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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 87)

funnymonkey Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DrashtiDhamiNo1

could someone help by telling me what the precap means in english because i only understand a little hindi Confused


it means that I saw love in my sweethearts eyes for the first time....Its a song LOL hope tht helps

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 5:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by macho_muffin

Holaaaaaaa mi tia diHug
you know i am hating the fact that college a.k.a hell has disrupted our stalking connectionAngry.....i mishhh you soo much and our hilarious convos *pouts*
how is the work search going? i hope something works out for you really soonEmbarrassed
and as far as i am concerned, seems like my body is in a lets get sick mode every weekLOL
heyy i blame the weather and not the whole carton of icecream that i finished yesterdayWink
omgggggggg where do i start with the update?.....are you sure we weren't like next door neighbors in pichle janam?Shocked
cuz i have gotten a piggy back ride for the same exact freaking reason in the past.....i mean like how much more creepy can we get?ShockedLOL
i have yet a find a thing this geet does that i don't do....its like reading about a mini me in the ff.....OHH-EMM-GEE i am scared of every possible moving creature in this universe! *shudders*
but awww the part was shoo adorableee!....ofcourse, i didn't have a maan giving me a ride but some people are just sooo lucky hehe
how do you write soo adorably? know what i love about ur ffs....there is drama but it is portrayed soo cutely that a reader can never have compalints....yes, there are fights but they are soo hilarious the reader enjoys them anyway....and everytime i read ur ff, i just fall deeper in love with it!Embarrassed
loved the sasha comebackWink.....ohh how much i love sarcasm in life....too bad no one ever understands mineLOL
fab update di!!
i command u to get a freaking fb account or i fear, i SHALL barely get to talk to you nowadays....pweez? *gazes hopefully*
love ya!
continue soon!Wink
Hey Tamera..I know our ESP connection is totally gone CryCry but all in all I am happy that you stop by whenever you have time LOL I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't even ask me bout work cuz I am still where I was before I am trying hehehe
you knw eating ice cream in winter is something else...I love it!! I hate this weather too it changes almsot everyday...LOLLOL can't wait for freakin summer and wear dresses LOLLOL
OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THE PIGGY BACK RIDE!!!! ShockedShocked this was a random idea that popped into my head and I thght it would be funnyShockedShocked Damn we had to be neighbors or soemthing cuz that is just plain creepy that I am writing bout things that happend to you LOLLOLLOL that is so awesome hehehe
For most part I never went through this whole rat experience but I have funny tales abotu cat and dog and how I ran seeing them lol..but let me tell you if I EVER see a rat I woudl do what you and Geet did hehe I will most prob. jump on a random person or TRY to act cool so I don't embarese myself heheheh
Haha everyone loves the way Geet replied back to Sasha LOLLOL No one gets my jokes or my sarcasm either so sometimes I don't bother in explaining them either heheheheh...thanx for hte fna fic comment.....I just lvoe everyone's comments that it keeps me going with hilarious and funny events with maan and Geet...ehhehe
hmmm facebook??? Ok I will try to make facebook since most of my frnds don't have facebook and I mostly talk to them on the phone..LOL (weird isn't it)  So I will try to make a new account and I will message you and let u knw..if not than umm if you have aim or yahooLOLLOL
Good luck!!!
maanmeet1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
OMG i just loved it..........i was shocked when geet told maan all dat on beach.......i was like she was serious and dat might have hurt maan a lot coz he is not those geet is geet after all.........m so happy dat they r together n having a gr8 time.........

i didnt like dat maan only dropped water on dat fellow in d restaurant who was talking rubbish abt arjun...........wish he punched him hard and threw food n water on dat idiot gal..........wht was der prob??????

m loving d story.......lil bit was like my fav movie "you've got a mail" different too..........m loving vicky n geet's friendship and adi is always a darling.........pls update soon and do PM me........thnx...........
surbhijn106 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 6:07am | IP Logged
Liked it waiting for the update plz pm me when u update plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Hey guys: Here is the next part....
Chapter 31
Geet sat in Maan's office after the tour..she was really impressed with Maan...he takes care of this business by himself..she had whole new level of respect for him...she was happy that she found a great person like him but was nervous to meet his grandmother... "Wonder if she will be like Maan...I mean strict like Maan..." Maans secretary entered his cabin with the food...Geet looked at her from top to bottom...she was wearing a tight mini dress with spaghetti straps... "how does she even manage to move and sit in this dress?" After a while she left after setting up the table..

