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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 99)

namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 5:06am | IP Logged
awesome promos....

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shining_moon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 6:08am | IP Logged
hey interesting promos...........Wink
update soon

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--Zehnaseeb-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Nice promo. Arjun is happy!!

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--love-- Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
loved the promo
now update soon
eagerly waiting fr itttttt

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and responses from the four promos ehhehee...the first two promos are revealed in this update and will get your answer at the end of this update!

So sorry in advance if you guys didn't like the update and I hope it was enjoyable!!

Enjoy (I Hope)

Chapter 33

It has been a week....Geet became so close to Maan's family in this short time...they were like inseparable....Dadima, Arjun and Geet formed their own special team. All three of them plan one thing or another against Maan to annoy him on purpose. Just two days ago when Geet was over for dinner...they had placed a whoopee cushion on his chair when he wasn't looking or when he entered his own house to be welcomed with squirt guns or when Maan decided to take a nap in his room only to be woken up by a loud bang followed by squirt guns...he was outnumbered...I hope you guys got my point...poor Maan he is outnumbered compared to the three trios....

Today Maan was very happy...he was going to purpose to Geet...he had everything planned out only thing he needed was Geet's consent. Maan took Geet to a restaurant..she was wearing the dress that he chose for her alone with her jewelry and matter how many pranks she plays on him at the end of the day Geet knows that Maan loves her no matter what...Both sat on the table and ordered their food

Geet: Ok now you have to tell me what is the occasion?

Maan (looks at her): What do you mean?

Geet: What I mean is that you bought me new clothes didn't tell me for what and all of a sudden randomly today you told me to get ready for dinner...

Maan (calmly replies her): What I can't be random?

Geet: For you to be random is I don't know weird (stressing the word weird)

Maan: Well just so happens is that random is my nickname

Geet: Ok then random...what else have you randomly planned for today?

Maan: ohh no other planning at all....

Geet: You sure  because

Maan (fed up with her questions): ugh Geet can't you just be happy for once..I mean damn if I do something nice for have to question me..if I don't do something nice then still you question me...can't you make up your mind?

Geet: What...I was just curious

Maan: Can you be less curious from now on....

Geet: ok you got it...ahem let's start over again... wow Maan you brought me to such a nice are really a sweetu (being dramatic)

Maan (roles his eyes): Thank time..could you say it without the sarcasm...(Geet sticks out her tongue at him..Maan smiles) umm Geet would you excuse me I will be right back

Geet: Sure...

Maan (goes to the waiter that took their order and gave him specific instructions) Remember when we are about to end our dinner..I will signal you...when I do you bring out the things I told you earlier

Waiter: Yes Sir...

Maan: I don't want any mishap...or else

Waiter: No sir I won't mess up...

Maan: Good (Maan went back to the table where Geet was sitting...few minutes later food had arrived..both started enjoying their food..talking and laughing at each other for making stupid they both enjoy their dinner..they heard clapping in the restaurant..both looked toward the couples..the guy was down on his knee proposing..while his girlfriend was in tears)

Geet: wow how old and cliched way to propose

Maan ("ohh damn") What do you do you mean? It is might be old but still works

Geet: Yeah its cute but its been know I believe (Maan thinks "great here she goes again with her "I believe" comments") that when a person proposes like this than that means that he couldn't come up with a better idea

Maan ("gayi baise pani main): ohh so what is a better idea in your case

Geet: I don't know something hatke..something like you never saw it coming type a thing...

Maan: umm hold on a minute (he gets up and goes up to the waiter. Maan brings the waiter to the corner where Geet couldn't see) Listen forget the surprise

Waiter: But sir..everything is ready on time...I won't mess up

Maan: Yeah I take this (He takes out some cash and gives it to the waiter) this is for all your hard work

Waiter: wow thank you sir...(waiter thinks: "if he gave me this much cash for not going with the surprise than imagine how much I would've received after the surprise..")

Maan: No problem...(he begins to walk away...and goes back to the table)

Geet: Where were you?

Maan: I had to use the where were you?

Geet: hmm (thinks) ohh yeah so I was saying that it has to be something hatke and not something like that has been used or something we see on movies like using fireworks to say "will you marry me" or booking something private and have a rosepetal trail leading to the guy with a ring and cheesy smile

Maan: What movies do you watch that you got all of these ideas from? (laughs)

Geet: At least I know some ABC's of don't even know any famous actors and actresses

Maan: yeah yeah anyway continue with your wonderful gyan about propsing

Geet: very well mera I was saying that it should be least expected..(Maan takes out the ring and holds it in his hand unknown to Geet as she continued with her "gyan")

Maan: uhh you are saying that it should be unexpected like "hey, I was thinking randomly if you want to get married?" What would the girl say then?

Geet: yeah the girl would say "sure why not"

Maan: Then what would happen?

Geet: hmm than the guy would take a ring out (Maan holds the ring in his fingers) holds the girls hand (Maan does that) and puts the ring on the girl

Maan: So something like this (he shows Geet her hand with the ring on her finger..)

Geet: Yeah exactly...that is how it (Geet looks at her finger with the ring and looks at Maan while he smiles at her) Wha wha what?

Maan: Wha wha what nahi...haan haan haan kehena chahiye joh tum kehe chuki let me ask again since you missed it...will you marry me?

Geet: Yeah..sure...(she screams everyone looks at her...Maan looks down from embarrassment...Geet stands up and starts screaming) he just proposed to me! He just proposed to me! woohoooo

Maan: Geet quiet down..even the couples next to us didn't make such a big deal like you are doing

Geet: oopps sorry its my first time getting proposed so not used to it...

