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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 47)

-BlushaLicious- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 4:32pm | IP Logged
haha awsome promo soo funny 

Rocks.Dhara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 4:51pm | IP Logged
hey promo is very exciting...!!

although many ideas is coming in my mind bt still i donno wana to point rather i would like to wait like wat u have in ur mind...!!!

pls update soon...
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by NoorFatima


bechara maan.. kaha kaha phans jata hay..

pehlay geet.. aur ab wo party may dance ROFL
adi maan k haatho mraay ga LOL
pta nai geet aur dadi maan say kya kya krwaey gay
aur btw wat is PHAT??? ConfusedConfused
and one thing.. that arjun looks like manisha-type LOL
haha thank you Noor haha
that song fits perfectly for Dadi doesnt it
PHAT means:
hehehe which ofcourse describes Maan in those four letters LOLLOL

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-Mrinalini- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Are u updating now?
KavyaNaik123 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 7:59pm | IP Logged
hey,,loved d promo,,,btw wen u updating????????????????/cant wait,,u knw,,,,,so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do it fast
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 3:26pm | IP Logged

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU GUYS!!! For your wonderful comemnts..Sorry to keep you guys waiting..but I wanted to update both fan fics at the same time lol...

Here is the much awaited part!
Chapter 26
The next day Maan goes to his office...he was so tired..he couldn't go to sleep at all last night...he couldn't stop thinking about Geet..everytime he closes his eyes Geet comes in front of his face...when he enters his cabin he notices a white flower on his desk...he goes toward his desk..he picks up the flower..underneath the flower there was a note...he opens the note...

From: NyQueen
To: DelhisShark
Mujhe miss kar rahe ho? I am closer to you than you think ;) Agar doond sakte ho toh doond ke dikaho...

Come and find me..Main bhi toh dekhoon Delhi ka Badshah NY ki rani ko kitne ganto main doond ke dikatha hai....


P.S. your time starts when you finish this letter...

He reads his each word again and again..he pinches himself on the arm just to see if he is dreaming or if it is indeed a reality....he smiles at the letter...he remembers the challenge that Geet gave him...he checks his watch..he calls Adi into his cabin...
Maan: Adi who gave this flower?

Adi: Sir security guard gave it to me he told me that it is for you

Maan: ok umm listen cancel everything for today..I have some important thing to attend

Adi: But sir

Maan: I don't want to hear anything..just do what I say..hold all my calls and don't disturb me unless I say otherwise

Adi: Alright sir...(he leaves the cabin)

Maan spends the rest of his time trying to track down Geet...he calls airport to see if what time she came today but to his annoyance they couldn't give out any information about her...he searched all the hotels that are located in Delhi....he calls each and everyone of them asking for Geet Handa...after what seemed like an eternity for Maan...he finally found out her address...he checks his watch..."damn an hour passed trying to find her....the hotel is kind of far away from will take me another half hour to get to her..." He quickly gets up not wanting to lose anytime...he picks up the flower and puts her note in his pocket...he gets in his car and drives to her hotel...he couldn't help but smile..he was so excited to meet her and see her after a long time..he wanted to know why she didn't reply him back and what she is thinking....

Maan asked the front desk for geet they told him her room number...Maan ran to the elevator and pressed 5th floor button...he got out and walked into the hallway...he looked at each room number while passing each door...finally he saw room 504 where Geet is...he smiled...he was about to knock on the door but stopped himself...he fixes his coller and fixes his hair as best as he could...he puts on a big smile...he looks at himself in the phone... "i look like an idiot with this big smile" he reduces his smile "perfect" he looks at the door again and knocks...he could hear a girls voice from inside...he could tell that the footsteps is getting closer and closer toward the door...he knocked again...he holds the flower in front of him as the door knob turns...he smiles...the door opens...

Suddenly, he felt someone punching him on his stomach...he falls down on his knees and looks at the source..."GGGGEEEEETTTTT" she stands there with arms crossed with a smirk on her face looking down at Maan...
Geet: well that took you about 2 hrs to find me (Maan looked at her with full anger and rage...he got up)

Maan: what did you do that for?

Geet: what you were expecting me to sing when you get here?
"jiska mujhe tha intezar"
"jiske liye dil tha bekarar"
"woh gadi aagayi aagayi"
"aaj pyaar main had se guzar jana hai"
Aur fir main tumhe gale lagati aur kheti.."ohh mere jannu Maanu tum aagaye...itni der kyoi laga di"

Maan: Jannu Maanu?

Maan looked at her in disbelief he was here in pain and she had the nerves to sing in front of him...guests that were passing by was looking at Geet and Maan...Maan looked at them and smiled...he looked at Geet with anger and grabbed her by the elbow...pushed her in the room and closed the door...
Geet: let go of me

Maan (still holding her): No first tell me why didnt you reply me back?

