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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 53)

soniaz121 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 11:38am | IP Logged
beautiful update love their fight update soon

sweet cherry IF-Rockerz
sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 4:45am | IP Logged
Loved da update
Do continue
Update soon
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
Hey guys! Please let me know if you liked the surprise...the song I chhose is my favorite song so I thought it would Fit Maan point of View about Geet perfectly...Sorry if the song is dated hehehe...I also recommend not to skip the it when the lyrics start enjoy the update...
Please leave comments...Embarrassed
Chapter 27
Maan comes up with an idea for the surprise...he calls arjun for a favor
Arjun: hola

Maan (roles his eyes): i need a favor from you

Arjun: kaisa favor...

Maan: i need a beautiful saree from you

Arjun (drops his sessors from his hands): oohhh eeemmm gggeeee

Maan: what was that noise? Did you hear me? I need a saree

Arjun: oOo who is it for (sounds like a little girl)

Maan: thats not important can you give me a saree or not...or else i will have to ask your competitor

Arjun: Dont you dare...(after a pause) fine i will give you a saree...where do you want me to drop it?

Maan (knew this would work): umm have it drop at my office asap

Arjun: ohh and listen this is a very special saree try and not to manhandle the gentle with it

Maan: yeah i will be gentle like you (laughs)

Arjun: of course am a very delicate piece that needs to be taken care of very gently and with love

Maan: save that line for someone else...i got to go...ohh and listen DO NOT tell Dadima aur Pinky

Arjun: are you crazy? If i mention this to Dadi she will pester me all day and night until she finds out the truth...and Pinky she got a big mouth like her tummy (laughs)

Maan (smiles): ok thanx...i have to go bye

Arjun: bye i will send it asap and you better give me some details...

Maan hung up the phone and made couple of calls here and there...the saree and arrived..he ordeded soneone to drop the saree at Geet's hotel...Geet opened her room door
Room service: ma'am someone dropped these parcel for you

Geet: thank you...ohh and I ordered my lunch about half hour ago could you please make sure it gets here as soon as possible i am very hungry

Room service: alrite ma'am

Geet closes the door and opens the parcel...she sees beautiful saree along with a note "hmm not bad mr.khadus" she reads the note

From: DelhisShark
To: NyQueen
Wear this saree tonight and meet me at this on time and dont come too early either or else you would ruin the surprise that you forced me to give you lol...

P.S. Make sure you have answers to my questions


Geet kissed the note and went into shower to get ready...Maan on the other hand had everything ready he checked every last minute details...he looked at his watch "almost time for her to come...let me go over everything again" He heard her come...

Geet POV:
She was being lead by one of the staff member...the person left right away after showing Geet where she is suppose to meet....It is so dark in here...where am I?....She enters the hall slowly making chan chan sound of her payals...suddenly the lights came on in the room...she was amazed by its was a ball room...the celling had white curtains with chandeliers....It was big and empty...every corner was decorated with flowers... A stair leading to the top with stair handles decorated with blue and white flowers...."There are no tables or anything...Maan....Maan where are you?" She started shouting..than she heard a voice..she smiled...
Geet's saree:

(Guys I wrote this poem and I am not very good at ignore it if it sounds crappy LOL)
"Tum kadam parte hi iss bechan jaga par roshni aayi"
"tumhari yeh hassi aur muskaan ek din muje maar dalegi"
"Tum kudrat ki ek pari ho"
"Joh sirf Maan ke liye banayi gayi ho"

"Maan kaha ho aap...please bahar aaye" Geet started looking around the room...going behind every piller and curtains... "Maan!"
Play the song:
Then she heard a piano noise coming from upstairs...She started to go towards the stairs...she heard his voice.....she smiled and ran up the stairs....she looked around everywhere... "Maan please come out" She walked back and forth..looking at every corner, behind every curtain and piller...

(Guys imagine Geet's zoomed face when the lyrics start)
kitna haseen chehra kitni pyari aankhen
kitni pyari aankhen hai aankhon se chhalakta pyar
kudrat ne banaya hoga phursat se tujhe mere yaar
She smiled....she looked everywhere...than she saw Maan's shadow downstairs...She got happy and ran downstairs...
kitna haseen chehra kitni pyari aankhen - 2
kitni pyari aankhen hai aankhon se chhalakta pyar
kudrat ne banaya hoga phursat se tujhe mere yaar - 2

She stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked around...she saw his shadow again behind some curtain...she removed the curtain but saw no one...than she felt someone's presence behind her...she turned around and saw him...He took her hand and pulled her slowly to the center...he holds her one hand and his other hand on her waist..he twirled her around with his one hand and than pulled her close to him..leaving no gap between them...she shied and looked down...

