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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 93)

divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 2:25pm | IP Logged

It was so funny when geet asked maan about his secretary's dress code.


Loool geet I think you would be jealous if you saw maan dancing with someone or kissing someone. I know geet believes in second chances but I am sure she is going to be very possessive about maan too.LOLLOL


Looooool loved her last reply that if he ever did anything after marriage he will not live. I think maan knows where he stands now. ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL


Lool geet does love to talk and bechara maan has no choice but to listed. Love how arjun is so sweet to geet and that makes sasha really jealous.LOLLOL


Loved how geet is encouraging arjun to go and talk to yash.Smile

..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
Awesomee update
loved it
amazing part
haha Maan scared of geet?
loved the Q and the convo
it was fun..haha
And shasha..ughh lolz
OMG arjun and yash?ROFL
cant wait
Update soon
Thank u
Happy V day

sam1234fly Senior Member

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 1:46am | IP Logged
i read ur ff reagularly..............i...have started to wrire a ff........on maan n geet

plz can u read it???Smileonly if u like it.............
plz tell m if you like it.........plz.................
Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
Lovely update yaar.

i loved maan and geet's conversation u expressed it so well. i could picture their emotions so clearly in my head.

"tumhari baaton se bhook mar gayi" hahahahah ROFL.  that just made my night.  

i loved geet how she was going on and on and blah blah blah and then got serious boy the loook on maan's face that was priceless.

continue soon i can't wait to see what happens next!
KreyaArshiLover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 February 2011 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Pl add me on your pm list
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 February 2011 at 4:24pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys: I won't be able to update as frequently as has to be once a week is the next update...and even though i won't be able to reply back to everyone now...I will try for sure...but I hope you guys know that your comments are always makes me so happy!!!! Whenever I am bored i reread comments again because they are so funny at times LOLLOLLOL So Sorry in advance if I am not able to reply but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Chapter 32
Geet, maan, and arjun came home...geet was pretty nervous meeting Dadima...maan didnt tell anything about her either...maan noticed her being nervous...he stood by Geet and held her hand...he gave her a reassuring look but in his head he wondered "what was she so nervous about...girls" he sighed and went inside...geet was amazed by Maan's was bigger then her two houses combined...she stood there grasping everything in...Maan had to tug her to bring her back to reality...sbe followed his eyes and saw him pointing at the lady sitting on the Dining room table with music on reading a book...Arjun had gone up in his room to freshen up...maan told Geet to start walking...she shook her head no...Maan tried pushing her but Geet quickly moved behind Maan...he turned around and Geet again moved him...they were like that for a minute...Maan's anger was rising...he managed to grab her wrist and held on it firmly...he dragged her to where his Dadima was sitting

Maan: Dadima i want to itroduce you to someone (she looks up...toward Geet...Geet smiles nervously)

Dadima: omg i saw you in that video with Maan...

Geet: video?

Dadima: you were singing on some stage while maan was dancing with you...(Geet looked at Maan)

Maan: adi had recorded the video...i had no clue about it

Dadima: anyway come sit here with me Geet...(Maan was about to sit) Maan you go away from here

Maan (was shocked): what?

Dadima: I said go away...i finally have someone to talk to...other then you guys...Pinky is always busy with her college and to tell you the truth i was getting tired seeing your and Arjun's face (his mouth fell open hearing that) No offence...("whats the point for saying no offence when it is too late") so leave us for sometime (maan stood there...he looked at Geet who was trying to hold her laughter in) go shoo maan (she was signaling him to go as if telling a dog to go...this made Geet laugh out loud unable to hold it in anymore...he walks away angry with both Geet and Dadima)

Maan went in his room...he took of his jacket and threw it on the floor..."cant believe this...Dadima embarased me in front of Geet and that Geet how dare she laugh at me like that...ohh god its monopoly night...i wonder what else is Dadi going to say or do to embarase me" he decided to stay in his room...Pinky cam in his room...

Pinky: Bahi i am going to the dance (Maan looked at pinky and totally had forgotten about Pinky's dance tonight)

Maan: hmmm Adi should be coming any minute

Pinky: ok am going downstairs to sit with Dadima

Maan: i will come with you too (he decided this would be the perfect time to see Geet and hoped that Dadima didn say anything embarasing)

As maan and pinky went down man saw Dadima and Geet laughing about something...Pinky went ahead of maan...

Maan: what are you guys laughing about? (Both looked at Maan and started laughing) can you guys tell me what's so funny?

Dadima: i was telling Geet your childhood stories...

Maan "ohh god i hope she didn't tell her about my most embarasing one...i have to find out" which stories?

Dadima: ohh nothing you should worry about...(looks at Pinky) omg Pinky you look nice

Pinky: finally you guys paid attention to me...

Maan: pinky meet Geet...(they both talked for a while until Adi shows up...Geet got pretty close wih everyone in just couple of hours...she was happy)

Nakul: sir Adi came (Adi comes from behind)

Adi: ssss sssss ssssir i have come to take p p pinky to the dance

Maan: hmmm be back by 11

Pinky: But bahiya (he gave her a stern look and she shuts up) ok we will be back by 11...lets go Adi)
Outside both Pinky and Adi were walking to the car...pinky looked back and as soon as the coast was clear she hugs Adi

Adi: Pinky what are you doing? Wha if Maan sir saw us together? (both got in the car)

Pinky: ohh stop worrying about it anyway he has to find out sooner or later that we go out

Adi: At the rate we are going...i think we will be going out for the rest of our lives

Pinky: ohh yeah why dont you tell Maan bahiya that we go out...whenever you go in front of him you start hissing like a snake ssss ssss ssir (mimicks him)

Adi: anyway how did you manage to tell Maan Sir that you want to go to the dance with me?