Geet: ohh toh main reply kya karti tum toh seeda note likh kar chale gaye the...tumhe maloom hai mere upar kya goozari thi

Maan (still holding her by her elbow pushing her toward him): AUR kya tumhe maloom hai maine yeh ek hafta kaise goozari yeh soch kar ke tum kaya sooch rahi ho...tumne reply kyun nahi kiya...

Geet: toh mera kya huh...jab maine woh note para toh mujhe toh kuch bhi samaj nahi aaya...main pura din aur puri raat note ke bare main sochti rahi...tummne mujhe kabhi bhi nahi bataya ki tum DelhisShark ho ...jab main tumhe reply karne wali thi tab mujhe ehsaas hua

Maan: Kaisa ehsaas (looking at her with curiosity)

Geet (went stood away from him a little): yehi ki mujhe bhi toh muka milna chahiye tumhe tang karna ka...jaise tumhe mujhe tang kiya tha yeh jaanke ki main NyQueen hoon...toh mujhe bhi wohi karna chahiye

Maan: Kya? (shocked and confused)

Geet: itna chila kyun rahe ho? Toh maine agle din ki flight book ki aur main yaya chali aayi...

Maan: tum Delhi main ek hafte se ho?

Geet: haan..Adi toh yeh janta the...maine Adi ko sab kuch bata diya tha aur woh mujhe information deta gaya tum kaha jaa rahe ho aur kab

Maan: iska matlab ke...

Geet: yup park main...mall main...aur main toh tumhare office main bhi thi... (laughs) tumara cehra dekhna chahiye tha jab tumhe laga ki main yaha hoon

Maan (is angry hearing this..he pins her against the wall...placing both hands on either sides so that she can't escape): toh tumhe maza aaya meri yeh halat dekh kar?

Geet: haan...uss din park main jab main tumhara intezar kar rahi thi toh aapko toh bhi maza aaya tha mujhe bechen dekh kar

Maan (leans against her body..she gasps..he whispers): Main toh dekha chahta tha ki tum DelhisShark ko kitna pyaar karti ho (Geet tries to push him off but it was of no use) waise aab tum yaha par mujhe badla lene ke liye aayi thi yah fir...

Geet (looks at him): sirf badla lene ke liye aayi thi Mr. Khadus

Maan (backs up): agar aab tumhara badla pura hogaya hai toh tum kab jaa rahi ho (smiles at her)

Geet: I am going tomorrow if that is what you want...(looks away from him)

Maan (pulls her against him..he holds her by the waist): You want to know what I want?

Geet (tries to release herself): I don't care...let me go

Maan: punched me '.don't think I forgot that

Geet: that is becasue you deserved it for bothering me all this while...

Maan: hmm ok but I will let you go if you answer my questions

Geet (looks at him shocked): questions? What questions?

Maan: The questions I asked in the letter....if we had started off differently from the beginning do you think relationship between us would've been different till date??? Would you really have fallen in love with DelhisShark?

Geet (pushes him off): I am not answering any of your questions

Maan: Well then I am not going anywhere until you answer my question

Geet: Listen Mr. Khadus I am really mad at you for not telling me the truth when you found leave this room...or else

Maan: Or else what? (comes close to her)

Geet: Or else I will call the hotel security and have them kick you out of this room

Maan: Fine I dare you

Geet: Ohh really...fine...(she goes to the phone and dials the hotel security...within few minutes they arrived)

Maan: I will get the door...since they are here for me (he opens the door)

Security: someone called to kick someone out? (this was his only entertainment so he was pretty excited to kick someone out)

Maan: Ohh that was my crazy wife...she always does that whenever we get into fights (Geet is shocked hearing him...she comes and stands in front of Maan)

Geet: Listen he is not my husband...he is bothering me..please kick him out (Maan while standing behind signaling security guards telling him she is crazy...Geet turns around and looks at Maan..Maan pretends he didn't do anything...and just smiles at Geet..back to security guard) Didn't you hear me? kick him out

Security: Ma'am this is between you and your husband..please don't call us again...(Pretty upset lost his only chance to kick someone)

Maan (comes forward): I am sorry on behalf of her...(Geet comes in front and tries to talk..Maan puts his hand on her mouth to prevent her from speaking)

Security: Please get her checked as soon as possible....good luck

Maan: Thank you..I will take her to the doctor today itself...(Geet looks up at Maan with angry eyes) Sorry to disturb you...and thank you (closes the door...Maan lets go of Geet)

Geet: Crazy?? You called me crazy??

Maan: If you behave like one than what can I do...

Geet: I don't want to talk to you...

Maan: I will leave after you answer my questions...

Geet (knowing he won't give up): I will answer your question under one condition

Maan: What condition?

Geet: I want to see the surprise you had in store for me

Maan: What...Geet didn't you read the letter?

Geet: I read it thousand times and each time I read it I get so angry at you..that I just want to....

