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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 13)

charmed ones IF-Sizzlerz
charmed ones
charmed ones

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Hey Simi..nice update..
another case..
OMG maneet married so sweet...
Nehea..n ol..
cont soon...

VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 1:28am | IP Logged
waiting 4 an update
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 5:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tishuu

Originally posted by Tishuu

Oh wow Simi
First things first congrats on the 2nd thread - woooooooooooooooooooo lool
but apart from that.....................i L_O_V_E_D those updates
hahahhahahah my tummy hurts with all the laughing!!!! hahahahahaha
vicky ki jawani and manisha were the best!!!
not forgetting Maan's dance with Geet - ooooooo she's sooooooooo in for a surprise hehehehee
cnt wait for the meeting
lol no guesses here for that lool

Can you believe it.........I'm quoting myself - lool heheheheheheheLOL

But I just wanted to say.............that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Was sooooooo not enough to appreciate your hard work..........Shocked.........that update was like totally hilariousClap - I made my friend read it..........(NOTE she has no clue about IF, your FFs or maaneet) and she was falling off the chair Big smile(like always) and it took us like a good 20 mins to regain our hosh and become somewhat normal............but then........erm......some person near us had Sheila Ki Jawani the chipmunks version as his ringtone and his phone went off just as we thought we had laughed to the max content and had no such energy to laugh or even giggle...........we were all over each other was tooooo tooooo toooo goood!!!!!!!! Clap(needless to say she luvs ur FF but she dnt understand like she aint on IF but even then.........I went thru all the updates and told her what happens lool and so now - I'm on a duty to tell her everything in detail when you update.......................(oh deary - i knew there was a reason I kept my passion for maaneet and ur FFs a secret Wink)


ok also......I didnt welcome you to your new thread properly

so here goes:

P.S remind you of anything??LOL
oooo and another:
With Love from Cookie, the Cow's of India..........are salute marr-ing you and of course
yours TishuuStarStar
OMG Tishuu!!!
Meri Jaan!! LOVE YOU!!! for your wonderful wonderful comments!!!
Thank you so much for your pictures lol...they do look familiar....hehehee I love cookie awww she loooks so cute while doing that LOLLOLLOL
ahaha I decided to start this new thread off with some laughs for all the wonderful comments that everyone left me with before glad you and your friend enjoyed it hahhaa I was laughing while writing the update especially part II hehehe..I was actually imagining Manisha doing this while I was typing lol...To tell you the truth my original plan was to make Geet sing Toxic song but than I decided to make Vicky pay back as well LOLLOLLOL
hahaa well your friend is lucky that most of the tiem I write my fan fic in english just because my hindi-english is ain't tht good lol...aww ttell your frnd thanx so much hehhee
P.S. you didn't really had to thank me properally the fact that you come and comment is engh for me EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Miss. K LOL
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 5:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by charmed ones

Hey Simi..nice update..
another case..
OMG maneet married so sweet...
Nehea..n ol..
cont soon...
Sara thanx so much
you cmmented on the wrong fan fic lol but nonetheless I will convey the message to Lehtal Attraction fan fic LOLLOL

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charmed ones

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!!!
Wow thank you so so so much for your wonderful comments! I really appreciate it! The last two updates were my gift to you guys for this new thread....I thought we could start this off with some laughs LOLLOLLOLLOL
I would like to thanx Tishuu WinkWinkWink
Enjoy the update!
Chapter 22
From: DelhisShark
To: NyQueen
How about we meet tomorrow at Central Park...just wear a flower dress..I will recognize you..see you tomorrow :)


Maan and Adi were back in the hotel...Adi couldn't stop laughing seeing Vicky and Manisha again and again...Maan was on his laptop and smiled thinking about how he danced with Geet tonight...he looked at his hand that Geet had touched at the bar... "Miss. Geet I won't tell you this easily...I will make it special..." He smiled...

The next day..Geet quickly quickly checked her e-mail and went straight to her closet to check for a dress...she got dressed and went to the park..she sat on one of the bench waiting...she started imagining how he would look like...what she would say to him if he shows will he act and dress...there were million things running in her head...she checked her has been half an hour since she got here and still no sign of him... "I hope he doesn't ditch me again..he better come up with a good reason if he doesn't show up"

Maan had arrived at the park way before Geet even got there...he watched her enter the park...he took picture of her when he saw her wearing a dress of his choice...he waited and waited till he  thought it would be a perfect time...he saw her looking at the phone...and a frown that followed afterwards on her face...he smiled and took picture of her frown and any emotions she displayed on her face "cute" he waited for couple of minutes

Geet waited and getting restless as time went by...she again checked her phone and no sign of him...she looked up and saw someone coming..she got happy...he walked closer to her...she got up to greet the person but to her dismay the person walked right past her...she got mad and sat right down on the bench...Maan laughed seeing this... "time to go..." He started walking towards her...

