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Twist Of Fate~MN-SG FF-Imp Note Pg152-18/9/11 (Page 31)

dynamic_doll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Hey Kashish!
take care nd get well soon
nd update when u feel better!

kirti123 IF-Dazzler

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take care and get well soon
kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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PART 7 on PAGE 26

SPECIAL: I wanted to know if someone of you was interested in write poems, or making siggies or VM that you want me to include in this FF, feel free to do it as I would really love it. All you have to do is to post the work in the FF concerned and PM me :D


"you were just using me to have Mayank's property, I hate you" Shouted Gunjan

Mayank was left shaken, the man he considered as his father was actually after his property. He had believed that man blindly and what he received: betrayal. One more betrayal in his life.

Soon enough the police reached there and said "we are here to arrest Mr Rishab, in the charge to use her daughter, in order to make her married a rich man"

"this is not the truth" Rishab shouted but all in vain.

"then prove it in the court, anyways we have all the proofs" the police said gesturing the constables to arrest him. Rishab, who was shouting and cursing was dragged.

Mayank was so much shocked that he stood frozen. How could Rishab do that to him? Is money everything in the world?

"now enough of emotional drama, let me get my brother and sister in law married" Nupur said with a smile and taking their hand, she took them toward the wedding pavillon.

Mayank frowned, how did she become Samrat's sister. Anyways, he thought to ask Gunjan later.

Just before entering the pavillon, Gunjan called Mayank, who finally came out from the trail of thoughts.  "Mayank even tough we were to be married but you know I always considered you as a big brother. Would you make me lucky enough to have my Kanyadan from you and Nupur?" she asked, hoping a positive response.

No matter even if they knew they were supposed to be married, it was a big compromise as Mayank had also considered her a sister but they were forced to marry due to Rishab's promise. Finally, everything was sorted out.

"Of course" Mayank said with a weak smile. He was sat with all the happenings but happy for Gunjan. She was going to get married to the man she loved. Infact, unlike Mayank, Samrat was lucky.

Forgetting their differencies, Mayank and Nupur made them sit down and when the time came, Nupur tied their knot and finally died their Kanyadan. Samrat and Gunjan were really happy.

As they were done, Samrat looked for his shoes but they were no where in sight. "where are my shoes?" he wondered in a loud voice.

"Well Samrat as you don't have any 'sali' to do the 'stealing the shoes ritual', I am doing that honour with Mayank and Atul, right Mayank and Atul?" Anjali said while looking at Mayank and her husband.

"absolutely" Mayank and Atul replied in unison. Mayank wanted to make this day memorable for the newly wedded couple.

Nonetheless, if it wasn't for Samrat and Gunjan's wedding what they would have done to each other only God knew.

"what do you want?" Asked Samrat, with a frown.

"We want three things" Atul said cheekily. Finally, he was getting a chance for a pay back. He still could remember all the leg pulling and teasing on his wedding.

"Oye no three things, just one" Nupur joined her brother, Samrat.

"Well three is also a less number to have married a princess to Samrat" Mayank replied with a wink.

"whatever" she said in a non interested tone. "by the way make sure you bride also find her shoes" Nupur added with a wink.

At this, Mayank, Atul, Anjali and Gunjan turned to look for Gunjan's choose but they were also no where to be seen.

"Arre where are Gunjan's heels?" Atul wondered while continue looking around.

"So now if you want the bride to go bare foot, you can say three things" Nupur said with a victory smile.

Mayank, Atul and Anjali looked at each other and sighed. "ok, the deal is on for two things" Anjali said.

"Ahan and what are they?" Nupur asked with a frown.

"First we need handsome sum" Anjali said, getting excited to empty her 'jijaji's' pocket.

"how much?" Samrat asked, while scrunizing the three musketeers.

"hmm 30 thousand rupees" Atul said with a grin.

"no not more 20 thousand rupees" Nupur tried to negociate.

"ok, this is the deal" Mayank said, while nodding.