Maan (sighs): ok ok (not wanting to get her mad and hear what she had in mind to kill him) I meant to say that I am not very good at romance shomance stuff...I told you

Geet: "Not very good at romance shomance khadus kahi ka" (mocking him inside her head): I don't care..I will ONLY answer your questions when you show me my surprise

Maan: why do you have to make everything so complicated

Geet: because you made everything complicated..I am just going with the flow

Maan: Why are you bringing everything back to the letter..I told you I was worried and scared...

Geet: what..I wasn't going to beat you up or anything if you had told me the truth first...but NOW I feel like beating you for not telling me...

Maan: There is no winning with you...Alright I will give you your surprise....

Geet: have two days to give me my surprise...

Maan: Alright crazy wifey

Geet: Don't call me that

Maan: I can say whatever I want...what will you do?

Geet (gets on top of bed...Maan was standing feet away from her...she jumps him...Maan didn't expect Geet to do that..she starts pulling his hair...)

Maan: what the are not my back is going to kill me the whole night...

Geet: What! (stands smacking him on his arm)

Maan: Aaahh Geet..I have to go home with these bruises...what will my Dadima say (Geet still smacking him..Maan lost it...he throws her on the bed and comes closer to her...He holds her head and kisses her..Geet stopped moving and looked at Maan shocked...he lets go of her) I will give you surprise tomorrow...I will call you where and at what time..I have to go now wifey...(he smiles looking at her shocked face...he sees a glass of water on the side and throws it on her face)

Geet (comes out of her shock and screams): YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!

Maan (laughs...He stops laughing after seeing her anger...he quickly drops the glass on the floor and runs out of the room) Bye..will call you when your suprise is ready

Geet (shouts): I am not khadus

Maan (opens the door a little and sneaks his head in): aur tuh iss khadus ki wifey (laughs and closes the door...Geet throws the glass toward the door)

When Maan came out of the guard and the manager both looked at him after hearing the noises...Maan calmed himself down and walked passed them
Manager: Is everything alright..someone complained of all the noises in your room

Maan: She has gone little crazy..I wouldn't bother her if I were you for couple of hours
Security Guard: Sir he is telling the truth..I saw his wife....She needs help..let's go from here before she comes out (He drags the manager out..Maan laughs seeing this)

Maan leaves the his car he is thinking on what to do...he recieved a phone call from his Dadi..."ohh great..abhi mujhe isiki toh kami thi..kya main phone uthao ya nahi?.....utha le Maan warna Dadima bar bar phone kari jayegi"

Maan: Hello Dadima...ab kya plan kiya hai

Dadima: aaj kuch plan nahi kiya..tum kaha ho?

Maan: woh mujhe kuch kam tha

Dadima: are you sure?

Maan: haan kyun

Dadima: kuch nahi kyun ki Adi ne bataya tha mujhe tumne aaj sari meetings cancel kardi issi keliye phone kiya tha

Maan "Adi!..aacha hua Dadima ne yaad diladiya": Umm Dadima mujhe bahar kuch zaroori kam tha isiliye maine sari meetings cancel kardi

Dadima: koyi ladki wadki ka chakar toh nahi...ek baat kan khool kar sunlo tumhari shadi se pehele main koyi Par Dadi nahi banna chahati...humesha prot...

Maan (stops the car on the side): DADIMA! yeh aap kaisi baat kar rahe ho? Main aab bada hogaya hoon aur mujhe maloom hai insab ke barre main

Dadima: Main sab sumja rahi thi...aaj kal ki generation ke baare main kuch nahi pata

Maan: Dadima..I am getting a MAJOR headache listening to your lecture.....I have to go main ghar aah kar baat karta hoon...bye (he immidetially hangs up the phone) GOD THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING! Main koyi teenager toh nahi....(he checks his watch) I still have time...its better if I go to the office and get some work done than going home with Dadima around plus Pinky is in school and Arjun is god knows where...

He goes to the office...the first thing he did was assign Adi lots of assignments and have him go to a project site for the whole weekend..."this should take care of Adi for messing with me...I will keep him so busy with work that he will have no time for himself" He searched online for some tips to how to plan romantic surprise for someone...."This is harder than I first surprise was just simple book a restaurant just for the two of us..what was I thinking..that idea is so cliched.....hmm I have to think of something good"

Precap: Surprise!
Link to Chapter 27

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awesome update !!!
loved how maan calls her wifey :) too cute
cant wait for the surprise!!
-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Haye loved it and their reunion was too funny how geet punched because she was angry about him not telling her and just leaving with a note and awe maan calling her crazy wifey was so ute and haha the security guard came for fun and left thinking that she's a mad women lol and awe geet demanding him to give her a surprise and now his going to have to come up with something good to manofy his 'wifey' and haha dadi was too funny talking about great grandkids and adi to gaye lol anyways great update and winder what the surprise will be Smile

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