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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 20)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by cyum321

lovely update Thumbs Up
Originally posted by punjabi.princes

great update
hope he finally reveals himself in the next part
con't soon!
Originally posted by melody_quest

a lovable update..

simply fantastic

keep writing

THANK YOU guys!!
Maan will reveal himself
Stay tuned lol
Will update soon!

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MsMovielover

love the update.... but now i cant wait to see geet's reaction when she knows its maan ROFL
Originally posted by pushpi

Poor the poor chick! Bechari must be so embarrassed! But I love the sneaky Maan :-)
Hope you get to update soon dear. Try your best please
Originally posted by aditiwalia56

So finally...... He is gonna tell dat he is her online frnd..... How'll she react?????
hmm stay tuned
can't say anything as of now lol
will udpate soon!
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by CutieTeju

Nice update. Geet ........... made us always laugh.
Originally posted by kadds02

Oh! I srsly expected them to meet. Nw wud hv to wait fr the nxt update. Make it soon plz!
Originally posted by ambbiha

awesome update
i loved itHug
i hope maan to show geet the photos he took of her wen he propose, wnna to know geets reaction by cing her stillsBlushingBlushingDay DreamingDay Dreaming 
waiting 4 maans suprise 
Stay tuned for the update
Can't say anything as of now lol
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bhanu_rekhag

perfectly awesome
loved this a lot
Originally posted by maankigeet4ever

awwww..loved it..poor geet :( but i am not making any guesses...i am waiting for u this time..surprise me..
and hope to see another update soon..don't worry..take ur time..we will be here waiting for u :)
Originally posted by namitasin

Yeh kya i hate maan for doing this to geet now u have to update soon
hehe I will update soon
Stay tuned
Can't reveal anything heheh
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mrk_1

loved it yaar..awsome one ..loved geets restlessness but maan is some thing waiting to see his surprise for geet..
Originally posted by kellz

wht did sasha do?
when will geet find out?
maan is so cruel but i like it lolz
thank you so much!
will contineu soon!
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tishuu

res. Shall cum bk afta work n comment
Back...ahhhh must say that was some longgggggggggg day
but neways
Simi jaani that was a fabulousa update!!!!!! hehehehehe awww bless Geet...............hahaha DelhisShark better be careful and watch out - it seems Geet is going to be mad!!! mega mad............hhehehehehehe
ooooooo Maan's surprise - hahahah i bet he's gonna send those pics to her or sumthing?? sumthing that will make it obvious that DelhisShark was there when she sat on the bench......awaiting him - even if it aint revealed it was maan....u get that??? or are u confused like my brain??
oooooo truce dinner that means we'll see cookie Big smile oh my my cannot wait - was missing cookieCry
and i wonder what else to expect at the Adi as always will notice yet more changes in his boss and keep Daadi up to date lool
oooo i wonder if Geet makes another cake - aha that will be tastyEmbarrassed
Thank you Tishuu for your wodnerfull dinner lol
hahahah wait for the guys wil be shocked hehehe
I know I missed Cookie too..I wish I had a dog I would so name it Cookie and train it to run after the people I don't like hehehehe
Adi is the best hehe he is spy of Dadi..I love her hehe
will update soon!

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!
ummmm there is a surprise for you guys rather than for guys will find the surprise at the end..don't scroll down and see..just read the update and find out hehee umm all I can say is I have a plan hehe so to save myself for your jotis/chapals/tomoatos and whatnot I have put Maaneet moments, some funny moments and of course a surprise for you guys...Now I am off to hide under my blanket too see your guys reaction LOLLOLLOLLOL
umm Enjoy (if you can hehee) Ohh did I Mention its long so maybe by the time you guys get to the end you guys will forget that you are angry with me hehehe
Chapter 23
At the hotel room:
Adi: Maan sir I have arranged everything

Maan: hmm alright thanx (disturbed) ohh I forgot to tell you that we have to go to Geet's house tonight...

Adi: Ohh really..what for?

Maan: some truce dinner...umm why don't you get ready we are going to leave in a while

Adi: woh umm actually (hesitating) I can't come...

Maan: Why not?

Adi: Woh mujhe kuch kaam hai

Maan: kaunsa kam?

Adi: main apne ghar call karna chahta hoon

Maan: ohh umm that is fine..I will go by myself...

