Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

13/01:.Ria Ka Adda:.Parting is such a sweet sorrow (Page 4)

Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:33am | IP Logged
@ Nimz Gr8 take dear!
Both you and Shaheen were saying it is the plan of Rudra.
No guys, Rudra genuinely care for his daughter, he is really  a strong character, I feel Arjun is on the way to become the new rudra. Let's not forget that Kartar is blamed for Rudra's change and making it indeed true that he is such a strong character that he can gulp anything but he is also an opportunist. He took the opportunity of this incident to win the fiery eyes of Arjun again and Arjun is now becoming the new Rudra in a way. Having his son back, he is not sparing Gauri. Gauri at a point of second, knowing Arohi was out of all misunderstanding, she panicked and even if she is in the vindictive character, she is as impulsive as Arohi. On a moment of no thought, she outbursted evilness and did it. Gauri is going to pay for all these consequences, leave Arjun, bur Rajveer is enough guys! A love story on their track soon as put in my post.
Now on the dulha swap - no I am not seeing a dulha swap as he is no longer the good guy.
I was always thinking if there is the running away sequence, helped by billu and makhand, they gonna took Arohi away, then thought in light nature that at leas we are going to see the qualities of gangster in Arjun.
Ekta has just changed a little in it, she made Arjun became the real gangster and for that I am seeing if there is still the wedding track, if Arohi is still in a shock and gulping all the allegations from Arjun's eyes is more convinced that Chikoo is the one. Now she has already seen the 'roaring lion' , 'the dormant volcano which erupted again but with hotter lava' of Arjun, knowing that Arjun is not the type of man he wants to be with,even if she is torn but decides to keep the wedding as it is, I feel Arjun is coming just like the ardent entry he did yesterday and took the 'dulhan' from the 'mandup' bashing all the officers obstacles in his way and marry her in the temple or something like this.
This will be a slap on the Ahluwalia's face when they could not respect a girl and they could not be a good host, so why the damned he has to care for all the accusation that his dad had on Arohi. Yes this time he is going to marry her out of revenge to the enemy because he always knew how much they held Arohi. Arohi is the one they love most. This time he will hit Rajveer such a way that we will understand Arjun Singhania has come.
He will do all this out revenge until he realises in the moment of anger he became impulsive too or protective to his love. Even if sworn to torment Arohi after wedding, he will not be able for  long, Arohi has always been her with him and even if he is angry,this will not change.
Reading the article posted by Maheen, it seems its on the dulha swap itself.
In any way great and if it is on Dulha swap then they completely modified it - there will be no chikoo entry in the mandup itself and for that thanks on listening to us. In anyway Arohi is having only one marriage and that with Arjun, this is enough to please the viewers

