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Twist Of Fate~MN-SG FF-Imp Note Pg152-18/9/11 (Page 22)

taibaaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
nice part...................

cutiepie12 Goldie

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 5:21am | IP Logged
still waiting for da mystery to b resolved.....cnt c mayur in pain.....dere must b sum solid reason behind all dis drama.....mayankOuch
zarfishanzahid IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 11:38am | IP Logged
awesome update kashish loved it plzzzzzzzzz cont soon

thx alot for the pm
sariska_mnarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 6:39am | IP Logged
Wht an unpredictable upd8

loved sajan's story

waiting to know wht has happened in the past

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
PART 5 on PAGE 19

Hey guys,
Thanks a lot for your awesome, fabulous comments, I completely loved them and also thanks to everybody who pressed on 'like' :).
I read them a lot of times and reading your guys comments really did make my day, thanks :D

Though, I truly want to reply to every comment individually but I can't as I am really getting busier day by day :(. I hope you guys aren't angry by this fact but let me tell you once again thanks guys for showering me with your love and support, please keep supporting and loving as it means a lot to me :D.

I am glad to know you all liked the part and I hope you'll like the upcoming parts too. :) Stay tuned to know about their past as well as the present ;)

Guys, your response was really overwhelming :)

If you have any question and which I forget to answer please do make me remember.

I'll update the part today or tomorrow, hopefully :)

PS: IMPORTANT: please add me to your buddy list if you want PMs :)

Luv u all<333

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sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
waiting 4 the update dea.r
kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
PART 5 on PAGE 19

"Baby, I know you more than anything. your pain pierce my heart and I won't let anyone hurt you till I am alive" Samrat said with a smile and kissed on her forehead.

Turning toward Mayank, Nupur said with a smirk "Mr Mallik, you are going look awesome on the day of your marriage with this blue mark on your face".

Mayank couldn't let them go, his plan couldn't fail. He had to do something soon.

"You don't know anything about her. Actually let anything, do you actually know what happened few days ago in this room?" Mayank asked with an evil grin.

"If you mean about you asking her to remind her about this room and the following events then for your information I know each and everything. As no matter how big a thing is, we always tell each other and if the mistake is big we let the other decide out punishment and for that I have punished her, didn't I?" he asked looking toward Nupur.

Nupur looked at him and blushed "I couldn't get a better punishment than that. In less than two weeks we are getting married"

That was so not what Mayank wanted. He wanted to create a rift between Samrat and Nupur but he couldn't do that. "Mayank, one more thing, don't you dare ever come closer to Nupur" with this threat Samrat and Nupur left his house.

The following day was Mayank and Gunjan's mendhi. Both looked dull as if they were going to be killed.

'I will have to sit like a stupid fellow and get covered with Mendhi' Mayank thought with a disgusted face.

The two person who were going to be married didn't love each other. They liked each other but circumstances were showing them this day, in less then 24 hours they were to be married.

No matter how much they ignored that fact but after marriage everything would probably change. Mayank would have a woman in his house all the time who will have to see the bimbo's. Even if a wife doesn't love her husband it's hard to see him with another girl. They didn't know what was in store for them.

Mayank never wanted to see tears in Gunjan's eyes but he didn't know if he would be able to sustain this. Marrying him would only give her pain. He was nothing like the guy she wanted, he would be never able to love her. He didn't want to destroy her life, he wanted her to marry a man who loved her unconditionally but now nothing was in his hand. He was helpless to one promise he had made.


Two months ago, Gunjan's dad, Rishab, was rushed into the hospital as he went through a heart attack. Gunjan were not allowed in the operation theater as they had relation with him.

Gunjan was crying really badly, she was in a bad state, she didn't know what she was going to do. She and Samrat had come Delhi to meet Rishab who was staying at Mayank's place to take care of his office, while he was in London.

All the while, Samrat was with her, assuring and confronting her. Seeing her in this state made his heart broken. He loved her so much and this sight made him vulnerable.

Two hours later, the doctor allowed Gunjan to enter as Rishab wanted to talk to them.

As she entered, she saw him with a oxygen mask on his face and he was breathing heavily. He moved the oxygen mask away with the nurse's help. "Gunjan, I don't know if I have some time of my life left or not but I want you to promise me something." he said in a watery tone. Begging her to acknowledged his promise.

"yes dad, I will do whatever you say" she said with her tears flowing down.