(teri nazar jhuke toh shaam dhalen
jo uthe nazar toh subaha chalen) - 2
He pulls her chin up forcing her to look at him...
They both looked into each other's eyes...and danced along with the music

tu hase toh kaliyan khil jaaye
tujhe dekh ke hoor bhi sharmaye
He turned her around and pulled her fast close to him...he touches her hair...
teri bikhri bikhri zulfen teri mehaki mehaki saansen
(She breaths fast)
teri koyal jaisi boli teri meethi meethi baaten
(he remembers her in NY laughing)
jee chahe mera main yu hi tera karta rahu deedar
She looked at him..and walked away...
He came up from behind and caresses her arms slowly moving upwards to her shoulders...she started breathing fast...he holds her firmly by her shoulders..and started rocking back and fourth....
kudrat ne banaya hoga phursat se tujhe mere yaar - 2
kitna haseen chehra kitni pyari aankhen

Maan started caressing her back..he turned her around...Maan bends down and kisses her neck...she closes her eyes...slowly he puts his hand on her waist and pushes her towards him...she looks at him and smiles.....he looks at her and kisses her lips slowly....she also kisses him back...her hands goes around his neck..holding him in place...after a while they break off...both lean against their foreheads...looking down...he closes her eyes with his hands and let's go of her...she felt cold all of a sudden...she opened her eyes slowly and found no Maan...she walks around looking worried and scared...

(duniya mein haseen aur bhi hain
hoga na koi tere jaisa haseen) -2
She smiled when she heard him again and started twirling around in the middle while closing her eyes....
rangeen jawan madhosh badan
tu husno shabab ka hain gulshan
Suddenly, she felt something light falling on her...she opens her eyes and sees rose petals falling from the ceiling....
tere ang se khusbu barse pariyon si sundar kaya
Maan stands in front of her smiling...
jo kutch socha tha maine woh sab kutch tujhmein paya
He sits on his knee and kisses her hand...
teri ek adaa pe main sadke jaaun sau baar
He pulls her on down..she sits in front of him on her knees...tears started flowing down her cheeks...he caresses her face with his fingers...she hugs him tight...
kudrat ne banaya hoga phursat se tujhe mere yaar - 2

Geet: Yes and No (whispers in his ears)

Maan (is confused and looks at her): yes or no?

Geet: yes to your first question and no to your second question...

Maan (smiled): Why all of a sudden? Don't you love DelhisShark? (raises his one eyebrow)

Geet: Well I found Mr.Khadus more romantic and fun than DelhisShark...

Maan: What if one day DelhisShark comes back to you?

Geet: Well than if that ever happens than I will tell DelhisShark to go away because (She places her hands around his neck) I found my....(she gets up and stands far away from him)

Maan (comes and stands behind her and holds her by waist..he puts his chin on her shoulders): found your what?

Geet (nervous and shy): umm I am there any food here?

Maan (turns her around and looks at her): No we are not until you tell me....because you found your what? (looking into her eyes)

Geet (looks down): I found my khadus

Maan: Geet! That is not what you were going to say

Geet: How do you know? What was I going to say....

Maan: umm day you will tell me what you want to say..let's go and eat...

Geet: Eat? Where?

Maan: Here of course

Geet: but Maan there are no tables here or anything

Maan: Close your eyes...(She closes her eyes...Maan puts a cloth over her eyes....he takes her hand and starts walking..he leads her upstairs...)

Geet: Maan where are we going?

Maan: ssshhh and just keep walking...(they came at the top of the stairs...he led her in the hallway and inside a room...he opens her eyes...Geet was amazed at what she saw...)

(Imagin that with one table of course)

Geet: Maan it is beautiful...(He takes her hand and made her sit on one of the chairs)

Maan: Of course you didn't think I would rent this hall without any dinner now would you?

Geet: That's what I had in mind...

Maan: Now let me get some food for you

Geet: Isn't someone going to serve us?

Maan: No..I didn't want anyone to disturb us..So I already have them set up a buffet table and whatever we need...

Geet: Maan thank you so much..I didn't think you were going to do this much

Maan (holds her hand): I would give you thousands more surprises with one command of yours..but..(sighs)

Geet (smiles): But?

