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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 126)

MaansMishti Senior Member

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by MaansMishti

<font face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif" color="#0000ff">Wow I havent read this FF for just 2 weeks and so much has happendLOL. Love how Maan and Geet's relationship is forming slowly....the rat scene was hilarious ROFL. And wow the talk Maan and Geet had in his cabin was so funny.....I didnt kno Geet was this open in her relationship but then I read wat wud happen once theyre married....bechara MaanLOL....has to go thru so much bcuz of Geet LOL. And wow loved how u brought in someone for Arjun as well....I love his character way better than the show....I can so imagine the Arjun from the show as this gay Arjun cuz he always seems gay to me in the show anywaysWinkROFL. But why Yash yaar....cant imagine him like this ahaha.....why cudnt it have been Manav...he wudve pakka been the perfect guy for ArjunEmbarrassed. BTW wat happend at the store...u kinda left it hanging in the middle....did Arjun ask Yash out or wat?! LOL And OMG Adi and Pinky already go out?! ShockedWAT? HOW? SINCE WHEN?LOL.....tht was totally unexpected BUT I love itBig smile!! I cant believe Adi has been doing this behind Maan's back event though he's dead scared of himLOLand AHAHA loved Adi's pick-up line he used on Pinky....tht was so cute and like Pinky said the best pick-up line I have ever heardWink. WOW Maan and Geet romancing in the house alreadyShocked.....chi chi babaji no sharam at allLOL. Oh btw loved the song Maan was singing to find cuteSmile. PLZ jaldi update the next wanna find out wat happens next!</font>

<font face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif" color="#0000ff">P.S. I dont kno if I told u before but I love ur Geet....she's so funny and weird at the same time! Just when I think she cant get and more weirder...there she goes and does something unexpectedLOL.....I love the way ur write this FF withspontaneity!!Clap</font>

ahah YAY!!! You are finally back mishti lol

Of course all rules changes after marriage hehehee and geet will make sure that Maan is in check after marriage..I mean I would too ehehehehe

umm you will find out bout Arjun and Yash in the next part.heheh I know I left it hanging so i thougth it wuold be better if I leave tht for later hehe

Adi and pinky umm I wasn't going to give this big schok to you guys but thought hey wht the heck you guys will be surprised and I love surpriseing you guys!!! LOLLOLLOL

Is Manav a random guy name??? hehee I couldn't tihnk of anyone so thght of yash ehhehehe

haha Geet gets more weirder later on! wait and watch (Or read in this case heheh)

thanx so much for ur wonderful comment!Embarrassed

Yeah I was back, then I was gone again and now I'm back again hehe. Hopefully I wont be gone for long again but I doubt it lol. Omg I love how the story is flowing rite. Aww Maan proposed to Geet....tht was really cute. And the answer she gave Sasha was good...she deserves tht for giving Geet attitude lol. And aww Arjun and Yash r gonna make it official...thts so cute. And Adi and Pinky r such a cute couple....loved Adi hehe. Wow so everyone's gonna ask Geet for help now...hmm tht'll be interesting to read...cant wait!!! :D

Ahaha yea Geet is def getting weirder by the day, or in this case by each part hehe. So yep I will def wait and read wat more crazy things she's gonna do/say later on LOL. Oh and abt Manav...its not a random name...I was actually refering to the guy who was in the show who was trying to hit on Annie but ran away when Arjun told him tht Maan wont leave him if he hits on his sister. Idk if u remember him but I said his name bcuz he looked gay to me in the show AHAHA.

--ANGEL-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
hey...i loved ur ff...i read all the parts in one go.....everyone is depending on geet for their problems....update soon....plz pm me

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Anemari Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
hey just went thr ur ff...its good..infact amazing.pls add me to ur  PM list thank u

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!
Here is the next part...I am very Cry of watching Geet now...I don't like where the show is heading...espeically with the new article where Geet would leave Maan....Cry I don't know how I managed to update....but hopefully whoever is sad this part will bring smile to your face....Big smile


P.S. All the new readers...please add me as your buddy if you haven't received any you all!

Chapter 36

Maan: Next time if you have to study you will invite your friend here at home

Pinky: What...come on bhai...I told you that she went to the car to get something...(both makes there way inside the house...Dadima looked at both of them arguing..than she looked at Geet...Geet signaled her don't ask look)

Maan: Don't argue with me

Pinky (to Dadima): Dadima make Maan Bhai understand....

Dadima: uffo Maan stop it..Pinky listen to your brother....

Pinky: Yeah that helped...

Dadima: Both of you be quiet...and go to your rooms....

Maan: I am not a little kid...

Dadima: Maan go and get freshen up for too Pinky....(both left....) dealing with kids here...(she goes up to Geet...) Geet beta come with me..I want to show you something...

Geet: Ji Dadima....(Dadima led Geet to her room...she closed the door...Dadima went to her closet and took out jewelry boxes) What is this Dadima?

