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Twist Of Fate~MN-SG FF-Imp Note Pg152-18/9/11 (Page 43)

--Mahima-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 3:53am | IP Logged
part 5-
can't wait for things to twist

zarfishanzahid IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
mind blowing update plzzzzzzzzz update soooooooooon

thx alot for the pm
kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
PART 10 on PAGE 39

Hey guys,
Thanks a lot for your awesome, fabulous comments, I completely loved them and also thanks to everybody who pressed on 'like' :).
I read them a lot of times and reading your guys comments really did make my day, thanks :D

Though, I truly want to reply to every comment individually but I can't as I am really getting busier day by day :(. I hope you guys aren't angry by this fact but let me tell you once again thanks guys for showering me with your love and support, please keep supporting and loving as it means a lot to me :D.

I am glad to know you all liked the part and I hope you'll like the upcoming parts too. :)

Guys, your response was really overwhelming :).

If you have any question and which I forget to answer please do make me remember.

IMPORTANT POINT: If you find I wrote love making scenes explicitly please let me know :)

I'll update the part today or tomorrow, hopefully :) Sorry for the delay, as I wanted to make sure that the next part has not explicit scenes according to the mods :)

PS: IMPORTANT: please add me to your buddy list if you want PMs :)

Luv u all<333

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
waiting for ur update kash
update soon
sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
pls update soon dear..............
BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged
hey kashishk love d way u wrote everything...
Its seems reals...
Koi bhi scene ho love making ya romence....
I love to read all....
Plz ud soon....

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 5:25am | IP Logged
PART 10 on PAGE 39

Now that Samrat and Gunjan were gone, Mayank prayed for their safety and he was happy. Now his coast was clear.

In the other side, Nupur felt happy for them yet sad for herself, she would have to leave in Samrat's house alone. Not that she was afraid but she didn't like staying alone. She would have stayed somewhere else but for now she couldn't risk to go there. She had to wait for Vivek to gain his conscience.

What will the next day bring in their lives?

Unlike other days, Nupur felt really low, she was never used to stay alone but now she had to as she was away from very important persons in her life. The following day, she went to hospital and resumed her duty.

Meanwhile, Mayank had a first full plan ready in his mind with no loopholes. He was going to take each and every step slowly and wouldn't do anything in haste as it would only create more problems for him.

As usually, he wanted to torment Nupur, with his touches and kisses. Somewhere, he still thought that he could effect her and if he really effected her than it would be to his advantage. He was fully going to use it.

When she came in his view, he quickly yet secretly held her arm and pulled her in the fire scape. Nupur sighed knowing there was only one 'psycho' in the whole hospital. "What is the problem with you Dr Mayank Mallik" she spitted the words, clearly showing her despise.

"You are my problem Dr Nupur thus I want to warn you, be aware" he said evilly and was about to place his lips on her but was stopped.

Nupur placed her hand on his chest and smirked "I thought last time was good lesson for you and I also wondered if you will be ever able to produce baby" she taunted him.

"Nupur" Mayank yelled at her insulting words.

"Don't Nupur me, as I know my name really well" she grinned fully and was about to leave when Mayank pinned her to the wall. His arms on each side and barely any space between them.

His eyes were showing pure anger whilst hers were showing more intense anger than his. It felt like, if given a chance, they would have killed each other with eyes.

As he was going to claim her lips forcefully, her pager beeping. Instead of his forceful kiss, she forcefully pushed him away and looked at her pager. Looking at her pager, the color drained from her beautiful face, she was looking pale like a ghost.

No matter how much he hated her but seeing her like this he as worried. "What happened?"

In another side of the world, two lover were involved with each other, forgetting the rest of the world "Samrat, let's go out and have breakfast, I am tired"

"As you wish princess" he said smacking his lips on hers and then freeing her, he took her in the bathroom, the jacuzzi was filled of red roses.

He placed her on the hot water that he filled when he woke up, few minutes before her. He joined her in the jacuzzi and hugged her. Gunjan gasped feeling them touching skin to skin.

Samrat smirked and placed his lips on her neck then moved to her lips, while roaming his hands on her waist and were not. "Samrat" Gunjan moaned, feeling the sensation in her body.

"I *kiss* so love *kiss* you Gunjan" Samrat said between the kisses.

"I love you too" Gunjan said back whenever she pulled back from him, just to be pulled back.

"let's give each other shower" Samrat suggested huskily.

Gunjan blushed but kissed on his cheek. They soaped each other, touching each and every part. Samrat felt really hot while soaping her at few places meanwhile Gunjan felt the same but felt shy. Samrat smiled at his shying bride. Not to control themselves in the between, they made love to each other once again.

"I am tired" Gunjan said, placing her head on his shoulder, once they came out of the jacuzzi. Samrat scooped her in his arms "how about I order, the breakfast in the room".

Gunjan nodded and closed her eyes. Samrat placed her on the bed and ordered the food before wearing clothes. Gunjan had already changed and was laying on the bed. By the time, the  bell rang, Samrat had worn his clothes and went to open the door.

He collected the food and closed the door. He placed the food on the table in the middle of their lovely hall. Samrat went near Gunjan, only to realize she had dozed off. He made a promise to never exhaust her. She slept without having breakfast. He laid next to her, while hugging her and giving her a kiss. Eventually, he too dozed off along her, without having breakfast.

By the time, they woke up, the breakfast was cold and it was lunch time, Samrat immediately ordered it knowing his wife was hungry. "Are you still tired baby?" Samrat whispered while caressing her hairs.

"No, only just a bit" she said, placing her head on his stretched arm.

"I am really sorry, because of me you are feeling pain" Samrat said, with his eyes moist.

