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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 134)

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loved it...poor geet in sad to know geets past...update soon...plz pm me

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i just nw read ur ff itz really awesome ,interesting............good job
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hey,wer r u???????????????????????u hv nt updated from soo long?from wen  r u planning to come back.............
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hey Guys!!!!


It took me this long to update...I was busy the whole time...I will put up the next update today and will try to update more quickly Embarrassed


Update will be up soon!

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Hey Guys!!!

Here is the much awaited part lol...Sorry that it is late...I will try to update my other two fan fics by this up coming week....LOLLOL

P.S. I am hoping that you guys like this part lol....*Crossing Fingers*

Chapter 37

Maan came by Geet's hotel to see her...he missed not seeing her for the whole day....he knocked on her door holding flower bouquet.
Geet: Maan what brings you here?

Maan: What I can't come by? I didn't see you for the whole day.

Geet: ohh come in...(she closes the door)

Maan (looks around): have you been here the whole day?

Geet: ohh umm yeah...

Maan: I was thinking if we can go to dinner now

Geet: ohh ok..sure let me get ready...("damn..I need to pick a place where he won't be able to kill me" Idea popped in her head) ohh how about we dine here? There is a restaurant inside the hotel...and it is really good

Maan: ohh umm ok...

Geet: ok let me go get ready....(Geet quickly goes in and gets ready...she decided to wear casual so that it would be easier for her to run when time comes....she comes out and saw Maan holding her diary with her To Do List...she quickly jumps on Maan from behind causing both to land on bed and takes her diary away)

Maan: What the hell is wrong with you

Geet: Sorry that is my can look at it (She gets up and hides it...)

Maan (gets up mad): You could've told me nicer, instead of jumping on me

Geet: Sorry not my style...(Maan was walking toward her with anger) so lets go we are getting late..I am really hungry (She drags Maan outside before he could say anything...)
Both were eating there dinner...Geet kept thinking about her To Do List...she needed to come up with a different way to ask him....)
Geet: umm Maan...(Maan looks at her...)Lets play a game

Maan: Geet I don't think this is time or place to play a game

Geet: come on...20 questions..I will ask you questions and you have to answer them without thinking..simple yes or no

Maan: why?

Geet: Why is Great MSK afraid of challenge?

Maan: you know what...lets go

Geet: ok..but you cannot it? (he nodes his head) [image Geet asking really fast lol]
1.) Is sky green?
2.) Is grass blue?
3.) Are we in New York?
4.) Do you love me?
5.) Am I beautiful?
6.) Are you MSK?
7.) Is this salt? (points to the salt shaker)
8.) Can I attend the fashion show?
9.) Can Dadima go to Goa?
10.) Are you handsome?
11.) Do you really love me?
12.) Arjun and Yash can go out?
13.) Can I go to NY?
14.) Are you going to marry me?
15.) Adi and Pinky can they go out?

Geet: ok am done asking...I will be right back...(she gets up and goes out of the restaurant...she runs into her hotel room as soon as she was out...Maan pays for the dinner...and as soon as he steps out of the restaurant it hits him..)
Maan: Goa, Arjun and Yash and Pinky and Adi? That sneaky little person...(he was mad..he runs to her room and bangs on the door...) Geet open up

Geet: no!

Maan: Geet open up in three seconds or else....(Geet yells "No" again) Ok don't say I didn't warn you...(Maan leaves and goes to the front desk and speaks to the manager...) I need you guys to open up the room number 401

Manager: Sorry sir I can't do that without permission

Maan (angry): You don't understand...she is having a fit..and I need to take her to the hospital..she won't open the door for me...if anything happens to her..I won't spare this hotel and your job

Manager: ohh umm sure sir..right away..I will open it... (both go toward the room..)

Maan: I will open the door..and bring the key back...(Manager nodes his head..Maan opens the door and notices that Geet is in the bathroom...he quickly takes her clothes and puts it in a suit case...after a while Geet comes out and sees Maan packing her clothes)

Geet: What are you doing?

Maan: You are moving to the outhouse NOW!

Geet: What! How can you decide that?

Maan: I am MSK and I can do anything...(he pushes her aside and goes to the bathroom...he stuffs all her toiletries in the bag..)

Geet: Maan stop...I am not going

Maan: Yes you are...(Everything is packed)

Geet: Give me one good reason why?

Maan (looks at her and walks toward her with a deadly glare...Geet gulps and walks back) You want a reason...ok
1.) It is too far for me to drive to this hotel
2.) It would be easier for me to kill you and everyone as well...
Need more? (Geet shakes her head no) That's what I come on..(he holds her hand...and took her hand from his..he looks at her with anger...)

Geet (does a nervous laugh): Maan remember right you are my Tarzan

Maan (walks toward her and corners in to the wall): I am not Trazan..I am King Kong who is about to kidnap be a good girl and come with me without any fuss...(he pats her cheeks)

Geet: No I am not coming...(she pushes Maan and runs to the bathroom...Maan is frustrated..he bangs on the door...)