Dadima: These jewelry has been in our family for many generations and it is always the oldest Khurana bahu that gets these jewelry...after marriage it will be yours

Geet: Wow Dadima...but it will be much safer with you....

Dadima (smiles): Geet beta I wanted to ask you something

Geet: Sure Dadima..what is it?

Dadima: You won't say no right?

Geet: Of course not Dadima...tell me Dadima

Dadima: Some of my club members planned a trip to Goa for a weekend

Geet: Wow that sounds so exciting

Dadima; But

Geet: But what Dadima

Dadima: Maan won't let me go....because he thinks that I should be home resting...Geet tell me I should have my own life as well right (Geet nodes her head yes) just because I am old does that mean that I am not allowed to go out? (Geet nodes her head as a no) He doesn't understand that....(Dadima eyes tears up..Geet wipes her tear)

Geet: Don't worry Dadima..I will talk to one can stop you from going to the trip

Dadima: Thank you beta ("Bingo! Maan's Dada always told me I am a great actress" She smiles at Geet) lets go downstairs

Geet: Sure Dadima...
Maan and Geet were both walking outside of the mansion to drop her home....Geet was about to open the passenger car door when Maan held her and blocked her ways with both arms around the car...Geet looked into his eyes....
Maan: Geet there is something I want to know...we are about to get married and I feel like it is important

Geet (puts her hand on his face): Sure Maan what is it?

Maan: how come you never talk about your family (Geet looked down...Maan brings her chin up to face him...tear escapes from her eyes..Maan wipes it away) Tell me Geet....

Geet: There is nothing to dad left my mom when she was 7 months pregnant with mom had single handily raised me....she always told me that I am mature for my one day my mom told me about my father...after that day I never mentioned him...but I knew she still loved him...every year she would do karva chaut for him..I never understood why..but not once did she cry..I always saw her smiling doing stupid jokes....i guess that is why I am so goffy and random..I got it from her (laguhs a little) when I was 20 she died of cancer...she taught me how to be strong and fight for what's right...she was my best friend....(tears start escaping from her eyes....Maan hugged her) You know why I love Cookie so much?

Maan: Why?

Geet: Because she was my 18th birthday present from my mom....whenever I need Cookie she is always there for me..even after my mom died Cookie was there doing stupid dog tricks to cheer me up...I knew from that day on no matter how hard life is..I will always have her....

Maan: Did you ever try to find out your dad to ask him why?

Geet: All I know is his name was Pradeep mom used her surname Handa....and I don't care if he is alive or dead....

Maan: I would never do that to you Geet...I hope you know that...

Geet: I know...I trust you...king kong(Both hugged each other never wanting to move out of each other's grip)

Maan (trying to lighten up the mood): Why are you referring me to different monkey names?

Geet: Because I love monkeys..especially King are my king kong and am your Ann Darrow...(laughs) if you don't like that than how about..You are my tarzan and am your Jane?

Maan: Maan likes (talking in Tarzan voice) Am Jane (both laughs)
Geet heard a knock on her hotel room....she puts the pillow on her head to block out the noise..but it kept getting louder and up she opened the door....
Geet: who is it?

Arjun: Geet my darling....I thought we could have breakfast together...(Geet looked at the was 8 in the morning...)

Geet: You have any idea how early you are?

Arjun: come on Geet...(pushes Geet aside) this would be the worse side I have seen of you...go fix your hair and in the mean time I will set up the table...

Geet: Fine! I will be back in 15 mintues....

Arjun: Hurry I have some news for you....(After Geet came out both ate their breakfast...)

Geet: Ok Arjun tell me the news...I can't wait any longer

Arjun: ok here it goes....Yash asked me to make it official

Geet (hugs Arjun): wow really..I am really happy for you

Arjun: I know...he is so nice and such a gentleman....I wanted to thank you for giving me strength to go and talk to him...

Geet: No are my friend...anything for a friend

Arjun: Speaking of a friend...remember the fashion show I told you about? (Geet nodes her head yes) Well than guess what...

Geet (gets excited) No way...You mean......that....I can.....

Arjun: yes you can..and you can model with Maan bhai...that is if he agrees

Geet: OMG YAY!!! I am so happy....thank you thank you...omg me and on a cool is that

Arjun: Well than don't get happy....there something you have to do for me

Geet (looks at Arjun): I knew there has to be a catch...ok what is it....

Arjun: Well Maan bhai doesn't know about me and Yash...sooo....

Geet (completes his sentence): sooo you want me to talk to your brother...knowing how protective he is with you and Pinky....

Arjun (gets up and hugs her): yes I knew you would say yes..I have to go and tell Yash this news..thanx you are the best!