Maan: Geet? (Pretending he just saw her...Geet looked up after hearing her name...)

Geet: Maan..hey what are you doing here?

Maan: ohh I decided to check out Central Park before I leave (points at his camera) and take some pictures to show my family back home

Geet: Ohh ok..where is Adi?

Maan: He is with Dev..I told him to go over last minute things with Dev...

Geet: ohh...I hope you had enjoyed your stay here

Maan (looks at Geet): was something...well anyway what are you doing here?

Geet: Me? oh..umm she seeing the park as well...

Maan (smiled): Really? It doesn't look like you came here to see the park

Geet: Really how can you tell?

Maan: For one are wearing a dress and and hair nicely done...

Geet: That doesn't mean anything..a lot of people do that

Maan: hmm really...I am looking around and so far I only saw people wearing casual on the other hand will pop out easily in a that bring me back to my question...what are you doing here? (looked at her with curiosity)

Geet: Fine..I came here to see a friend...

Maan: Vicky is coming here? Isn't he at work right now?

Geet: No not other friend...

Maan: Where is your other friend?

Geet: He didn't come yet...(she saw some other guy coming toward her way...she got up and looked at him with a smile..the guy sat on the bench right next to Geet...she quickly sat down mad at him for not coming again)

Maan (smiled seeing Geet restlessness): looks like your friend didn't recognize you

Geet: ohh him umm he wasn't my friend..I thought I recognize him from somewhere..that's all

Maan: are you sure?

Geet: Of course..why wouldn't I be sure?

Maan: just asking...(starts taking a picture of a bird eating on the grass..he looked at in the front and saw another person) Geet look straight ahead..maybe that is your friend...

Geet (looked straight): Yeah I think he is (She again repeated the same thing again...Maan tried so hard not to laugh...)

Maan: hmm if you don't mind..I will stay here until your "friend" comes

Geet: No you don't have to...

Maan: It will give me enough time to take the pictures I want...(he got up from the bench..and walked couple of feet ahead to take some pictures...when Geet wasn't looking he took her pictures...he watched her from far away getting up and sitting down when someone passes her or comes her way...)

Geet Pov:

Damn this is so freaking embarrassing...where is he...Babaji once again you decided to embarrass me or make my situation worse and that you in front of Maan...he probably is looking at me thinking why am I getting up and sitting down..ugh...he probably thinks am some kind of a stupid girl or blind that can't even recognize my friend...and this..this gadha didn't show up again today...why couldn't he email me again saying he won't be able to come...thank god he left to take some pictures...she looked from the corner of her eyes...she saw him coming towards her again..hey Babaji..what will I say if he saw me getting up again and again? Think Geet..think...

Geet Pov ends

Maan (comes and sits back down): Is there something wrong with this bench?

Geet: No why do you ask?

Maan: Because I saw you getting up again and again

Geet (laughs): ohh it is because..(thinks) yeah umm because I thought I felt something on under me that's why

Maan: Are you sure?

Geet: yeah...ohh I think I felt something again (she stands up and looks at the bench..and sits back down again) see

Maan: where is your friend?

Geet: I think that is him straight ahead..(points at a random person)

Maan: It doesn't seems like he saw you or is even coming here...

Geet: Don't worry that is him...I know...

Maan: Alright..when your friend comes..I will go

Geet: look I told you that is my friend..he is waving towards me...(She waves back....she was about to get up when she saw this girl running towards the guy)

Maan (smiles): Looks like you don't recognize your friend

Geet: Fine I don't know how he looks like...happy (angry for making a fool out of herself)

Maan: How do you not know how your friend looks like?

Geet: Well we met online that's why

Maan: OHH (pretending to be shocked) and you are willing to meet this stranger? Isn't that dangerous?

Geet: I trust him..and I know he wouldn't do anything bad (defensive)

Maan: Alright...well I don't think your friend will have been waiting here for a long time

Geet: hmm maybe he doesn't know how to get here...he will show up

Maan: Alright let's see...

An hour and half later!

Maan: Geet I don't think he will show..its going to be close to two hours now...

