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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 65)

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Hey Guys!!
Thank you so much for lovely is the next it is long....enjoy! and Do leave you all!!!!
Chapter 28
Maan came home after dropping of Geet...Maan came he was going upstairs he heard Dadima (squealed): omg pinky you look PHAT

Maan (confused): PHAT? What is going on... (he made his way toward the noise)

Pinky: really Dadima? (Maan was shocked when he saw what Pinky was wearing...a mini no a mini mini dress...that came way above her knees)

Maan (angry): what is going on here?

Pinky: bhaiya how do i look?

Maan: What the heck are you wearing?? (angry)

Pinky: bhaiya a dress Arjun bhaiya gave it to me for this school dance i have tomorrow

Maan: You call this dress?

Dadima: yeah doesnt she look nice

Maan (angry): nice?? You call this nice?? Look at what she is is barley a dress...and what dance are you talking about? You didn't tell me about it..(Pinky looked down upset and scared)

Dadima: She told me about it but I forgot to tell you and plus it is just a dance

Maan: she is not going to this dance wearing that...the dress is so short...she could barley sit and walk in it...

Pinky: Arjun bhaiya said that everyone wears this

Maan: everyone except you...i don't have any problems with this dance but if you are going to go than you can wear some nice Indian suits or a dress that covers you below your knees

Pinky: but bhaiya this is the latest fashion...

Dadima: Maan come on...i don't want her to get embarrassed in front of her date (Pinky looked at Dadima..."ohh damn he was not going to find out about this")

Maan (surprised): excuse me?? Date??

Dadima: woh actually...(was cut out by maan)

Maan: Pinky can answer this Dadima...

Pinky (scared): woh its a couples dance...

Maan (angry): and who is this person??

Pinky: he is my classmate and he asked me to the dance...

Maan: you are not going with someone i don't are going to go with someone i can trust...

Pinky (shocked): but (immediately shuts her mouth after seeing Maan's anger)

Maan: either go with the person i recommend or don't go at all...

Pinky: fine...can i wear this dress?

Maan: yes you can wear a dress that goes below your knee and you are going with Adi my head accountant...understood! (shouts)

Pinky (looks down in fear): alright

Maan (to Dadima): i hope this doesn't repeat again...

Dadima: It won't

Maan: good night

Maan leaves the room mumbling "i have to talk to arjun for giving Pinky to wear this type of clothes" he changes his clothes and lies on the bed...he smiles as he thinks about his day today with Geet...he closes his eyes...he sees Geet in his dream...wearing the same saree as today entering the hall...he smiles and starts walking towards he get closer and closer to her Dadima appeared in front of him holding a knife... "you didn't tell me about her...(walking towards him like the women from Physco movie)
Maan: Dadima i was going to tell you...(scared)

Dadima: first am going to take care of you than Arjun...(does evil laugh)

Maan: Dadima...No...

He suddenly wakes up and sees Dadima near his bed with evil smile and holding a rolling pin...he screams again...he wakes up sweating...he turns on his bedside lamp..."it was just a nightmare..but knowing Dadima it could happen...i have to tell her about Geet before she finds out" he goes to the bathroom and washes his face...he double checks his door to see if it is locked...he goes back to bed leaving the lamp on "just in case if i need anything i will leave the light on"
(guys we all know why he left it on...he is scared of Dadima...maan singh khurana and scared that's a world breaking news lol)

The next day Maan goes to see Geet little bit early...since last night he could barley go to sleep...each time he would close his eyes he saw Dadima coming towards him with a knife...he knocks on her door...she opens the door still in her pj's and on the phone...she signals him to come in...

Geet: Did you miss me? I love you so much...i cant wait to see you...(Maan sits on the chair and looks at Geet "who is she talking to?" she is talking on the phone and lays out clothes on the bed...) i will see you soon...(she holds some cloths in front of her and signals Maan for his opinion on the clothes...Maan nodes for a no) Vicky give the phone back to Cookie..I was talking to her (Maan sighed in relief.. "apne kutte se baat kar rahi thi...merese aise kab baat karegi?" she puts the phone on speaker)

Vicky: Cookie doesn't pay for long distance bills...

Geet: Don't be a cheepo...

Vicky: By the way..why didn't you tell me that your dog likes to eat shoes...I only have one pair of shoes left and that too on top of my closet so that Cookie doesn't eat that as well.. (Geet tries to hold her laughter..)

Geet: Well if I had told you that..than you wouldn't have agreed to dogsit Cookie..

Vicky: You owe me some shoes (Geet picked up the outfit that she decided to wear)

Geet: I told you before I left that you can stay at my house until I come back... (Maan thinks to himself "Not if I can help are not going back") just lock Cookie in the basement.. and just stay in the guest room...

Vicky: Fine..since I don't have any other option but to save whatever is left of my stuff...