Pinky: ohh simple...basically i told Dadima that i am going to this couples dance with someone and i knew that sooner or later she will blab to Maan bhayia and he will immediately tell me that i would have to go with someone he knows...which in this case is you because he knows that you wont do anything stupid

Adi (laughed): ha ha ha great plan...i didn't know you were this smart Piggy

Pinky: I told you so many times DO NOT call me that..I hate you hyena...(both were quiet for a moment and Pinky started laughing all of a sudden)

Adi (looked at her): What is so funny? I want to laugh too...

Pinky: Nothing..whenever I am mad or upset I think of the pickup line you used on me when you were telling me how much you like me

Adi: ohh not again...

Pinky: I still remember...listen (clears her throat) jab se maine tujhe dekha hai mera blood pressure low hogaya or mujhe high fever aagaya...aur jab tum samne aati ho toh meri dil ki dhadkan 70 se 130 hojati hai...iska matalb mujhe tum se pyar hai Pinky (laughs out loud) seriously this was the best pick up line I have ever heard

Adi: One thing I didn't tell you..I got it from a movie.. he he he anyway college aagaya..
Back at the mansion:
Dadima: Maan why don't you show Geet around..

Maan: What about monoloply night?

Dadima: Ohh yeah I forgot to tell you..its canceled...I am tired...I had my club meeting today and I have been so tired ever since I came home...I am going to sleep....

Maan (rolled his eyes): Then who told you to start a club?

Dadima: hey it was needed..I am tired of going to these kitty I started my own club..did I do something wrong Geet?

Geet: No are right..kitty parties are so over rated...what is the name of your club

Dadima: Stayin' alive and should come one is fun...

Geet (laughs): Alright Dadima..I will join you in your next club meetings

Maan: If you guys are done than Geet let's go I will show you around...(Maan took Geet to his room)

Geet: wow nice room...(she sits on the bed) You don't have plastic bed covers on your mind in case you know (Geet laughed out loud....Maan was shocked hearing Geet...he was so embarrassed....)

Maan: Listen in my defence I had drank lots of water that's why...

Geet: Ohh really that's not what I heard (laughs)

Maan (steps closer to her): And what did you hear?

Geet: I heard that this 13 year old boy was so scared after watching a scary movie that at night he peed in his bed...(laughs)

Maan: I was young ok

Geet: yeah whatever you say...scardy cat scardy cat..I am going to tell Adi about this...(laughs)

Maan: you wouldn't dare...

Geet: Watch me...(she runs out of the room...Maan runs behind her chasing each other...Geet hides from Maan...he tries to find her but couldn't when Maan wasn't looking..she runs down the stairs and goes out...Maan sees her and runs behind her...)

Maan: Geet where will you go now? Am coming... (Arjun comes out of his room after hearing the noise...he roles his eyes after seeing Maan running after Geet... "kids.." )

Geet goes and runs into the outhouse..she runs and hides behind some huge pillar...she hears Maan coming in....she giggles and watched Maan running from one room to another...then she hears him calling her...

Maan: Jaane Jaan Dhoondta Phir Raha
hoon Tumhe Raat Din Main Yahan Se Vahan
He looks at every room...she smiles hearing his plead...she giggles and moves to another hiding spot..

Maan: mujhko Aawaaz Do, Chup Gaye Ho Sanam
Tum Kahan?

Geet (smiles): main Yahan

Maan hears her voice...and moves to the source...he sees her but pretends to the other way...Geet looks out of the hiding space..when she doesn't find Maan..she goes out to move to another hiding place when Maan grabs her hand and pulls her close to him...both look into each other eyes...he presses a button on a remote and music starts playing...both slowly start dancing...

Geet: You what! When! Where! Why! How! What!
Maan: Geet stop talking like a broken record...give me that....What! Why! When! How!
Geet: Who's the broken record now?
Maan: Will you be quiet Geet...
Geet: Fine! You ulu!!!!

Link to
Chapter 33


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Tishuu Goldie

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omg omg omg omg im the first one - after soooooooooooooooo long!!!! omg omg omg
wow i totally loved this update
oooo la la pinky and adi - hahahahahahah chupe rustum -LOLLOLLOL
loved daadi and her club name - hahahahaa adorable
awww geet is ghul-ing mill-ing with everyone so easily!!!!!
totally loved the update
i like how arjun cums out and says "kids" hahahahahaha
maan and geet are truly like kids honestly
awwwwwwwwww maan is sooo sweet- he sang for her - and i soooooo love that song!! adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love them both lekin lekin lekin simi itna chota bacha sa update??

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Haha awe they're too funny the whole lot dadi acts ad if she's still young , geet is mental anyways and haha pinky and adi haye their romantic moment was too funny and pinky to clever hai well she is after all maans sister and haha dadi leaving no scope to embarrass maan and giving geet reasons to tease him and haha with her maan becomes a kid too how sweet their love story is hatke anyways great update and loving the precap can wait Smile

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