Adi: Sir give me five minutes...I will go and get ready since Geet invited

Maan: No that is fine...stay and call your home...I will go

Adi: Alright thank you..tell Geet Am Sorry

Maan ("Geet....what will I do now..damn it! Every time something has to happen" comes out of his thoughts): umm am going to go now

Adi: Will Vicky meet you here as well?

Maan: Umm no..I spoke to him already he will come directly at Geet's house
Maan arrived at Geet's house...Maan heard loud music and Cookie barking coming from inside "yeh ladki kudh toh itni pagal hai aur saath main apne kute ko bhi pagal karke shoyregi" Maan rang the doorbell...suddenly the house became quiet..he heard Geet yelling "coming" from inside.. "how did she hear the door bell with all that noise? Pagal ladki" She opened the door..
Geet: Vicky you are early...I told you to come later (Maan stood there waiting for her to say something)

Maan: umm did I come to early?

Geet: No...Sorry I thought it would be Vicky...come in...

Maan: Will your Cookie attack me?

Geet: are you scared of my dog Mr. Khurana? (crossing her arms across her chest with a smile)

Maan: No of course not...It's just that currently I don't have any life insurance..So I want to make sure that I am safe

Geet: My Cookie don't attack just anyone Mr. Khurana...unless I say so (laughs)

Maan (smiles and quickly comes back to kaduos self ): Ms. do have a habit of talking to your guests outside of your house all the time?

Geet: ooppss Sorry I forgot...come in...(she looks behind Maan as he enters) Where is Adi?

Maan: ohh he couldn't come he had to do something personal but he said to tell you am sorry

Geet: ohh too bad..he would've been fun

Maan: what am I not fun?

Geet (laughs): umm no offence but you don't seem like the "fun" type

Maan: What does that mean?

Geet (smiles): you know you are always so serious...

Maan: How would you know if you haven't gotten to know me from up close (comes closer to her...Geet steps back...Maan quickly backs up) umm here I got this for your truce dinner

Geet: umm what is it?

Maan: Chocolate Cupcakes and luckily it didn't get on my clothes

Geet: ooo thanx..I love chocolate..let me put this the meantime why don't you get acquainted with Cookie...(Cookie quickly runs over to Maan and tackles him on the sofa..Geet laughs) Don't worry this is her way of saying she likes you

Maan: umm hi Cookie...(Cookie gets off of Maan and starts licking his hand)

Geet: What would you like Mr.Khurana...

Maan (while petting Cookie) You (Geet gets shocked...Maan realized what he said) I meant you don't need to get me anything

Geet: ohh ok..well let me know if you need anything...I am going to start preparing dinner

Maan: Do you need any help Ms. Handa..(comes to the kitchen)

Geet: My name is Geet..Not Ms. Handa

Maan: And my name is Maan...Not Mr. Khurana now that we are done with introductions..what are you making?

Geet: umm I am experimenting

Maan: Should I be scared? (playfully)

Geet: ha ha very funny...this is my first time trying...and between you and me...if it comes out bad we can make Vicky try it (laughs)

Maan (smiles): Are you guys always fighting?

Geet: Of course...he always starts something and the blame goes on poor Geet (puts on a innocent face)

Maan: hmm yeah am sure you always get framed for everything (Geet mixes the dough with her hands...some of the dough got on her face while trying to remove the hair from her face..Maan notices this..he comes closer to her...she looks at him...Maan brings his hands up to her face...Geet closes her eyes when his hands gently touch her face...Maan smiles and removes the atta from her hair...both look into each other's eyes...the bell rings...both jump back..Cookie starts to run toward the door...)

Geet: umm that must be Vicky I will get it

Maan: no I will get it..finish making your experimental food (Maan goes and opens the door..Vicky was standing there in his work clothes)

Vicky: Wow you are still in one piece? I thought Cookie would've attacked you by now

Maan: Actually Cookie and I are friends now....right Cookie (who was standing next to Maan..she barks when Vicky steps in the house)

Vicky: Down Cookie.. (shouts) Geet seriously I think you have trained your Cookie to bark at me whenever she sees me

Geet: That didn't take a lot of effort..your face is naturally like Cookie can't help it if she doesn't like the way you look (laughs)

Vicky: Ouch touche...I will get you...(looks at Maan) When did you get here?

Maan (who was enjoying Geet's laughter): huh umm about five minutes ago

Vicky (sits on the couch...along with Maan and Cookie comes and sits on top of Vicky's lap) Damn.. Geet your Cookie needs to go on diet...

