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Twist Of Fate~MN-SG FF-Imp Note Pg152-18/9/11 (Page 142)

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey guys, how are you all?
Here are siggies for this version for all my loyal readers, thanks for being there with me :D (All this siggies are made by Huma, my sister: D)  Hug :

Luv u guys<333

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it was lovely...Clap
loved it dear...Smile

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 29 on Page 135+Promo on Page 139

Hey guys, as I said in the T:Nt, My uni has started so updates may get late a bit which I really will try not to happen :)... Please see the T:Nt and specially a little gift from my behalf to all of you (in the post following the T:Nt one :D ): Page 53. See my post next to this post as wellHug

Before that, Arohi went into Arjun's room. Standing in front of his picture, she said "Why Arjun? why are you not with us? if you had been here nothing of this would have happened this to Nupur. I can't even tell you anything as Nupur took promise and above that If you get to know all this, you will never forgive yourself. I just hope everything would be solved and you will be back with us soon. We love you..." she said through her tears but wiped them soon after that.

After that, she went in the kitchen and prepared some favorite food of Nupur. As she was nearing the end of the cooking, she heard a shriek, a loud yell, full of fright. Switching the stove off, Arohi rushed into Nupur's room.

As she entered in the room, she saw a distraught Nupur sitting curled up on her bed. Going closer to Nupur, she touched Nupur's shoulder "Nupur, Are you ok?"


Nupur was sleeping, snoring as she was really tired, she was feeling exhausted. Soon enough, when her tiredness and exhaustion calmed down a bit, her mind starting getting woke up. There were some odd nightmares.

'you can't work... I want you chained within this house' laughed an evil Mayank

'I don't love you... I just use you to fulfill my needs... Physical needs' he said winking at her with lusty looks.

'It hurts right? it should as I love to see you in pain' saying to he put the hot wax on her body

'I told you, I don't love you. I just need girls to warm my bed. See you just left and I already have another girl in my bed' he said, while laying flesh to flesh with another girl. He laughed at her helplessness.

'I am still not satisfied with hurting you..." he said as he starting biting on her burnt flesh.

At this Nupur yelled "AHHH". She felt pain, immense pain in her body, heart and mind. She was having horrible nightmares. Nightmares that were due to what happened to her in reality. She sat covering her ears and then broke down.

As she felt someone shaking her. She moved her eyes from her body and shew her face to Arohi, who instantly got worried "Nupur what happened?" Arohi asked her worriedly

"Bhabhi, he came, he hurt me..." Nupur cried histrycally, while hugging Arohi

"who came?" Arohi worriedly

"Mayank... Mayank came, he hurt me, He was with another girl" Nupur sobbed uncontrollably

"Did you have a nightmare?" Arohi asked, wiping Nupur's tears.

Nupur opened her eyes and looked around. It was a nightmare, yes it was a nightmare, she calmed down and nodded. "It is ok Nupur, he won't come anywhere near you, I won't let him" Arohi said softly and kissed Nupur's forehead.

"come on, stand up and freshen up quickly. I have prepared dinner" Arohi helped her to bathroom "do you need my help"

"no I will manage" Nupur said, as her tears stopped.

"ok, I will wait for you right here" Arohi said Nupur.

Entering in the bathroom, Nupur looked at her image through the mirror. All she could see was a stranger, who looked so worn out, so pale, so dull. She was never like this. "I can't be sad and broken, I have to pick all the pieces of my broken heart for my baby" she said, putting her hand on her belly.

"my baby" she said, with a smile "you are my reason to live, to smile, to hope". She felt relieved, going to basin, she splashed water on her face.

Meanwhile, Arohi called Dr Mishra "Aunty, Nupur had a nightmare, she looked so horrible, I am really worried for her"

Dr Mishra sighed, it was bond to happen. Even though Nupur still loved Mayank, yet she was afraid of him. "Arohi, see for 72 hours, if these nightmares doesn't end within this period then we will have to go to a psychiatrist. For the time being, give her maximum two pain killer for pain per day but don't give her any sleeping pill. Just sleep with her in case she is afraid. Will you be able to take care of all this?" Dr Mishra asked her, with concern.

