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FF (M&G):Lethal Attraction(2)-[FINAL Pg.64] (Page 58)

SaJan-SaJan Goldie

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
awesome update...

MaansMishti Senior Member

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
Awesome update...plz cont soon!! IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
heyy  just read yur ff! its awesome!
do continue soon n plzz add me to yur pm list :)
zarqaa x
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MaansMishti

Awesome update...plz cont soon!!

thanx so much....Embarrassed

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zARqaa_X

heyy  just read yur ff! its awesome!
do continue soon n plzz add me to yur pm list :)
zarqaa x

thanx so much!
you are added Embarrassed

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!

This is the second to last part....I am planning on ending this fan fic so that I can concentrate on Bramachari Maan lol....hopefully I will update the last part soon....fingers crossed lol

Chapter 36

Sasha comes the next day into work....she was alone in the lab....she checks her voicemail messages...
Hey Sasha....this is Maan...I need you to check to up on everyone that left Asha Mental Asylum six months back to me as soon as you find something...we might have a lead...

Sasha checked the rest of the messages..she went to the computer and searched the record history...she was about to give up when something caught her eye....
"OMG...I have to call Maan right now.."
She takes out her phone and quickly dials Maan's cell number....
Maan: Hello....Good morning Sasha...anything on what I asked you yesterday?

Sasha: Maan I did the search and the killer is Rahul (Just than Rahul walked in...Sasha quickly turns off her computer screen which showed his picture...she hangs up the phone and pretends to do something...
Rahul: Is everything ok?

Sasha (looks at him nervous hoping that Maan would show up here soon): ohh umm yeah...

Rahul (stands in front of Sasha): I swear I heard my name when you were talking on the phone

Sasha: ohh that I was speaking with Maan...I was telling him that I am here but I don't know when you are coming

Rahul: Ohh are you sure? You don't seem yourself?

Sasha: I am a upset because last night my mom had to go to hospital...

Rahul (puts his hand on her shoulder): ohh am sorry to hear that...

Sasha (moves away from him...) umm thanx...

She goes to the other side of the counter to do some DNA samples....Rahul looks at Sasha and then starts resuming his job...he goes to the computer and turns on the screen....he was shocked to see his picture.

Rahul: You B****....(Sasha tries to run out of the lab but before she could get to the door...Rahul grabs her by her back and puts his arm around her neck...causing her to choke....he moves back to the counter and grabs a needle...) Don't dare move..or else I will kill you as well...(Sasha looked at him with fear)

Sasha: Please leave me....I won't say anything...

Rahul: Shut up...(One police officer came in the room after hearing some noises....Rahul lets go of Sasha's neck...but holding her in place....)

Officer: Is everything alright..I heard some noises...

Rahul: Yeah now it will be...(he shoots the officer down...Sasha screams in horror) Shut up...or else I will do the same thing to be quiet and walk won't take me a second to kill understand (she nods)
Maan quickly informs Adi and Neha after his phone call being disconnected with Sasha.....he quickly dresses up and leaves....all reaches the lab and just saw a police officer dead on the floor....Maan punches the wall in frusteration
Maan: Damn it! He was right here under our noses all this time

Adi: How did we miss that?

Neha: Guys it is not anyone's fault...he had a clean history record...he even changes his name so we would have no way of knowing...what should we do now....

Maan: There has to be some kind of clues....we have to look back into everything before he does something to Sasha

Neha: Let's go

Adi: You guys do that..I will tell everyone to look for Rahul....

Maan and Neha looked at each and every clue of where Rahul might've gone too...they exausted all the clues and still couldn't come up with anything to where he could have taken Sasha...Maan's cell phone rings..he picks it up without looking
Maan: Sasha! (Adi and Neha become alarmed hearing Sasha) Where are you?

Sasha (crying): Maan help me...I don't know where I am...I think I am on some kind of boat...

Maan: Boat? (Adi writes down the information) Sasha what do you see? Anything to help us?

Sasha (scared): I don't know...I know we are on the dock...I see this light rotating back and forth...I think we are near some lighthouse...Maan please help me...

Maan: ok thanks...don't worry nothing will listen to me....(the phone disconnects) Hello...helloooo.....(he throws the phone in fursturation)

Adi: What happend...

Maan: The phone got cut....she said that she is near some boat...and there is a lighthouse near the boat.....

Neha: Ok lets go...I think I might know where she is being held....over there are some gaurds that we can alert to check out any suspicious activity
Rahul takes the phone away from Sasha...he strokes her face, Sasha pushes his hand away and goes back a little....
Rahul: Good job....

Sasha: Why are you doing this?

Rahul: Now wait Maan Singh Khurana...what surprise I have in store for you....(laughs)

Sasha (tries to distract him): so your parents didn't really like you at all am assuming (Rahul looks at her with anger) I mean who puts their own kid in mental asylum...right?

Rahul: Shut up...just shut up..

Sasha: What am I not right?

Rahul: No one loved step-sister and mother treated me like an step-mom would lock me in the basement for no reason at all...I remember sitting in the dark basement feeling lonely....(Sasha looks around the room to find something to hit him with)

Sasha: Why did you kill innocent people?

Rahul (tilts his head to the side): The eyes...I can't get it out of my head....

