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Twist Of Fate~AR-RM FF-PromPg146/T:NtPg153-29/7/11

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Hey guys,
I am back once again with a new FF. I hope you guys will like it, appreciate and shower your love as much as the previous FFs :D.

Well I want that you guys suggest me some title after reading the prologue and seeing the videomix. I'll be waiting for some good titles as I am again confused.

Thanks Sameera for the superb video (sameera_12) Hug

PART 2 : PAGE 13
PART 3 : PAGE 17
PART 4 : PAGE 22
PART 5 : PAGE 26
PART 6 : PAGE 30
PART 7 : PAGE 35
PART 8 : PAGE 40
PART 9 : PAGE 47
PART18: PAGE 100
PART19: PAGE 105
PART20: PAGE 113
PART21: PAGE 120
PART22: PAGE 126
PART23: PAGE 134

Here is the link to the second thread :)

A man, with spiky hairs and blue hazel eyes, in word with he looked a charmer, with a lady, who had curly hairs and light brown eyes, entered in the canteen and they made their way toward an other couple "hey guys, how are you?" said a curly haired girl

"Hey, we are fine Muskaan, you tell?" replied the other couple back in unison.

"we are fine" replied Muskaan to the couple who inquired with their eyes about the guy next to her "Oh I am completely sorry, Armaan meet Atul and Anjali, they are married and guys meet Armaan, my fianc"

"Oh Hi Armaan, we really wanted to meet you eagerly" said Atul and Anjali, they started talking with each other and felt comfortable.

"When is he coming back from his holidays?, it has been two weeks since we saw him" asked Anjali, her hair were straight, her skin wasn't so fair.

"He is going to be back at hospital today" said Atul, looking at Armaan.

"Oh by the way Armaan you haven't meet Rahul till now, right?" asked Anjali

"right" replied Armaan "who is he?"

"Muskaan haven't told you" Atul looked at the girl sitting next to Armaan. Armaan shook his head. "strange, they are best friends yaar"

"Muskaan you haven't told me anything" said Armaan, looking at Muskaan with a frown set on his face.

"we used to be friend Armaan not anymore, it has been like three weeks that we talked properly"

"By the way it will be a one month of your engagement in two weeks" said Atul to Muskaan and Armaan

"Yeah" both replied with a smile

"Are you liking here Armaan?" asked Atul

"Atul, It's just my first day here, I will certainly tell you in a week's time" replied Armaan with a smile

"how was you hospital back in delhi?" asked Anjali

"nice" said Armaan while eating pancake

"Dr Anjali and Dr Atul please report in the OT" came a voice from the speaker

"woaw, will we have to hear that whenever we'll be called?" asked Armaan sarcasticly and Atul replied by nodding his head

"yeah sometimes you get a pager" said Atul and then Atul-Anjali left from there

"Muskaan, I hate to pretend that we love each other" Armaan hissed saying this.

"like I love it, I just hate you, I don't know how I am going to spend my life with you after marriage" Muskaan replied, making a disgusted face.

"Don't worry Muskaan, you will live your life and me mine, we won't interfere in each other's life" said Armaan and then continued after a pause, he continued with a wide smiled "you know yesterday, I have a really brilliant time with my Maya in my bed"

Muskaan was really not interested in his talk and his another one night stand story "Armaan, what's new in this for you? You sleep everyday with a new woman" said Muskaan making a sick face.

"I do but don't worry I won't sleep with you" he said with a wink, which made Muskaan groan, and him chuckle. He continued after a while "so you and Rahul loved each other?" Muskaan simply nodded

"I just hate my life, I don't know why my life is like this, why can't God see me happy?" said Muskaan, her eyes teary.

"I don't know Muskaan and please don't start crying here" said Armaan fed up with her crying

"you shut up bander" Shouted Muskaan, Armaan just rolled his eyes and placed his back against the back of the chair and continued eating.

After a while, Muskaan and Armaan came out of the canteen as they have to go for rounds. Muskaan was stopped in her track as she saw the man she loved in front of her, smiling widely.

He said walking in the corridor will in full joy and make 360 turn "subah subah ye kya huva; na jaane kyon ab main hawaayon mein chal raha hoon" He hold the wrist of the nurse and twirled her "nayi subah nayi jagah; nayi tarah se nayi dishaayon mein chal raha hoon" He laid with a thump on the bench "nayi nayi hain meri nazar ya hain nazaarein naye; yaa dekhate khwab main chal raha hoon"

He entered in the children ward and gave them chocolates "subah subah ye kya huva; na jaane kyon ab main hawaayon mein chal raha hoon" He went in the general ward and made the patient laugh "nayi subah nayi jagah; nayi tarah se nay nazaare main dekhata hoon" He took a man on wheelchair in the hospital garden "ye gungunaata huva sama, ye muskuraati fiza; jahaan ke saath main chal raha hoon" He walked on the green grass. "subah subah ye kya huva; na jaane kyon ab main hawaayon mein chal raha hoon"

