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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 118)

sona-rai IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 2:37am | IP Logged
lovely update and awesome awesome precapBig smilewaiting for next partBig smile

SahSah IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
That was so adorable udpate....loved it
awww geet is just too good...LOLLOL
precap looks promising
--love-- Senior Member

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:07am | IP Logged
thank Goodness!
u have updated
i was waiting fr it too long
jst loved it totally
n wid that precap
i jst cant wait
make it soon
waiting eagerly fr it like a despo
puth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged
awesome update simi
amzu32 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
awesome update
 loved it.......Continue soon!
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Hey guys: Ok I have a quick question: Do you want me to continue on with humor filled updates or you guys want me to get serious and bring some serious twists and whatnot...let me know..cuz I don't want you guys to think I am going overboard with humor..LOL
Chapter 35
Maan and Geet both were having dinner...he was amazed at how much Geet could actually eat...she probably ate 80% of the food while he was still struggling to finish his dish.. "How does she stay skinny?" he wondered.
Geet (looked at Maan): What happened?

Maan: How can you eat this much

Geet: I don't gain weight so I take full advantage of this face (laughs)

Maan: Geet can I ask you something else?

Geet: sure Maanu Jaanu

Maan: ugh Geet don't call me Maanu Jaanu...does not suit my personality

Geet: Its Cute...

Maan: Exactly its cute..I don't like it...

Geet (roles her eyes): That's what you wanted to ask me?

Maan: No that was one of the things...the other thing was were you really serious about having three kids?

Geet: Of course I was...why you don't want three kids?

Maan: Actually I want to have a full cricket team...

Geet (chokes on her food): What! A cricket team? You are crazy? I am NOT raising that many kids....

Maan (calmly replies): Can you imagine mini Geet and Maan running around...

Geet: Maan you have gone is not possible

Maan: Sure it is...this one couples had 16+ if they can do it so can we...Si es puede

Geet: So what..I am not doing this...I am not going more than 3 kids..and you better get that 16+ out of your head...

Maan: Wanna bet? (winks at her...Maan starts caressing her leg slowly..Geet dropped her spoon and looked at Maan baffled...)

Geet: Maan what are you doing?

Maan: what Geet what am I doing? (trying to play innocent)

Geet: Don't pretend! (Maan slowly moves his leg up to her knees) Maan stop it....

Maan: Stop what Geet? I am eating my food just like you are...(Geet tried to move her chair away but Maan held her chair with his other leg..she looked at Maan who just smiled at her while eating...) Geet why don't you eat...your food is getting cold

Geet: You know why I am not eating....

Maan: Do I? (He starts moving his leg higher)

Geet (yelps); Ok what do you want?

Maan: Answer to my question...about kids

Geet: I will not answer until you stop...(Maan stops right away) Good...we will we see...hope that answers your questions

Maan: No...I want a definite answer (Starts caressing his leg again)

Geet: Ok ok...fine...happy...just stop doing that...(Geet thinks: "Mr. Khurana I will get you for this")

Maan: Very...

Geet: I hate you...

Maan: Do I still get my kiss that you promised before?

Geet: Nope...if you want that than no more than 3 kids

Maan: I will pass on that kiss deal for now...(winks at her...Geet roles her eyes as both silently eat there dinner...) Let's go to beach after we are done with dinner...
Pinky: Adi you have to talk to Maan bhai about us and let him know

Adi: Pinky do you want me to die? I thought you liked me..whenever I see Maan sir you know I can't speak...

Pinky: But we can't be sneaking around forever

Adi: Why not....

Pinky: What happens when Bhai fixes my marriage?

Adi: He won't do it yet...we still have couple of more years to enjoy until than... (puts his arm around her)

Pinky (shoves his arm off): No..I feel bad lying to Maan bhai...he needs to know..

Adi: How about we speak to Arjun about this?

Pinky: Arjun bhai is himself scared of Maan bhai...

Adi: Than how do you expect me to speak to Maan Sir myself? How about Dadima

Pinky: Forget Dadima...she will make it worse...we have to think..there has to be someone (both think....both look at each other happy..) Do you have the same person in mind as I do?

Adi (smiles): three we both will say the name

Pinky: ok...1 2 3

Both: Geet...(both hug each other in joy)

Pinky: ok I will ask Geet when I get the chance..

Adi: I will ask her when I see her at the office...ok now can we enjoy ourselves...