Maan: And you think this is my second or third time proposing someone...

Geet (looks at the ring carefully): wow..I have to tell Vicky..omg Cookie would be so happy..ohh and of course Vicky would be happy too...ohh and I have to tell Arjun, Pinky, Dadima, Dev, Naintara

Maan: Why don't you make it easier for yourself and just announce it in the newspaper and on television as well..they all will find out (in sarcasm)

Geet: ha ha very funny...ok lets go...(Gets up from her chair and pulls Maan with her)

Maan: Geet we didn't finish our dinner..where are you taking me?

Geet: I have to tell Vicky right now..come on..I haven't talked to him in a week I am worried about Cookie...pata nahi uska pura kahayal rakh raha hai yah nahi

Maan: you are more worried about the dog than your friend Vicky

Geet: Come on get up...we have to go (she drags him with her out of the restaurant)

Maan: Seriously Geet learn from you how to be a buzz least you could've hugged me or something (being flirty)

Geet: yeah all that later...first I have to tell Vicky and Cookie...(Maan drives toward her hotel..he was smiling looking at Geet) Omg i have to make a list of who I am going to invite and what to wear and

Maan: Geet I just proposed to date is not even decided yet...I didn't even tell Dadima about this either....seems like someone is in a hurry to get married..I can't blame you since I am so handsome...anyone who would be in your place would be dying to get married to me as well

Geet: Wow you are so humble...anyway drive faster..we have to go

Maan: I am driving as fast as I can...

Both reach the hotel:
Geet quickly goes in her room and immediately calls Vicky...she puts the phone on speaker so that Maan could hear as well
Vicky: wow so Ms. Handa finally decided to call her dear friend and ask him how he is

Geet: Don't be a is my Cookie?

Vicky: You called for your Cookie only?

Geet: yeah and also Maan and I wanted to share something with you

Vicky: Maan..he is there with you...yo Maan...

Maan: umm hi Geet and I have to tell you something

Vicky: ohh really...actually I have something to tell you guys too *sighs*

Geet: us first..ready

Vicky: no..let me say it first than you guys can say your news

Maan (signals Geet to let him speak first): Vicky you tell us first what you have to say...

Vicky: ok..well here goes..I don't know how you guys are going to react but.. (pauses)

Geet: Say it already

Vicky: I got married

Geet and Maan both look at each other shocked and making sure if they heard what they thought they heard...both: What!

Vicky: Yeah it is a long story but umm yeah I am married (Geet takes takes him out of the speaker phone)

Geet: What! When! How! To who! Why! (Shouts after each words...)

Maan: Geet let him speak...maybe he had a good reason

Geet (ignored Maan): why did you get married? When! How! What!

Maan (grabs the phone from Geet): Stop speaking like sound like a broken record...give me that phone..let me speak to him (he snatches the phone from Geet)

Geet: Fine! You talk to him you ulu! (Maan roles his eyes)

Maan: Vicky..I hope you are telling us a joke...

Vicky: No it is not a joke...i told you guys it is a long story..I will tell you guys later

Geet (snataches the phone): Listen Vicky you better get your @$$ down to India ASAP along with my Cookie and with your wife (listens to Vick on the phone) no I don't want to hear any excuse you better be here within this week

Maan: Geet put the phone on the speaker

Vicky: Geet..I can't leave my job and come there

Geet: you had time to get you can take a time out to come to India

Vicky: But..

Geet: NO buts Vicky...

Vicky (sighs): fine...ok tell me what did you guys had to tell me?

Geet: Once you come here we will tell you..for the tickets and let me know when you are coming...bye

Maan: he said its a long story

Geet: I know but that is a huge decision...

Maan: come on..let's go to my house and tell Dadima about our decision and everyone in the house as well

Geet (gets up and hugs Maan): Thank you for are the best

Maan (hugs Geet): I know I am the best

Geet (kicks him on his knee): You are so full of yourself...But i love you

Maan: I love you too....come on let's go...

Both Maan and Geet left the hotel....their ride back was pretty quiet..Maan kept looking at Geet to see if she would say something but nothing..all the way she was looking out the window dazed..he knew that she was thinking about Vicky and his sudden decision of getting married...he missed loud talking Geet...frankly speaking Maan didn't know that Geet could be this quiet ever...he tried making small conversations with her but all went in vain..she would just shake her head up and down either for yes or no...after a while he gave up and concentrated on driving...Maan parked the car in front of his house and helped Geet out of the car...he holds her by the shoulder...

Maan: Geet you need to stop thinking about this..maybe he had a good should just wait for Vicky to come to India and let him tell you the reason

Geet: Yeah I guess but him marrying without tell me is what bothers me

Maan: I know but think on the bright side..(she looks at him) it would be hilarious to find out that he got married while he was drunk (tries to cheer her up)

Geet (laughs): yeah that would be funny and the person he got stuck with is a total physco

Maan: let's wait for him and find out the truth..until than we can worry about something else

Geet: ohh yeah thanx for reminding me..I totally forgot..I have to ask Arjun about his fashion show

Maan (smiles vanishes): what about fashion show?

Geet: Remember Arjun said that I could model in the fashion is almost coming up..I have to ask him what happened with that

Maan: But Geet...

Geet: Maybe Arjun is inside right now..come on (Geet starts walking ahead while Maan runs behind her)

Maan: Geet listen....
Link to:
Chapter 34

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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maan proposed geet
i am eagerly waiting 4 dadi and maaneet moments
continue soon
puth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
as usual awesome update simi..........
geet hasn't given maan atleast a hug...that's too meanAngry......i feel she always takes maan for granted

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amazing update loved it

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