Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

13/01:.Ria Ka Adda:.Parting is such a sweet sorrow

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Dearest ADDA peeps,


For the purpose of this post please have the following ready:

1.      Tissues

2.      To all single ladies: A pillow to hug :D

3.      All ladies who are already taken up ... u know who to hug :DBig smile

Quick Thoughts:

Today's episode will be a 7 out of 10

  1. The way the story is turning into
  2. Beautifully acted by Karan...He has grown so much as an actor...the way he cries and the way he carries himself in that last part was AMAZING...Well doneThumbs Up
  3. Amazingly acted by RPS... at one point i believed that he seriously was sad coz he lost his grandson and then i knew something was weird...He managed very well to put us in suspenceClap
  4. Loved the conversation of Arohi and Rashee
  5. Loved the way Gauri intervened
  6. Loved the convo between RPS and Arjun
  7. Loved Arohi's outfit
  8. So that is the plan that guari and rps made it all clicks :DBig smile
Hated:Thumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs Down
  1. What happened to where the episode ended yesterday?
  2. I think Arohi's make up and hair was not all that today
  3. I think Gauri has let me down....i dint think she was going to go that far
  4. The alhuwalia disappoints ... did u see their reaction when rashee fell...hello someone has fallen off the stairs...blood oozing...please do something...shame!!

As promised:

1.       After Gauri's character analysis in my previous post, please find below that of Mikail Singhania

2.       Let's not forget that the role of minor characters in works is generally to accentuate the support and influence of the protagonist and also to symbolically reveal behavioural patterns in human nature

3.       What would Arjun be without his brother MS? What would Arohi be without gauri?

4.       Minor characters can do lots of things - they can reveal information, give us background, or set the mood. And they can also be integral to the plot and to our main character's development. Look at how the snotty saleswomen in Pretty Woman affected Julia Roberts' character. They were VERY minor characters, yet they made a big impact on her. (at this time this is the only movie i can think of ROFL)

5.        Well first time on screen, MS, has been so far proved so far to be a negative minor character.

6.       Model looks, fit body, squared jaws, he leaves some flabbergasted by his "evil looks" in KMH2 whilst others are indifferent to him

7.       We saw him for the first time in the second episode of KMH2 and I thought to myself he reminds me of Edward in Twilight... but could not actually share my views because some of my friends are overly crazy for Edward and I got strong chance of being beaten up' Well then it happens whilst I was stalking on the net I found out that people actually had the same reaction... Whilst some said he remind them of Twilight others were bold enough to say he reminds them of none other than Robert'rofl

8.       Just like any other character, viewers  are unable to dispense MS because he is one of the driving force of the major characters and have important role in the play.

9.       MS plays the role of a "villainous" brother' who is the eldest of the family. Let's not forget that when Arjun came in the Singhania's house, MS was very small'may be round 10 or may be younger' and already seeing his dad bringing him another brother'should have been a real shock to his system'why?because at one point he is the cherished elder brother of the family and all of a sudden things changed because some one else is starting to take over his place and most importantly in the heart of his father.

10.   I remember clearly that I was upset when my cousin came to stay over at my place when her parents left on holidays for the UK. I was upset because she was getting all the attention'rightly so because she is a guest and was staying over to my house for a month. Now imagine the mental pain and heart pain that MS has to go through when Arjun became the cherished son of the family ' Cousin u know I love u'please come stay over' :D :D

11.   As a result, MS hates Arjun for taking his place and for being in the forefront all the time'Childish and immature' having lived with that insecurity this leads MS to attempt the killing of our dear Arjun and try on several occasions to dismiss him from the family pedestal!

12.   Unsuccessful, he still holds a terrible grudge against Arjun and his jealousy and anger blurs him.

13.   Yes the role of MS is indispensable. Without which we would not have seen Arjun saving arohi and getting the two protagonists close to each other.

14.   He adds flavor and fire to the already fiery character of RPS. He makes most of his scenes intense.. I actually personally feel scared when I see MS on screen

15.   Just like BT has pictured Gauri, MS has a good side of him as well as a bad side. Bt chose him to play MS because when u look at his face he can be both playing the role of a good person as well as the role of the most villainous person.

