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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 5)

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congrats 4 d new thread.....
u rock dear....

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congrats Smile
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Congrats dear...for the new thread...I hope we have more threads for your ffs...!!!! I noticed that my name int there in the PM list but I do get regular pm's....but still, pls edit n add my name too...i dont want to miss out on any update...!!!!
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Hi really liked ur FF. would love if you could PM me your takes
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Thank you guys!!!!

This is broken into two parts...because of the long update lol

Please let me know if you don't see your name on the list..I have been too lazy in updating my list lol

Part II is just below the update!
Chapter 21
Part I

From: NyQueen
To: DelhisShark
Meet? umm how about we meet tomorrow? Hopefully this next meeting isn't cursed like the one before lol


Geet checked the time it was almost time to leave..she was getting nervous thinking about what Vicky might have planned...she needed to do something and think of a plan fast before he comes up here...she left her cabin to check what Maan and Adi were doing...she peeked through Dev's office (He has a glass window so Geet just looked through the glass to see what they were up too) she was happy to see that they were happy with their own things...she hurriedly went to  Tasha

Geet: Tasha I am leaving the office for the day..if my friend Vicky comes just tell him that I wasn't feeling well and I had to leave early

Tasha: But Ma'am what about the clients?

Geet: Don't worry about them..I have talked to them already they said that it was ok and besides it is almost time to leave office for the don't worry

Tasha: Alright Ma'am

Geet: Ohh yeah when Vicky comes just direct him towards Dev's Sirs office..Good night

Tasha: Good night

Geet went to her cabin and quickly grabbed her stuff and left the office...she quickly made it to the soon as the elevator came to her floor..she saw Vicky standing there with a smug on his face...

Vicky: Hey Geet..where are you going?

Geet: umm I am not feeling I thought I will go home (puts on a tired face) and call it a night..

Vicky: hogaya?

Geet: What do you mean hogaya?

Vicky: I mean agar tumara yeh natak pura ho chuka hai toh aab hum chalen restuarant aur karoke night wait kar raha hai (smiles)

Geet: main koyi natak nahi kar rahi...aab hato mujhe ghar jana hai

Vicky (blocks her way): Ghar chali jana magar dinner ke baad

Geet: Dekho Vicky..sach main mere sar mein bahut dard horaha hai (touches her head in dramatic way)

Vicky (rolls his eyes): well look at this...(he takes out aspirin out of his pocket)

Geet: yeh kya hai

Vicky: tumhare sar dard ki dawa....aren't you lucky I always carry this with me

Geet (mumbles): not lucky enough

Vicky: if you are done talking to take the medication

Geet: give me I will take it later

Vicky: darame baaz..lets go Maan and Adi must be waiting..I have made the reservation for the restaurant and everything..we shouldn't be late

Geet: yeah we shouldn't be late ..god forbid if we were (with sarcasm)

Vicky: Am glad you think so too (pulls her by the arm) lets go get Maan and Adi...

Geet: By the way what have you planned?

Vicky: nothing..we are just going to have dinner at a restaurant where you will be singing

Geet (stops): I am not singing

Vicky: well too late for backing won't believe that when I went to the restaurant to make ex was also working there...

Geet: Ohh really what is that poor girl's name

Vicky: very funny well anyway I pulled some strings with her and I got your name on the list as the participant

Geet: participant?

Vicky: Yeah they are going to announce your name first when the karaoke singing begins...

Geet: You can't be serious...I am not going for sure now!

Vicky (ignored her): and that too on the song that I chose for you and you might have to dance while singing

Geet: Dance?

Vicky: well the thing is they have this rule if you want to add someone's name to the list..that person would have to dance while singing

Geet: Good luck with that because I am NOT going!!

Vicky: and like I said we will see and look on the bright side..

Geet: What bright side? Sare taraf toh andera dikh raha hai

Vicky: Stop being dramatic will you..anyway the bright side would be that if you are lucky enough someone will give you company...

Geet: yeah right am so lucky (folds her arms)

Vicky: Alright to make things interesting lets make a bet

Geet: what kind of bet?

Vicky: you would have to make Maan dance with you

Geet (shocked): What! Dude he is nice but he doesn't seem like the person that will dance

Vicky: Egg-zactly it will be interesting to see

Geet: And if I win?

