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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 75)

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Hey guys: Here is another part updated...what Geet saw will be answered in this chapter LOL


Chapter 30

Maan saw Geet running towards him screaming her head off...she was coming with a full force...he stopped "Geet...NO!!! Stop!!" She screamed and jumped on him..he almost lost his balance with the amount of force she jumped on him..he staggered back a little..she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist...her arms wrapped tightly around his neck almost chocking him and her head was hidden at the nook of his neck screaming... "GEEETTTT!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!"
Geet: aaahhhhhh

Maan: Will you stop screaming? What happened?

Geet (she stopped she looked at him loosing her arms): I saw a was big and ikky and gross..with big tale and big claws it was coming toward me and I ran (she sounded like a little kid...Maan held her by the waist)

Maan: A rat?? That's it?

Geet: What do you mean that's it? it was freaking huge! You have no idea

Maan: Ok well the rat is not here now..get down

Geet (screamed and again wrapped her arms and legs around tighter): NO!! (she started looking around moving her head which caused Maan to move in the direction she was looking at)

Maan: Geet! the way you are holding on to me by tomorrow my back is going to kill me..and I don't know if you realize this or not but I have to go to this place called WORK (stressing the word) and if I miss work than I might will end up canceling my meetings again with my clients....(Geet didn't pay attention to what he was saying and kept moving her head looking down back and forth while Maan kept on moving around her direction) GEET! WOULD YOU STOP MOVING BACK AND FORTH...

Geet (looked at him with innocent face): Sorry..I am checking for rats

Maan (loosing his patience): GEET for the last time..rats won't come will you get back is starting to hurt because you wrapped your legs around my waist really tightly...

Geet: No..I am not getting down...

Maan: Geet I am loosing my patience right now...get down and walk to the car NOW!

Geet: NO! carry me to the car...

Maan: That is it...(He tried to pry her legs off of his waist but she only wrapped it around tighter...than he tried to pull her hands off of his neck which was cutting off his air supply) Geet be a good girl and get down..there are no rats now or else!

Geet: No (hiding her face on his shoulder like a little girl)

Maan: Ok don't say I didn't warn you...(he bends down on his knee)

Geet: What are you doing?

Maan: I warned you watch (He makes Geet lie down on the sand while he is on top...her legs and arms are still wrapped around him...) [thank god that there was no one at the beach or else they would've had heart attack seeing them in this position lol]

Geet: Maan pick me up please....Get up...

Maan: Let go of me first...

Geet: Fine I will let you go but will you give me piggy back ride to the car? Paweesh (sounding like a little girl)

Maan (rolled his eyes): Don't use this cute voice on me...fine..I will give you piggy back ride but

Geet: But what? (looked around left and right to see if there were any rats) Hurry..before the rats come

Maan (chuckled): What will I get in return?

Geet (looked at him): are you serious?

Maan: Do I sound serious? (She nodded her head yes) than I am serious

Geet: Fine what do you want?

Maan: hmm I will tell you when time comes...I have to think of something good but you better fulfill it..promise?

Geet: Fine get me up...

Maan: Ok let go of me first..(he realized how they were lying down) I don't know if you realize what kind of position we are in right now...Not that I mind...but I don't want people to think something is up..(Geet looked at their position and she immediately lets go of him embarrassed..her face turning bright red..Maan chuckled) That was fast...(he gets up and pulls Geet up) Ok hop on my back and slowly this are not as light as you look (Geet hits him on the shoulder)

Geet: Ok I am ready (after getting on his back and wrapping her legs loosely this time..Maan started walking) So what is the plan for tomorrow?

Maan: Plan? Well for me I will be at work and I will pick you up around 6 at night to go to my house to meet my Dadima and play could also meet my sister Pinky before she leaves for her college dance

Geet: hmm than I will have nothing to do the whole day...

Maan: You can go shopping or something...there are malls near by your hotel...or I could tell Arjun to hang out with you..

Geet: yeah that would be awesome...I really like him...he is so sweet and down to earth and so funny complete opposite of you

Maan (stopped): what! I am not sweet and funny? Do I have to remind you who is giving you a piggy back ride to save you from the rats or who gave you a surprise when you asked for it?

Geet: Yeah you did all that stuff but you always ask for something else in return

Maan: Get down from my back if I am not sweet...

Geet: Alright alright are sweet

Maan: hmm its ok..but you have to give me a kiss on the cheek jalebi

Geet: See what I mean

Maan: Fine than get down...

