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FF (M&G):Lethal Attraction(2)-[FINAL Pg.64] (Page 64) IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
dont worry dear..tke yur time with the update :)
i hope everything goes ok with yur life..
tke care x

SaJan-SaJan Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
omg, the killer is rahul.. never thought it cud be him...
i hope maan,geet,adi,neha n sasha r fine...
cont wenevr u cn...
tek cre..
n thnx 4 d pm..
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!!!

This is the FINAL Chapter of Lethal Attraction...there are many real life psycos out there that we are not even aware of...he/she might be living next door to us or we walk past them on the I hope I did justice to this fan fic...and be safe guys! You never know the way things are going so far in today's world...

Final Chapter:

"Sir...Sir..wake up..." Maan hand twitched... "he is moving...hurry get the meds here...asap..." they sprinkled water on Maan's face...Maan slowly opened his eyes...everything was blurry...he saw a faint image of a guy crouched in front of him... "Sir are you ok...we have to get you to the hospital..."

Maan: Geet...(the only thing he could let out...)

"Adi and Neha are safe...they are being led to the hospital right now...we have to get you there as well.."

Maan: The killer (Maan struggled to sit up...everything was paining...he screamed)

"Sir please don't have hurt your leg really badly...that is why we need to bring to the hospital.."

Maan: No...where is the killer? Did you catch him? (Maan could see he was hesitating) Tell me! (he yells)

"we are tyring to corporate with him...he has Sasha with him...and one other person held captive...he is not letting them go..."

Maan: Where?

"Sir we will handle this"

Maan: I said where! (he yells)

"Out by the boats..." (Maan gets up...ignoring the pain in his right leg...he holds his leg and starts walking toward the exit of the building...) Sir please your leg (the paramedics shouts)

Maan walked toward the exit...igorning everything and everyone...he only knew one thing in his head...Geet...he felt as if his life was being taken away from him...he wouldn't live one minute without Geet...she was everything for him...his life..his love...his meaning of existence...without her there would be no Maan...he thinks of all the times they spent together...just the other night...he had left the station early after Geet meeting Neha...he remember running home and scooping her in his arms...twirling her around..that night both sat outside in the lawn...looking at the stars and thinking about their life..their future...he had put his head on her lap...she was stroking his hair...while he talked on and on about their future baby and what names he would give his kids..which eventually led to an argument over the names...after a while...both looked into each other's eyes...happy and content with each other...their life was so thinking about something happening to Geet made his heartbeat accelerate...he had to safe her no matter what...he walked out and saw group of police officers yelling..he looked at their direction and saw Rahul holding Sasha in front of him...he could hear Rahul screaming as he got closer and closer to the scene...

Rahul: Drop your weapons right now...or else I will not hesitate to kill her and my guest of honor...(laughs...Maan pushes his way to the front...)

Maan: Rahul...they will drop their weapons...let everyone go first

Rahul: Ahh Detective still amaze are alive...tell everyone to leave...

Maan (turns to everyone behind him): Leave right now...I will handle this...(Everyone leaves with no other choice...Maan limps toward Rahul)

Rahul: Don't come to close Detective...or else I am sure you don't want anything happen to your wife...(Rahul moves a little revealing Geet..tied up with cloth in her mouth...she was slouching in the chair..she was unconscious...)

Maan: Geet! (he yells) Rahul if something happens to her I swear I will

Rahul: Kill me? (completes the sentence for him) that is only possible if you are alive...drop your weapon right now toward me...and get down on your knees

Maan (takes out his gun and places it on the ground...he gets down on his knee...he looks at Sasha and Geet) ok I did what you said...

Rahul: Throw the gun my way (Maan does what he says) Good to know for once Maan Singh Khurana is following someone else's order

Maan: Rahul I will do whatever you please let them go..they are is not their fault...

Rahul: What was my fault! When I was locked up for no reason! (he shouts...Maan looks behind Rahul and sees Geet coming back into consciousness...he was relieved when Geet moved a little)

Maan: We cannot change what happened in the past but we can try to make a better future...I promise you that I will help you...please let them go

Rahul (laughs): keep your promises to yourself Khurana...I don't need anyone's promises or anyone for that fact...(Rahul focuses on Sasha...and at that time Maan moves a little closer to Rahul...while he doesn't pay attention) How would you like it if I kill Sasha and your precious wife?

Maan: Rahul please trust me that I will help you...(he looks back at Geet...Geet looks at him with fear...)

Rahul: Just shut up now...I don't want to hear it...(he presses the gun harder on Sasha's head...Sasha gives Maan reassuring look...Maan slowly moves closer to Rahul inch by inch...without him noticing...Geet tries to untie her hands from behind...Rahul was standing in front of her...she did the only thing that came into her mind...she kicked Rahul..there was a gun shot...everything went blank...)

Few days later:
"Maan...Maan...get up you don't want to be late..." (Maan moves a little and slowly opens his find his love standing in front of him...)