Pinky: Sure..let's go to beach...I told Maan bhai I am hanging out with a friend after college...

Adi: Ok let's go than madam....
Dadima on the phone with her club friend:
Daidma: Yeah you heard it right..Maan will get married soon...

Friend: About time...I thought something was wrong with him

Dadima: Don't say anything bad about my grand matter how they are I still love them...

Friend: Sorry...listen remember the plan we all had made before in the club couple of months back

Dadima: Yeah the Goa trip...I remember

Friend: Well it has been decided...we could probably go in next two weeks

Dadima: know I have to prepare for Maan's wedding and preparations

Friend: I haven't decided the wedding date yet...when you have done that..the rest of the preparations will be done in no have all of us to help you as well...

Dadima: hmm that's long is it for?

Friend: just for a will be good for us to do something different...

Dadima: that is not bad but there is one problem

Friend: What problem

Dadima: My grandson Maan...he will never agree to this...

Friend: Seriously is he your dada or are you his dadi?

Dadima: I know..he just cares thats all

Friend: there has to be a way...

Dadima (thinks and smiles): I know a way...I will call you later...bye (she hangs up the herself.. "Geet I have to talk to her when I get the chance")
Yash: Arjun I had a great time at the dinner...(both walk out of the restaurant)

Arjun: Yeah me was fun...

Yash: I wonder why it took you so long to talk to me...

Arjun: I could say the same time abut you....

Yash: I didn't had the guts..I didn't want you to think I was some kind of weirdo

Arjun: aww Yoshi I could never think of you as a weirdo...I guess I was in the same position as you..I just needed an extra push from a friend...

Yash: I wanted to ask you something...(he sighs and looks down)

Arjun: What is it?

Yash: I want to make this I mean us official

Arjun (smiles wide): ways...

Yash: So

Arjun: So..can't you tell my answer from my smile (smiles again for Yash)

Yash (laughs): You are something...

Arjun: I know...I have to tell Geet and everyone in the house about this

Yash: What they don't know that you know

Arjun: ohh they know...I meant about us...

Yash: ohh ok...when I will meet them?

Arjun: Soon...(after a second): ohh shoot..I forgot about one person

Yash: who?

Arjun: Maan bhai...he is going to be tough to tell him....he would not agree

Yash: Why not? You are old enough

Arjun: You don't understand..he is WAAAYYY over protective..once he finds out he will hunt you down and you questions like a Hitler (Yash gulps in fear)

Yash: Nnnn now what? (scared)

Arjun: I might have one person that owes me a favor that can help us

Yash: ohh really who?

Arjun: His fiance Geet...
Geet and Maan are at the beach walking holding each other's hand...Geet stops and stands in front of Maan...she steps on top of his shoes and puts her arms around his neck...Maan start walking with Geet hugging him...
Geet: Maan

Maan: hmmm

Geet: What was your first impression of me when we met at the airport?

Maan (smiles): hmm let's see...ill mannered, pagal, rude, insensitive, at one point I thought you were going to be auditioning for a clown school..(Geet gasps..Maan smiles...) should I go on?

Geet: Funny how I thought the same about you....I thought you were a complete gadha, duffer, iditot, moron, egoistic, arrogant....

Maan: ok ok I get what is your expression of me?

Geet: umm sweet (kisses his jaw) handsome (kisses his nose) smart (kisses his cheeks) have great body (kisses his eyes) and my only King Kong (stops at his lips)

Maan: Why did you stop? (he smirks)

Geet: because after what you did at the restaurant you don't deserve it...

Maan: What did I do? (faking innocence again...Geet looks at him) ohh you mean this...(moves his hands from her waist to her legs...caressing it slowly...Geet looks at him with fear..Maan smirks at her) What happened? (his every touch was sending chills in Geet's body...Geet pushes Maan and starts to walk away when Maan catches her hand)
   "Pyaar hua, ikraar hua hai"
    "Pyaar se phir kyoon darrta hai dil"

Geet: "Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil"
"Maaloom nahin hai kahan manzil"

Maan twirls her around and puts her back on his feet...both started walking again looking into each others eyes....
Both Pinky and Adi went to the beach...both were having fun splashing water on each other...
Pinky (screams): Adi stop it I will catch a cold

Adi (laughs): No way..this is so much fun...(he goes near Pinky and drops her in the water.. and runs out..Pinky screams and runs after Adi..after a while both collapse on their knees laughing...Pinky looks straight ahead with a scared expression...Adi notices..) Pinky what happened? Why are you so scared?