Geet: I didn't say

Arjun: la la la can't hear you....i gotta to him asap and let me know..bye (he runs out the door)

Geet: Great...first I have to talk to Dadima and now Arjun....(she jumps on the bed) Geet hopefully you can make it out alive....I should talk to him about Arjun first...than no Dadima first..she will be easy....than Arjun...ok i will go to lunch with Maan and casually bring up the subject...let me get some sleep for now...I am tried...(Geet doses off..she wakes up around 12 when she hears her phone ring..she picks up the phone without looking) Helloo...Maann

Pinky: No Geet Bhabi its Pinky...

Geet (opens her eyes): Pinky hey is everything alright?

Pinky: Yeah everything is alright...I thought if we could spend the day together....

Geet: umm yeah sure...I will meet you in the mall in half hour

Pinky: Ok bye...

Geet (to herself): At least I could enjoy myself before I get killed by Maan...
Geet meets up with Pinky on the mall....both go to the food court to eat...
Pinky: Thank you for coming...

Geet: You don't need to thank what is the plan for today?

Pinky: I don't know we could go shopping and talk

Geet: Sounds fun..ok so tell me what's going on in your college...about your friends

Pinky: What friends...Maan bhai drives all of them off with his one msk angry glare...they are so scared to come near me even in college...(Geet laughs)

Geet: wow..good thing I am a only child (laughs) I don't know what I would do if I had older protective brother like Maan

Pinky: you are lucky....i would trade my place with anyone

Geet: Don't say know Maan loves you guys like anything...and you are so lucky that he would never let anything harm is good to have that protective shield

Pinky: I know but at times I feel like Maan bhai should know that we are not young anymore...I have so much respect for him and I look at him like my mentor but Maan bhai shouldn't be this strict..I want to show him that I can make my own decisions and make him proud

Geet (holds her hand): Don't worry when time comes you will show him that you are not a little girl anymore...

Pinky: Actually that is what I wanted to talk to you about (she looks down)

Geet: hmm ok tell me what happened

Pinky: There is this guy I like and he likes me too...we have been sort of secretly going out together for past one year

Geet: What! (yells..she leans closer to Pinky) Are you freaking you have any idea what Maan will do...I mean for god sakes he is more dangerous than a don...

Pinky (cries): I just happened..we both love each other and he is so nice and he takes care of me....

Geet: Don't cry...ok tell me his name...(holds her hand)

Pinky: Adi

Geet: You are kidding right..the same Adi that works with Maan?...the same Adi who can't form a proper sentence in front of Maan? He fell in love with you...and behind Maan's back he has been going out with you (Pinky nodes her head) Well that is just great...ok Pinky now tell me the same Adi who fell in love with you...who is hell scared of Maan and his do you expect him to talk to Maan about this?

Pinky: Well ummm we thought that umm you (looks at Geet)

Geet: I don't remember putting up a flyer about 1800-Ask guys are trying to get me killed by Maan...

Pinky: I know I am sorry...we didn't have any other way and we don't know who to ask are the only one that can make him understand...please

Geet: (sighs): Ok I will talk to him...but there is no both better be prepared for that volcano to erupt especially Adi

Pinky: (Gets up and hugs her)..thank you thank you so much....I have to tell Adi this news

Geet: ok I have to go back to my hotel and figure out a way...ohh I will talk to Adi when I go meet Maan...

Pinky: Ok thanx you are the best!
Geet went to the hotel and took out a notepad...
"ok let's see what should I get out of the way first...maybe I should start off with something that could distract him"

To Do's:
1.) Talk to Maan about fashion show :)...yay!
2.) Wedding plans...what to wear and other wedding stuff...
3.) Talk to Maan about Dadima trip to Goa
4.) My possible trip back to USA to do some unintended business (after fashion show)
5.) Yash and Arjun hooking up
6.) Adi and Pinky (hardest one)
7.) KILL VICKY!!!!!!!!  "Hey Vicky your so so icky just the thought of being around you makes oh so sicky" (laughs) "Ohh Vicky can we can one thing, its your super total yuckiness that makes me wanna sing.." (Laughs..wait till Maan hears this song ) [Credit to the song: Fairly Odd ParentsLOL]

"OMG no wonder everyone was so nice to me, giving me stuff and bringing me breakfast and taking me out to lunch...Thosse sneaky people....they tricked me and I fell for it...damn it...they all did their emotional drama and am one the one getting killed....I swear to God...I will haunt them except for Dadima...omg its too late for me to back out now..."

Precap: you are moving to the outhouse

Link to: Chapter 37

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loved the update...............bechari ko emotionally blackmail karke fasa diya...........ab maan ka gussa geet pe phatega............

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KreyaArshiLover IF-Sizzlerz

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I feel so sorry for geet
Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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gr8 update
Bechaari geet doesn't say no 2 anyfing
Wonda how Maans going 2 react 2 all dis
Haha dadi'z drama bingo
Precap sounds interesting--is Maan telling geet 2 move 2 the outhouse?
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the pm
maaneetfan123 Senior Member

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amazing update loved it and continue soon
thanks 4 pm

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