on but next moment she will become very cool and calm'jitni jaldi gussa aata hai..utni hi jaldi shant bhi ho jata hai'..she is very pure at heart'never confined matter in her heart..just like suhanaClapClap


2. Yourself:[Bahut bahut Sharati childAngry of my parentsSmile]

I don't have any sky touching hope and desires..but I had set my goals and will try to achieve those goals'I just want to fulfill my duties in life..apne bare mein jyada kuch kehne ko nahi hai.


3. Shounak:[Funny,Intelligent,Naughty]

He is the life line of this forum.He had all the qualities ,he is funny and at the same time has very matured thoughts , equally good in funny and lite discussions and too good in expressing his views on a serious topic too ,he always comes with facts, described his views much better and  almost every time i agreed with his views.

I am reading and following his posts since the days of OBS and then landed in this forum. Shounak thambi is a superb writer and he is a very good boy.

He is one of the most talented and awesome personality of this forum.ClapClap


4. Shweta:[Amazing Talent,Deep Morals, Naughty]

She is my first friend in this forum.Smileshe was the first one who responded to my comment and welcome me on this forum..then we landed in Chat club and there we talked a lot and now we share a very strong bond of friendship.

Like harika, she is also very talented and creative. She is handling this forum from the first day, if this forum is alive and so much popular too then  the credit goes to shweta and harika.Clap

Shweta is a girl who gave so much importance to values. She has high morals of life.

She  watch only one show on TV i.e SGP as she found most of the other shows as meaningless and moral less too,this is where our thoughts are exactly matched..she is very cool and calm and never loose her temper, she hardly get angry,this is her one of the best quality.

she is an exceptional talent.ClapClap


5. Leo :

What a creative writer she is, I can always loved all her writings especially fictions those were written on our Sushaan..i got highly impressed by her range of writing and infinite range of imagination.

A little Glimpse of her talent also shown during Taskmaster. She wrote some amazing scripts there.

 She is the Gem of our forum..and also she organized so many events too through her thread where we enjoyed so many times..Thanks Leo


6. Aman:

SGP forum is so much balanced and away from all fight . It is all because of Aman, the way she handled this forum is just amazingClap The specialty of our forum is that we always engaged in healthy conversation  and always away from bashing  etc.

She is truly the Viewbie and now Moderator of our forum, even i must say she is the best moderator among all the forums of IF.


7. Laxmi di:

She is the Guru of our forum..inke bare mein kuch bhi likhna suraj ko roshni dikhane ki tarah hai phir bhi ek choti si koshish karta hoon..I am just a shagird in front of Laxmi di , wo jo kahe wo hamare liya pathar ki lakeer hai..we all respect her a lot and she loved all of us a lot.

She is the writer of this decade and century so far..agar Laxmi di koi book likh ke published kara de toh bechari J.K rollings ka naam bhi humari Laxmi di ke samne chota ho jayengaSmile..this is my firm belief.

She is a very nice poet too,she is equally good in creating funny threads and in serious topics too like one made on "Panna:A women of substance" and yesterday when she created history on IF by getting 250+ comments on her topic "Dhakur Dates Gabbar" in a single day aur wo bhi Sunday ko, ye sab kamal unki writing ka tha aur unke fans ka jo iss forum pe dher sare hai aur mera naam unme sabse upar hai, she is exceptionally good in using emotions in her post and comments, I have never seen such an accurate, funny and expressive use of emotions by anyone in my life, she is the Queen of Emotions.Clap

She is a very gentle person and even when some one criticize bhi wo bahut hi sayam se bade hi gentle way mein reply karti hai,gussa toh shayad unhe kabhi aata hi nahi, ye shabd unke liye bana hi nahi hai


8. Sheema di (venture):

Hum sabki pyari sheema dib hi bilkul Laxmi dii ki copy hai,utni hi talented ,she loved all of us a lot. Like laxmi dii, she is also my guru, I wrote few poems and immediately send those through PM, she responded very fast and honestly praise my all poems and at the same time she told me where I can correct, how it can be better, she guided just like a true teacher and an elder sister.

Our sheema dii is the most talented poet that I have ever known about , she is a real talent.

Always start thread with exceptionally good and appropriate topics, she is the heart of this forum,sheema dii ko agar gussa bhi aat hai na toh usme bhi unka pyar aur apnapan hota hai,itni sedhi aur pyari hai humari sheema dii.

She is a pure and true soul on this Earth.

Atlast , I can say that Laxmii di and sheema di are the life and heart of our forum. ClapClap


9. Mjtruelegend:

She became one of the most important member and the most active member of our forum since last few months. She is very clear about her views and she is very closely resemble to sheema dii as per her writing skill and style is concern and maturity of thoughts too, after laxmi di and sheema dii , she is the person which must be named for the most accurate and sensible thoughts, always come with fresh views, to the point, she is indeed one of the most gentle person on IF.



She is my gift of Taskmaster, she is my another little sister on IF but the things which surprised me a lot was that she is only 11 years old, even at such a young age, she is such a talent ki mujhe kehna chaiye ki wo IF ki sabse talented member hai at such a young age, very matured in her thoughts,I must admit honestly that in Taskmaster , she handled 4 out of the 5 tasks alone , she is a very good VM maker, made so many siggys and all her VMs are available on you tube on her channel. I am the regular visitor of this channel and loved her VMs a lot, she is so sweet,,so gentle, and always give respect.

She is the ideal Kid of this time, talent with values and discipline too, I named her "Gudiya" as she is my little and so sweet sister ki wo to ek choti si massom doll hai

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