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Twist Of Fate~MN-SG FF-Imp Note Pg152-18/9/11 (Page 16)

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update soon

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update soom kashish..
eagerly waiting,,,
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PART 3 on PAGE 12

"I will tell you what I can I dare to do" he said covering his lips with her. She stood there motionless for a second and Mayank smirked which didn't last long.

Controlling herself, Nupur pushed him away and said pointing a finger at him "don't you dare ever touch me" with this threat, she left the fire escape.

It didn't bother Mayank at all as he was going to give her a slow torture. He was going to make her life hell. He would destroy her in a way that if she was able to see her face in the mirror, she wouldn't be able to face herself. She would feel disgusting of her own identity.

In the other side, Nupur left the fire escape with a smirk on her face 'Mayank you are making all this very easy for me but one thing don't ever think that I will let you go that easily for what you have done' she thought in her mind. No doubt, her body was full with rage and she wanted to break his head but that wasn't a wise idea as for then. He had done suffer more, much much more.

Samrat saw Nupur in the corridor and by her smirk he knew she was upto something. He went to her and hold her by waist. "so what are you upto?" he whispered in her ear so no one hear this.

"Nothing Samrat, just was day dreaming of our engagement" she said loud enough for another 'special' person to hear it.

Hearing this, Samrat understood she didn't want to tell it so he played along "don't worry there are really few days before our engagement" he kissed on her cheek really lightly.

Mayank, who also had left the fire escape, saw that scene and his blood was really boiling. He felt like punching Samrat till death.

After some time, Nupur and Samrat were sitting in the canteen talking about something. "Samrat, I want to know where Vivek is?" Nupur asked him. She wanted to know where Vivek was as she didn't like to waste time.

"In this very hospital" he told her everything.

With this piece of news she was delighted, she wouldn't have to go at another place to see him. "I have to see him" she announced and stood up.

"Nupur wait I'll come with you" he said, holding her hand.

"I want to go there alone, I will join you in a while" she said with a determination in her voice.

Samrat nodded and prayed for everything to turn out good. Nupur made her way to Vivek's room. As she entered, she gave a nasty glare to Vivek who was laying on the bed in a coma state.

"so how are you Vivek?" she said in calm yet cold tone.

As Vivek felt Nupur near him, his heartbeat rose, which was only if the patient loved someone or was afraid of. What case was in there only both of them knew.

Nupur giggled seeing his heartbeat rhythm "Vivek... Vivek, I hope you get well soon as something is waiting up for you" she said in an evil tone. She wanted badly to see Vivek back in conscience as she had stored something from him.

At that very time, Mayank entered and looked at Nupur angrily "how dare you come here?" his voice was full of hatred.

Listening to Mayank, she again chuckled and said in a challenging tone "the same way you dared something sometime ago. Anyways do I need your permission to attend a patient" she ended in a causal tone.

"He is my patient not yours" he said spitting fire.

"then he will be my patient now" she said with a wide, evil grin.

"don't you try doing that" he said in a dangerous, threatening, tone.

"Mallik I am not the same Nupur anymore so I won't just try but also succeed in it" she said with a wink.

Mayank's hand formed in a fist but he couldn't do anything majorly because it was a hospital otherwise who knew what might have he done.

"don't think Mayank that you can harm me as the consequences would be grave. You know for my security reason, I have lodged a complain that if anything happens to me then Mr Mayank Mallik is the culpable" she said with a smirk, for sure she wasn't doing anything without a plan. She had already planned and organized.

Only Mayank knew how badly he wanted to hit her but now he knew he couldn't at least harm her physically as no doubt consequences for him would be bad.

"This still doesn't mean I would let you go easily" Mayank said with an angry tone.

"the feeling is same or more intense from my side. Neither I am letting you go easily nor Vivek" she said in equally angry tone.

As they heard they beep beep, they looked at the heartbeat line, it was going high. "Vivek bhai are you alright?" he was really worried still happy to receive a positive signal, he was reacting.

"how can you expect him to be alright with me around him" Nupur said with a chuckle and left the room.

Mayank was in really frustrated condition but now he would have to control his anger. He was going to what he had planned no matter what but he wouldn't hit her.

Few days had passed, Nupur and Samrat got engaged in a simple manner just the way Nupur liked. Both of them looked really happy.

Nupur along Mayank were in charge now for Vivek. Because she was gynecologist yet she had a lot of knowledge for this case. She wanted Vivek to recover as soon as possible.

With this news, Mayank was really enraged but he couldn't do anything as Dr Shashank's word was the last word. No matter how much rich Mayank was still money wasn't a solution here.

Samrat and Nupur always hunger together, didn't caring who are seeing them. Yet seeing them like this, Gunjan was crumbling down day by day. She couldn't see them like this.

Three weeks had gone away like this, a lot happened in that period. Mayank didn't back away about kissing or touching Nupur but she always replied back. She was actually waiting for the right moment to take an action.