"promise me that you will marry Mayank. I will convince him to marry you. This is my heart wish. Not only mine but also Mayank's dad" he said in an emotional tone.

Earth was snatched away from her feet, all colors drained from her face. Her heart broke in million pieces. Her whole body was trembling badly. How could she marry someone else when she only loved Samrat.

Rishab quickly took her hand and placed it on his head "swear in me, you will only marry Mayank"

Gunjan was in a great emotional turnmoil. She didn't want to leave Samrat neither hurt his father who was in this condition. After hearing his last words, she was helpless. She would have to marry Mayank for her father's well being. Maybe, she was overlooking her happiness over her father's happiness.

"I am ready to marry Mayank" in a low and hurt voice she left the ward.


Mayank came back from the next flight and went to the hospital. He listened to Rishab and after he made Mayank swear on him that he would marry Gunjan. Moreover, he got to know it was his own father's wish so Mayank agreed to marry her. Mayank had always considered Rishab as his father and if he and his own father wanted him to be married to Gunjan then he was ready. At that moment, he was helpless. He didn't love Gunjan, he had always liked her as a friend, marrying her was a whole different story.

He would be able to love her, to give her the right place in his heart. He didn't want to do this but he couldn't break the oath he took on Rishab's head. He was helpless.


If something were in Mayank's hand, he would have made Gunjan married to Samrat. He was hurt to see Gunjan in pain seeing Samrat everything with Nupur. He couldn't see it but he couldn't do anything for his friends happiness. Every time that he thought to reunify Samrat and Gunjan, he stopped remembering his promise. He hated himself at that moment. The great Mayank MALLIK felt powerless.

During the menhdi Mayank was sitting in one side with all the boys and Gunjan was sitting on the other with the girls. There was a lot of distance in between.

"Come guys, it is one my best friends wedding let's have some entertainment" Samrat said loudly, in an excited tone.

Gunjan looked at him and wondered how could he be so happy after all that they shared. He closed her with pain, tears streaming down. She quickly wiped them and opened her moist eyes. No matter what, she couldn't get used to it.

Soon enough a dholki was brought. Anjali who knew how to use it, started drumming it.

Mehndi ni mehndi
Mehndi ni mehndi
Mehndi ni mehndi
Mehndi ni mehndi

Tere hattan vich phool bann khildi
Mehndi badeyan naseeba naal mildi
Te gaadha rang je chadhya
ho gayi balle balle oye oye oye oye
Mehndi ni mehndi
Mehndi ni mehndi
Mehndi ni mehndi
Mehndi ni mehndi

It was all going the mehndi way but soon the light went off and the loud music started. The whole atmosphere changed with the change of the type of music. Samrat came in the middle looking amazingly handsome.

Hey yo
I m telling you so lets go
Feel it in the tempo
We not care about them
We just super like Nintendo
We gonna buzz it off
Feel the music in you bones
DJ play that tune give me something new
We're gonna party all night long

Biba meri biba jo aayi hai cham se
Biba meri dhadkan khan khan khanke,

Don't worry about a thing
Just let the music play
Just feel it in you soul
We are burning up the floor

Enna tu sohna hai
Panga to hona hai
Dil ne to khona hai
Bach ke tu reh zara
Rola pe gaya
Rola pe gaya
Dil se gaya rola pe gaya
Rola pe gaya
Rola pe gaya
Dil se gaya
Rola pe gaya

Making her way to Gunjan, Nupur took a gulaab jamun and took toward Gunjan's mouth who opened the mouth obediently only to have the whole piece thrusted in her mouth. All laughed and then she put some oil on Gunjan's hair. Samrat pulled Nupur back on the dancing floor.

Biba tere haathon mein mehndi damke
Hoye biba teri aankhon mein sapne chamke

Haan tezz tadaka hai
Bilkul patakha hai
Daala kya daaka hai
Dil pe o jaaniya

O ho ho ho
Aankhein yun seke hai
Daane yun phenek hai
Chup chup ke dekhe hai
Keh de khul ke zara
Rola pe gaya
Rola pe gaya
Dil se gaya
Rola pe gaya
Rola pe gaya
Rola pe gaya
Sab se keh gaya
Rola pe gaya

Tere nakhre mainu luteya vee
Tere nakhre ne maar suteya vee
Tere nakhre mainu luteya vee
Tere nakhre ne maar suteya vee

