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FF (M&G):Lethal Attraction(2)-[FINAL Pg.64] (Page 46)

..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
Awesomeee update
oved it
gr8 part
thank u
cont soon

SaJan-SaJan Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 3:27am | IP Logged
awesome update...
got 2 see some action here...
thnx 4 d pm..
MaansMishti Senior Member

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Omg the wait is killing me....i cant wait to find out who the killer is anymore!!! Plz cont soon!
maanmeet1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
pls update soon
seemamary IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 3:10am | IP Logged
I liked your ff and just finished reading all the parts , plssssssssssssssssss add me in your PM List and update, soon.

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-knirwal- Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
i am last reader of ur this is superb.......
plz cont soon..........
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!
So sorry for this VERY late update...LOLLOLLOL

Chapter 35

Neha, Maan and Adi inspected the whole room trying to find some kind of clues to the killer....all were amazed at the collection that this person kept in his basement...all three had split up taking each corner of the room...Adi inspected masks and materials he used, Neha went through old newspaper clippings, pictures of his victims in different places... "interesting..he followed them everywhere..." Maan went through drawers...he came across a ripped picture of a little boy standing next to a girl...but the girl's face was ripped off...he looked at the back of the picture...the writing was scratched off but of one name "Anjali" he looked through more stuff and found the same exact thing...all the pictures were either half burned or scratched...suddenly a picture fell of the wall...all three look the same direction....behind the frame was a safe...Maan tried to open the safe but it was locked...
Neha: Great...we don't know the safe

Adi: We can get our tech guy to come and open the safe..maybe they can blow it

Maan: I don't want anything to be damaged whatever is in that safe

Neha: hmm maybe there is a clue here of the safe....

Adi: There is nothing here but pictures and masks...what clue can we get from there?

Maan (thinks..he looks at the picture he is holding in his hand): I could try..I think I know what the combination might be (he goes near the safe and types in Anjali...after few seconds they heard a click) and bingo was his nameo! (Maan took out the materials from the safe...they all looked at it...the materials included some more pictures, a diary, and a folder....

Adi: Asha mental institution? Interesting....(he looks through the folder) he was released about six months ago...that is roughly the time when the murders started to happen....(he skips some pages) No name...shocker (sarcastic)

Maan: the diary is is 10 years old listen

Dear Diary:
Mom said that I am a one loves me...I hate them both....I HATE THEM!

Dear Diary:
My sister Anjali yelled at me today for the mess she believed her....they say that I am crazy... I am not crazy....(Maan flips through some pages)

Dear Diary:
They put me in a mental institution...the doctors said that I am unwell... Anjali said that I don't deserve to be with people....I deserve to be locked is scary here...people yell at night and scream...i want to be home

Dear Diary:
I killed was a mistake but the doctors don't believe me...her eyes are haunting me whenever I close my eyes....

Maan (continued): that was the last time he ever wrote....seems like he had a rough childhood...

Neha: What kind of mother puts his own kid in a mental institution

Adi: a crazy kind for sure...anyway I am going to get all these evidence report back to the station so that we can look at it very carefully

Maan: in the meantime I am going to have Sasha look up names of the people that were released six months ago....(Maan called her but she didn't pick up...he left a voicemail)

Neha: Alright than let's get out of this creeps house

Adi: couldn't agree with you more
It was 9 at night now....Neha and Maan were both alone now looking through each evidence and victims photos...they couldn't come up with a single reason why he kills his victim...none of the victims had anything similar that could link them to one another....
Neha: this is not going to be easy

Maan: I know...we have been at this for the whole day there has to be something....

Geet: Maan what the hell...couldn't you call that you are going to be late for that I didn't have to wait for you come for dinner....(Both Neha and Maan looked up and saw angry Geet standing there with a box in her hand)

Maan: ohh Geet..sorry I forgot...we were going through some new evidence...(Geet looked at the women sitting next to Maan...he knew) ohh umm this is Neha...remember I told you my new partner

Neha (stands up and goes in front of Geet and brings out her hand): Nice to meet you...Maan never told me he got a beautiful wife

Geet: And he never told me he got such a beautiful partner (looks at Maan...who looks down pretending to do something...)

Neha (laughs): you are faltering me...out of the both of are way prettier than me (Geet blushes)

Geet: Thank you...

Maan: Anyway Geet what are you doing here?

Geet: I came to yell at you which I did and to give you your dinner....