Samrat handed them the money and then waited for the other thing. "we want the groom to kiss on the bride's forehead" Mayank said while whisteling, joined by the others.

The newly wedded couple blushed but Samrat did kiss on her forehead as he himself wanted to. It had been so long that they had any close moment. Finally she was his now.

Just for the happiness of Samrat and Gunjan, Nupur and Mayank put their problems aside as they didn't want the wedded couple's day to be messed up more than already done.

After all the rituals, Samrat held Gunjan by her waist and led her out of the hall, with Nupur on their side. Carefully, Nupur and Samrat helped Gunjan and Samrat sat on the other side of her. Nupur joined them in the front.

Reaching at home, Nupur welcomed them with the 'arti', a pot of rice. Then she placed a plate in front of Gunjan with red water. Gunjan happily put her hands in the plate and then placed her hands on the wall. As she took her hand back, she saw the red color. Eventually, Samrat joined with his red hands.

Samrat and Gunjan felt content to see the hands marks next to each other. After all the hardships, pains, sorrow and tears they were together.

"Samrat, you wait here, till I take your bride in your room" Nupur said with a wink, while Gunjan blushed and Samrat passed his hands through his hairs shyly.

Nupur helped Gunjan to her new room, where she was going to spend her future, which she hoped was going to be really beautiful unlike few marriages.

She made Gunjan sit on the bed with her mehnga spread in a circle. Once Nupur was satisfied with everything se left the room. She couldn't bear to stay longer in that atmosphere, the reason being it remembered her something and she felt nauseatic.

"Can I enter now?" Samrat asked impatiently.

Nupur giggled and said "not so easily"

With a frown, Samrat asked "and why is that?"

"well you have to pay before entering" Nupur said as she stuck her tongue.

Samrat sighed and wondered "weren't Gunjan's party enough that my party is also asking for money?". Anyways, he passed her the sum om money she wanted.

"Samrat can you promise me something?" Nupur asked in a serious voice, before he could enter.

Hearing her tone, Samrat sensed that there was something serious. "Of course Nupur anything" he said holding her hands.

"Please never hurt her as I know how it feels to be hurt. I don't want anyone else to endure it" she said as a tear leaked out.

This hurt Samrat as well, he knew her better than anyone. He knew all that she had gone through. If it had be on him, he would have beaten up that person who hurt her but he knew Nupur wanted to do all in her own way.

"I promise you, I will never hurt you and I will never let come any harm on you as well" Samrat promised, while wiping away her tears and hugging her.

Nupur felt assured. All that she had suffered in her life were really hurtful, her heart was deeply wounded. For outside world, she made sure that she looked strong and happy but in true she was really weak and broken, still she had to be strong for the persons related to her.

No matter, how long it took her but she was going to make sure that the persons who hurt her were punished as well. No one would be an expection in this. What she had suffered was way more than any forgiveness.

If it hadn't been for Samrat or her father, Shashank, she would have died and no one would have cared.

"Now you go, Gunjan must be waiting for you" Nupur teased him. Meanwhile, Samrat shook his head at Nupur with a blush and entered.

As he entered, he saw the room enlighted with the moon and the candless, the big bown of water full of rose petals, the room engulfed in a romantic rose scent, the bed decorated with roses. In the amidst of everything, his bride was sitting on the bed.

All looked so heavenly, it was the moment Samrat waited for ages: To have Gunjan in his life as his wife and finally It had come true.

With steady step and nervous breath he went to her then sat down. Gently, he held his hand and placed them against his lips. After that, he took her veil off and found and blushing Gunjan, with her eyes lowered yet with a light smile.

"You are looking really beautiful Mrs Gunjan Samrat Grewal" he said while kissing on her cheek.