L I V E lively
S T O P no stopping me
L I V E lively
S T O P no stopping me
L I V E lively
S T O P no stopping me
L I V E lively

Pao ji shaguna
Baabul tera mehlaan de rangle biba
Bue vicho sapne hain langne biba
Mehndi kehndi mehndi kehndi
Mehndi kehndi mehndi kehndi

Dekhe teri aankhon se nazaare, biba
Ho chamke hain kal ab saare, biba
Mehndi kehndi mehndi kehndi
mehndi kehndi mehndi kehndi
Rola pe gaya
Rola pe gaya
Dil se gaya
Rola pe gaya
Rola pe gaya
Rola pe gaya
Sab se keh gaya
Rola pe gaya

You got to do, what you do
To get you much higher
Don't do what you do and grab that light of fire now
Do what you do to get you much higher
Don't do what you do and grab that light of fire go
Don't do don't do come on, biba

Nupur and Samrat did their steps in perfection and in a lovely way. At the end, Samrat left her off the floor and twirled her around. It felt like they were really happy.

The mendhi designers came, Nupur took them with her to Gunjan. Meanwhile, the boys, including Samrat and Atul, and few girls kept on putting life in the party.

A designer sat with Gunjan and the other with Nupur. Gunjan had her hand stretched still lost in Samrat's dance. The designers asked "what name should I write"

"Samrat" Nupur said with a smile and turned her eyes to Samrat, who was enjoying to the fullest.

"Mayank" Gunjan replied as she came out from her trance only to be busy seeing Samrat again.

After the menhdhi was done, Nupur looked at her hands and yelled "what the hell is this? I said Samrat and not Mayank"

Hearing her voice, all looked toward her. Samrat rushed to her and asked "what happened baby?"

"look at my hands" Nupur fumed to the fullest.

Samrat saw a heart with Mayank written in it "it's ok baby as I know in your heart only my name is written" he kissed on her cheek and added romantically "apart that it is our 'Mayank' to get married soon"

Hearing this, Nupur blushed and let the matter go. In the other side, hearing this, Gunjan looked at her hands, they were adorned with Samrat's name.

how much she wanted his name to be imprinted on her hand on this day. It was imprinted but by a mistake. "excuse me, you wrote the wrong name, it's Mayank" Gunjan said in a low yet hurt voice. She didn't want this name to be removed but that was her faith.

"oh I am sorry" the designer said and took a tissu. As the tissu came in touch with Gunjan's hand, she closed her eyes as she wouldn't be able to see it.

"it's done but..." the designed said with an afraid look that she would blast on her.

Gunjan opened her eyes and looked at her hand, where Samrat's name was previously designed. Shockingly, in a short spam of time, the color became really dark. She smiled looking at it and wished she was going to be married to Samrat but all that was a dream. Her smile vanished away.

"It's ok, what is done is done" she said with a smile, still gazing at Samrat's name lovingly.

Mayank was sitting on the opposite site and glaring at Nupur. He was hating her. How could she behave so light, like nothing happened. How could she and Samrat dance so closely and get so closer to each other. He hated that sight. He wanted to something but what he didn't know.

"Gunjan this designer see they had messed up our menhdi because of the name. Can't do their work properly" Nupur said while shaking her head yet with a smile because of Samrat, he always knew how to make her feel calm.

"I know" Gunjan said a mick voice and said in her heart 'Maybe God granted me this last thing related to Samrat" she took a painful breath and remembered what happened before her father landed in the hospital.


Samrat and Gunjan were making their way to Delhi by place. During the travel, Gunjan placed her head on his shoulder and said "I am so happy, we are going to talk to dad about us". She excitingly kissed on Samrat's cheek.

"I am also excited, I can't wait to make you mine" he said with a bright smile.

They finally reached their and were greeted by Rishab, who took them in the living room. "Dad, I want to tell you something" Gunjan started with a blush.

"what is it Gunjan" her father asked with a smile.

"Dad, I love Samrat and we want to get married" said Gunjan, with her eyes lowered.


Hey guys,
So Here is the the next part, I really hope you liked the part :D
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would want to read in the future too. :D
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would want to read in the future too. :D

I want to dedicate to all my friends, my readers and to people whom birthday is in February and March (Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D).

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).
If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D

All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.

And I'll PM later :)

Luv u<333

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KuchBhiMatBol IF-Rockerz

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