Gunjan and Mayank's wedding was to be the next week, the preparations were going in full swing. Nupur and Samrat volunteered to help them in the decoration and stuff much to Gunjan and Mayank's shock. Yet they had learned to digest that kind of the behavior from them.

The menhdi was to take in Mayank's house, it was big enough to have all the important people. Nupur was doing the preparations when Mayank dragged her in a room, the room which was locked early, making sure no one was around.

As they reached their, he locked the door. "do you remember this room, Miss Nupur?"

"oh of course, this room has to be decorated as well. Don't worry Gunjan will be amazed with the decorations after all her life is going to start in this room" she said with sarcasm.

Mayank didn't wait to hear that answer from her, he was really irritated. The expression he wanted to see her face where not visible.

"how about I demonstrate something to make you remember this room" he said composing himself.

"what about I do something to make this room even more rememberable for you" she said with a wink and pushed him on the bed. Taking her shirt out and exposing her half naked top, she bounced on him and kissed him in lips, his chest.

Mayank's breath quickened, he didn't expected this, this was so unexpected. Even before he knew his shirt as taken away and then his pant. He wanted to stop her but he couldn't come up; It was a like a force was stopping him.

Finally giving up his heart and brain's arguments, he let loose his body and closed his eyes, completely lost in that moment.

"How is it Mallik?" she asked while kissing his earlobe.

"Nupur" he breath was sharp, he couldn't come to talk.

If he had been in his sense then he would have been the one in the control but he was no longer in his control.

"I can understand my kisses are more affecting you than what your kisses couldn't come up to do" she said while giggling and biting on his chest.

He groaned and tried to struggled out but she was having a hard grip on his hands. "have a nice day Mallik" saying this, she left the room quickly.

Mayank was laying there and he felt disgusted and angry on himself that how he let her do that to him. He pulled his hair tightly to take out the frustration, he was mad at himself. "I have to do something soon" he smirked as an idea stuck him.

The next day, Mayank brought a bimbo in his house and wad leading her in his other room. He knew Nupur was at his place with Samrat doing the decoration. As soon as he entered, he was left angry.

Nupur's feet slipped and Samrat hurried toward her, holding her on time. "do work carefully. If something happens to you then what am I going to do" he said while hugging her.

"I am fine baby" Nupur said squeezing his back.

Mayank, standing a bit away from them wanted to do something really bad. He vented to take out his anger and now it seemed a bad idea to be with that bimbo as she would only complain in the morning that he was rough.

Apart that, he smirked seeing them, wondering if Samrat knew about her past, about what they had done yesterday. No doubt, he would receive a shock.

Not only Gunjan, Samrat's ex-girlfriend was to be married to Mayank but also Samrat's fiance, Nupur had done a wild action the night before. 'What a bad luck does Samrat have' he laughed in his heart.

"come sweetheart, let's go" Mayank said, his hand around that fake looking bimbo, loud enough to catch Nupur and Samrat's attention.

"uh Mayank, aren't you supposed to be married to Gunjan"Samrat said with a frown, even though he knew about this but still he couldn't bear this sight. Maybe not because of Gunjan but for someone else.

"Oh come on Samrat, Gunjan has no problem beside that I am still not married" Mayank said with a wink.

"Samrat, don't you think that is exciting. Not that I am going to allow near another girl but making love before marriage" Nupur said with an excited grin.

"Nupur, shouldn't we wait till marriage. I want to make our first rememberable" He said while hugging her and pecking on her forehead.

Mayank and that bimbo went into Mayank's room. Mayank in a great fury seeing and hearing them. He didn't know why but he couldn't come up to think another man touching her.

"Mayank baby let's do something interesting" that girl said seductively.

Hearing this Mayank smirked and made se* to her. He was being really dominating that the girl was in a great pain yet enjoying it. "you are just amazing baby" she said with a shallow breath.

After two hours, Mayank and that girl came out from the room. Laughing shamelessly but to his bad luck Samrat and Nupur had already left. All that he was doing specially to show Nupur but she was no longer there. He said the girl by and slept in his room.

In less then five days, his wedding function would start. He didn't want to get married still he would have to for Gunjan.

In the meanwhile, Nupur was thinking on another note. If this plan didn't work then she would have to take an extreme step.

Hey guys,
I am sorry for updating late but I was busy, I hope you will understand me :). So Here is the the next part, I really hope you liked the part :D
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would want to read in the future too. :D
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would want to read in the future too. :D

I want to dedicate to all my friends, my readers and to people whom birthday is in February (Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D).And one more thing, a Very Happy Valentine's Day Hug

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).

If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D

All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.

And I'll PM later :)

Luv u<333

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Wow!! finally u was amzing ..but m not gtting wat is exactly happning i mean is sanu luv eachother or is der sum story hidden behind......n wat abt samrat n gunjan samrat...still luv her..??y why mayur r enemies...wat's matter y is mayank so upset wid nupzz poor nupzi..Cry

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am soooo much confused abt the past...but awesome update dear...loved it
happy valentines day dear...................................

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nice update
happy valentine day
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interesting part

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