Vicky: If you win than I will do whatever you want

Geet: hmm ok...I will pick the song though

Vicky: That is fine with me but if you can't make dance him with you on the first song of your choice than you will have to do what I say...and you know what since I am feeling nice...I will give you two chances...

Geet: I won't need two chances...

Vicky: Let's see...Alright than (rubs his hands together) shall we go get our friends

Geet: By all means lets go

They went to Dev's cabin..

Vicky: Hey are you guys ready?

Maan (looks up): umm yeah just finished up actually (he looks at Geet)

Vicky: Alright than lets get the party started

Adi: Let's go excited to hear Geet sing he he he

Geet: yeah so am I (Looks at Maan with "evil" smile)

Maan (looks at Geet suspiciously): umm I am ready

They all make it down to the restaurant...when they went inside Geet was shocked to see the wasn't a restaurant that Vicky had said it was more like a bar...half of the bar was filled with guys..there were only couple of girls who were their with their dates...she looked at Vicky

Geet: I thought you said that we are going to a restaurant

Vicky: What you mean? This is like a restaurant..don't you see tables and chairs

Geet: you tricked me...I am not singing and dancing while there are this many guys here

Vicky: so that means you lose the bet than (whispers)

Geet looks at Vicky and quietly walks to one of the tables...Maan sits next to Geet and looks around the place

Maan: umm Vicky is this the place you were talking about?

Vicky: Yeah

Maan (looked around again..the thought of Geet singing here in this place with this many guys around was making him mad): Is there any other place that has karoke night?

Vicky: Come on Maan..enjoy..(he called the waitress to bring some drinks for the guys and coke for Geet knowing that she doesn't drink) and plus look around there are many desis here...apne log hai yaha toh kya farak parta hai...

Adi: he he he

Geet (mumbled): yeah lucky me..(to Vicky) by the way where is your ex that you were talking about?

Vicky: Ohh she will announce your'll see

After few minutes...a guy comes on the stage...

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...karaoke night is finally open (Everyone clapped) and today with a special request from my friend Vicky...we have our first person to join the stage..please everyone welcome Ms. Geet to the stage..(all the guys clapped)

Vicky: Good luck Geet (Geet smiled and went up to the stage..she felt weird standing on the stage with her work clothes...the guys cheered Geet on)

Geet: Guys feel free to join me whenever you feel like it (looks at Maan) The music starts all the boys starts clapping...she takes off her jacket...Maan, Adi and Vicky eyes pop open..Maan looked at all the boys in anger...she throws her jacket toward her table...Maan catches it, anger slowly building up...
Geet's Outfit:

She slowly starts dancing to the music...Maan looks at Adi who was watching Geet with eyes still pop opened..He nudges Adi and signals him to pay attention to his food...
Ho kya gazab ki tujhpe
Main ik nazar daalun jo tujh pe toh
Badh jaaye mere saath teri yaariyan

(She looks at Maan...Vicky notices "this should be interesting" she starts dancing like Bipasha in the music video)
Kadmon mein tere lakh jannat ho
Aankhon mein baatein hain

(still looking at Maan..their eye locking session starts...all the boys at the bar are watching her while drinking...Maan felt like beating everyone at the bar including Vicky for coming here (he is on Maan's hit list lol)
Baton mein vade hain
Vadon mein baahein hain
Tu baahon mein aa ja zara

Lucky boy, you're my, lucky boy
Jaane kaun banega mera lucky boy

One of the guy shouts "I am your lucky boy" he comes to the stage and starts dancing with Geet..Maan was about to get up when Vicky holds him....she looks at Maan while dancing and singing with the guy...she looks back at the guy again and smiles at him...
Lucky boy, you're my, lucky boy
Jaane kaun banega mera lucky boy

She stops singing...Maan was satisfied when the song was finally over...she looks at Vicky who gives her thumbs down and signals her 1 more chance...she smiles at him with confidence...all the boys starts clapping and roaring..yelling one more one more....he again starts getting mad "Don't sing Geet" praying inside and hoping she would come down the stage...

