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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 30)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MaansMishti

Awesome update yaar...Vicky was funny trying to play cupid lol. And omg the letter was so beautiful...i shud be mad at u rite now for making him leave without telling Geet in person but the letter made up for it!! I never thought Maan cud be this romantic and creative hehe...i absolutely loved the whole update. A week later?! :O....i wonder wat happens! I hope Maan comes bck or mayb Geet goes to Delhi :D...plz continue excited to read the next part!
ahaha thaat is why I was hidding under my blanket Mishti ehhe
I was kind of worried what would your recation would be since I changed the story a little hehe
but am so glad that you liked the note..I wrote at the last mintue whatever came to my head i put it down
So am glad that my random thinking was liked by everyone hehehe
hmm stay tuned for what is goin to happen next

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divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
loool maan scared of cookie the dog and loved it when they became friendsLOL.
wow maan told geet that he wants her when she asked him what he wanted. LOLLOLLOL
so sweet the way maan was removing aata from geet's face. loool love it when cookie barks at vicky. LOL
so sweet of geet to get water for maan but for vicky she asks him to get it himself.LOLLOLLOL
loved the way geet and vicky are fighting together. Bechara maan felt like the parent between them two arguing.LOLLOLLOL
oh my god who wrote that creepy note.
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by divareena

loool maan scared of cookie the dog and loved it when they became friendsLOL.
wow maan told geet that he wants her when she asked him what he wanted. LOLLOLLOL
so sweet the way maan was removing aata from geet's face. loool love it when cookie barks at vicky. LOL
so sweet of geet to get water for maan but for vicky she asks him to get it himself.LOLLOLLOL
loved the way geet and vicky are fighting together. Bechara maan felt like the parent between them two arguing.LOLLOLLOL
oh my god who wrote that creepy note.
I wrote that creepy note Cry LOLLOLLOLLOL
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!
I really thought you guys would be mad that I changed the story or that Maan didn't surprise Geet face to face hehe
I can finally come from under my blanket hehe
Ohh I tried replying back to everyone but it gave me this message at the end that I can't post the message AngryAngry SO am so so so sorry for not replying back to everyone
I decided to update today since I recieved so many nice comments hehee
Chapter 24
In Delhi:

Each passing day for Maan has been like a nightmare..he was angry, frustrated and was taking his anger out of his poor employees....Not a day or hours pass by when Maan doesn't check his has been a week now and not ONCE has Geet responded to his note or has been online ever since...he wanted to know what was running in that random head of she felt now that she knows that the person she hated from the begining and the person she soon became friends with was DelhisShark...he was getting nervous and worried with the thought that Geet might be mad at him for not telling her who he really was...he had spoken to Dev but didn't know how to bring up Geet's name into the conversation without him being suspicious or questioning him why he was asking for Geet...Maan was running out of options..he wanted to talk to Geet and ask her himself over the phone....

"Maybe I should ask Vicky...umm nevermind..he made such a huge deal when he figured out that I like Geet...he would never let me live in peace if I ask call him all of a sudden...but I have no other choice..ok let me practice first (he picks up the phone and pretends that he dialed Vicky's number) Hey Vicky Maan here...How are you? Hey listen do you by any chance have Geet's number? (he puts the phone down) Damn that sounded so pathetic and desperate...NO WAY I am not going to take a chance with Vicky...he will tease me until the day I die..I already have enough people in my life to make my life like hell"

He sits back in his chair..his head leaning against the head rest looking at the celling..he closes his eyes..he saw Geet laughing and smiling...he remembers all the moments that he spent with Geet in New York...he came out of his thoughts when someone knocks on his door...Maan straightens up and pretends to do some work on his laptop..
Maan: Come in

Adi: Sir Dadima has called and asked for you to come home early today

Maan: umm I can't come home early...I have a meeting in the evening today

Adi: sir she canceled your meeting for today and asked for you to come home straightaway

Maan: What! (shouts)

Adi (becomes nervious): ss ssir it was Dadima's order...

Maan: Damn this was most important with Mr. can leave

Adi: but ss ssir (Maan gives him angry glare which was enough for Adi to take a hint..he left straightaway without saying anything...

Maan sits back in his chair in frustration..his Dadi was something..he always wondered why couldn't he have a typical Dadima that will sit in a chair and knit sweaters all day or make cookies whenever he goes home (ok maybe that is a stereotype of all the Dadi's out there but it wouldn't hurt if his Dadima was like this) but NNNOOOO God made sure that he puts weird and annoying people in my life so that each day he can go crazy whether its his own Dadima, his brother Arjun or his he can add Adi, Geet and Vicky to the list...he wouldn't be surprised if one day he finds himself in mental asylum...every week his Dadima plans something weird...some random activities that she forces me, Arjun and Pinky to do..she takes full advantage of the fact that we can never say no to least Arjun gets away with her random activities most of the time since he has his own fashion business which requires him to be out of town most of time or is always in his studio drawing and sewing or whatever people in fashion industries do...he decides to call Dadima and see what she has planned for today...

