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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 72)

RukhluvMaan Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
Oh such a sweet update..amazing... Oh maan is so caring about family and geet. But precape is looking.little shocking..does she love him??? Hmm let see.

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MaansMishti

OMG I kno I havent had the actual Indian Jalebi in such a long time either....the Jalebi here in US is so bad!! Cry Ahaha yes I actually just watched the song, thank to u, and ur right Rishi Kapoor looks so weird in it and his expressions are funny too LOL. Dont worry hun....I'm equally obsessed with Maan as well....I dont think we will ever be back to normal after being hit with the Maan fever Embarrassed.

Now onto the update...IT WAS AWESOME!!! Wink Loved Dadi's and Pinky's convo and how Maan was being protective of Pinky abt the dress and wow he told her to go to the dance with Adi....I hope we will get to read abt their chemistry soon Big smile. OMG Maan's dream was so creepy lol...I wud be so freaked out if I was Maan LOL. Maan's convo with Vicky was funny and the song LOL. Vicky is too cute...I kinda miss him Embarrassed. LMAO Geet getting nervous and jumpy abt Arjun and Maan getting jealous and angry abt tht was hilarious....and wow love Arjun's character!! (so much better than his character in the show ROFL). YAY good thing Arjun invited Geet to his house....Dadi will finally meet her Big smile. And awww loved Maan at the end how he stood up for Arjun.....good thing he talked back to tht guy and threw food at him...he deserves it. So wat Arjun is diff.....not everyone in the world are the each his own!! Their hug at the end was so sweet....loved Maan for tht! 

Shocked the precap.....I cant believe Geet said tht to Maan....oh no wats gonna happen now?! PLZ continue soon!!

p.s. wow I just realized I wrote a lot for this update LOL....I guess thts how much I loved it Wink hehe

haha thanx so much
I love Vicky in here too...his character is easy to write hehehe
Maan and Geet as always love them no matter wht hehehe
Thanx for writing so much Mishti hehe
really appreciate it

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
Hey guys: Here is the next update!


Chapter 29

Maan and Geet reach Arjun's was pretty big...on one end of the room he had mannequins lined up with his most recent on going projects....on the wall there were racks full of different types of fabrics one can imagine...a separate section for his sewing machines and a wall with different color threads and sewing needles...a wall full of pictures from his previous fashion shows and with models wearing his dresses...and a wall filled with rough sketches and drawings...with table next to it...with color pencils and notepad...

Geet: Wow Arjun this is a nice studio..its beautiful...

Arjun: Here let me give you the tour...(he takes Geet..Maan looks around amazed..he looks at the pictures very closely) this is my creation wall...whenever I have any type of ideas..I put it on this wall...over here on this table is where I sew my creation...(Geet looks around very closley with smile on her face..)

Geet: I don't know what to say is neat and organized....(she goes to the mannequins and looks at the dresses)

Arjun: Thank you Geet...ohh wait right here...I will be right back...(he comes back in a minute) Geet this dress is for you...(Geet screams and hugs Arjun)

Maan: Geet do you have to scream for everything..seriously I am going to go deaf one day

Geet: what problem do you have with my screams..I can scream whenever I want..what are you going to do huh? (crossing her arms)

Maan: I will show you what I am going to do (He comes in front of Geet with anger..Arjun comes in between)

Arjun: Alright guys..don't fight here..I don't want any blood in my studio...geez...(to Geet) Geet why don't you try this dress have a fun personality so I am sure this dress will look nice on you..

Geet (excited): Alright I will be right back...

Arjun (to Maan): Why do you have to pick on poor girl like that?

Maan: Ohh so you are going to defend her...and she is a devil in disguise of a devil...stay away from her

Arjun: Ohh please..the only devil around here is you...anyway what do you think of my studio bhai

Maan (clears his throat): I like it...I can't believe you designed all these...

Arjun: Of course I designed it..after all I have Khurana smart blood inside me...sometimes I wonder..why didn't they give this smart trait to Pinky...(laughed)

Maan: Arjun it is not nice to make fun of Pinky like that..she is still a little kid...she needs time to be mature...

Arjun (laughed even more): little kid?? Bahi she is in freaking college...18 years old..she is an adult now...old enough to be married

Maan: Yeah maybe to you...

Arjun: Wow..(Maan turns around and sees Geet wearing his dress..she looked so beautiful in a pari...) Geet you look beautiful in that honey

Geet (feels a little shy): umm thanx...the dress is beautiful

Arjun: Maan what do you think?

Maan (comes out of his thought): umm yeah the dress is nice.

Arjun (roles his eyes): oh em jee..god help him..I wasn't talking about the dress..I was talking about Geet.

Maan: Ohh yeah she looks nice too (Looks the other way...wanting to think about something else and control his feelings...he felt like picking Geet up right now and leave this place)

Geet: I love this dress...

Arjun: I forgot to tell you one little catch though (both Maan and Geet look at him confused) you would have to wear this dress on a fashion show that is coming up soon..that is why I have this manniquens with new desgins

Geet (shocked): What! You can't be serious..I don't know how to do that....

Arjun: It is easy...please sweety....when I saw you I knew you would be perfect for this dress...and you look great in it

Geet: But Arjun...I don't think I would be here when it is time for your fashion show...I am only here for couple of weeks...

Maan (interupts): Geet this can be discussed later whether you can do it or not..Arjun we have to go...Geet go and change..we gotta go...

Arjun (to Maan): talk to her..she is the perfect model for this dress..she will be able to do it...I know it....