16.   He marries the character MS so well that at some point I feel scared seeing in him on screen'I think he looks terribly evil' rofl  whilst at some point he shows that he has a soft side: (1) when arjun spoke to him after he knew what MS has done'he looked proper scared then (2) when he tried to save his father from Prison. If he was a total villain he would have been pictured as someone who always and all the time do villainous acts'(3) the way he respects his Dadi

17.   MS helps to strengthen the character of Arjun and vice versa. He helps to show that Arjun even though is not blood related has a good heart and thinks of MS as his own biological brother. Arjun on the other hand'try to picture MS in a different way from what his actions portrays him to be' Via Arjun we've realized that MS is not a bad person 'the only thing that bothers him is that Arjun is int eh forefront and he has to take a back seat. Arjun also portrays MS as someone who needs love and attention from his parents and hates it when Arjun gets all of that and is left on the side'

18.   BT through MS wants to picture that we all do have negative sides'some more that others BUT most importantly we do have some good sides in all of us'All I can hope for MS is he has the opportunity of redemption' and show us more of his good side and try to build up a better relationship with arjun. After all life gives us chances to better ourselves :D

19. However after todays episode im not having much sympathy for the negative characters... I hate BT for doing that to Gauri...i hope it will nto be the same for Mikail...otherwise creatives fail in passing on their message to the public

19.   BTW u make me think of Danish pastries'rolf miam miam



1.      It has only be 2 months since I've join RKA. I felt instantly in love with them 'some might wonder why' I do not know how it happened. I read couple of posts and thought OMG these people are great' followed the procedure down the page and thought let me give it a try. I instantly got a message'welcoming me and trusting me

2.      I was at first amazed by the way they made me feel. How come all of a sudden they ve agreed to welcome me when they actually don't know who I am ' I could have been a KMH2 spy or some other idiot who wana ruin their show'But no'nothing like this'it was a genuine sense of welcome and love.

3.      At that moment I felt weird'weird because how could you trust people in such a way' virtual people by the way' but you know what' this made them filtrate into my heart in such a short span of time'and made me realize that I cannot betray them ( not as if I wanted) but the way they welcomed me made me think twice on what I think of them ' and this peeps is the power of friendship and love

4.      Today at this juncture, I feel like ive met the most wonderful friends of my life ' I do not know much of them' i do not know their age, what they do in life, or whether they are gurls or guys'(sometimes in post ull c me asking u a gurl or a guy rofl) let alone where they are from but we do share our pain of everyday, I do learn about who is going to be travelling and who has assignments'some of u might wonder what kind of friends are these'coz usually friends know everything about each other' We at RKA did never feel that way'we at RKA treats everyone as equal'We at RKA speaks to everyone regardless of caste, religion, age, sex and profession and this all thanks to KMH.

5.      Adda peeps all I wanna say is I liked KMH1, I like KK (Male) KK (female) but I don't love them the way u loved them' taking time to posts take and create this forum shows how much of unconditional love you've given to all the three Ks.That is why when I saw some links of KMH1 yesterday I was moved'

6.      Now I understand why some of u are disappointed'why some of u feel betrayed 'why some of u are angry 'why some of  you hate urself for all the hard work uve put in'I hope one day the 3 Ks realize what we've done'most specially all the senior addaians and how hard we've worked to reach where we are now'and how sad some of u are'I hope u never be disappointed as uve been coz I know how much it hurts

7.      All I wana say is this :

"Writing makes a person very vulnerable. It opens you to public criticism, to ridicule, to rejection. But it also opens conversation and thought. It stirs minds, and touches hearts. It brings us into contact with our souls. So how can it possibly be a waste of time, an idle act, a mistake, a betrayal of truth? Who can possibly tell us not to do it?" Joan Chittister, Order of Saint Benedict

8.      Ive spent amazing hours on IF and FB and I loved it .I do not regret doing it.

9.      To Mehr, Sarab, darlunia, Nimz, Shreya, Sam, Nat, Pam, Gargori, Parm Eshu, Sumz, Pallabika, and many more  :

-           We care deeply and trust completely,

-           we are there for each other,

-           we ROFL a lot,

-          we hang out virtually ,

-           we share days sharing our dreams and nightmares and

-          this because we are friends, past, present and future

10.  P.S: @MEHR: u did a fantastic job and remember that blessings will always come your way for that :D

Ria ka Adda Rules:

We are here to have fun and at the same time provide objective feedback. 