Geet: maybe you are right.. (sounding sad)

Maan: Maybe he got hung up somewhere

Geet: yeah

Maan: Well I don't know about you but it is getting close to lunch why don't we go to lunch...maybe your friend will let you know why he didn't arrive

Geet: umm ok...I guess you are right..maybe he got hung up somewhere AGAIN...(pissed for not showing up again)

At the restaurant:
Geet had told Maan how she met her friend online and some of the things they both did trying to prove that they are really not stalkers..Maan smiled hearing her telling the stories with such enthusiasm...

Maan: So do you love him?

Geet (stopped eating): umm love I don't know..but I like him

Maan: How can you like him if you don't know anything about your friend besides his e-mail ID?

Geet: For liking someone you don't necessarily need to know everything about the person..the whole fun part is getting to know him slowly...not all at once...

Maan: ok..what do you like about the person?

Geet: umm I don't know the way he writes, how even we are far away..he helps me with most of the problems..he gives good advice

Maan: And that is enough for you to like this person?

Geet: Yeah...he is mysterious Life is more fun if it is treated as a scavenger hunt rather than a is good to find about the person little at a time than what's the fun in that

Maan: Point taken... "you will sure get a hell of a surprise tomorrow Geet...wait and watch" he smiled..

Geet: what are you smiling about?

Maan: no nothing..just thinking about something...

Geet: You think this is weird isn't talking to a person whom I never seen?

Maan: I didn't say anything

Geet: But you are thinking it

Maan (getting irritated): how do you know what I am thinking?

Geet: I just know it

Maan: Well Ms. are wrong...

Geet: No am not

Maan (angry): Ohh really what am I thinking now... (pretending he is thinking)

Geet: Same thing again

Maan: Geet you know what you love starting up fights

Geet (gasps): No I don't

Maan: Yes you do...right now you are trying to fight for no reason...I was just smiling for no reason and you I don't know what went in your head and thought I was thinking about you

Geet: You know what...fine I am going...thank you for this lunch (she gets up and goes..Maan curses himself for loosing his temper..he pays for the bill and goes after Geet)

Maan (catches up with her): wait listen

Geet: what is it (in anger)

Maan: I really wasn't thinking bad about you '

Geet (looks at him): hmm it's sorry for getting mad but for the record I don't start a fight

Maan: Yeah and am the king of the world (sarcastically)

Geet: See who is starting something now...anyway I have to go now...ohh by the way...I am having this truce dinner at my house tonight if you and Adi would like you both can join us

Maan (confused): Truce dinner?

Geet: Yeah whenever Vicky and I fight we always have this truce dinner and this time it is my turn to make a dinner...since you and Adi are friends guys can come over tonight...

Maan: umm sure...

Geet: Ok see you guys tonight... (walks away)

Maan to himself... "tomorrow Geet I will reveal myself to you..I wanted to know how you exactly feel for me" he smiles and makes his way back to the hotel...Maan sat on the couch thinking of Geet..he looked at the pictures...after a while he checked his e-mails..he immediately calls Delhi

Maan: Sasha what is this! (Angry).......I don't want to hear any excuses! I go away for couple of weeks for a business meeting and I am having my clients e-mailing me for not being competent......what have you guys been doing....If you guys can't do your job properly than I don't see why I should keep you guys in my company....give me the contact details of Mr. Chopra right now! (shouting).....(he hangs up the phone hand immediately calls Mr.Chopra)

Maan (with Mr. Chopra) Hello Mr. Chopra...I want to apologize for any inconveniences..I will handle this situation immediately...(after a while) Thank you Mr. Chopra.

Maan called Adi and gave him some instructions....he hung up the phone and got up frustrated... "Damn people...within two weeks they have done this"

Precap:  Dinner! and Maan's surprise! What is going to happen?
Note: Now before you guys start to throw jotis at me lol...I have something else in umm I hope you guys liked it LOL
Link to Chapter 23

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lovely update dearClapClapClap
will wait for maan's surpriseLOLLOLLOLLOL
..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome Update
Loved it
Haha I loved Geet's bench
Awhh Maan taking pics of her was soo cute
Maan's surprise..Cant wait
Continue soon plzz
Thank u!

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Awe geet all dressed up to meet delhishark and maans there teasing her and takin pictures of her lol and love how geet gets all defensive about delhishark and awe maan got the answer he wanted and found out how geet feels about him lol and ooh a surprise anyways great update and can't wait fo the truc party and maans surprise Smile

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