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FF (M&G):Close Yet So Far(2)-[Note Pg.142] (Page 111)

-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Nice update
Geet's idea n Maan's unquiest unquie purposal was fab
Geet was over reacting for sure
Vicky gave the biggest shock
Geet wont leave him for this for sure
Update soon

mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 2:05am | IP Logged
wow that was awsome one yaar...vicky married ??
mysticangel Goldie

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 8:27pm | IP Logged

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..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
Awesomeeeeee update
loved it
gr8 part
lolz that proposal part was funny
hawh! geet didnt even hug mana..lolz
and OMG vicky got married? hmm to whom? lolz
cant wait
update soon
thank u

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Hey guys! i am back again with my updates..hopefully it is long enough and you guys like it Embarrassed


Guys; I have one you know how to add a link to the signature banner? I would like to add a link to my fan fics list topic..I don't know how

Chapter 34

Geet and Maan had told Dadima and everyone in the house about the proposal...all were so happy especially Dadima..she right away started planning Maan's wedding....Arjun decided to make all the outfits for Maan and Geet for their wedding....Maan looked at everyone around matter how crazy his family might be especially his Grandmother..he wouldn't have it any other way...they brighten up his life and know that they all are there for him no matter what...Maan went to his room to soon as Maan left..Geet took Arjun with him...
Arjun: Geet what happened..where are you taking me?

Geet: Ssshh listen I need your help...I don't know what to do and I am not very good at this either

Arjun: Ok tell me..I will help you..watsup

Geet *sighs*: I feel like such a gadhi...Maan had proposed to me and in return I didn't do anything for him instead I took him back to my hotel to tell Vicky and my Cookie about this

Arjun (looks at Geet with weird expressions): You serious...god you weren't kidding when you had told me that you don't know how to be seems like I am stuck with unromantic people in this house....

Geet: ok ok you are the best when it comes to being me out here..what should I do?

Arjun: hmm ok let me think...ok tell me what do you have in mind?

Geet: I don't know something quiet just the two of us..something unexpected

Arjun (slaps his forehead): ayi dios mios....of course surprises are meant to be unexpected...

Geet: No I meant that you know when he sees the surprise he would be blown over...I don't know something romantic...

Arjun: hmmm I might have something in mind...Don't worry I got this...I will let you know the place and time tomorrow all you have to do is show hopefully Maan bhai shows up too

Geet: are the best

Arjun: ook Maan Bhai is coming..(both quickly went back in the living room where Dadima and Arjun sat was...Arjun winked at Geet when she sat down...Maan came back and sat next to Geet...he noticed that she was thinking about something..he leaned closer toward her)

Maan: Geet what's wrong?

Geet: huh umm nothing...

Arjun: Geet tomorrow I will have your outfit ready

Maan (looked at Arjun with confusing look): What outfit?

Arjun: ohh nothing..Geet liked this new idea I had for a dress and she asked me if she can have similar one so I told her she can have it once I am done making it..

Maan: Ohh can I see the outfit? (Geet coughed hearing Maan)

Arjun: Yeah you will see it when Geet wears it tomorrow night

Maan: hmm can't wait now...

Arjun: Ohh am sure you will be surprised (Geet gave Arjun you-are-dead look..while Arjun just happily smiled and chewed his food)

The next day Geet went to Maan's office to give him invitation to dinner hosted by her...she quickly made her way inside before she could be stopped by Sasha De'vil..she spots Adi and approaches to go up to him when Sasha comes in front of her yet again...Geet sighs

Sasha: I see you have come here again...

Geet: You see me here don't you?..Excuse me

Sasha: Listen you...Its better you leave...I have seen so many girls coming to this office trying to woo Maan..but let me tell you he will never go for someone like you...(Geet looks at her with amusement)

Geet: Ohh really who would he go out with?

Sasha: someone like me..I am independent, successful, beautiful, smart, I know how to dress unlike you, people respect me (someone coughed in the background [I am guessing Adi lol]) and I know Maan so I would know his choice...what do you have?

Geet: I have one thing that you don't have

Sasha (laughs): and what would that be?

Geet: Mere paas Maan hai...aur uski yeh ring (Geet shows Shasha the ring...her mouth hung so wide open that a bug could go in...) Nice talking to you (she pushes her aside and walks up to Adi)

Adi: wow what a dialogue (laughs)

Geet: Thanx I know... I have dying to use this dialogue on someone (laughs)..Do you Sasha De'vil will ever come out of the shock I just gave her?

Adi: He he he I think it will take a while for her to register what just happened....anyway Maan is in the meeting right you can wait in his cabin

Geet: Thanx..see you later

Geet goes and sits on Maan's chair since that seemed more comfortable..she quickly calls Arjun before Maan comes back...
Geet: Hey Arjun is everything going to be ready on time..

Arjun: Yeah I have your outfit picked out..come by my studio after you are done with Maan...I have to see how it looks on you...

Geet: Fantastic...Thank you...(Geet hangs up the phone..and starts humming a tune)

Maan (comes from behind): What is going on here?

Geet (shocked with Maan behind..) shoot..(she turns around and sees Maan standing with his arm folded across the chest) Hi Maaaannn Darling

Maan: That sounds like you are up to something...What are you up to?