Geet: Alright fine I will give you the kiss (she gives him a kiss on the cheek and Maan smiles) now lets go..(Maan starts walking to his car and drive off to her hotel)

Maan (pulls in front of her hotel): Alright don't forget tomorrow be ready by Dadi will kill me if I am late for her game night...

Geet: Got it...good night (she gets out of the car) by the way see you tomorrow...(she smiles)

Maan (smiles back): Good night..ohh if you are done hanging out with Arjun...than you can stop by my work....

Geet: Ok..will you (Maan was shocked at what she said...Geet realized what she said and ran inside to her room and closes the door as soon as she gets inside..she stands against the door..her heart beating fast..than she hears a knock on the door)

Maan: Geet open the door...I have to tell you something

Geet: you can say it like this..I am not opening the door

Maan: Fine I will say it tomorrow to you face to face..Good night Jalebi...(Geet smiles and runs to the bed and closes her eyes while smiling)

The next day Geet gets up early and calls Arjun (she got the number from Maan)
Arjun: hello

Geet: Hey's Geet...

Arjun: hey Geet..Maan bhai told me that you might be calling me today..watsup sweety

Geet: Well since Maan is busy with you want to hang out? I was thinking we can go shopping and whatnot..that is if you are free?

Arjun: Sure about we meet after lunch around is about 10 now..I have to finish some work and I will meet you after I finish my work.

Geet: yeah that is fine..ohh by the way you can meet me at Maan's work..I will go there around 12 and if he is free have lunch with him and meet one of my friend there as well

Arjun: looks like someone can't stay away from Maan (teasing her)

Geet (blushes): shut up..alright than I will meet you at Maan's Maan's cell when you are there after your work

Arjun: Alright honey..bye..see you than

Geet: bye...

Geet arrives at Khurana she was about to enter she was stopped by a woman wearing a mini dress...
Sasha: Excuse me miss who are you? (With attitude)

Geet: I am here to meet Maan Miss?

Sasha: is Ms. Sasha and you can't meet Maan sir without appointment...

Geet: hmm I am sure that he will meet me without appointment..why don't you call him...

Sasha: how would you know? I work very Closely with him so I know

Geet: and I know him personally so I know that he will see me direct me toward his cabin (Gets mad)

Adi: Geet what are you doing here? (comes from behind Sasha)

Geet (hugs Adi): Adi..good to see the way I didn't get to thank you properly for helping me before

Adi (laughs): he he he no problem...(Sasha stood there shocked and mad seeing Geet and Adi.. "how do they know each other?") why are you standing here?

Geet: umm I was coming inside but someone stopped me.. (pointing at Sasha)

Adi: he he he Geet this is Sasha ma'am she is the head architect of this company

Geet: she acts like she owns the whole company...

Sasha (mad): Listen you...

Maan: What is going on here? (Maan stands there with arms crossed looking at everyone)

Adi: woh sssi sss ssiir

Geet (whisperes in Adi's ear): you will make a really good snake (Adi tried to hold his laugh in)

Maan: Geet what are you doing here? (Sasha stands there fuming with anger hearing Geets name from Maan)

Geet: Ohh I am meeting your brother Arjun after lunch so I thought that we could have lunch (Sasha mouth fell open)

Maan: hmm I don't think I will be able to go out to lunch...

Geet (disapointed): ohh..well than Adi would you like to have lunch?

Adi: umm

Maan (jumps in): I said that I can't go out to lunch but that doesn't mean that I can't order the food to the office...Sasha order the food...Geet come let me give you a tour of the office and than we can go to my cabin

Geet: the way Sasha I am in mood for that ok with you Maan (he nodes) Good..thank you Sasha..(She left..while Sasha stood there fuming and clutching the folder really hard in her hands...Adi smiled hearing Geet and left as well)

Precap: Dekha hai pehli baar saajan ki aankhon main payar LOL
Link to Chapter 31

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LOVE you! :-)
Awesome update. In your face Sasha!

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Simi: Tht was hilarious..i thought u wanted some suspense in this one too..hehe..i was toh thinking some musibat on the way..and whts with precap..they gonna dance or something..Wink

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awesome update
loved it
hahah she saw a rat and ran
aww such a cute part
loved arjun and geet phone convo
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Wow tat was amazin! Sasha part was too good n hilarious, geet was afraid of rats, tat was too funny.

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loved the update...............i love this geet...........kya muh thod jawab di sasha the way i like this geet very confident.....................

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good updateLOL

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gr8 funny update
Haha geet scared ov rats n she jumps on2 Maan
Awwww luvd it wen geet sed luv u n didn't realise it
Lol Lykd it wen Geet sed she knows Maan PERSONALLY
Cont soon Xx...

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