He walked back in the hospital with the wheelchair and on the same time whistling

He danced with a little girl "jo abhi hain usiko jilein, jo diya wo ji liya; wo nasha pi liya" He took the medecine and made the little boy drank it "kal nasha hain ek naya jo, na kiya to kya jiya
har pal ko pi ke agar dil na bhar diya" He came out from the room and made his way toward the nurse station "subah subah ye kya huva; na jaane kyon ab main hawaayon mein chal raha hoon; nayi subah nayi hava; nayi tarah se nayi dishaayon mein chal raha hoon"

He whistled till he reached there.

He complimented the nurse, he took the file and made his way toward the OT, he prepared himself for the operation and entered "subah subah ye kya huva; na jaane kyon ab main hawaayon mein chal raha hoon" He carefully did the brain operation "nayi subah nayi jagah; nayi tarah se nayi dishaayon mein chal raha hoon; ye gungunaata huva sama, ye muskuraati fiza; jahaan ke saath main chal raha hoon" He came out of the OT and was happy as the operation was successful "subah subah ye kya huva; na jaane kyon ab main hawaayon mein chal raha hoon"

He walked toward his room still whistling but stopped as soon as he heard someone, he turned to look at the person, it was Muskaan. "Rahul...rahul meet Armaan"

"Let me guess, your fiance" he said in happy mood much to Armaan and Muskaan shock "nice to meet you Armaan" he said while shaking his hand, Armaan too shook it back

"Now if you guys please excuse me, I have some work to do" he said gently pointing toward the file in his hand

"Oh Sorry for disturbing you" said Armaan and then both Armaan and Muskaan left. Muskaan wasn't able to understand why Rahul was suddenly behaving like that. A sudden fear crept in her heart 'has he found someoen else?' then her brain said 'that's what you told him to do'

A week passed like that, Rahul behaved really happily, he was all the time happy and smiling. Muskaan was angry to see him not being angry because she was engaged to Armaan, but it wasn't effecting Rahul.

After a very important surgery, Rahul entered in the canteen and saw Muskaan, Armaan, Anjali and Atul "hey guys, what's going on?" asked Rahul

"nothing just relaxing a bit" replied Anjali

"Hey guys, do you know a new doctor is joining this hospital, she is a very famous gynecologist. Moreover, she is going to be there like in an hour" informed Atul

'she???' I hope she will be hot and fun to be sleep with' thought Armaan excitedly

Rahul smiled widely and said "guys, I'll catch with you later". Saying bye he left.

Muskaan was really confused seeing him behaving happy, she was feeling really insecure 'is he really with someone else now?' it really pained her but she knew she has to cope with it. She sighed helplessly and continued eating her sandwich.


Hey guys,
Here is the prologue of the new FF. I really hope you liked the it  :D
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would want to read in the future too. :D

People who were born in January: Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D.Hug

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).
If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D
All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.
And I'll PM later :)

PS:If anybody wants PM please add me in your Buddy List :)

Luv u<333

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  • All the links to my FFs based on MN and SG:
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  • All the links to my FFs based on AK:
-Learn True Meaning Of Love

-SHORT FFs (Bitter Revenge Or Sweet Love, Abnormal Yet Normal Love, Arranged Marriage, Arranged Marriage-Season 2: In the same link):

  • All the links to my FFs based on Maneet:
-Egoistic Love

Please do have a look, if u still haven't read them Big smile

Luv u<333

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hey itz awsm strt.......
do continue soooooooooooon
nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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"Sending you a JUMBO-SIZED
Congratulations Dear!
On ur New FF!"

"To the one that in my life came
And in my heart so special she became.
Tomorrow things will not be the same
And life will stop being a game
For there is a future you have to aim,
A shining star you have to claim,
And a destiny to make with no one to blame,
With head always up and never feel any shame...
I'm so proud of you, much more then I can acclaim
From all my soul I wish you joy, success and fame."

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Hey kashish
awesome starting
do cont soon
AA1407 Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:22am | IP Logged
hey... awesome start.. do continue soon 
qt4ever Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Nice prologue.
Cont soon and pls add me to ur pm list
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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:18pm | IP Logged

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hey kashish..nice concept..

muskaan n armaan are engaged..n AA even believe it..but its fake?, thats good in a way..but whats the reason for all this?..n that too they hate each other!

rahul is muskaan's best friend but he's behaving weird nowadays n she doesn't understand why..maybe he did find someone else.

so ridz is cmng to the hospital soon..nice..hope things work out b/w AR..

thnx 4 d pm
update soon

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