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:29am | IP Logged

@ Jaya - Hola sweets

I like your points highlighted and guess to share my view on it:
''Hmmm...right now I am cursing myself for reserving and also committing to give my two cents on this episode.  Ermm But like true filmy characters, a commitment is a commitment and I am nothing if not a person who stands by her commitments...HAAN! ROFLROFL''
ROFLROFLROFLROFL dikhadiya itni mohabbat hein iss show se ke ab arjun ki tarah nafrat ki aag mein doob rahi hein aur jaldi phir pyar honelaga iss show se ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Ekta Mai Yalgaar ho!! Zara dekh ke humne kya kar diyaROFLROFLROFL
''Parul Gulati cannot act to save her life and this sequence showcased exactly why! D'oh The camera movements as always were freakishly dizzying! Good grief...get a grip people...what is with the zoom - zoom sounds and camera movements?''
Agreed on it sweets! I was left thinking was it left to thrill suspense and then I took it like okay they have to spill ketchup or red colour on the floor on the same moment and make as if Rashi's falling, so they focused on the face of the characters for not showing us how on earth the 'tabeez' got stuck on the side of the staircase that was deep on the left making rashi's falling position should be on the right but not she has the 'dying' position on the left itself. Where the tabeez was hanging,there must have been scratch on Rashi's hand but no she was laying coolly.ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Ab the acing of Parul, she is such a sweet girl that she is destroying the picturisation of Gauri, her body language and tone in her voice both are lacking confidence to stand to perfection, I guess we have already used to perfection in character and even if I have nothing against Parul and nothing against her acting, it is clearly seen she needs more hardwork and more self confidence infront of the camera to win the challenging role that Ekta bagged her for the first show she did.
''From this point on the episode completely fell apart for me. Starting with everybody standing around like idiots watching a injured person...again...W*H was that? These are also not regular people...the Ahluwalia family includes so-called law-enforcement type characters! Angry Characterizations somebody???? Then there was the whole Arjun dramatically pushing away Aarohi's this what this story is now reduced to? What reason does Arjun have to blame Aarohi at that point? This is the pits as far as screenplay work in this show goes. Stern Smile Thumbs Down''
Jaya we are all on the same wave, we are all on this note that there was not quick reaction from the host family that was Ahluwalias,they were left like spectaculators, instead of quick help on both Arohi and Rashi,they were left stand with shock. Were they shock that Arohi is seen to be involved or was it the supposed enemity to the Singhania that no one came for help and if that is for the second reason, it is shown that the Ahluwalias are more fake than Singhanias because in such situation there is not tag of enemies and friends when one needs a help.
I remember a personal situation. There is a temple near home,like 15 minutes walk from the home. Mom,dad bro and I were all walking after assisting one 'katha' to home and I was walking with mom faster and then we heard on the road 'BANG'. What was that? All I saw from where mom and I were was a motorcyclist on the road and a car just stopped a little distance. I did not have my phone for me to call police or ambulance and dad came to us saying let's leave as an accident is a police case and better is to leave. I understand their point of view but then they were left to wait for my brother. Dad went to see where is my brother, he is actually helping the person. He checked if he is alright and with more men gathered the place, he asked them to ring the ambulance and police. My brother made sure the ambulance came and took the person away. As I was still far, I was still with mom's,I would really be of no help except than ringing an ambulance but i did not have my mobile with me, and as it was night,it was mostly men gathered. My bro came and told us,he is alright. Left then mom and dad walked, I was walking with brother,he then told me:
'Nisha remember in such situation, you can help the person but avoid being in touch with bleeds as you con't know the health status of the person and AIDS is transported more through mere touch of blood. I helped the person because this was my duty and vocation, however if it was bleeding, I would have more made sure his pulse beating and quick ring to the ambulance.'
I was left with double admiration on the nobility of my brother's gesture and realised even if my parents' view were right, my brother' pov was more right. In case of urgency, we need to leave who we are, and on the name of humanity, go for it!
We were shown that how much goodness the Ahluwalias were, how much principle minded person dadu and dj were but all of them failed in humanity name! Arohi was the only one who was about to help but the eyes of Arjun deceived him seeing that it was Arohi who has thrown her and this made all his love disgusted,all turned to hatredness. In the love of innocence there is extreme position - either love or hate! Now we saw that all the misunderstanding that Arohi had on Arjun washed away but fate reversed it to Arjun and no matter how hard Arohi will try to convince him,there will be the same situation of fooling until Rashi does not recover.
''Moving on...the episode then suddenly jumps to the Singhania mansion. Where was the bridging hospital scene writers? D'oh Stern Smile Of course Rudra Pratap is going to use the situation to get Arjun back to the dark side...can anything be more predictable than that?''
Agreed on the hospital scene! The miscarriage was only shown as the hanging of the tabeez on the stair and then they said there is miscarriage!
I was left with dilemma - As there is head injury, I really can't see a miscarriage,we have seen many cases where some people were pregnant even if they were in coma! I was left it can't be really a miscarriage as it has clearly seen the head injury and unconscious of Rashi and it was not Rashi having her hands on her belly and crying, instead she suffered from her head injury.
This leaves me to guess Is Arjun presuming with this shock that it has affected the child or has he got confirmations from the doctor?
Thus dear, for me, I still can't gulp wholly it has been miscarriage and this will clear when we see first rashi's scene when she gained conscious in the hospital.
Jaya,as was telling Shaheen and Nimz, Rudra is not involved but has seized the situation to win Arjun back. Sharp minded Rudra always seizes opportunity.
''Sorry Adda-ians...this episode seriously took the proverbial cake for me!''
A song to cheer you up;-)

