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Twist Of Fate~MN-SG FF-Imp Note Pg152-18/9/11 (Page 135)

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Part 27 on Page 128+Promo on Page 131


PS: Guys, before you read the part, I want to say, I am sorry If I you are not happy with the part :(

Dr Mishra asked in a serious yet worried tone "beta, why are there horrible wounds on yours body?"

Hearing this, all the nightmare came back in her mind, how Mayank abused her, how he punished her for something she didn't do. She came out of the hug. "Aunty, Mayank, my husband did that" Nupur said, this time with painful tears.

"Nupur you should lodge a complaint against him" she said holding Nupur's cheek.

"no, no I can't" Nupur shaking her head vigorously

"why?" Mrs Mishra asked with disbelief

"Because I don't want my baby to know his father is in jail, I don't want people to taunt my baby about that" she said telling one part.

"and you love him a lot, don't you?" Mrs Mishra asked with tears in her eyes, seeing the broken girl in front of her.

Nupur nodded. She suffered so much, yet she wasn't ready to harm him in anyway. Once again, Nupur hugged her and cried her heart out. She was really weak, her condition was really bad. "Nupur, you have to take these medicines" she said patting Nupur's back.

"Aunty, please promise me you won't tell anything to Arohi or matter of the fact to anyone. I will tell them myself" she pleaded

Mrs Mishra looked helplessly at Nupur and nodded. She left the room.

Arohi entered the room as soon as Mrs Mishra left "Are you ok? I was so worried seeing you lifeless for 40 hours" Arohi asked worriedly cupping her face.

"I was unconscious for 40 hours?" she asked in disbelief

"yes, but I am happy you have come around" Arohi said kissing on her forehead

"Why didn't aunty tell me?" Nupur asked with a frown

"Maybe she didn't want to make you worried. Don't think about that" Arohi said with an assuring nod.

Nupur just nodded. "Nupur what happened? why do you look so frail? so fragile?" she asked worriedly.

As she heard this, Nupur told everything to Arohi, who was appalled shocked that Mayank did that. How he used to show he was a gentleman but he was a beast.

"I will kill him" Arohi said with venom

"No Arohi, please don't take any silly step, I can't loose you" Nupur said hugging Arohi "promise me you won't think to harm him?" Nupur asked with tears

"kiss meeti ki bani ho tum? he hurt you so much even after that you don't want to harm him?" Arohi asked with helpless tears.

"I love him" Nupur said, crying on her shoulder. Then she remembered something and smiled big "Bhabhi I am pregnant. Maybe Mayank will be like before he gets to know this. We will be happy. All of you would be happy" Nupur said with a smile, hoping what she was saying would come true.

Arohi cried seeing her best friends situation. She couldn't believe the hell broke upon this wonderful family and its wonderful persons. They were put through a lot. They suffered a lot.

"Maybe Nupur" Arohi said nodding her head, just to make Nupur feel good. "now take your medicines" she helped Nupur taking the medicines, which made her sleep as it gave her body some peace.

With the dawn of the next day, Nupur woke up and saw Mrs Mishra once again, checking her reports "Nupur, you can go at home but at the condition to take rest" she said lovingly.

Arohi and Ramu kaka took Nupur in her house and led her in her room. They carefully made her lay on the bed. After that Ramu kaka left to make lunch. After a silent lunch in Nupur's room, she took a small nap.

In the evening, she woke up again and was feeling a bit better. The pain her body had reduced a bit.

Excitingly, Nupur picked up her phone and called Mayank. The phone was picked up by a girl "hello who is this?" uninterestedly

At the background, Nupur could hear the loud music. She kind of guessed they were in a pub.

"Uh can I talk to Mayank, please?" she asked hoping to talk to Mayank. Ignoring the fact that a female picked up his mobile.

"no, he is busy... ah janu carefully" the girl said with a gasp and shut the phone

Nupur got frozen at her place, 'was she calling Mayank 'janu'?' she asked herself 'no that can't be I have to go there' she told herself.

Although, she was weak but she wanted to talk to Mayank, now and then. She got up, struggling on her feet.

"what are you doing?" Arohi asked, as she entered in the room, with shocked clearly apparent on her face.

"I am going to see Mayank" Nupur said looking Arohi. No doubt, Nupur was being optimistic.

"Nupur you are still weak" Arohi said concernedly

"I know bhabhi, but I want my 'loving Mayank' back" she said begging.

Arohi nodded and asked "where is he?"

"he is in Arena club" Nupur said, putting her sandal. She knew he was there as they went their twice for their friends' birthday.

