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FF (M&G):Lethal Attraction(2)-[FINAL Pg.64] (Page 11)

swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
congrats....nice update..getting really interesting... continue soon

-Elfin- Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
add me to your pm list..........................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
Woop and another case begins with and addition of 3 new characters an the main being neha and I'm being careful while analysing all characters that your present to us and ooh this new case seems intersting but still vile and anyway great update and ooh geet mad can't wait Smile
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!!!
Thank you for your comments!!! Love you all..please ignore any mistakes and I hope it was long enough LOL I wrote this at the last minute so I hope you guys liked it LOL
Chapter 28
Maan and Neha left right away to the disco...while driving...
Maan: So Ms. Neha how long have you been working with CID?

Neha: Why are you interviewing me to see if I qualify or not?

Maan: No jfor your information I don't have any problems working with female partners

Neha: I know I have read..your last partner was Sameera and as for your question I have been working with CID for about 6 years...

Maan: Hmmm you have done your homework...

Neha: Of course am not considered the best profiler for no reason Detective Khurana

Maan: Call me Maan if we are going to be working together let's not be formal

Neha: Alright you got it..

Maan: Well we are here...just follow my lead

Neha: Alright...let's go in...

They went inside the disco after Maan showed his badge to the guard...they saw manager yelling at his staff members to get the work done...Maan and Neha went up to the manager...
Maan: Excuse me are you the manager here? (Let's use "M" for manager lol)

M: yeah I am (he turned around) how did you two get in?

Neha: We are from police...I am Neha Sharma from CID and this is Detective Khurana

Maan: we came here to ask you couple of questions  about Tasha Gupta

Before Maan and Neha could ask anything..the manager ran out of the building...Neha and Maan ran after him outside...when they got outside the manager was gone in his car..quickly both got into the car..Neha driving while Maan in the passenger seat...
Maan: Shit he is going away...go faster...(he takes out his gun and lowers the window) damn I don't have a good shot at his car...

Neha: He is not that far away

Maan: Wait I know what way he is going....make a quick left when you see Taj Mahal restaurant..

Neha: But I am very close to catching up to him..we might loose him

Maan: Just do's a shortcut

Neha: Alright...

She makes a left when she sees the restaurant..soon enough their car is right behind the managers car..she accelerates the car running straight into his car...the manager quickly gets off the car and tries to make a run for it...Maan gets out of the car and runs after the manager...Maan runs right into the manager knocking both of them on the ground..manager manages to punch Maan on the face.. manager tried to run away again when Maan picks him up and throws him against the side pole

Neha: Freeze (holding a gun in her hand)..put your hands up...don't even try running again...(to Maan) are you ok?

Maan: Yeah I am ok..(he gets up and pulls the manager off the ground by holding to his color) you are coming with us

"M": Please I am innocent..I didn't do anything...(Neha searches his pockets to see if there are any weapons..she finds some packets of drugs)

Maan: We will find out..let's go
At the police station...
Neha: Alright his name is Arjun Khanna..he is known to sell drugs to some of the students when they go to his disco to make extra money on the side and he was also Tasha's boyfriend..

Maan: Do you think that he is our guy?

Neha: By looking at far he fits the standard profile..he is around mid 20's ...tall...have relationship to the victim

Adi: That won't be enough to put him in jail...well so far we have given Rahul to do some lab work on the drugs that you guys confiscated from Arjun...(Sasha came)

Sasha: Here are the reports of the tox screens I have done on Tasha...she has some traces of a drug called Hyrdo which can cause headaches, dizziness and sometimes blackouts...this drug matches the one we got from Arjun

Maan: So he could be our guy

Sasha: umm maybe she might've used it to just get far we can't come up with any conclusions..

Maan: Alright..let's go and talk to Arjun
Maan and Neha entered the room where Arjun was being held at...they both sat down in front of him
Arjun: I should let you know that I am not talking...I didn't do anything wrong

Maan: That is fine..just listen to what we have to say

Neha: This is about murder (Arjun felt really nervous at the mention of murder..Neha took mental note of this)

Arjun: mu mu murder? What murder...I didn't do it..I swear

Maan: we found a body of Tasha Gupta today in the morning..she was last seen after she left from your disco...