Maan: Ok if you say better move out of the way...(he kicks open the door and puts her over his shoulder...Geet is screaming and hitting his back..)

Geet: put me down..put me down...I am not are going to kill me....

Manager comes hearing the noises....Maan looks at him and smiles...

Maan: I need to take her to the hospital...she has gone crazy....bring me all her bags to the car...and here (takes out his credit card..)pay the bill for the hotel..and bring it back to me..

Geet (yells): I am not going to hospital....(Maan ignores her and walks out of the room..Geet looks at the manager...who looks at her scared) Hey you please help me..he is kidnapping me...Do I look like I am crazy? (manager runs away...people were watching the show in the hallway) Guys help me..I am being kidnapped....(everyone looks away and mummers pagal) I hate you Maan...(Geet quietens down knowing that there is no use in talking to him right now...Maan puts her in the passenger seat and starts driving away after all the formalities are taken care of)

Maan (Calls Arjun): Arjun come to the outhouse in half hour...NOW! (he hangs up and calls Pinky) Get to the outhouse in half hour...don't be late....(Maan hangs up)

Geet: Why did you call them?

Maan: You will be quiet and let me drive

Geet: I hate you

Maan: After marriage you will learn to love problem

He winks at her..Geet looks away still mad at him for the act he put up at the hotel...after a while Maan parks outside of the outhouse...he opens Geet's door and brings her in...there Arjun and Pinky were there waiting for Maan...Geet signals them they are dead...both gulps in fear...Geet goes and stands with Arjun and Pinky...They all put their heads down as if they are being punished by a principal...All of them looks at Maan walking back and forth...he looked like Gabar Singh except without the belt

Maan: I guess I should you guys thought that having Geet talk to me will make everything better? (looks at Arjun and Pinky) how many days did you know about this Geet? (translated: kitne admi the?)

Geet: umm umm 2 days

Maan: Two days..hmm interesting...since you both decided to have Geet advocate for you both...I want to hear what she has to say on behalf of you both....Arjun you are first...(Maan sits on the chair leaning back with his legs folded...meanwhile Dadi had heard that Maan is in the outhouse..she went to see why he went there...she stopped in the doorway when she saw everyone standing in a line while Maan sat like a don...she stood there and watched....Arjun steps in front...) Geet you should stand next to Arjun...(she steps next to him..)

Arjun: bh bh bh bh bh

Maan: You are not a go on! (Dadima runs away after hearing Maan yell... "I don't need to go to Goa..." Arjun pushes Geet in the front to speak...while he hides behind her) The great Advocate Geet Handa...go on

Geet (gives Arjun a deadly glare): Arjun and whats his name? (Forgot the name cause of fear...Arjun whispers Yash in her ears)

Maan: What is the name Arjun?

Arjun (looks at Maan with fear..) ohh um um ya ya yash bh bh bhai

Maan: Yash...hmm ok go now Geet

Geet: they umm both like each other...and...

Maan: I want to know rest from Arjun...(Geet stands behind Arjun and pushes him in front)

Arjun: bh bh bh bhai...we have been going out for a week now and he asked me to make it official...I really like him bhai

Maan: Have him come over for dinner tonight...and I will decide...(Arjun nodes his head..) Who is next...(Pinky looks up in fear...) Ahh my sweet little sister....(She goes and stand next to Geet..) Actually Geet won't advocate you...(Pinky looks up...) You are going to speak for yourself...(Pinky swallows the lump in her throat...) Do you need any help? (she nodes yes...) Your help will arrive any second now...(Adi arrives after few minutes...he gets scared looking at everyone standing so quiet...) Come in can stand next to Pinky...

Adi: jjjj jjjiiii sssiiirrrr (he stands next to Pinky....Geet shakes her head as a no to Adi)

Maan: Ok so you two long has this been going on? That too behind my back! (Geet was about to speak but Maan gave her a glare which made Geet shut her mouth)

Adi: wwwohh wwoohh Pppiiinnkkyy aaauuurrr maaainnn pyaarrr (Maan stands up) Mommy! (Adi yells...Maan looks at Adi...Geet and Arjun tried to hold their laughter in)

Maan: Would you stop stuttering and go on...

Pinky: We both like each other bahia

Maan: Like?...

Adi: I love her and would never leave her

Maan: How long have you guys been going out...and BEHIND my back!!

Pinky: For a year  (Looks down)

Maan: A year? and you didn't find the decency to tell me about it?

Pinky: woh woh bhai...we were going to tell you

Maan: Yeah tell me through that it?

Adi: Ssssiiirrr wwee bboothh loovveee each other

Maan: you know you guys are lucky (All look at him...while he walks back and forth like Gabar Singh...everyone looked at him scared...they all nudge speak...she shakes her head no...eventually they push her to the front...She looks at them with you-are-dead look....)

Geet: Lucky for what?

Maan (ignores Geet and stands in front of Arjun, Adi and Pinky...he stares at them with anger...all three of them look down...) You guys are lucky that...look at me when I am talking to you...(immedietly all three look at him with fear) you guys are lucky that I like you guys..(Maan smiles)

All three: What? (they were all confused)

Maan: You guys think that I am some kind of a I thought why not show you guys how a Hitler really looks like...