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saman87 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 3:21am | IP Logged
@jaya! wohooo 4/10? the epi really didnt go well with u! =]
What reason does Arjun have to blame Aarohi at that point?
he isnt directly blaming arohi, not for pushing rashi off the stairs atleast!... its just tht he knew her sis was going to talk to her, n aro is bitter with her words when it comes to arjun n his family... so he felt as if its arohi or sumone frm her family whose drastic reaction or harsh words might have caused this incident to happen. n arjun n his sis bond is one bone tht has been beautifully potrayed in this show, where many just leave us clueless. so its his disgust at the fact tht the family who keeps giving bhashan on right and wrong n believes in "sachai ki raah", can be so harsh towards his innocent sis!
atleast thts wht i felt by arjun's i-dont-believe -this kind of look tht he was giving to arohi! =p
n gauri's character has been made into i dont wht... seriously sick woman!. i dont understand how can a person suddenly turn so psycho tht she pushes a pregnant women down the stairs! arohi sure is a very bad judge of character.. her only best friend bhi psycho nikli! thts funny! Shocked
n the zoon-zoom andall is something tht just doesnt go away in indian serials, but yea the movement this cameraman does is definitely something to make u go dizzy! but wht i like here is tht this was a very sad, emotional scene n they just kept it pure n simple,by focusing on karan's expressions. they didnt drag it or make those dhishh dhishh focus on every member's face, wasting time.

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tanu111a Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 3:30am | IP Logged
@all my view abt epi is quite opposite.i superluved d epi.karan acting was more than real.same with kri but i m hating arohi character.she does not deservr arjun luv.i know she was not responsible for d tragedy but her behaviour was quite rude with rashi.rashi almost begged before her for arjun but she acted lyk dumb.gouri abused rashi but arohi did not say her to shut down her bloody mouth.she said to rashi that arjun insulted her before everyone but when did he do it?arohi was d one who always insulted him.innocence is other thing but she is acting lyk mad.arjun is right to hate arohi now.if i were in place of arjun i would do d same.rashi is very loving to him.i hav never seen such a selfless luv btw bro sis.i can feel how much pain arjun was feeling after seeing rashi condition.did u see arjun face when he saw blood under her head?it was lyk he has lost everything.karan gave awsome expression in that scene.standing ovation to him frm me.he luv arohi but his luv for rashi is not less n rashi deserve this luv frm arjun.she is very innocent n she luv arjun the most in whole world.if arjun would take rashi mc simply then he would insult that luv of rashi.he did not say arohi made her to fall but he know very well arohi insulted rashi n according to me arohi insulted her.i dont know if i will luv arohi character later?for now i m hating her.the convo of rps n arjun was equally really made me cry when rps talked abt rashi innocence.i felt very bad for d last scene arjun declared d war n i wan to see ahhulawalia suffering.they think that they r honest n they r best.they speak very low abt singhania family.arohi also said low abt also n gouri crossed d limits.they r over proudy.they dont hav respect for other emotions.for them their own family is world n they cannot see other than it.for me everything is justified in d epi now i m eager to see what will happen next?

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Guys, just for fun:
don't miss:
All Mohabatians, the celebration has opened. Attached in daily opening too - it is for the whole week- fun

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Morning Adda...Hug

Nisha, Sumz, Saman, Nimz, Tanu, Sana...will be back in a few to read what you guys shared!

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shaan17 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
@tanu: where have u been? stuck on DP's profile ey!!?? do u need help to vacate his profile??ROFL

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