"Of course aunty, Nupur is like a sister to me and I will do everything to make her like she used to be. Thank you veru much" Arohi thanked the doctor and the same time Nupur came out, feeling better.

As instructed, Arohi slept with Nupur and she made sure that Nupur didn't take sleeping pill. In fact, she threw all the sleeping pill out with the dustbin.

After 72 hours, Arohi was extremely troubled. Nupur's nightmare problem was persistent. She had them every night and often after that she kept setting on her bed worried.

In the early morning, Arohi called Dr Mishra "Aunty, she is not fine, she is not ok" Arohi said through her tears.

Dr Mishra herself got anxious. No matter, how long she had practices medicines but when it comes to our own loved ones often the years done medical practice, it just went out of the window.

"we have to take her to the psychiatrist as she is pregnant and it can create complications in her pregnancy. I will take appointment for her from a psychiatrist friend of mine and will let you know after that" Dr Mishra said with a sigh, feeling really bad.

"ok Aunty" Arohi said while sniffing. As she ended the call, she saw Nupur in front of her.

"what happened?" Nupur asked with a frown.

"come sit" Arohi gestured her to sit next to her on the chair, placed in the kitchen. As Nupur sat down, Arohi began "I called Aunty Mishra and told her about your nightmare, we have to contact a psychiatrist as it can create complications in your pregnancy"

As Nupur heard it was the betterment of her future, of her pregnancy and her baby. She just agreed, she would do anything to see her baby fine. Concerning the nightmares even she wanted to end them.

Soon enough, Arohi received a call. They got an appoitment fixed for the next day, all thanks to Dr Mishra.

"Nupur, we have an appoitment fixed for tomorrow 4 PM" Arohi annonced to Nupur, who listened to quietly yet intently.

The next day, Arohi and Dr Mishra took Nupur to the psychatrist but only Nupur entered as Dr Sharma wanted only the patient in the room for the beginning. "Hi Nupur, I am Mrs Sharma. Please have a sit" Nupur sat down quietly

"tell me about you, so that I can help you but above all help the little life in you" Mrs Sharma said convincingly

Initially, Nupur hesitated, she didn't want to reveal anything related to Mayank to someone she didn't know."Don't worry Nupur, everything between you and me would remain between this four walls" she said assuringly and then said "don't hesitate, just say it for the sake of your baby"

Taking a deep, painful sigh, Nupur told everything to Dr Sharma, who was flabbergasted that someone could steep so low but as her profession required, she promised to keep all of it to herself.

Once the session was done, she called Dr Mishra and Arohi in the cabin. All took their seats.

"If you are still having those horrible nightmares after 4 days then I will suggest you to go out from India, as this place hold so many bad memories for you. New place, new environment and new people will help you to overcome it. Apart that, I will prescribe you some medicines. I can't write some high medicines for you as it can be dangerous for you baby. Now all you needs apart the medecines it to think about everything positive. Like the good moments you have had. Think about your baby and your future. Normally with all this, you would be able to overcome all this and would be able to face anything related to your past..." she prescribed the medicines and then said "please keep in touch with me, I want to know every detail as I know how uncomfortable Nupur felt it would be good if only I take care of her case"

After that, all left her cabin. Having the solutions, Arohi booked her and Nupur's ticked to London, where Nupur's cousin, Samrat lived.

Before going, Nupur met her father, who was still in coma and she went to the police station but didn't have the gut to meet her brother. If her brother saw her like this, he would be broken and he would never forgive himself.

As Nupur reached in London, she felt better, she felt relaxed. "baby this is the start of our new life there would be no sadness in our life anymore" she said talking to her baby.

Arohi felt good to see Nupur like this. They entered in Samrat's house, where he lived alone "hey guys, most welcome" he greeted down happily. He was so happy to see them there, but soon realized there was something fishy "is there any problem and where is Mayank?"

Arohi looked at Ridhim as she wanted Nupur herself decide everything. If she wanted to tell someone or not. "Samrat, please can you give me some time before we tell you anything, till then don't ask about Mayank" Nupur requested

"for sure Nupur" he said patting her head "now come, let me show both of your room"

All setled down in Nupur's room, "Nupur I feel so low, so helpless that I wasn't with you when you needed me. Arjun bhai is in jail and I wasn't there with you" he said through her tears.