Arjun and Pinky both hug Maan...."Thank you so much Bhai..."

Maan: Arjun you can go....Adi and guys stay....(Both looked at each other...) I can't ignore the fact that you guys have lied to me for a just to see how much you guys really love each other..after my marriage..I will transfer Adi to Mumbai KC Branch for couple of guys are not allowed to talk to each other during that time...

Pinky: But bhai

Maan: No buts...consider this as a test....

Pinky: Bhai that is not fair

Maan: You guys can go now...(Both left...Maan goes to Geet and hugs her from behind...Geet pushes his hands off and goes upstairs mad..) ohh damn what have I done....(he runs after Geet..) Geet wait..

Geet: I am tired and I am going to  can find your way out....(he bangs on the door)

Maan: Geet what did I do? I was playing around with you all for hiding this truth from me

Geet: called me crazy right and I need to go to hospital....I will show you crazy....

Maan: ohh I just wanted you to move out and not live in that hotel...I knew you wouldn't move that easily so I made up a plan.....(Geet opens the door....Maan looks at her shocked...her hair was all over the place...she had lipstick all over her mouth and black makeup around her eyes...she was holding a broken piece of mirror in her hand..walking toward Maan...Maan backs up) Geet..sweety....why do you look

Geet: Crazy? Is that what you called me right? (walking toward him...)

Maan (does a nervous laugh): I was joking sweety...remember I am your Tarzan (Geet started screaming and running toward him..Maan runs down the stairs and out of the outhouse...he locks the door...he leans against the door...) omg she is crazy...what have I got myself into....

Maan pov:
Geet ignored Maan for the rest of the evening...even at dinner table she would talk to everyone except to Maan...he tried all possible ways to get her is not my fault...i meant to ask her to move to the outhouse for a while now and couldn't come up with a better excuse than that...I have to think of something...and she calls me khadus...she is the khadus with her nakhras....maine ek joke kya maar diya mere upar ghusa hogayi...aur yeh jo mujhe moneky kehti hai maine isse kuch toh bhi nahi kehta....women apni manmani karni toh isse sikhe...aab main isse kise baat karoon?

Maan: Dadima meri aur Geet ki shadi ke baare main kya socha hai?

Dadima: I spoke with punditji and he said that after a month would be a good time...usse phele aap dono ke magni karni pade gi

Maan (puts his hand on top of Geet...she couldn't really move it in front of Dadima) Magni ki kya zaroorat hai? Seeda shadi karte hai....kyun Geet? (smiles at her)

Dadima: aap dono ko shadi karne ki bohut zaldi hai

Arjun: So it is settled..I have already prepared Geet's and Maan Bhai's outfit for other occasions...

Maan: Arjun call her your bhabi...don't be disrespectful...

Arjun: Sorry bhai..I meant bhabi....

Dadima: ek mahine ke ander ander sare rasme nahbani hai...pehele mehendi..aur phir sangeet ceremony...

Pinky: leave the decorations and everything up to me....

Arjun: I will make all the outfit

Dadima: I will make list of all the next week we should have everything ready

Maan: Geet when does Vicky come?

Geet (looked at Maan with anger): He should be here soon....I didn't speak to him yet...

Maan: Don't worry I will find out where he is at...

Geet: Dadima..I am tired...(She gets up...she says good night to everyone except to Maan...Maan runs after her...he holds her hand while Geet had her back in front of Maan)

Maan: Geet I was joking...I said sorry na....(she doesn't respond back...Maan twirls her around...her face lands on his chest...Maan pushes her against the wall....she looks at him..) Is Jane mad at Tarzan? (she looks the other way) Jane no forgive Tarzan? (he turns her face around to look at him...she looks down...still mad) Tarzan sorry....(Geet smiles...she pushes him off and tries to run off...Maan holds her hand again...) Where is my good night kiss? (she turns around to look at him..)

Geet: What kiss? You won't get any....let go of my hand....

Maan: No...I want my kiss...(he twists her arm and comes closer to her...)
"Choom loon hont tere"
"Dil ki yehi kwaish hai"

(he comes in front of her...)
"Baat yeh meri nahi"
"Pyar ki farmahish hai"

(he brings her face up..both look into each other eyes...she puts her arm around his neck....both dance...)
"Kitni lagti ho hassin meri nazar se dekho"
"pass aane do mujhe tumse yeh guzarish hai"

(he bends down and kisses Geet...she responds back in equal favor...he slowly brings her against the wall...he starts kissing her neck and collarbone...Geet gasps...)

Geet: Maan...(he looks at her...Geet shakes her head no...)

Maan (releases her): sorry...Don't count on me to stop after marriage...(Geet hits his chest and runs away to the outhouse...)

Precap: "Kehta hai mera yeh dil piya"
"Koi hai koi hai hi nahin"

Link to: Chapter 38

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lovely update.....

me was lauching truout!!
crazy geet was the best..
what happened to fashion show??LOLLOL

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