Gunjan closed her eyes, feeling him so close. After so long they were sharing close moments like this. Soon enough, Samrat captured her lips, they had a veyr passionate, full of love kiss. Already, romantic room had become more romantic with the moans and groans. Samrat hand was wandering around her hairs and veil, in order to take the veil off. Meanwhile, with one hand around his neck, Gunjan managed to open his wedding sherwani.

In not time, they were touching skin to skin to each other, loving each other and savoring each and every part of their better half till they felt tired. They slept in each other's arms, feeling content. Finally they were one.

In the other side, Nupur was sitting in her room with her back rested against the pillow. That day, she felt like going through memory lane. This wedding had stirred something that she had buried deep inside her. The facen the events, everything.


6 years ago, Nupur lived with her brother, Arjun and her father, Shashank. Their life was full of happiness, they loved each other a lot. Nupur was the princess of Arjun and Shashank, they pampered her a lot. Arjun and Nupur were really close to each other, they shared everything to each other. Apart that, Arjun was really protecting toward Nupur. One slight bruise on Nupur and he would made sure that person a lot.

As Shashank was a doctor by profession as well as the dean of Sanjeevani, Nupur opted for medecine as she was really qeen on helping people. Arjun was a businessman, he was always interested in commerce and trade thus he opted this field. His father and sister were really proud of him.

It was a very beautiful moment, the time was almost 12 o'clock in the midnight. It was a very special day to Arjun and Shashank as their princess came into the world on that day.

Arjun and Shashank had made loads of plans to make her day special. As the clock was going to struck midnight, they toptoed in Nupur's room. As they reached their, the clock struck and it was midnight. Arjun and Shashank shouted 'Happy Birthday Princess'

But to their shock, there was no reaction. Usually, she would jump out of the blanket but this time nothing. They looked at each other worried and moved forward to take the blanket. At that precise moment, someone jumped on their back.

Arjun and Shashank got scared at the sudden attack but they realized it was their angel. "Angel you scared us" said Arjun, while huggin her.

"so what it's my right" she said with a giggle and hugged her father as well. She was really bubbly and sweet, down to earth.

After the birthday wishes, they moved to cut the cake. Nupur fed them and then messed up their faces with cake.

"Princess, you are gone" Arjun said, taking hold of a piece of cake.

Instead of moving back, she opened her mouth "first feeed me" she said with a sweet look.

With a sigh, Arjun fed her the cake. She knew very well how to melt her brother. The next whole day, they spent together, sight-seeing, shopping and watching movies. It was a family day in and out.

Nonetheless, she was showered with gifts, not that she needed any as she got gifts from her father and brother every other week.

Such as an incidence of those moments, Nupur and Arjun were seeing TV when a advertisement of a new mobile went on she really liked it but didn't say a word about it. The very next hour, she had the mobile in front of her, a gift from her brother.

Although, she was pampered badly still she didn't take advantage of it. She didn't behaved like a spoil brat, she was the most lovable person. She made friends in a snap of finger, that was her magic.

Everything was going smoothly in their life, but then everything changed.


Nupur closed her eyes in pain, she didn't want to remember the bad part of her past as for now. She would make sure, those parts are revealed in front of the right people. Unwillingly, her thought went back to her past but to the time when she met Mayank. He was like a fresh breath in the atmosphere.

Hey guys,
I am really sorry for the delay, but in the previous note I told you the reason, I was sick.. Finally I am a bit better and was able to complete the editing of the part. Thanks a lot for all of your wishes :D
So Here is the the next part, I really hope you liked the part :D
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would want to read in the future too. :D
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would want to read in the future too. :D

I want to dedicate to all my friends, my readers and to people whom birthday is in March (Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D). Apart that, to everyone, A very Happy Holi

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).
If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D

All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.

And I'll PM later :)

Luv u<333

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awesome update dear...eager to know nupur's past
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nice part..............witing for the next one ...............
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awesome update
dynamic_doll IF-Sizzlerz

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superb update Kashish!
Sajan married Big smile
feeling dad for Nupz Cry
waiting for the next update
continue soon
nd thnx for the pm Smile

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