Geet: Looks like I could sing one more time (all the boys starts roaring and started cheering her on including Adi..Maan gave him I-Will-Kill-You glare..he immediately puts his head down (poor guy)) Who will give me company on the stage? Anyone?? (Looks at Maan "Come on Maan")

A random (different guy than before) comes up to the stage...
Chhaliya Chhaliya Chhaliya
Ruh Churalo Mein Hu Aisi Chhaliya

She starts dancing around the guy...slightly touching him on his shoulder by looking directly at Maan...Maan face turns bright red with anger and jealously...
Chhaliya Chhaliya Ohhh Chhaliya
Haath Na Aao Mein Hu Aisi Chhaliya

The guy takes Geet's hand but she pulls it away from...he tries to hold Geet by her waist..Someone comes and pulls his hands off...she gets happy seeing him...Maan pushes the guy off the stage...everyone starts cheering seeing this...

Oos Lehar Hu, Dhoop Sehar Hu
Baath Mehar Hu
(Maan touches her face slowly)
Bach Ke Jayega Kahan

Maan pulls Geet close to him..puts his hands around her waist...she felt a current inside her body..she quickly turns around avoiding his eyes...he turns are around..she pulls away from him turns his face the other way...
(Na Lada Na Lada Tu Ankh Na Lada
Don'T Look At Me Like That Mahi
Na Lada Na Lada Tu Ankh Na Lada
Don'T Look At Me Like That Boy) - (2)

Maan puts his hand in front of Geet...she takes his hand and spins in his arm...
Chhaliya Chhaliya
Ruh Churalo Mein Hu Aisi Chhaliya

She stops singing looking at Maan (mahi moment happens)the announcer comes to the stage..bringing both back to reality...She quickly pulls away from Maan...mean while when both Geet and Maan were busy dancing with each other..Adi was taking a video of Maan dancing to show Dadima back in India...

Announcer: wow give a round of applause for Ms. Geet everyone...(she smiles at Vicky giving him a victory smile)

Geet: Thank you everyone...I also have a friend that I would like to come to the stage and sing..please everyone give my friend Vicky a round of applause...he has a special song that he remixed for himself called "Vicky ki jawani" am sure you guys would be happy to hear him sing to that song...(All the girls started laughing hearing the title...there were couple of gay guys at the place who got very excited..Vicky puts her head down in embarassment...Maan started smiling) awww I think he is being shy..lets help him folks...
Link to Chapter 22

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RES  - YAY!!! I m first one to read!!!!Big smile
OMG... amazing update... loved Geet's performance and Maan's protectiveness.... huuummm now its Vicky's turn with "VIcky ki Jawani"LOLLOLLOL..... lol.... cant wait till Geet meets DelhiShark... she is in for a lovely surprise....Big smile
OMG... just saw another update below this one... so off to read it now and will comment againEmbarrassed

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Chapter 21

Spot light goes to Vicky everyone starts chanting his name..Geet finally came down from the stage and holds Vicky's hand to direct him to the stage...

Vicky (whispers): Geet what is this?

Geet: I won the bet and now you would have to do what I say remember..and I want you to dance on Sheela ki Jawani but just add your name instead of Sheela..

Vicky: You must be crazy..I am not doing that

Geet: Fine than I will announce that you are gay

Vicky: you wouldn't dare...

Geet: Watch me..I did what you asked now its my be a man and do your part of the bet

Vicky: Fine! I hate you..ok how about truce

Geet: hate you too..we will call it a truce after you do your part of the smile and go...(She announces his name and walks off the stage)

She goes to the table and takes out her phone to record Vicky...Vicky just stands there not knowing how to get out of the situation..

A girl: Come on baby! Apni jawani dikaho (Maan and Adi and Geet starts laughing out loud..Vicky closes his eyes and starts singing")

I know you want it but you never gonna get it
Tere haath kabhi na aane
Maane na maane koi duniya yeh saari
Mere ishq ki hai deewane

A guy comes to the stage and touches Vicky's hand...he slides his hand up his arm slowly..Vicky opens his eyes and tries to move away from the person in fear... the guy whispers in his ear "OoO I love this jawani of yours darling"
Ab dil karta hai haule haule se
Main toh khud ko gale lagaun
Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya
Main toh khud se pyaar jataun

The guy tries to hug Vicky from the back...Vicky tries to slide his hands off of him...Geet couldn't stop laughing seeing this...

what's my name
what's my name
what's my name
My name is Vicky
Vicky ki jawani

All the girls and guy cheered him on while laughing...all the gay guys couldn't stop eyeing Vicky...Maan couldn't believe that his friend was up on the stage doing this..he couldn't stop smiling while Adi records Vicky as well to show Dadima...