Sasha: what about the eyes

Rahul (laughs): My sisters eyes staring at me when she died (Sasha whole body numbed with fear hearing him..Rahul looks at her and laughs) she had no idea what hit her....

Sasha: Whh whh

Rahul: Why? (completes the word for her..amused...he becomes angry at once...) because its her fault and my mothers fault....I didn't deserve to be in mental asylum....they left me there all alone.....(turns his back toward her....Sasha uses this opportunity to grab something from the floor...and quickly hides it behind her when Rahul turn around again) one day they both came to visit "mother" was busy talking to the doctors in the office while my sister and i took a walk outside.....she kept taunting me (holds his head) ugh i can still hear her taunting....

Anjali: ugh this is your new home now (laughs) how do you like it here

Rahul: I want to go home with you and mommy...I don't like it here

Anjali: well you are staying over here for one misses you at home you know....we don't have to deal with your problems anymore....more freedom....yesturday we went to a theme was so much fun...i got whatever I should see some of the new stuffed toys I have and clothes.....too bad you can't get are crazy and crazy people like you don't deserve anything...(laughs)

Rahul was getting angry each time she spoke....her words were pierced through his heart...he looked at the ground and picked up the first thing he could and turned around angrily and hit her with the rock.....she instantly landed on her back...Rahul got scared and looked at her dead body....her eyes were staring at him...he couldn't take how her eyes were looking and staring at him and taunting him...he looks at her still body and her face...he grabbed some sand and dirt and covered her face and closed her eyes.....he smiles when her face was completely covered and her eyes could no longer haunt him.....

End Flashback!

Sasha was mortified by his story...she couldn't move everything went blank for a moment....
Rahul: of course her death was by accident but even after her death she still continue to haunt me with her after I was released the first thing I did was kill my loving mother...(he turns around and laughs....Sasha quickly gets up and hits him on the head..Rahul screams...she tries to run for the door when Rahul grabs her by the hair) you bi***....(he throws her on the floor...and takes out a shot....he gives her an injection on the neck....Sasha quickly falls conscious on the floor) now my other visitors should be here any moment now....(laughs)

Maan, Neha and Adi all reach the lighthouse....Neha knew that there has to be some people working their at night to make sure they don't have any trespassers....they went into the building....all three walked inside with guns in their head covering each other's backs....
Adi: Something seems very wrong here

Maan: is way too quiet...
All three kept walking in the hallway until they reached a door....they slowly opened the door and was shocked to see two dead people there...
Neha: Omg (Neha and Maan turned around when they heard a thump on the floor....Adi was lying on the ground with blood...Neha came to Adi's side...she turned him around...he was unconcious..) Adi open your eyes...

Maan (looks around): Neha pull yourself together....we have to find him....

Rahul: I am right here....(Maan turns around...Rahul had his arm around Neha's neck with gun pointing to her head....Maan couldn't do anything)

Maan: Rahul let go of Neha....I will do anything..let her go....

Rahul: You both will die here...(laughs) you just have to be perfect in everything don't you....(with anger...)

Maan: Neha is not at fault...leave her

Rahul: she got involved in this case that's her fault...(Neha manages to kick Rahul on his knee...Rahul screams in pain...he drops his gun on the floor..Maan kicks the gun away from Rahul....she quickly turns around and kicks him on the face...Rahul drops on the floor...not moving)

Neha: Maan we have to find Sasha....

Maan: let's go....we have to check every boat around here...let's go...(Neha screams...Rahul hits her on her head with a rod....she falls on the floor....Maan was about to come a step closer but stopped when he saw a bomb in his hand)

Rahul (smirks): I wouldn't move if I were you....move over right now..or else everyone would be dead

Maan: Go ahead...I don't care about my life

Rahul: You don't even care about your wife's life? (smirks)

Maan (shocked): You bas*** dare you! (shouts)

Rahul: See Mr.Khurana..if I die than your wife will die too along with Sasha and no one will ever find their bodies...

Maan (moves back): Ok I am getting out of your way...(he moves back with his hands up in the air....Rahul hits Maan on the head with the rod...Maan falls down....Rahul gets out of the room.....and leaves....after a while Maan wakes up...his head was pounding....he managed to go near Neha..he checks her pulse and was relieved when her pulse was still beating...he hears a beeping noise...Maan realizes that there is another bomb in the room....he quickly tries to wake up Neha and Adi but both just laid their still....he picked up Neha and moves her out of the room...he quickly goes back and picks up he was walking away from the room...a bomb goes off....Maan screams.....he lays on the floor with Adi and Neha....) Geet...(he whispers)

Precap: ?????

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
fab update
I knew it! I knew it was Rahul--it's alwaiiz the quite looking ones
So Rahul used 2 kill all the girls that hav the saym colour hair & eyes cuz dey remind him ov his sister
Poor maan got hit & so did all the others
Hope he gets out b4 the bomb goes off
Sad dat this FF is ending--luvd it really much how you make all the updates intense & shocking
Cont soon Xx... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 3:45pm | IP Logged
awesome update!
omg it was rahul! i didnt expect that!Shocked
i hope all the others r okay..
OMG the bomb went off i hope maan gt out be4 that
continue soon x

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