Geet: Vicky be careful what you say..don't forget Cookie is a girl also

Vicky: yeah yeah...get me some soda Geet

Geet (comes out of the kitchen): Get you some soda? Did I hear you right? (checks her ears)

Vicky (smiles): Yeah you heard it right...I want some Soda...

Geet: Last time I checked I wasn't your slave...if you want something go get it yourself...

Vicky (shocked): See Maan..tell her is this a way to behave with guests

Geet (controls her anger): You know Vicky you are lucky I can't do anything to you tonight since this is a truce dinner..but you better watch out tomorrow...

Maan: Geet can I have some water please

Geet: Sure Maan...

Vicky: ohh when Maan asks it's fine but when I ask for something you are always ready to attack me

Geet: Maan asked me nicely that's why you gadhe

Maan (yells): Alright both of you..seriously I feel like I am in a kid's house...(both keep their mouth shut)

Vicky (laughs): Yes Papa

Geet (laughs): Yes Maan papa...we will behave right Vicky

Vicky: Of course I wouldn't want to get yelled by papa again..we will be good kids from now on..pakka promise

Maan: You both are enough to make anyone crazy (Maan gets lost in Geet's laughter..Vicky notices)

Vicky: umm Geet dinner?

Geet; ohh will be up in five minutes...

Vicky (to Maan whispers): dude if you like Geet just tell her..don't stare at's kind of creepy (laughs)

Maan (angrily looks at Vicky): I don't like her

Vicky: yeah I just imagined you staring at her twice (sarcaisticaly)

Maan: Shut up..I was not staring at her...

Vicky: It's ok Vicky is here..I will help you get hook you up with that Gadhi...after all what are friends for

Maan: hook up?

Vicky: Damn you are really out of the slang aren't know hook patch you you and that gadhi toghether

Maan: Vicky her name is Geet not gadhi

Vicky: damn already being possessive and defensive about her...(laughs)

Maan(stands up..his blood was boiling with anger): Vicky I am so hard to control my anger..if you don't shut up in the next one minute toh mujhse bura koyi nahi hoga (Vicky was about to say something)

Geet: Guys dinner is ready

Vicky: Finally..chale Maan (winks at him)

At the dining room table:
Geet puts the food down on the table..Cookie runs into the dinning room...
Geet: Cookie come here...this is where you are going to eat..(brings her in the kitchen and puts her food bowl down...Cookie tried to run away...) Cookie..don't make it hard..come sit here and eat like a good doggy..(she ties Cookie up and goes to the table)

Vicky: Geet what kind of food is this?

Geet: I decided to make something differenent...I made famous dishes from all over India...this is Gatte it's Rajenstani's royal dish...this is pav baaji Mumabi's famous dish and Chicken briyani known to be famous in Hydrabad

Vicky: wow I think you missed a lot of cities in between...(laughed)

Geet: Fine than don't eat I am not forcing you want Cookies food sure that suits you better (Maan roles his eyes)

Vicky (gets up): Say that one more time (looks at her face)

Geet: Or what???? huh..what are you going to do? (folds her arms across her chest)

Maan (Gets up): ENOUGH!! Seriously you guys...this is suppose to be a truce dinner remember...(Vicky smiles at Maan and sits down)

Geet: Maan here you go (Gives him the food) Vicky here you go...

Maan: Geet the food is good...

Vicky: Yeah for once you made something good

Geet: Maan see I told you who starts the fight's always him (complains like a little girl)

Vicky (comes closer to Maan and whispers): hmm she cooks good too...shall I talk to your family on behalf of her? (smiles..Maan chokes on his food that he had in his mouth..he looks at Vicky with anger...he kicks Vicky on his knee from under the table..Vicky held his pain in and just smiled at Maan who was smiling at Vicky..Geet looked at both confused)

Geet: Are you both ok? Why are you guys smiling like that to each other?

Both looked at her: umm no nothing is wrong..why?

Geet: Nothing the way you were looking at each other was kind of creepy (laughs)

Vicky: Very funny..(to Maan) Maan when are you leaving for back to Delhi?

Maan (looks at Vicky): umm I am not sure..

Vicky: Who will you miss when you go to India? (smiles at him)

Maan: umm I will miss New York and Dev

Vicky: Anyone else?