Pinky: Maan Bhai

Adi (scared): Maaa maaaa maaaan sssss ssssiiiirrrrr yaaahhhaaa paaarr

Pinky (laughs): hahaa your expressions were hilarious...maaa maaa maaan (makes fun of him)

Adi: Pinky don't do that...seriously you have no idea..i almost had an heart attack...(pinky looks at Adi and immediately stops laughing..and is scared) ohh yeah nice try I am not going to fall for this again

Pinky: no this time I am serious..I see Geet Bhabi and Maan bhai walking...look behind....

Adi (turns his head back and is scared seeing Maan and Geet walking from afar...) ppppiiinnnnkkky whhhaaatttttt aaarrreeeee

Pinky: By the time you complete your sentence we are going to be dead...get up and start running...

Adi: no they will see me and recognize me..I need to hide...what to do....

Pinky: ok start digging the sand and lie down....

Adi: What! I am not doing that.

Pinky: Do you want to get killed by Maan bhai?

Adi: Good point..dig Pinky...dig my life depends on it (Both started digging as fast as they could....)

Pinky: Ok now lie down..I am going to cover you up...don't make any noise...(Adi lies down and Pinky starts putting sand on him...Adi starts throwing sand on his body too to cover up his body...with fear) Don't say anything...I am going to cover your face with your jacket...

Adi: What if he sees me?

Pinky: ssshhh they are getting closer..(she pretends to play with the sand)

Maan: Geet I see Pinky sitting there

Geet: What is she doing here by herself at night

Maan (mad): I don't know I am going to find out....(He walks up to Pinky) Pinky what are you doing here at night?

Pinky: woh woh Bhai

Maan: And why are you wet? I thought you were at your friends house?

Pinky: woh haan we were there after studying we decided to come here and hang out at the beach...and we played in the water...

Geet: oOo how fun

Pinky: yeah it was fun....

Maan: Geet be quiet..and where is your friend Pinky?

Pinky: umm my friend left to get something in her car...I am just waiting for her to come back

Maan (notices a jacket on the floor besides Pinky...) whose jacket is this? looks like a guy jacket (he was about to pick it up)

Pinky (shouts): no Maan Bhai...don't touch that...who knows whose it is...might be dirty...

Adi Pov:
He was sweating so badly..thank god for the sand that could absorb his sweat....he tried to not open his mouth or else his teeth would've started chattering out of soon as he heard that Maan was about to pick up the jacket...Adi immediately sent a silent prayer to his mom and dad knowing that his death might be today....he sighed in relief when he heard that they all were about to leave.....but when Maan heard a noise....he immediately held his breath in fear...his heart beats werer out of control and hoped that Maan couldn't hear them....he could tell that Maan was somewhere near him... "please go....Pinky was right...he is worse than a Hitler...he is like Hitler on least Hitler wasn't as strict as Maan sir" He could hear Pinky yelling for Maan to go...

Pinky: "Let's go Maan Bhai..I am catching a cold..."

Maan: But we should wait for your friend...I have to give her a piece of my mind....

Geet: you have a mind Maan? (started laughing...Pinky snickered but was stopped with an angry glare from Maan)

Maan: Geet I have more brains than you ever will in this lifetime....

Geet: What did you say?

Pinky: you guys can fight later let's go I am catching a cold....(All started walking...Pinky looked back where Adi is lieing down... "Sorry Adi..I had to leave you like this...")

Adi POV:
He waited for couple of minutes to make sure that they all left...when he knew that the coast is clear he got out of the sand...he patted his chest to calm his heartbeats down.... "Pinky is right..I
have to talk to Geet ASAP" He got up and started actually he ran to his car and drove as fast as he could to his house...

Precap: "Geet I need your help and talk to Maan about something"
"Geet can you talk to Maan bhai about something important...only you can control his anger"
"Geet talk to Maan sir about this please..."
P.S. I know I have the same precap..I didn't want to jump straight into that without giving some background information LOLLOL
Link to:
Chapter 36

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awesome update

loved it

aww they are so cute

yash and arjun are so funny

hahaha adi and pinky

love the precap

cant wait 4 da next part

con soon

thanks 4 da pm

komlika IF-Rockerz

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awesome update........i wouldnt mind humor........but there must also be seriousness to balance it......... i hope ur getting what im saying....... but either way i m enjoying ur update so continue.........the way u have planWink

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