Maan: Make sure whatever you ask for is not expensive...(laughs..Geet hits his shoulder) Now what would you like to eat?

Geet: How about I get something for you

Maan: Alright...(Geet comes back with his plate...she was about to go when Maan holds her hand)

Geet: Is something the matter?

Maan: You won't find another plate

Geet: Why?

Maan (makes her sit on the chair across from him): And what lose the opportunity to eat together like this...(winks at her) Open your mouth (Maan feeds Geet..and Geet does the same)

Geet (Starts to cry): Thank you Maan...

Maan (wipes her tears): Stop saying thank don't need too...god if I knew you were going to cry like this..I wouldn't have given you any surprise...(trying to make her laugh)

Geet (gasps): What do you mean..I am not a cry baby....

Maan: It looks like it if you keep crying...

Geet: Fine I won't cry anymore...happy...khadus

Maan: Geet don't call me khadus anymore...I don't like that nickname...

Geet: hmm you are right..I will call you...cute monkey

Maan: Monkey? Why? I look like a monkey? (checks himself through a spoon)

Geet (laughs): no...I love monkeys that's I called you cute monkey...your name starts with M so M for Moneky

Maan: Yeah that helps..cute monkey..(idea hits him) ok than it is fair if I give you a nickname too..

Geet: Alright..let's hear it

Maan (thinks): how about jalebi

Geet: Jalebi

Maan: Yeah I love Jalebi's that's your brain have some holes like jalebi..that's why it takes time for you to process information sometimes...(laughs)

Geet: No I don't like that nickname (mad)

Maan: Too bad don't have too like the nickname...

Geet: Fine Monkey...

Maan: what do you want to do now..we are done with dinner...

Geet: hmm how about we go on a walk

Maan: Alright whatever jalebi wants..

Geet: So monkey...shall we go...ohh by the way thanx for the saree..its beautiful

Maan:you will have to thank my brother for the saree...Arjun

Geet (stops in her track): No ways!

Maan: What happened now?

Geet: You mean to say..Arjun Khurana is your brother and I am wearing one of his saree....aaahh (screams)

Maan: umm yeah..why (shocked at her behavior)

Geet: Why? Why? OMG I love him as a designer...Monkey can I please please meet him...

Maan: you serious...and stop jumping up and down and screaming...I don't see what is the big deal (feels kind of jealous)

Geet: You won't understand because you are not a girl....can I meet him...please please

Maan: Fine fine! If it gets you to stop jumping...we can go for lunch tomorrow...I will tell him

Geet (screams and hugs Maan): you are the best...

Maan: Ok let's go for our walk now

Geet: No way..I want to go back to the hotel..and prepare for what I want to wear tomorrow....

Maan: Geet you don't have to do that....

Geet (gasps): how can you say that..

Maan (roles his eyes): Alright fine..but you owe me a walk...I would never understand girls and fashion..let's go jalebi...

Geet: coming...(she stops in front of him and kisses him on the cheek..Maan is shocked): that's for the best surprise ever (she kisses him on the other cheek) and that's for making me meet with Arjun..let's go

Maan (holds her hand and pulls her up to him): what about for my walk that you canceled? (smirks at her)

Geet: hmm when that walk happens I will let you know...(runs out..Maan runs after her..)

Precap: lunch
Link to Chapter 28

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Haye maan and that romantic that surprise was wondeful and awe geet and maan sharing the moment that they missed in the 1 week of intezaar and the music went well with the atmospher and the lyrics matched too and awe liking the love that has started to grow and haha a little jealous of his brother becasue of geets excitement to meet him is so cute and haha she owes him a walk anyways great update and can't wait to see what happens when she meets arjun Smile

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..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome Update
Loved it
Amazingggg part
Awhh soo cute and romantic
OMG ur little poem was superrb
loved was perfect
Maan is soooo nice..the best.hehe
Loved the song seq..and maan's surprise
The saree was beautiful..
Loved maaneet scenes..
and haha geet excited to meet arjun lolz
hmm whts gonna happen now>? lolz
awhh jalebi and monkey?ROFL cute
awhh loved when she gave maan a kissEmbarrassed
Hah she owes maan a walk..lolz
Loved the update
Awesome one
Cant wait for the next part
Continue soon
Thank u

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loved the update
it was awesome

sweet cherry IF-Rockerz
sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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loved da update
it was amazing
do continue
puth IF-Dazzler

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lovely update dearClapClapClapClap loved the romantic dinnerEmbarrassed
waiting for the lunch date

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