"shh" Gunjan said placing his finger on his lips "It is ok, I am just not used to all this, it will take a bit time" she said the last bit shying.

Samrat said "but still I will make sure that you are not so exhaust to sleep when you are hungry" he kissed her on her forehead. He knew if she was hungry, she couldn't still unless, she was dead tired. Gunjan smiled looking at him, feeling really touched. She kissed him back on his forehead.

After that, Samrat laid the food on the table as soon as it arrived, they fed each other along kisses and enjoying each other's warmth of arms.

In the fire scape of Sanjeevani hospital, Mayank asked again looking at her pale face "What happened?"

"Vivek is critical" she said in a barely audible tone. If something happened to him how was she going to do for what she came here. "no he can't die, not until I allow him" saying this she rushed out of the fire scape but before her Mayank had rushed out.

They both joined the Operation Theater with a difference of a second. They operated him, till the last breath. Nupur wasn't ready to give up on him for several hidden reasons and Mayank wasn't ready to give up because he loved Vivek as his own brother.

After hours, Vivek was stable and if the operation was really successful with not other effects than he would gain his conscience soon.

As Vivek was back to life according to their diagnosis, neither Mayank nor Nupur were ready to leave from there.

Even the next day, he hadn't come back to his sense. Mayank and Nupur were waiting impatiently.

Unfortunately, Nupur received an urgent call and had to leave halfheartedly but she would tackle this situation later.

On the other side, Mayank observed her leaving and was relaxed. From the past few encounters of Nupur and Vivek in coma, he had understood that Vivek had some fear regarding her thus it would be better if she was to stay away from him, specially when he was going to come around.

After an hour, Vivek gained his conscience. Mayank ran to him and hugged him "I am so happy to have you back Vivek bhai" He said happily.

"Mayank please take me away from here, she... She... Ridhi... Nupur will not leave me" Vivek said choking on his words. The main reason that he gained his senses was because of his fear to Nupur. All the words she said when he was in coma were still fresh on his mind.

"But bhai, you just came out of coma, you need rest" Mayank tried to reason with him.

"no Mayank, please take me away from here" Vivek pleaded him but when he still hesitation on Mayank's face, he said "please, swear on me, take me away from here"

Mayank closed his eyes, having no other option but to give in. He helped Vivek out of the hospital.

Meanwhile, Nupur was parking her car when she saw Mayank taking Vivek away in his car "WTH, how dare he walk away". Nupur was really angry, so angry that she could kill anyone. Without giving a thought, she gave life to the engine and followed them and also called someone.

"Mayank, see she is following us" Vivek was scared as soon as he saw her in the car behind them.

Even though, Mayank was confused with Vivek's behavior but let it pass thinking it might be traumatic for him to have seen his friend dying.

Not so late enough, a few car stopped them so Mayank had to apply breaks. "Sh*t! I am gone" that was the last thing that Vivek murmured.

Vivel reluctantly came out of the car, accompanied by Mayank. "Why have you stopped us?" Mayank asked with a frown. CBI cars were parked in front of them, for sure they were supposed to be afraid and shocked.

"Mr Vivek, you are under-arrested for making a fraud in Mr Arjun Gupta's company account before your slipped into coma" A cop, around 25 years old, announced him this.

"But I didn't this is a lie" Vivek shouted at the false accuses.

"Oh of course, those accusations are right" Nupur said with a grin. The police took Vivek away, leaving a shocked Mayank. He was belwiered to see this. "Has even Vivek cheated with me? not this can't happen' he was appalled.

"so nice to see you here Mr Mallik" She said with a smug smile "oh and by the way, he hadn't done any fraud in my company but he will stay in the prison all his life because I have all the necessary proofs" she giggled as she was done saying it.

"you wouldn't dare it" he said in angry tone.

"I will dare it, doesn't it make equal, my brother in jail, yours in jail as well" she said laughed sarcastically.

"Vivek will come out as I will clear all the matters but let me assure you, I will re-open your brothers case and make sure that this time, he receive a sentence till death" he challenged her back, glaring at her, his words full of venom

Nupur grinned and said coldly "we will see"

"Wait and watch Ms Gupta oh or should I say ex-Mrs Nupur Mayank Mallik" he taunted her but in response didn't get any satisfactory response. In all the process, he forgot that he was to torment her, he wanted to take her off from Vivek's duty in a way that she would be himuliated, so much to face herself; but now Vivek was back to normal thus no use of his plan.

Giving a curt nod, she left him and went back at Samrat's home. Her goal was reaching closer, her brother's case was to be open again, she will make sure, he is out, no matter what. Concerning Vivek, yes she had lied but he needed to stay under custody. He wasn't arrested for those allegations but was arrested for the case itself.

She herself planned it, as she received a call, she picked it up "so what did he say?"

"he is ready to open the case" she said with a victory smile.

"So finally you got what you want" the other guy said with a smile as well.

"no not yet, Yuvraj" she replied curtly

"you are right. By the way, your plan worked, Vivek didn't know what he got himself into. He is actually arrested Arjun Bhai's case and not for the fraud, he will only get to know when the case will be re-opened' Yuvraj chuckled.

Who is Yuvraj? and what are they upto??

Hey guys,
So Here is the the next part, I really hope you liked the part :D
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would want to read in the future too. :D

I want to dedicate to all my friends, my readers and to people whom birthday is in April(Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D).

IMPORTANT POINT: If you find I wrote love making scenes explicitly please let me know :)

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).

If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D

All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.

And I'll PM later :)

Luv u<333

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 5:32am | IP Logged

very very nice update....

but still i made a very kind request to you please...
don't bering negative character in mayank... i cant see that...

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