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FF (M&G):Lethal Attraction(2)-[FINAL Pg.64] (Page 23)

i rok IF-Dazzler
i rok
i rok

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
loveddddd the updatesss

-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Nice update
Liked how their case was progressing
Geet is mad at Maan due to that Neha
Bechara MaanLOLLOL
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL COMMENTS!!! Here is the next chapter!!!
Chapter 30
Maan: Geet have you changed your mind about lunch?

Geet: ...

Maan: Geet I am talking to you...I don't understand what is the big deal...I told you that she is just a partner

Geet: ...

Maan: Geet talk to me..ok at least tell me where do you want to go?

Geet: ....

Maan: That is it Geet...(angry...he pulls on the side of the road...he holds Geet by the elbow and forces her to look at him...she puts her face down..Maan brings her chin up leaving her no choice but to look at him)

Geet: I want to go home (trying to control her tears)

Maan: NO! First tell me what happened?

Geet: Nothing

Maan (calms down): Geet one is going to come between us...Neha is just my partner and nothing else...

Geet: Its not her

Maan: Than what?

Geet: woh woh

Maan: Geet what woh woh..tell me what's wrong

Geet: woh jab se hamari shaadi hui hai aap ko sirf kaam ke lilawa kuch aur yaad nahi atta...aap ko mere liye time nahi hai...main sirf aap ko breakfast table panch minute tak dekthi hoon aur phir raat ko..bas

Maan (looks out the window..feeling guilty): It's not that Geet..I want to spend time with you too but everyday I get new cases..its not my fault....after all you know I am the best (trying to cheer her up)

Geet (laughs): I don't want you to be best...let someone be the best...I want you with me all the time

Maan (looks at her): No one can be better than Maan Singh Khurana..ok tell you what...when I finish with this case...we will go on a holiday together...

Geet (excited): Really where?

Maan: you can decide where ever you want....

Geet (hugs Maan): You are the best...

Maan: Geet can we go to lunch now..I am hungry...after lunch we can go somewhere

Geet: Ok let's go to lunch but on one condition

Maan: What condition?

Geet: After lunch I want you to go back to work...

Maan: What! Why?  You just said that you want to spend time with me

Geet: Yeah I know but I want you to finish the case as soon as possible so that we can go on our vacation

Maan (smiles naughingly): Why what do you plan on doing during vacation...(moves closer to her looking at her lips)

Geet (moves back until she hits the door): umm nothing...(Maan is close to Geet almost touching her face..he was about to kiss her when Geet moves his face to the side): umm we have to go to lunch remember...I am hungry

Maan (sighs): Learn from you how to kill romance

Geet: haan haan sari galti toh meri hoti hai...agar aapko itna romance aata hai toh fir sikate kyun nahi mujhko (Geet realizes what she said..Maan looks at her)

Maan (he leans close to her and whispers in her ear): When time comes sweetheart I will teach you how to romance...(Geet blushes and looks down...Maan starts the car again to go the restaurant)

Adi and Neha:
Neha: This is the place...(Adi parks the car in the front of the shop)

Adi: Alright lets go in.. (They both get out of the car to go inside but Adi stops Neha) Neha I think I should ask him questions

Neha: umm I can ask questions if you want

Adi: I think its better if I can come in if he tries to run away or something...(laughs)

Neha (laughs): Sounds like a plan..I can put my fighting skills to some use

Adi: Alright than lets go inside (he opens the door) ladies first

Neha: Thank you....

They both go inside...the place seemed somewhat was filled with different varieties of masks one can imagine....
Adi: Wow..this place is something...

Neha: Yeah wow sums up it up pretty well....(she goes and touhces one of the masks)

"Don't touch that!" (A guy comes up from behind..Neha puts down the mask right away)

Neha: umm sorry I was just looking at it...It's beautiful

"Thank you...what can I do for you guys?" (He looks at both of them)

Adi: my name is adi and i am the head chief for the police department and this is Neha Sharma from CID

Neha: actually we are here to ask you some questions regarding the recent killings that has been happening around delhi

"are you guys referring to the girl that has been found with a mask?"

Neha: yes we are

"Alrite but what does that have to do with me?"