Maan: Dadima why have you canceled my meeting for today? You know that this meeting was very important for me...(shouts at her)

Dadima: I have called to remind you that today is Pinky's you have to pick up a gift for her...

Maan: Dadima agar aap Pinky ko chocolate bhi deh toh woh usi main kuch hogayigi

Dadima: Maan tum uske bahi ho aur main kuch nahi sunna chahti..uske liye koyi bhi gift lekar aana..warna tum outhouse main jaa sakte ho samje gaye

Maan: Alright fine..haar baat pe mujhe damki dene ki koyi zaroot nahi hai

Dadima: Agar aap seedhi tarah se maan sakte the toh mujhe dhamki ki zaroot nahi hurry up and buy Pinky's present and come home

Maan (rolls his eyes): Alright Ma'am I will leave right now (he puts the phone down..Maan to himself) yeh Dadima bhi nah..mujhe pata nahi kaha kaha fasa deti hai

Maan goes to the bakery shop and gets Pinky's favorite butterscotch cake with lots of icing...and a teddy bear...he makes his way home...he enters the house...the whole living room was decorated with birthday decoration..he goes up to Dadima
Maan: Dadima Pinky koyi baachi nahi hai ki uske liye yeh saab decoration kiyhe hai

Dadima: Maan yeh toh saab ek bahana hai...waise bhi main bohoot bore ho rahi thi toh maine socha ki koyi nah ek party rakhi jayi

Maan: meri zindagi main bas isi ki kami thi...kya aap doosri Dadima's ki tarrah nahi ho sakti?

Dadima: Come on Maan..what fun it would be if I was same as any other grandmothers huh

Maan (sighs): Here is your Pinky's cake and her birthday present..I am going to change

Dadima: Hurry back we are going to have the dance floor open as soon as some of Pinky's friends come

Maan: Dance floor?

Dadima: Haan aur aap mujhe dance sikhayige

Maan: Dadima I don't have time for this dance...

Dadima: Alright we will see...hum bhi aapki Dadima hai..harna nahi jante hum (Maan leaves the place and goes to his room...)

Maan hated Adi for showing Dadima the video where he danced with Geet..ever since she saw him dancing she went crazy...every single day...and I mean every single day she would ask him to show her the dance moves again LIVE...I thought she would be happy that he was with a girl but NOOOOO his weird Dadima was more happy about him dancing rather than him dancing WITH a girl...he himself didn't know how or when he went to the stage...all he remembered was one minute he was sitting on the table watching Geet sing and the next thing he knew he pushed the guy off the stage and started dancing with her...someone knocked on his room door
Maan: come in

Arjun: Hey bahi are you ready...OoO you are looking handsome (can you guess where I am going with his character lol)

Maan (looks at him.. "great isi ki koh main kaise bhool sakta hoon") thanx are looking nice too..I hope you have your dancing shoes on because Dadima is going to make us dance

Arjun: Ohh great not again...You know I can't dance as much...we need to get someone for a scapegoat..

Maan: what do you mean?

Arjun: You know find her a girl whom she can hang out with all day and leave us alone with her weekly activities she plans for us..maybe you can get married?

Maan: Married?

Arjun: Ohh right for that a girl actually needs to like are so intimidating sometimes (to himself)

Maan (angry): Arjun just leave this room before I get mad anyway Dadima is not going to make it easier for me downstairs

Arjun: Alright alright chill...I am going seesh (Arjun leaves..Maan after a while comes downstairs to face Dadima)

Precap: Maan is sitting at a park..he sees a girl wearing a flower dress similar to the one that Geet wore....Maan looks at her... "Geet?"
P.S. I know its short but I thought I introduce Maan's crazy family to you guys ehhehe
Link to Chapter 25

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XXaquafireXX Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
haha I love maans family! aww happy birthday pinky!Party
hmmm now i am wondering what geet's reaction to finding out maan is delhisshark will be like? i hope they meet soon....please let geet be the girl in the precap!! :D :D :D
felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
loved it
maan missing her
wanting to ask Vicky but no he will tease him till he dies
pinky happy birthday
love daadi
she is awesome
precap hope the girl does be geet
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:51pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update
Loved it
Hahah Love maan's family the precap
Hopes it Reality Geet
Cant wait
Update soon
Thank u!

Paloma_D Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update...nice and sweet:)
precap interesting- cant wait!
Take care
Paloma x

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