Maan: There will be lots of guys and camera people there...

Arjun: Of course they will have all sound like you are a cave man geez...haven't you been to any fashion show...(Maan looks at him) Ohh right I forgot how boring your life is...(Geet comes out after changing)

Geet: Arjun I can't promise anything..but if you really think I can than I would do the fashion show (Maan mouth fell open hearing this) but in case make sure you have a backup replacement for me

Arjun (hugs Geet): Oh emm jee you have no idea how happy I am hearing you say that and I don't need any replacement I know you would be here for sure (looks at Maan and winks at him)

Maan (felt embarrased): umm chale Geet...

Geet: Yeah..Arjun here keep this dress for now...

Arjun: Alright sweets..thanx..I will see you tomorrow at our house for monopoly game

Geet: yep..see you than...

Maan and Geet arrive at the beach....both were walking silently...Maan kept on thinking about her in the fashion show..walking the ramp in front of everyone...especially guys who would be looking at her and taking her pictures...the fact that annoyed him is that Geet agreed without thinking about it... "I need to make her understand...she can't do this fashion show in front of everyone" He looked over at Geet who was little bit ahead of him picking up any sea shells she could find on the ground...he walked up to her...
Maan: umm Geet..why did you agree for this fashion show

Geet (still busy picking up the shells): umm it would be fun..I would get to meet lots of hot models and fashion designers...hayee...and you know what would be awesome if I would have to walk with one of the models...omg aaahhh (screams)

Maan ("models..damn how could I forget those damn models who are always showing off their bodies and muscles at any chance they can get"): umm but you won't be why think about it..

Geet: I could make an arrangement for that...can you imagine my picture being taken as I walk on the ramp..

Maan: "yeah I can" mumbles to himself...are you sure Geet?

Geet: Monkey I haven't decided anything are getting me mad...let's not talk about this...

Maan: I am just asking...we should let Arjun know right now so that he can look for some other models...

Geet: Maan I will let Arjun know..For now I want to do this...

She gets mad at Maan..sensing her anger...he comes from behind and hugs her..pulling her back closely to his chest...she smiles..he brings her hair to the other side of the neck unable to control his feelings being this close to her..she closes her eyes when she feels his lips on her neck...he turns her around..he looks at her face..her eyes were closed..he bends down and kisses on her neck...she moves her neck a little to give him more excess...he wraps his both arms around her waist pushing her body to himself...she was locked in his arms...he slowly brings his hands up and caresses her back..Geet opens her eyes suddenly and remembers where they were...she tried to get out of his grip but he wouldn't stop stop kissing her..he slowly starts kissing her collarbone...she gasps when he holds her even tighter... "Maan..let go of me.." He ignored her and still proceed with his kissing...she tried to get out of his grip...Finally she was able to out of his grip...she looks at him with anger...
Maan: woh Geet..umm I am sorry...I was just..

Geet: you what what...

Maan: Geet listen I didn't mean to do this...

Geet: What do you think of yourself huh..just because you got me some nice saress and introduced me to your think you can touch me like this? (Maan stood there dumbfounded...)

Maan: Geet listen..I am

Geet: Enough..i don't want to hear you right now...I made a mistake by coming here..I didn't know you were like this...

Maan: GEEETTTT (He turns around in anger) fine than if you think coming here was a mistake than you can leave whenever you want..I am not stopping you (He couldn't believe that she just said that...he was about to walk away when he heard her laughter...he turns around shocked..he looks at her...she was on the ground laughing) What is so funny?

Geet (still laughing): you should've seen your was as red as a tomato...(Laughing)

Maan (angry): This was a joke? Do you have any idea how I felt by this little joke of yours? (Geet stopped laughing and looks at Maan's serious face)

Geet: Maan I wasn't serious..I was just messing with you...

Maan (comes toward her still angry..Geet starts walking backwards as Maan gets closer and closer to her) You know how I felt? I felt like someone just stabbed me in the heart

Geet: Maan I said I am sorry...I won't play this joke anymore..I am sorry

Maan: Sorry won't cut it have to pay for this joke...(he comes closer to her..Geet sees anger in Maan's eyes building up as he steps closer and closer...she did the first thing that came to her mind............she ran) Geet get back here..I won't spare you today (He ran after her)

Geet (turned around and saw Maan coming after her): I won't come if you are going to say stuff like that..(she faced the front and kept running)

Maan (yelled behind): Too bad! Because the minute I catch you..I will make sure you pay!!! (She started running faster and faster...away from his sight)

Maan couldn't see Geet anymore...he kept on running the direction she last went in...than he heard a loud scream..panic struck him...he ran faster toward the sound...he saw Geet running toward him while screaming...he stopped in his tracks...

Precap: Geet! Stop!
Link to Chapter 30

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-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Awe so sweet and haha maan jealous about geet walking infron if man taking photos and now to add to it hot models lol and haha she played a prank I should have known and he wants to get her back but geet being her did a runner but made a uturn and runnin towards him wonder what happened maybe a dog lol anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile
sweet cherry IF-Rockerz
sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
loved da update
do continue
mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
love Maan jealous poor
Geet her lover so possesive
awesome update pls cont
Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG you scared me with geet's little prank.  it nearly gave me a heart attack!

OMG is some type of animal chasing geet! i don't know but update soon.
puth IF-Dazzler

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awesome update.....we saw jealousy maan earlier also at the karoke night.....please make geet jealous this time at the monopoly nightLOLLOLLOLLOL

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