Maan: Let's eat Geet..

Geet: Tell me something Mr. Khurana

Maan "uh oh something is wrong" (he smiled at Geet): Yeah Ms. Handa how can I help you?

Geet: Do you have a special dress code for girls?

Maan (confused): What?

Geet: I have noticed that almost all the girls that work here wear tight mini dresses

Maan (smirked): Why are you jealous?

Geet (looked at him): No not at all...why would I be?

Maan (stopped smiling): So you don't mind if girls over here are wearing mini dresses and is in front of me the whole day?

Geet: No...let me tell you something...I don't get jealous easily..people can dress in however they want..whatever makes them comfortable..I don't judge them...

Maan: So you don't mind if I look at girls?

Geet: is in human nature to stare at people whom they find attractive..I mean if I see a hot guy walking past me of course I will check out the person even if I am in a relationship with can look at girls too...I won't stop you or nag you about it..saying "how dare you look at other girls" blah blah blah (Maan chocked)

Maan: you would be ok about it? What if I dance with another person?

Geet: Yeah I would be ok with it..I believe in giving space to others...I am not one of those chipku girls who spend most of their time either nag or being jealous for no reason when they are in a relationship with someone..I mean at the end of the day..the guy is with you so what does it matter...(eats her food and after done chewing) look all I am saying is that if you dance with a girl and I am with you than i am ok with that does not mean you are allowed to kiss that girl...

Maan (interested in her talking): What if I hooked up with someone?

Geet (eats her food): there are many different factors here of hooking more specific

Maan: Ok...I mean what if I was drunk and the next thing I know I woke up with a random person right next to me?

Geet: hmm (thinks) see than I would be ok with it (he drops his spoon) let me were drunk! You had no idea what you were doing or where you were after few shots...of course everyone does something that they regret later on...with me that will your free pass...

Maan: Free pass?

Geet: Ohh I didn't tell you..see I believe that everyone should be given a second if you got drunk and had no idea what you were doing than that would be your free pass...meaning that I would forgive you

Maan (couldn't believe what she just said): What if some girl threw herself on me and kissed me than what?

Geet: That will be the last time you would ever see that girl...(with serious tone)

Maan (stopped eating): Does this imply after marriage as well..(Geet looked at him) I mean in the future..does the same rules apply in the future?

Geet: Now that is a different case..after marriage...(she stands up and slams her hands on the table shocking Maan...he looks at her...she leans closer and closer to him while he moves back in his chair..she stops inches away from his face) IF YOU LOOK, TOUCH OR DID ANYTHING WITH ANOTHER PERSON.....THAT WILL BE THE LAST TIME YOU EVER SEE THE DAYLIGHT EVER AGAIN...

Maan (shocked and nervous to say anything): wh wh what if I was drunk...remember that scenario?

Geet (moves back and sits back down): I guess I would be in jail on account of two murders

Maan: murders?

Geet: Yeah one yours and one the woman's...

Maan: but I was drunk...

Geet: Doesn't matter you shouldn't be drinking in the first place if you are married

Maan: hmm good point...

Geet: I hope you don't try anything just to test me because (just than his phone rang..Maan picked it up in a hurry to avoid where she was going...)

Maan: yeah Arjun...come to my cabin..yeah she is here right now...(he hangs up) Arjun is coming...

Geet: hmm time went by didn't finish your food

Maan ("tumhari baaton se bhook mar gayi") I am not hungry..I ate as much as I could

Geet: Don't have big appetite for big guy...give me I will finish it...I am still hungry

Maan (wanted to finish the food later): but you just ate

Geet: I know..but I am hungry again..(she grabs the food and eats it while Maan looks at her with frustration)

Arjun (entered the cabin): Hey Geet sweety...are you ready for our shopping?