Geet: I have to get ready..hold on here talk to Maan..(Maan looked at Geet surprised and nodded for a No...Geet shoved the phone to Maan and ran to the bathroom)

Maan: Hi Vicky (Vicky laughed out loud on the phone and started singing "dil legi kudi punjab di...dil legi kudi...oye hoy) Shut up Vicky..

Vicky (Cookie barked in the background): Even Cookie is singing that song..(laughs) So..what are you doing with Geet..

Maan (embarrassed): Nothing..I am taking her to lunch to meet my brother Arjun..

Vicky: Oye hoy apni saari family se mila raha hai...good good...mera ashirwad hamesha tumhare saath hai... (Geet came out wearing her outfit)

Maan (couldn't say much because of Geet): Here talk to Geet...

Vicky: I will talk to you guys later..I have to go anyways..Have fun (laughs before hanging up)

Maan: umm ok bye

Geet (stands in front of Maan): Well what do you think about this outfit

Maan (looks at her..he smiles): You look really beautiful in that

Geet: Do you think Arjun will like it?

Maan (smiles vanishes): You don't have to impress him..he is just my brother...

Geet (shocked): how can you say that monkey...he is like the best ever...omg you know last night I couldn't sleep at all....

Maan (got happy hearing that): Why? (comes closer to her and hugs her)

Geet: All night I kept thinking about...

Maan (smiles naughtily): About?

Geet: Arjun

Maan (shocked): What!

Geet: Yeah I kept on thinking of what I would say when I meet him and what he will say...omg I am so nervous

Maan (angry): Let's go Geet we are going to be late (drags Geet out without any other notice...he starts driving to the restaurant..he opens the door once they arrive...)

Geet (gets down): Omg is Arjun in there already? (Maan ignored her and walked in the front..Geet quickly followed behind..Geet saw Arjun sitting on the table and held Maan's arm out of joy..Maan looked at her and rolled his eyes..he walked to the table where Arjun was sitting)

Arjun: Finally you have come..I was getting worried (he looked at Geet..she giggled a little) Hi you must be Geet (Geet pushed Maan back a little and stood in front of Arjun)

Geet: hi (nervous) I am Geet and this is Maan..oh of course you know he is Maan after all he is your brother..who wouldn't know their own brother right...unless they haven't seen their brother since they were little...I wouldn't know my own brother if I had any....if he was separated from me when I was little he he he (Does a nervous laugh..Arjun looks at her weird...Maan stood their shocked listening her rambling on and on..Geet looks toward the table to ease the awkwardness that she created) ohh is this our booth? Let's sit..why are we standing...(Arjun sits on his chair and Geet does to in front of Arjun...Maan stood there waiting for Geet to move so that he can slide in...)

Maan: Geet can I sit down?

Geet (looks at Maan): Why are you don't need my permission...Arjun I wanted to thank you for your was beautiful (Maan stood there baffled)

Arjun: ohh really...ohh emm gee..I was really worried giving the saree because I don't know your taste and I didn't know if you would like it..

Geet: Are you kidding it was really nice...(Maan pokes Geet on the shoulder...she just shrugs it off..both of them completely ignored him..its like he didn't exist...anger was building up inside)

Maan (shouts): GEET!

Geet (looks at him): You are still standing? Here sit down (she gets up and gives him room so that he can slide by..she sits down after he gets in..Arjun laughs seeing this) Will you guys excuse me..I will be right back (she gets up and goes)

Arjun: ewww Maan bhai why do you have dark circles around your eyes?

Maan(looks down): ohh umm i was up all night working on something

Arjun: you and your take this (takes out a tube) put this on at night and dark circles will be gone

Maan: what do you think?

Arjun: they are not as bad dont worry...

Maan: i was asking about Geet...what do you think about her?

Arjun: i like her...finally you found someone who can compete with you...I think we will get along very well...(maan smiles) but than again anyone who has the guts to stand against you has to be better

Maan: shut up...i am maan singh khurana after all...anyone will look good standing next to me (smirks)

Arjun: ohh emm jee here you go with maan singh khurana again...

Maan (looks up): ohh here comes Geet...dont say anything embarrassing

Arjun: when do i ever (maan throws some food at him) eww do you know i had got a facial done today...(wipes his face...Geet comes and sits next to Maan)

Geet: ohh the food arrived

Arjun: so Geet what do you have for plans today?

Geet: nothing so far...i was thinking of seeing Delhi and eat food from the stalls...yum

Arjun: you can do that some other day...lets do something else today

Maan: like what?

Arjun (ignores Maan): Well Geet..would you like to see my studio..I think I might have a dress that will suit you well...

Geet (screamed..Everyone looked at her): Really! That would be awesome...