Neha: Well you guys can sit and enjoy I will get a coffee

Geet: No...I brought enough for two people..I ate from home...

Maan: how did you know that?

Geet: I know..someone informed me..(winks at him) Neha come and eat as well....

Neha: umm thanx....

Geet: Neha I heard that you know karate.... I heard about that little fiasco at the mask shop with Adi....

Neha: umm yeah..I got a black belt in comes in handy with this type of line....

Geet: Can you teach me some moves (Maan chokes on his food)

Maan: Even I know how to fight never asked me

Geet: it is different learning from a girl..right Neha

Neha: Yeah sure....

Geet: Ok I am free during the can come over and teach me some moves...It is good for self defence

Neha: yeah sure I have no problem

Geet: waise you should teach Adi...I am sure he would love it too...(Neha chokes on her food...she winks at Maan...he smiles and shakes his head)

Neha: uhh umm Geet the food was good...

Geet: Thank you...and how did you like the food Maan? see Neha he never compliments my cooking...I do so much..I cook..I clean...I wait up for him...I make sure that

Maan: bus bus...if you give me a chance to speak than I will...I don't need to give you know your food is always good (he kisses her hand...Geet blushes)

Geet: so what are you guys working on?

Maan: The same case...we found the killers house today...we collected all the evidence we found in the killers basement...we are just going through it and see if we can connect something with all the killers

Geet: hmm can I help?

Maan: Geet how can you help

Geet: what do you mean by that? You think I can't help?

Maan: I didn't mean it that way..its just that you don't know anything about this case so how can you help

Geet: I know about the tell me about your every case all the time...

Maan: ok go through the evidence and see if you can find something that we missed

Geet: Thank was that too hard? (Maan looks away)

Neha: Do you guys always fight?

Maan: Who is fighting?

Neha: Just now you too

Both laugh: Geet: we weren't fighting..we were talking..this is our way of communicating (laughs)

Neha: ohh..well than let's get back to case (All three started looking through the evidences...)

Geet: OMG

Maan and Neha (both): What!

Geet: You guys didn't notice this before?

Maan (sighs): just come on and tell us

Geet (puts the pictures of the victims in front of them): all the victims have same color eyes...

Maan: What does that have to do with it?

Geet: Maan all the victims don't have anything in common besides their eye the killer kills girls with these specific eye colors...

Neha: She is right...remember in the diary he wrote that eyes are haunting whenever he comes across these eyes color he follows them and kills them...All the girls that we found their eyes were closed with the mask so that he can't see their eyes anymore

Maan: that is a sick way to forget about someone...anyway I will call Adi right now...(Geet nudges him...he looks at her with confused look)

Geet: Neha why don't you call him and let him know....I have to talk to Maan about something....(She gives him a look of follow me...Maan gets up and goes outside with Geet)

Maan: What was that all about?

Geet: sshh you ask way to many questions...I wanted her to talk to Adi..they both like each other

Maan: Geet don't try to play a matchmaker..why don't you go and concentrate on your studies...

Geet: This is more fun....besides am done with studies right now

Maan: Than go home

Geet: why (comes close to him) you don't miss me? (lightly touches his face)

Maan (looks into her mischievous eyes): You are making it very hard for me to concentrate

Geet: How (she whispers in his ears)

Maan: Geet...(his heart is beating fast)

Geet: Yes....(She looks at his face...she leans forward and kisses him on his lips..Maan groans..he kept himself in control keeping in mind the place...after a while he pushes her off)

Maan (breaths fast): I hate could I go inside and think about the case?

Geet: That is what you get for not calling me all day...

Maan: So you missed me?

Geet: Of course...come home soon

Maan: What will I get if I do?

Geet: Why don't you find out when you do (She gives him another kiss before leaving)
Maan went inside:
Neha: hey, I just got back with Adi...

Maan: What did he say?

Neha; he said that the clues are good but there is nothing we can do unless we can find more information on the person

Maan: Yeah that is true...well than let's go home and hopefully tomorrow Sasha can get back with the information from Asha Mental Institution

Neha: Ok sure

Maan: you want me to drop you off

Neha (embarrassed) ohh umm it is fine...Adi

Maan: ohh don't have to say anything more (winks at her) I am going...enjoy your night (laughs)

Neha: it is nothing like that..he just offered me a ride

Maan (grabs his back): Yeah don't have to explain anything...anyway good night

Precap: Maan the killer is........

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NeXT part looks so intressting pl update fast

Wow first to comment and My first time i am first wow

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