"you are not going there Nupur" Arohi told her sternly

"bhabhi please, please let me go, I want Mayank back in my life, please bhabhi" Nupur pleaded to meet Mayank

Arohi closed her eyes to control the frustration that she felt because of Nupur's pain. She couldn't see her in this condition.

"ok but I will come with you" she said firmly

"ok" Nupur said, looking at Arohi.

"do you want me to tell all this to Arjun?" Aruhi asked her caressing her hairs.

"no bhabhi, please don't. Before I didn't want you to tell him because I was angry with him but now bhai will feel guilty and I can't bear this" she said pleading to her bhabhi.

Arohi nodded with her eyes filled with tears. Couldn't God fulfill their lives with happiness? She just hoped Mayank will be the way he was before their wedding.

Both of them went to the club, as soon as they entered, Nupur felt suffocated. Arohi noticed it "do you want to go back at home" Arohi asked holding Nupur by her arm as she knew Nupur weak.

"no I want to talk to Mayank" she said, firm on her decision.

Arohi sighed knowing very well, once she took some decision then she would fulfill it. Both scrutinized around but there was no trace of Mayank.

"we should ask the bartender" suggested Arohi. Nupur agreed and they both went to the bar counter.

"Have see this man somewhere?" Nupur asked showing a photo on her mobile to the bartender.

"uh, well..." he didn't want to tell it as men often come here to have fun. If he told her than their club would close down.

"if you don't then I can charge a case on you" Arohi told the bartender firmly

The bartender got scared, he told her "he is in the private room over there with a girl" he pointed toward a door.

"keys?" Arohi asked the extra keys. The bartender gave it.

Nupur gasped hearing this, he was in the room with another woman. 'no this can't be the truth' she assured herself and marched there with the help of Arohi.

Even though, Arohi didn't want Nupur to take her but at that moment she wanted Mayank's chapter to be closed once for all in Nupur's life.

As they reached there, Arohi opened the door. The sight in front of Nupur, completely broke her. He was over a woman, his hands touching her flesh, his mouth over hers. As she noticed more closely, they were moving in rhythm.

This sight was something she shouldn't have seen but it had broken more than she was already. This sight was imprinted in her mind forever. This sight which will haunt forever.

All this, shattered her heart to no extent. She fall down and the door started closing bit by bit. She was completely numb. 'how could he do this? how?' she asked herself again and again. At that moment, she recalled all the moments she spent with him. Their first meeting, he telling jokes, he helped her, they became friends, they became dependent to each other, they confessed, they shared beautiful moments, they got married. The nightmare began after the wedding.

The wedding which usual mark a bright and beautiful start in a couple's life, it marked her doom. Her heartbreak. The night, she had cherished till the next day morning of their wedding, turned in the disgust. He just used her, he just wanted revenge, he made her leave her job, he abused her, he tortured her and she bore all of it in the hope that one day he will listen to her, he will believe her.

Sad to believe, but he never trusted her and love.. she didn't believe he ever loved her. He never loved her. The moment before he threw out, he tortured her to no end and threw her out with divorce papers and now he was in bed with someone else. He was getting the physical satisfaction he wanted. At that moment she realized, he really never loved her, he just fulfilled his physical needs.

Arohi was equally shocked, was this man real? he had been so good and gentle but in reality he was monster, he was a beast. Her heart cried for Nupur.

Taking hold of Nupur carefully, she took her at home. By the the servant was back with the medicines. Arohi gave her the medicines "Nupur, sweetheart please don't think about Mayank anymore. He doesn't deserve you or you precious tears. You have to live for you baby" she said kissing on her forehead.

Nupur looked at Arohi and she knew she was right. She had to live only for her baby. 'Mayank, I will never tell you I am pregnant, you don't deserve to be called a father. You lost all your rights today" she said hopefully shedding last tears and then wiped them "you are right bhabhi, I will live for my baby" she said caressing her womb.

How he promised her to be with her forever, how he promised her to love her forever, how he promised her to take care of forever... Unfortunately, all his promises his face, neither he cared for her and nor loved. It was just an illusion he created for her, just for her to believe to fall in trap. 'promises, promises and so much promises but you didn't even fulfill even one promise' she thought in her heart

"Bhabhi, why is this happening with us? we all were so happy in our life, why did they all came in our life? I loved Mayank so much but he never loved me, I mean nothing to him. He just threw my out" she cried hugging her sister-in-law. "Bhabhi, you love bhai so much, you even love him now when he is far away from you, you are just waiting for him. But you guys aren't together. Why is it happening to us?"