Nupur wiped his tears "Samrat please don't cry. If you will cry then who will support us." She consoled him. Samrat left to the kitchen after a while.

"I am going to stay here for as long as you are here" Arohi declared, opening her suitcase.

"no, you can come here time and again to meet me but you won't stay here as Arjun brother needs you" Nupur said, refusing Arohi.

"but Nupur?" Arohi tried to argue but to no avail, Nupur was adamant.

"Don't worry, I have my baby with me" Nupur said blinking her eyes.

"ok but I will stay here two weeks per month at least. Before you argue, I will give another reason to make you quiet, like this we both will able to see Arjun's business over here" this shut Nupur down.

After that day, the arrangement was set. Nupur used stayed in London and handled her brother's business over there along her another cousin, who was already the CEO of the company.

As few days passed, Nupur shared whatever happened to her to Samrat, who was enraged but because of Nupur, he had to calm down. Apart that, he really felt guilty "nothing of this would have happened if I was there with you in India instead of doing my internship here" he said tearfully

"no Samrat there is no fault of yours, this was ought to happen and it happened. Please don't feel guilty" Samrat embraced her, feeling really helpless and miserable. No matter what, he deep down felt he failed but on Nupur's convincing, he dropped that discussion. As he knew her cousin, the topic would make her feel even more upset.


Gunjan sobbed hard and non stop, wetting Samrat's shirt "Samrat how can he do this?" Gunjan asked closing her eyes not wanting to see the beast who destroyed an innocent life, deprives the sweet little kids to be fatherless.

"I don't know, I don' t know how a person can forget his morals and steep so low. I don't think that someone can ever trust him again. I being a man, never was thought to hurt a female no matter how low she steep and here Mayank hurt her like she wasn't even human." Samrat said ruffling Gunjan's eyes.

Mayank closed his eyes in pain, his eyes were bloodshed red. All he wanted at this moment was torture himself merciless and what better then know what an inhuman beast he was. In his thirst of revenge he forgot his ethics. He forgot all that he was taught. He forgot he was human. He was a beast. 'no it is a sin to term me as beast, I am have even stoop low than a beast' he thought in his heart.

Because of his sins, Nupur suffered, their kids suffered. "Samrat forget about human, people doesn't even hurt animals like this" Gunjan said while sniffing.

Mayank wanted to go near Gunjan, to console her but he lost that right. He was the one to punish everyone into hell. He didn't know any remedy as nothing he says or does would be able enough for all he did. He just need to suffer all his life without anyone. He deserved to be alone and hated by everyone. Even this punishment is less for him.

"Samrat.. Samrat why don't you punish me?" Gunjan asked him.

To be continued...

Guys please see my next post :D


Hey guys,
Here is the the next part, I really hope you liked the part and that you would want to read in the future too:D
Guys here at the end we are back into the present, there would be a little just a little bit of the past in the next part. I can assure you we are coming back to the present fully soon :D, just keep supporting me as I really need it. Another thing, hopefully, there won't be anything violent from now on. Nonetheless, do tell me if you want or not another part of full past?
So guys, please let me know ur opinion.

I want to dedicate to all my friends, my readers and to people whom birthday is in August and September (Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D).

IMPORTANT POINT: If you ever find I wrote love making scenes explicitly or something like that please let me know :)

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).

If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D

All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.

And I'll PM later :)

PS: if you want PMs all u have to do is comment/press like button and add me in buddy list as 'kashishkPM' :).

Luv u<333


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Hey guys, here is the list of all the people who nominated me for the FF awards, thank you guys. This list is in the order of posts made on the nomination thread. I am really grateful of you all Hug

1. Aish_loves_KaSh
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43. tushti-kiran
44. DhanakZ
45. valliyah
46. ksg_farhan

I hope I didn't forget anyone :D

Luv u<333

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Thank You For Updating :D Hug I Hope Next Part Is Full Of SaJan Coz Gunjan Know About Their Past & Now I'm Waiting For How Samrat Will Handle Her . Embarrassed Aww, The Way She Asked Why Samrat Didn't Punishhh Her Melted My Heart Completely < 33 !! Day Dreaming
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Nice update.
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nice  update
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lovely part

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