Arjun: mean to say that (shocked unable to complete his sentence)

Maan: Yes unforuntently she is dead..she was at your place last time..and so far all the evidence points against you..

Neha: What can you tell us about Tasha?

Arjun (tears start to come down): look Tasha and I used to go out...we broke up last was like one time thing with me..she was cue and fun to be with that's all...she mostly came to me when she wanted some drugs

Maan: what about last night?

Arjun: Last night she had come to my place...wanting to have some drugs...I gave her couple of packets that's all..and some time later she came back asking for more..when I refused to give her more..she started I broke up with her...she just left the place after that..I swear I haven't heard anything from her afterwards..I just assumed she went home or whatever...

Maan: Alright.. (calls some officers to hold Arjun for the night in the jail)

Neha (to Maan): He is def. not our guy

Maan: I know damn...

Neha: Well I think I might have a good idea about the killer..I am going to back home and draw up a report about the killer..

Maan: Alright...let me you need any ride?

Neha: Thank you but I have my own car..See you tomorrow

Maan: Bye (Maan decided to go talk to Adi)
Adi: come in

Maan: Hey we talked to Arjun and well he is not our guy

Adi: Listen about Neha

Maan: Adi it is fine...she is glad you put her on the case...she is good

Adi: whew ok I don't want to hear any complaints from your side than

Maan: Come on I don't start a fight

Adi: yeah tell that to someone who don't know the way shouldn't you be home?

Maan (looked at his watch): Ohh damn the day went by fast..ok I have to go home before Geet gets mad (he ran out of the office)

Adi (to himself): That's what happens when you get marry...
Maan came home and went straight to his room...he sat on the bed relieved that Geet wasn't in the room..than he heard her coming out of the bathroom his back toward the bathroom door...he forgot to clean up his wound...he knew that Geet would be mad seeing the chot
Geet: Ohh so finally came home

Maan (not facing her): umm yeah new case...

Geet: hmm why don't you go change and freshen up I will get some food for assuming you didn't eat anything

Maan: why would I eat outside when I know my beautiful wife makes food at home for me (gets up still has his back toward Geet)

Geet (looks suspicous): Why all of a sudden are you praising my food?

Maan (quickly changes his direction in front of his closet..and starts to take out his clothes..pretends to be mad): so if I say something nice you have problem and if I don't you still have problem..make up your mind will you

Geet: Alright why are you getting angry...I was just asking...I will be right back

Maan (sighs): Ok take your time...actually set it up downstairs I will be there...

Geet: Ok..(Geet leaves the room..Maan turns to look at the door..he was about to lock it in case Geet comes in...) ohh I forgot to tell you....(Maan stood there shocked) What happend to you? (angry)

Maan: ohh ummm nothing..(walks toward the bathroom)

Geet (comes close to him): I knew you were hiding something..why do you always have to show everyone that you are tough sit on the bed...

Maan: I wasn't showing anything..we had to chase one of the suspects..i had to tackle him before he got away that's all

Geet: That's what I could've just said stop...and who is we?

Maan: Geet come on you are acting like if I say "please stop" they will stop...Adi got me a new partner for this case..Neha

Geet: Neha?

Maan: yeah why are you jealous? (smiles...trying to see her reaction)

Geet (busy cleaning his chot): Why would I be jealous...I just don't know how she ended up working with you...

Maan (becomes angry): What do you mean?

Geet: You know you like to show everyone that you are the boss and you are Mr.tough guy.

Maan: For your information I don't do that..and I only have to show one person who is the tough guy (smirks)

Geet: Who? Ok am all done...go freshen up now..I will get you some dinner

Maan pushes her on the bed and hold her down by his weight..
Geet: Maan what are you doing?

Maan: Showing you who is Mr.tough (smiles mischievously)

Geet (looks at him): Maan get up...(Maan doesn't listen..he bends down and kisses her...he brings her arms around his neck..she kisses him back with passion..soon they both are lost in each other...)

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-BlushaLicious- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:54pm | IP Logged
yaay im da frist 1 2 comment
awsome update yaar loved it soo much
love maaneet
update soonxx
MsMovielover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:56pm | IP Logged
loved it... haha geet is not jealous but i thought she will be ROFL

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BadGirlKiss IF-Dazzler

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Loved the update
..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update
loved it
Hehe love the maaneet scenes
Continue soon
Thank u!

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