I'm just sexy for you
Main tere haath na aane

Wiggling his hand in front of the guy who was leaving no opportunity to come close to Vicky...he touches Vicky's face...Vicky backs up a little
Na na na Vicky
Vicky  ki jawani
I'm just sexy for you
Main tere haath na aane

Vicky stops singing and gets off the stage as fast as he could and sits back on the table with his head down...

Geet: Wow Vicky..great singing..I think you might have found yourself a new girlfriend (laughing)

Vicky: I hate you for making me do this...

Maan: Vicky do you want your new girlfriends number?

Vicky: Et tu Maan?

Maan: What am just asking doing you a favor

Geet (touches Maan hands): No need Maan looks like the person is coming here itself (laughs..Maan looks at his hand that Geet was touching and smiles)

Gay guy: Hey you sing so fabulously (nervously)

Geet nudges Vicky to speak: um thank you

Guy: Am Manisha by the way (Geet tries to suppress her laughter)

Vicky: nice to meet you (curses Geet in his head)

Manisha (touches Vicky on his shoulder): oOo would you like to dance with me?

Vicky (shurgs his hands off): umm no am ok..Shouldn't we get going..Geet your dog must be waiting for you at home right?

Geet: umm no we have all night and plus my dog can wait couple of hours at home..(to Manisha) would you like to sit?

Manisha: You are such a darling..thank you so much (grabs a seat right next to Vicky..Vicky moves as far away as possible from Manisha..announcer asks someone else to come on the stage and sing...) would you like to sing with me? We can do a duet together in excitement..

Vicky (looks at Maan for help..but he just looks down and starts eating): no am done can go sing if you want...

Manisha (goes to the stage) This song is dedicated to my darling Vicky...(Vicky puts his head down in embarassment)

(I love this song by the way guys so I decided to put this in for you guys)
Baby Can't you see
I'm callin'
A guy like you should
wear a warning
It's dangerous, I'm Fallin'

Vicky: please kill me now!
Adi: Enjoy Vicky..Manisha is singing for you only (everyone laughs)

There's no escape
I can't wait
I need a hit, baby
give me it
You're dangerous
I'm lovin' it

Manisha blows a kiss to Vicky and winks at him...Manisha comes down from the stage with mike still in hand and walks towards Vicky...

Too high, can't come down
losing my head
spinning 'round and 'round
Do you feel me now?

Manisha touches Vicky's hand and slowly brings it to his shoulder and touches his face...he gets up from his chair and starts walking towards the exist..Manisha stops Vicky by holding his hand and comes in front of him...

I'm addicted to you
Don't you know that you are toxic?
I love what you do
Don't you know
that you're toxic?

Manisha stops singing...Vicky leaves the place immediately...Maan, Adi and Geet go after Vicky...Manisha goes to Geet...

Manisha: here is my number...I think he got shy...such a cutie he is

Geet (holds Manisha's hand): Don't worry..I will give him your number

Adi: he he he

They all leave the bar and sees Vicky stands outside near the car...they all hold their laughter and go to Vicky

Vicky: It is fine you all can laugh..hate you Geet! (they all start laughing and yes including Maan lol)

Adi: Thank you so much for this night..let's come back again

Vicky: I am not coming back here again..Ever

Geet (hugs Vicky from the side): aww Manisha will miss is Manisha's being a good friend and all I thought I should give this to you (laughs)

Vicky: you can keep the number..I don't want it..can we go home now? (They all got into their Vicky was getting in he heard his name being called..he looks up and sees Manisha running toward Vicky calling him) ohh shit..Geet!

Geet (laughs): what if Manisha want's to say something important?

Maan: yeah let's wait and see what Manisha wants (smiles)

Vicky: Geet drive..come on I went through enough embarassment for the night

Geet: can always call Manisha later (laughs..Vicky hides his face as the car is leaving the place)

Manisha sees Vicky going away..she shouts "Nahi..Vicky.." in a dramatic way as she watches Vicky leave...

Precap: Their meeting!

I hope I did justice to the songs lolz..enjoy..poor Vicky LOLLOLLOL
Link to Chapter 22

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