Adi: well we found some evidence that the mask that killer used was bought from your shop (Neha signals adi...she looks around the shop while adi talks to the owner"

"well as you can see i sell many things beside just mask making...many customers come and go from my store...i cant keep track of everyone that comes in here"

Adi: we understand that but we need to see records of the people that last bought mask plaster from you (Neha was looking around while paying attention to their conversation...she found various masks that were made out of carved wood)

Neha: listen we are not asking for much we just need to see records of the last person that bought mask plaster from you

"listen i dont care who dies yesterday it was Tasha and tomorrow it will be someone else but that doesn't mean that all the murders will be related to my shop"

Neha (looked at Adi): did you say Tasha?

"that was the last girl that died"

Adi: yeah she was but i don't think we mentioned her name in the media

"am sure i i i must've read it somewhere" (He pushed Adi out of the way and tried to make way out of the store...Neha held his hand and flipped him over..he landed on his back looking up at Neha...Neha turned him around and made him got on his knees"

Neha: Adi Sir can I get your handcuffs

Adi: Umm sure (he hands her the handcuffs..Neha puts the handcuffs on the guy's wrists"

Neha: Now..we are done playing ARE going to tell us what we want to know or you can choose to go to jail for helping out a killer...pick your choice

Adi: yeah I would listen to what she is saying

Neha: Alrite than we gave you a chance...Adi Sir let's take him to police station

"Ok ok I wil tell you but under one condition...don't put me in jail"

Neha: We will decide you have five seconds to tell us what we need to know...

"Alrite I don't know him...I don't know his name all I know is that he e-mails me of the materials he needs and I just deliver it to the place...I don't know why but he tells me of the girls he had killed and who he is going to kill"

Adi: Did he contact you again today?

"I already told you what you asked for" (Neha grabs his head and pushes his face on the floor)

Adi: um Neha maybe he told us everything...(trying to calm her)

Neha: No he didn't...he is hidding something...tell us

"Alriite..I am suppose to drop of the stuff today again"

Adi (shocked): umm where? and When?

"Today at 6 near Delhi Gate..."

Neha: How would we recognize him?

"He will be near his car..his car will have skull picture on the please let me go..."

Neha: Alrite thank you....(She takes out his handcuffs) We will be in touch with you and I will advice for you not to leave town...

Adi: Thank you for your cooperation....(he walks behind Neha outside) Wow that was some good work in there

Neha: Thank you...(looks at the watch) Well it looks like we have some time to kill before we meet out guy...

Adi: Yeah...let's go get some lunch until than..take a break

Neha: umm sure...

Maaneet at the restaurant:
Geet: Where are we?

Maan: Italian restaurant (excited)

Geet: What! You know I don't like this gore people food

Maan: Geet what is wrong with this food...try it

Geet: Let's go somewhere else..

Maan (getting mad): Geet...can you at least try for me..I try your cooking all the time ("shit what did I just say")

Geet (gasped): what do you mean try my cooking? You don't like my food?

Maan: no no no Geet..that is not what I meant..I meant to say was that I try your food that you make without any complaints and all am saying is to try Italian for me

Geet: You try my food because you know you have no other option...

Maan: Geet listen...let's not argue and eat in peace..we can argue more at home...

Geet: Ohh so I argue now..huh...

Maan: When did I say that?

Geet: That is what you implied...

Maan (turns his face other way...nothing wanting to make her mad): Fine where do you want to go?

Geet (looked at Maan and sees he is upset..."Geet you are so stupid..he came from work just for you and you are here creating a fight"..she holds Maan's hand) Cutiepie don't be mad (with a puppy dog face)

Maan: Geet how many times I have to tell you don't call me that name..especially in public..

Geet: What it is such a cute named me so many differnt nicknames and did I once complain? No

Maan (sighs): Alrite meri maa..can we order now..I am hungry

Geet: Alrite..but next time don't you EVER say anything bad about my cooking or else that will be the last time you ever speak (Maan shocked to hear her threat...he just looked at his menu not wanting to look into her angry eyes...)

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loved it loved it loved it!!!!!!!!
punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
great update
sweet maaneet moments
hope they can get their much deserved vacation soon!
con't soon
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Haha awe so sweet and maan promised a holiday that was enough to manofy her and haha how she let it slip for him to teach her how to romance was so cute and ooh pretty immersive by neha the guy revealed everything maybe and hmm wonder if they can catch the guy so soon as they let the mask shop owner go and awe maan saying he tries her food making geet angry he so needs to keek her happy or bear her wrath anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile
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sweet updateSmileSmileSmile maan promised geet to take her vacationWinkWink after solving the case hope so he wont the spend their by searching for a criminalsLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
continue soon
kellz Goldie

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loved it

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