"because, we always think good about other people and they just take advantage of it" Arohi replied holding Nupur's hand.

"You know I never thought to be pregnant so soon. I always thought to practice medecine for a while and then plan baby but Mayank just ruined all my planing. Because of him, I even put my brother's and father's dream aside." she ranted out all that was in her heart

"he made me leave the job, I left it. All the while I kept on hoping, he will hear me out once but he just kept on breaking me. Everyone had their limit, I too have it but he broke me beyond that limit" Nupur said as tears welled down non stop "If today, I am alive it is because of my baby, because of you otherwise I would have died. Although opposite to all my planning but my baby is one of the reason of my life" she said sniffing as she laid her head on Arohi's shoulder.

"Nupur, please calm down" she said patting her head

"Bhabhi, will I be a good mother? There must be some fault in me that everyone leaves me. Will I be a good mother?" she asked worriedly, as she placed her hand on her belly

Arohi held Nupur's hand as she was getting frantic. After that she hugged her. "Nupur there is no fault of yours and don't you ever think so again. And Yes Nupur, you would be world's best mother, I just know it, now sleep for a while" Arohi said patting her head softly.

Seeing Nupur's condition, she got really worried. Nupur was completely broken and shaken from inside. Arohi rocked her silently. She knew Nupur should sleep as she was really worn out. Nupur dozed off after a moment, as she was really tired.

Placing her comfortably on the bed, Arohi covered Nupur with a duvet and left the room, switching off the lights. She decided to prepare meal for Nupur as she needed food to feel energy in her body.

Before that, she went into Arjun's room. Standing in front of his picture, she said "Why Arjun? why are you not with us? if you had been here nothing of this would have happened this to Nupur. I can't even tell you anything as Nupur took promise and above that If you get to know all this, you will never forgive yourself. I just hope everything would be solved and you will be back with us soon. We love you..." she said through her tears but wiped them soon after that.

After that, she went in the kitchen and prepared some favorite food of Nupur. As she was nearing the end of the cooking, she heard a shriek, a loud yell, full of fright. Switching the stove off, Arohi rushed into Nupur's room.


Hey guys,
Here is the the next part, I really hope you liked the part and that you would want to read in the future too:D
I know most of my readers wanted some present track as well as MN and SG scenes but I wanted to be done with the past, still I am not done. What I can assure is, after the next part you will get to read a very little about the past. I didn't want to drag in many parts the past. Nonetheless, do tell me if you want or not another part of full past?
So guys, please let me know ur opinion.

I want to dedicate to all my friends, my readers and to people whom birthday is in August and September (Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D). Apart Eid-Ul-Fitr Mubarak to everyone :D Hug

IMPORTANT POINT: If you ever find I wrote love making scenes explicitly or something like that please let me know :)

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).

If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D

All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.

And I'll PM later :)

PS: if you want PMs all u have to do is comment/press like button and add me in buddy list as 'kashishkPM' :).

Luv u<333

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-Annu- IF-Sizzlerz

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wot have u made mayank...???
it was just not acceptable...enough of this torture kashik...plzzz...this is just not Acceptable...i can't take this anymore...u had made mayank...worst n worst...cumon...
well now i think i can guess the ending of this...story...

i m sorry if any of my words hurt u...but i had to say this...maybe i m overreacting...but this was justt...
i m sorry

Edited by Annu_Arti_Mayur - 29 August 2011 at 1:09pm

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shruti_luvs_msk IF-Rockerz

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that was some update
keeping in line with the story the part was awesum 

plz do write another update on teh past 
i want to know what happens 
dont cut it short 
some people may not like it coz it doesnt go with the image of goody two shoes mayank but cutting the part short will mean disruptin the storyline which will not be nice (atleast for me)
the story is going gr8 and hope to read the next udpate soon 


PS. Eid Mubarak to all 

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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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O My GOd 
Plz Plz Kashish come soon back in present
because I cant bear this Mayank more
plz cont soon

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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tht was soo nice poor nupur i hate mayank in your this ff

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kirti123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 August 2011 at 12:08am | IP Logged
nupur even after such torture she wanted to inform mayank about her pregnancy 
and mayank he is such a Angry
their past is just so unbearable 
please continue soon

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-DreamzGirl- IF-Sizzlerz

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i love mayank more than characters but in you r ff i wanna kill him .but sayd wo revenge ke nase mein hose kho baitha ho... 

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Bhawna_arti IF-Dazzler

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Nice part.

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