Geet: Yeah of course...I was just finish eating my lunch

Arjun: You didn't eat yet?

Geet: I did but Maan didn't finish his food and since I am kind of hungry again I decided to finish his plate as well...

Arjun (shocked): What Maan and not hungry? Usually he eats like anything

Maan (looked at Arjun with anger): I am right here you know...I could hear you talking about me

Arjun: That is the whole point..gosh don't get angry about anything..anyway Geet let's go

Geet (got up): Alright let's go Arjun..bye Maan...ohh when are you getting off of work? I will meet you here to go to your house

Maan: Ok call me when you guys are done...

Arjun: Let's go...ok bhai bye
When Geet and Arjun were walking out of Maan's cabin...Sasha comes in front of Arjun with a big smile on...
Sasha (ignoring Geet): omg I love your dresses that you design and everything...

Arjun: umm thanx...

Sasha (looks at Geet): You are still here?

Arjun (jumps in): Of course she couldn't leave without me..right sweety?

Geet: Of course after all we made shopping plans for today...(Sasha burned with jealousy and anger...)

Arjun: Excuse us..we have to go...(both left leaving her behind...)
At the mall:
Arjun: Geet let's go to that store...they have really nice dresses and clothing's there...

Geet: Sure lead me the way...(both went in the they entered Arjun ran into someone who was carrying some parcels...)

Arjun: Sorry...(he bends down to grab the parcels...he looks at the guy and smiles...
dekha hai pahali baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyar
tab ja ke aaya mere bechain dil ko karaar
dilbar tujhe milne ko kab se tha main bekaraar
ab ja ke aaya mere bechain dil ko karaar
(Arjun quickly pics up the stuff and gives it to the guy...the guy brings the stuff to the counter)

Geet got busy selecting some clothes...while Arjun pretends to look around while paying attention to the guy...after a while Geet looks toward Arjun..she notices Arjun looking at someone...she follows his eyes and realizes that he is looking at the guy behind the counter..she smiles and goes up to him...

Geet (whispers in his ears): Why don't you talk to him?

Arjun (comes back to reality): What do you mean? I don't know what you are talking about (looks around for some stuff)

Geet: Please don't play games with me...I could tell you like him...does he like you too?

Arjun (looks at Geet): I think so...we never talked or said anything to each other before...

Geet: I could tell he likes you too..look at the way he is trying to avoid looking at you

Arjun: you think so?

Geet: yeah..believe me...I know...What is his name?

Arjun: Yash...he is the manager here..I come here most of the time...

Geet: I understand why you brought me here are pretty sneeky...(laughs) Go talk to him..ask for coffee or something...

Arjun: No way..I am happy with where I am..thanx

Geet: You will be budda than....come on...go talk to him...if you don't than I will tell Maan and I don't think you want his help...

Arjun: You wouldn't dare...

Geet: Try me....

Arjun: Ok fine..I will go and ask him...(nervously makes his way over to Yash...Geet smiles and watches the show)

Precap: did? I am surprised...
Just when you thought that Geet couldn't get any weirder LOL
Link to Chapter 32

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-eiya- Goldie

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged geet kitini bak bak karthi haiLOL....i luvd d convo bet maan  nd geet....i culd imgaine all d expression of maan by hearing geets bak truely  she s a "single piece"Silly....

"tumhari baaton se bhook mar gayi"..ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

dekha hai pahali baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyar
tab ja ke aaya mere bechain dil ko karaar
dilbar tujhe milne ko kab se tha main bekaraar
ab ja ke aaya mere bechain dil ko karaar....ha ha ha arjun beta lagae raho...

Hey awsm ..hillarious update...luvd continue soon...

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Wow! um, interesting, so arjun swings the other way. nice twist. waiting for more.  
puth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
awesome update dearClapClapClap
arjun and yash omg that's funnyLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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