Maan: Geet kya hai...sone do na

Geet (pulls his blanket): come on Maan we are going to miss our flight

Maan (pulls Geet...): Someone is very eager to go on our second honeymoon (smirks)

Geet (blushes): Maan stop it...come on get ready...Dadima is waiting for us downstairs...

Maan (sighs): humesha Dadima ka naam leh aana zaroori hai kya

Geet: Of course or else you wouldn't listen...

Maan: ok...but let me give you a warning right now...I won't listen to you at all during our honeymoon (winks at her and heads toward the bathroom...Maan stands in front of the door before going in) I hope you are full and ready...(Geet blushes and runs out of the room)

Maan watches Geet run...he smiles...he remembers the horrible night when he was about to lose Geet...Geet kicks Rahul with all her might causing her to fall backwards in the chair...Rahul lets go of Sasha and falls down...Maan uses this opportunity to grab his gun and points at Rahul...

Maan: Rahul your game is you are going to rot in jail..

Rahul (gets up and wipes the blood from his lip): The game is not over until I say so...(he takes out another gun from his jacket...and points at Maan) If I die I am taking with you too Detective Khurana...

Geet: Maan...No! (Maan looks back at Geet...Rahul shoots toward Maan...Maan truns around and looks at Rahul shocked...both look at one another...after few seconds which seemed like an eternity...Rahul falls down dead...Sasha stood there behind Rahul...dropping the gun from her hand...Maan goes toward Geet and unties her...both hug one another...

Maan came out of his thoughts when he heard Geet shouting again...he smiles and goes inside the bathroom to get ready...after that incident Maan decided to take a break away from the police work for a while and spend some time with his Geet and enjoy their life...

Adi and Neha both had survived this accident and are still recovering. Adi wants to ask Neha out but fears that Neha might do some karate moves on him and further break his arm more. He looks over his shoulder and sees Neha lying there eating...he gulps in fear... "Ok Adi it is now or never...ask her out..."

Neha: Adi you didn't eat your food yet

Adi: huh umm yeah am eating...(he takes a spoon full and puts it in his mouth...he looks over at Neha and smiles at Neha...) umm Neha can I ask you something

Neha: Yeah sure...

Adi: umm when are you getting better? ("What an idiot you are Adi")

Neha: huh?

Adi: ohh umm nothing...the food is good...

Neha (looks at him): Adi can I ask you something

Adi: yeah

Neha: as soon as we get better how about we go for a coffee

Adi (smiles...): umm...ya...sure...

Neha (laughs): now was that too hard for you to ask me?

Adi (gets embarassed): how did you know?

Neha: Adi you are forgetting I am a is my job to read people

Maan: and it is my job to catch people (both Maan and Geet walk in with two bouquets of flowers)

Adi: what a pleasant surprise to see you both...(Maan goes in front of Adi...while Geet sat with Neha...and whisperes in his ears)

Maan: Did you ask her out?

Adi: no...she asked me out (laughs)

Maan: You will never change...(laughs)

Neha: Don't you guys have to go to your trip?

Geet: umm yeah we are going on..we decided to meet you guys first...

Maan: Ok well I guess we will meet you guys after our trip..hopefully you guys can give us some good news (laughs..Maan whisperes in Adi's ears): don't make any wrong moves or else you know Neha can do to you

Adi looks at Maan with fear...Maan laughs and goes up to Geet...both leave them alone...while Adi looks toward Neha with fear and hesitantly smiles...

A person comes out of his house...he walks over to his garage and opens the door...he gets in the car...looks himself in the mirror and smiles...he starts the car after making sure everything was perfect...he slowly pulls the car out of the driveway...he stops in front of the house and waves to his neighbor and smiles... "keep smiling...don't let him get one would ever know what hit them..." he puts the car in gear and drives off..."watch out everyone here I come...he looks at his house from the rear view mirror...inside the house we see a women lying on the bed with a little girl covered with blood...

The person laughs and puts on a classical music...he stops the car in front of a company...he takes out his notebook from the dashboard...he crosses off "family" from the list...he looks at the next person on the list and scratches out the he gets out of the car, he was greeted by his Secretary..she smiles at him.. "who is next?" She whispers in his ears...he winks at her and puts his hand around her waist...both enter the company...

The work of a detective never ends...

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
thank god everyone is safe and that Rahul is dead...
Loved the whole Maan and geet scene in the morning...
and Adi and Neha are so cuteee...thank god she asked him out or they would never get anywhere...lolzzz.
But u are right...not all criminals can be taken off the road...
Thanks for a wonderful story...u have done full justice to it..

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punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
nice ending!
Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
Awesome ending
Loved it
Yayy geet kicked Rahul b4 he could shoot
glad he'z dead
Finally adi kinda asked neha or actually it was neha asking adi outSmile
loved this FF---love the suspence you created wen you left us hanging on s cliffhanger
Thx 4 the PM

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 9:51pm | IP Logged
thx for the wonderful update..

finally Maan and Geet together and unhurt and so is Adi and Neha..thanks for the wonder ful ff Smile

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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