Maan: Vicky could you pass me the gatti? (trying to change the topic)

Vicky: Sure

Maan (to Geet): Geet your food was good

Geet (smiles) Thank least someone likes it

Vicky: hey I didn't say anything...surprisingly its good...

Geet: Whatever

All three finish their food in somewhat peace...
Maan: Umm I have to leave early right now..thank you for the dinner...

Vicky: Yeah I will drop off Maan I have to go too..

Geet: Vicky you were going to be help me with the dishes

Vicky: Umm next time..let's go Maan (leaves in a hurry)

Geet: Vicky you gadhe I will see you tomorrow and teach you a lesson

Vicky: hate you too...bye

In the car:
Vicky: SSOOOO (looks at Maan)

Maan: Sooo what

Vicky: you like her don't you..I know it

Maan: Shut up Vicky..just because you caught me looking at her doesn't mean that I like her..get your eyes checked

Vicky: Come on Maan..Its not today but I have noticed it before that you stare at her..why do you think I made you dance with Geet during the karoke night (laughs)

Maan: What do you mean make me dance?

Vicky: Don't get mad...the thing is I had made a bet with Geet that she will make you dance...and the Maan I know your nature..You don't like if anyone touches the things you like and the next thing I knew you were dancing with her..

Maan: What! (shouts)

Vicky: You don't have to shout....ohh man you should've sen your face it was red with anger and jealousy (laughs)

Maan: Vicky I will kill you...

Vicky: Hey I was trying to help...and my plan worked it's not my fault that you are so predictable lol...toh kya main tumm dono ka koyi chakar chilaoon?

Maan: Vicky my hotel came..thanx

Vicky: Hey listen don't think about Geet when you are sleeping (laughs..Maan slaps Vicky on the back of the head and get's out of the car)

Geet went to the office the next day....when she entered the office she saw a large bouquet of flowers...she immediately called tasha over to her cabin
Geet: tasha who put these flowers here?

Tasha: ma'am a delivery boy told me its for you that is why i put it in your office

Geet: hmm you can go i will call you if i need anything (tasha leaves the office...geet checks the bouquet with a the bottom she notices a note and an envolope...she looks at the envolope...there were pictures of her when she was at the park to meet Delhisshark) what the hell? Delhisshark was there and didnt meet me? (she looks at the note)

Dear Nyqueen:

I know you must be shocked to see the pictures of you while you were waiting for me at the park...i was closer to you than you think :). I had found out that you were Nyqueen long time ago from Vicky...truth be told i was kind of nervous to confront you knowing how we started off with each other...there is a question that always runs in my head...if we had started off differently you know from the beginning when we met at the airport do you think relationship between us would've been different till date??? Would you really have fallen in love with DelhisShark?

Am gonna tell you the truth i am not really good when it comes to romance (geet laughed) i was planning on telling you today that the person you were so eagerly waiting for is me...i was going to tell you how much you mean to me even before knowing that the Geet Handa that i used to fight with since the day i came here was my pen pal...i like you not like maybe love... Ha ha can you believe that Maan Singh Khurana might be in love?

i had planned a surprise for you today but alas my fate once again ditched me at the end...i had to leave today morning for to handle work back in Delhi due to lacking ability of some of my employees to work...this reminds me to fire some people as soon as i get back (geet smiled)

I am taking great memories back with me to Delhi...the good and the bad (geet frowned) now don't be mad and let me explain...the good will be that i am taking your memories with me..your smile...your laughter...and most of all your pictures that i took at the park (by the way i had a good laugh seeing you get up and down whenever a guy passed by thinking he might be it...i will never forget that moment) the bad hmmm all your memories will haunt me forever...your laughter...your smile..and each time you made me laugh with your jokes...i got used to you and leaving you while not knowing when i will see you again is kind of scary...

Aab iss delhi ki badasha ko apni nyqueen ka intizar rehega...

I will wait for your reply :)


Geet had tears in her eyes when she had finished reading the note...she sat on her chair letting he note and his words sink in...she indeed got the biggest surprise of her life...she didnt know how to react

PS. SORRY if the note sounds crappy..I put whatever came to my head hehehe this Maan Singh Khurana is not the same one we see in the show..he is little differnt am sure you guys noticed that hehe

Precap: a week later
Link to Chapter 24

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SIMI - i'm gonna comment properly tomoz
because erm im running out of tym here

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