Arjun: wow! Like your excitement...Maan learn something from Geet..(To Geet) do you know whenever I ask Maan to come to my studio and see what I am making..he always makes some excuse

Geet: What do you expect from Mr. Khadus (laughs)

Arjun (laughs): Good after our lunch we can go to my studio

Maan (jumps in): After your studio tour...Geet and I had planned to go for a walk...remember Geet...(looks at her)

Geet (Maan touches her sends shivers down her spine): uh uh umm yeah...(looks at Maan and smiles faidley)

Arjun: oOo that sounds cool...(he receives a call....Arjun excuses himself from the table to talk outside)

Geet (to Maan): Why did you say we have to leave early...

Maan: Remember you said you owe me a walk..

Geet: Yeah but...

Maan: But comes Arjun...

Arjun: Sorry..that was Dadima (Maan chokes and remembers his dream) She has some activity planned for us tomorrow night...(Maan to himself.. "Shit damn I hope Arjun doesn't invite Geet") Geet would you like to come...its monopoly night tomorrow..usually I avoid these activities but if you are there it would be fun (Maan to himself.. "and of course he invites her..damn it")

Geet (hesitant): umm sure will it be alright with Dadima..

Arjun: Will it be alright? Honey she will be can be her partner since Pinky is going to be away..we could have guys vs. girls...ohh emm jee that would be so awesome...right Maan

Maan (comes out of his thoughts): yeah why not... "its not like I can avoid this any longer"..(to himself)

Geet: sure than why not..I love games anyway...

Maan: yeah and she is a pro at cheating too..

Geet (gasped): What do you mean cheating?

Maan: When we met online...Vicky told me that you used..what is it called (thinking) ohh yeah Pool wonder you kept on winning...

Geet: Damn (to herself)

Arjun: wow you guys met online...omg you guys have to tell me all about cute..if only I met someone like that...(goes in his dream land..Maan and Geet smiles at Arjun)

Than they heard someone from the table next to them....
Guy: pata nahi aise admi ko restaurant main badne kaise dete hai....(looks at Arjun)
Girl: I know...dekha kaise kapde paye hai aur iska chalne ka style bhi iske kapde jaise hai...

Arjun (embarrassed): umm let's go from here..lunch is done anyway...

Maan (gets mad): You guys go outside..I will pay the bills and come...

Arjun: Well my fair lady..would you let me do the honors (stands in front of Geet and holds out his hand...Geet smiles and takes his hand as he leads her out of the restaurant)

Maan (gets up and heads toward their table): Excuse me..what problem did you have with my brother?

Guy: Look mister..we were having a private conversation...aur agli baar aapne bahi ko ghar pe rekhna...pata nahi bahar kaise aane ko dete hai aap log..aur especially public placed main...

Maan (holds his collar and makes the guy stand): What my brother wear and how he walks and talks is his business ONLY!!

Girl: What are you doing..let go of him...what he said is can we just let guy like him walk around in public like that...(Maan looks at her with anger filled eye) We can say whatever we want..let go of him (waiters are standing by too scared to do anything..knowing Maan Singh Khurana)

Maan: If that is the case than...(he takes some food on the table and drops it on the guy and than empties the whole water jug on him) I can do whatever I want too...

(He drops the guy on the floor...he goes to the manager) here is the money for our dinner and for whatever damage I have done....he goes outside...he sees Arjun and Geet looking at him...they both saw what he did inside...Arjun comes and hugs Maan..Maan smiles and hugs him back...)

Arjun (has tears in his eyes): Thank you bhai

Maan: No problem..after all only I or Dadima have rights to say anything mean to you...(smiles..Arjun laughs and comes out of the hug) well than lets go we are getting late...for Geet's studio tour and I will get to see it too...

Precap: What do you think huh..that just because I came here with gave me a nice surprise...gave me a designer saree and introduced me to your brother and what can touch me like this??
Ok don't kill me after seeing the precap..LOLLOLLOL
Will update when I can ehehehe
Link to
Chapter 29

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awesome part
continue soon
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OMG Loved the update!!!
Yay am the second one LOLLOL
I love Maan being protective of his brother and sweet hehee
the precap...hmm I wonder what is going to happen
plz update soon!

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great update.
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quite nice... a very protective brother... Smile our Maan... i'm just getting tensed with the precap... what??? how??? how can Geet can say that to Maan??? does she even love him???

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OMG luved luved luved luved luved luved luved.....i could go on and on!!!!!!!LOL

geet was very funny when she got nervous...and maan what a dream yaar about daadima...hilarious.

uhhh it was so cute when maan stood up against his brother.

i luv where u r going with this trackClap...update soon.
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lovely update dear...not at all scared of the precap....i am sure MSK might have been a bit romanticEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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awesomeeeeee..loved the whole arjun and geet relationship..glad they hit off really well...and maan is the best bro in the him i go to read LA....thanks for a awesome update :)

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