Geet (thinks) "damn I have to distract him..think Geet..think..."..she gets up and starts walking toward him: ohh My adorable darling...I think of you every night every morning...(he looks at her confused...)

Maan ("Is she on drugs?" ) You are being extra Geetish today...Did you take something before coming here?

Geet (smiles and comes stand in front of him...and puts her hands around his neck): Tere bin main nahi jee sakti hoon...ohh my darling you are my prince charrrmmming...

Maan (smiles and puts his hands on her waist): Of course I will always be your prince charming...(he was about to kiss her neck when Geet moves away)

Geet: ok I have to go now..bye

Maan (looks at her shocked): What...didn't you came here to meet me?

Geet: Yeah I did...and now since I met you..I have to go...bye (she quickly leaves leaving Maan behind confused..he goes and sits on his desk...he sees a card on the table...he opens the card)

From: NyQueen
To: DelhisShark
My cute maanu jaannu....the only monkey in my life (Maan: What the hell...I have to talk to her about these stupid nicknames she is giving me...The only monkey? Is she saying I look like a monkey?) I have a surprise for you up at this address...

P.S. Don't come to early or late...


Geet: Arjun what kind of dress is this?

Arjun: A sexy one...Maan bhai will go crazy seeing you in this dress

Geet: But Arjun..I can't wear about something simple like maybe a sari

Arjun: I don't do needed my help and now you are getting it...and there is no backing out now...whether you like it or not you are going to wear this dress

Geet: But

Arjun: you have to go now to the place...bye (Arjun shoves Geet out the door and closes it on her face...Geet cursed herself for asking Arjun's help...she looks at the dress again..and starts walking mumbling to herself...)

Maan walks to the place..
knirwal (thank you for the pic)

"Geet..where are you?"

Geet: Right behind you...(Maan turns around and was shocked to see Geet in that dress...he looks at her from top to bottom...Geet blushes and looks down)

Maan: wow...umm I mean what is this surprise for?

Geet: Yesterday you had surprised me for your proposal and so I thought I should surprise you tonight...what do you think?

Maan: I love it...(he goes up to Geet and kisses her lips...soon the kiss becomes very passionate...) you should wear this dress more look very hot...(he whispers in her ear)

Geet: I know I look hot...I had so many guys looking at me...

Maan (looks at her): Guys? What guys?

Geet: ohh some waiters and even the managers, some people from the hotel ...i got so many compliments....and even the taxi driver was looking at me

Maan: What! You left the hotel wearing this?

Geet: Of course..I had to wear it and come here...what's wrong? (trying to hold her laughter)

Maan: Nothing...I have to go now...

Geet: Where are you going Maan? (faking innocence...)

Maan: I have something to do..enjoy your dinner with all the guys that gave you compliment...

Geet (comes in front of him): Maan look at me...

Maan: No (turns his head sideways like a little boy)

Geet: Monkey come on look at me....(she caresses his face...starting from his jaw to his lips, nose, cheeks, and stops at his eyes...Maan controls himself...) Maan you have the most beautiful is like window to your soul...(Maan pushes her hand away and begins to walk when Geet holds his hand from behind...Maan smiles...She comes in front of Maan again and puts her hands around his neck and looks straight into his eyes)

Geet: Maan you know what I see in your eyes right now (whispers in his eyes...Maan gives her a confused look) I see the love you have for you see the same love in my eyes? (Maan nodes) So Mr. Khurana do you think I will show this dress to anyone but you? (Maan puts his hands on her waist and pulls her close to him...Geet smiles...)

Maan: Geet if you keep talking like that than how can I control myself? (his hands starts snaking around her back...moving upwards to her shoulders and slowly moving to her arms and to her hands around his neck...he holds her hands...and kisses them lightly while still looking at Geet...both dance slowly even thought there was no music in the background...they didn't care as long as they had each other....after a while) Geet who did this decorations?

Geet: Arjun you like it?

Maan: Yes I do but there is something I love more than this decorations....

Geet: What's that?

Maan; your sexy will surly make me crazy...

Geet: That is the plan..make you crazy over me...just like I am crazy over you

Maan: You don't need to ask me twice (he holds her really tight and starts kissing her neck...he gives her love bites on her neck and starts to slowly move to her face....)

Geet: Maan...let's have our will get cold

Maan; I am having my dinner (while giving her kisses all over her neck and shoulders)

Geet: Maan you are so shameless...(she gets out of his hold...) we can continue this later Mr. Khurana (winks at him and walks to their table)

Maan: I will hold you to it....

Precap: Maan: Geet were you serious about having three kids?
"Geet I need your help and talk to Maan about something"
"Geet can you talk to Maan bhai about something important...only you can control his anger"
"Geet talk to Maan sir about this please..."

Link to: Chapter 35

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yayy me first....PartyParty
amazing update
Loved Geets surprise 4 Maan
The dress was gawjus
Luved da part wen geet sed 2 sasha dat she'z got Maan & his ring
Precap sounds funny---every1 turning 2 Geet 4 help
Bechara Maan his wife has already planned the kids b4 marriage
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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hai hai nice surpriseDay Dreaming....lovely continue soon....
-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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amzing part....lovd how geet gave it back to sasha....the surprise was too good......i am already loving the precap....the 3 kids part will be nice to read n funny also.................n i am also guessing that everyone will b ussing geet as a mean to make maan agree to them........continue soon........

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