 1) Follow IF rules & respect each other's opinion. There is a decent code of conduct you can maintain and not pounce on each other if there's a difference of opinion.

2) Actor bashing will not be tolerated. Discuss the show & characters :)

3) Please use @Name format and avoid quoting long/multiple posts.

4) First page is for episode analysis, so reserve only if you want to analyze.

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Ayesha_gla Goldie

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Watch out for Adda tommorrow there is something IMPORTANT


As per the episode

I feel its good to see arjun returning back to his don wala character.
This time its quite justified though.Its the hatred and anger which is bringing out the real "DON" in him..

About arohi im not sure - she is still in dilemma...She is yet to get a grip of the changed scenario.
It will be interesting to see if her character reacts differently..

@Tanu - I will post the detail analysis about kk's acting tomrw. 

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Nimz-KMH Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Shaaheen, great postClapThumbs Up
After much hype created by the new article and sbs videos we come to the conclusion that KMH2 is not hatke after all. Now relax I will clarify my statement properly belowSmile.
The episode started off well, everyone singing and dancing. As expected and predicted by Mehr Rashi goes upstairs to talk to Arohi alone but all efforts go in vain.
Gauri on the other hand, evesdropping and interfering in fear that Aro's heart might melt. I hated her completely today. She's not only evil but a degraded character alsoDead. She cursed!Censored I thought it was not really necessary on her part but then Aro might have believed Rashi.
As predicted by me, Gauri pushes Rashi down the stairs and Aro gets the blame. I knew it! It was necessary to stop cheeku-Aro wedding but my alternate track was a bit different as I wanted to save both, Rashi from having a MC and Aro from marrying cheeku and I also mentioned that the article is misleading and doesn't make any sense because both can't be true at the same time. So relax guys, Aro is not marrying cheeku nowSmile.
I was shocked to see Ahluwalia's reaction after Rashi fellShocked. They all just stood there and stared! For God sake, move! and do something!!Angry and on top of that, the whooshhh whoooshhh effects!Angry *super electrifying nudges* to camera wala uncle!Dead Arjun steps in only to find his sister, the one he loves the most loathed in blood.
I loved Arjun's FAB acting hereThumbs Up
Arohi in total shock and fearThumbs Up
Where was the hospital scene??? CVs kha gaye kiya?Confused bad bad flow!Sleepy We wanna know what happened next? I was extremely sad for Rashi, why her??? why?? what did she do to anyone? I wanted to know how she is? Is she ok? Is her baby ok? (yea we heard the baby's gone) but I wanted to see it.
Rashi, hugs to youHug for being a beautiful sister and always being supportive.
Rudra Pratap, welcome backSmile you're always a treat to watchStar and today you proved that you're the most selfish fatherSmile. Don't you think you shoud be more concerned about your daughter and her life than what to do next with your dushmans??
I liked the convo between Arjun & daddy. I liked the way it started off, Arjun going through a phase of guilt, apologizing for leaving his family and going after his love, but then the impact got lost somewhere. That's my personal view, he was more convincing when he entered the room and started off the conversation.
Rudra Pratap, you had me believe you for a moment! but I forgot you can never be a good guy!Smile Now is Gauri & him together in this plan? Did I miss anything?
Back to old world:
Loved Arjun's entry to Ahluwalia's house except for whooshhh whooosshhh effects!Angry
I could feel that he has come for revenge and he will make sure he gets his job done. FAB acting here ArjunThumbs Up. Left an impact!Clap
I know the Ahluwalia's are senseless so I don't expect much but why isn't anyone questioning Gauri? Why isn't Arohi or anyone else asking what happened to Rashi? How did she fall? Did she slip? Aro wasn't looking so how did this happen? Lame!SleepySleepy
I want to know what's happening with Rashi?? Is she in coma? and will wake up at the end of the show??Sleepy
Arjun out for the kill:
He was always a bad boy right? the gansgter, but with a soft heart inside, the one who would kidnap people, threaten them to get his job done but wouldn't hurt them. He fell in love with a girl, and gave her all that he once had but she didn't believe him. Now he has lost that soft heart he had, he's pure evil, burning with fire, rage, and revenge.
What did I say when he stood upto cheeku and saved Arohi from seeing the truth? When Arohi blamed and insulted him infront of everyone? I disapproved the track and said it'll be difficult for Arohi to fight the guilt alone once she comes to know Arjun's truth but many disagreed and said it'll be ok because Arjun will make a clear path for her as well. Well guess what, there's no Arjun and there's no cheeku. She has lost both. She knows what Arjun had been trying to tell her was right and she's now gonna go through years of guilt for not believing him. She'll be broken and shattered and will have to fight for it alone. Should I say she got what she deserved, NO, I don't wanna say that.
What happens next? Is Arjuhi wedding possible?
Logically, no! Arjuhi wedding doesn't make any sense at this point. But the new track has room for it. It's Arohi who's the culprit in Arjun's eyes so it's highly possible that Arjun marries Arohi out of revenge. How?
1.  Kidnaps her and forcefully marry?
2.  Dulha swap?
I don't see any chance of cheeku-Arohi wedding now since Aro is not in a condition to get married to anyone right now. But maybe next week the storm clears out a bit and the wedding continues. In that case, dulha-swap is possible.
Though I earlier said that Arjuhi wedding can never be possible because Arohi won't be willing to do it but the track is different now and the marriage (is it's happening) is to take revenge from Aro & her family, dulha-swap is possible.
Kidnapping and forcefully marrying?Confused How do you really do that??Ermm so my best bet is dulha-swap if shadi is happening. Though I personally don't want any shadi right now because it'll be a disaster.....more rona dhona, more tamasha........what is Arjun gonna do with her? threaten her? abuse her? manhandle??Confused Please CVs try to cut out the marriage part. If Arjun wants to avenge Aro, there are many other ways. Don't make a joke out of marriage like this. Though I always wanted to see Arjun in the "real" gangster avatar, we complained that his character wasn't sketched out properly, but please don't turn him like a wild beast.Confused 
What was the point of baby track?
We all know Rashi had a dysfunctional relationship with her hubby. He does nothing but plot against Arjun along with Mikael. He cares for nothing but the job of his in-laws and the money that comes with it. So the baby was important to bridge the distance between Rashi and him. It would've helped greatly in mending their broken relationship.
But the baby served even a bigger role in Arjun's life. It was more important for Arjuhi than it was for Rashi and her hubby. Rashi is the most precious one Arjun has in his life, the one he cares for before anyone else, and the one who had the power to change him. Rashi took a promise and made him swear upon her baby that he will change, leave his house, and live his life which he did. He went out to gain what he had been missing, someone whom he loved and someone who could equally love him back, Arohi. He had almost two weeks before the baby left this world and what did he gain in those two weeks? Absolutely nothing! He did everything he could to convince Arohi and his family that he has changed, he put his reputation on stake and stood up for someone he hates to save his love from breaking apart. He went through humiliation and insult every single day infront of Aro and her family but he gained nothing, rather he came back home with nothing in his hands. And now the baby dies. The baby who gave him hope that he will finally have the life he always wanted. CVs killed that baby.
Nisha, didn't you say something like, "love changes a person for best or for worst" were right. Arjun's love for Rashi and her unborn baby changed his entire life for the best and now made him the worst, he's out for the kill!Disapprove 
So I ask CVs, what was the point of the baby track? If baby had to die why brought him in the scene? If Arjun gained nothing, why he sworn upon the baby to change? You not only killed baby but also killed Rashi, Arjun, and all those who're now suffering. Do you just need a reason to turn Arjun bad? You know the track after Rashi's pregnancy didn't work and now you want to try a different one to see whether that works?
Why are you butchering all the beautiful relationships like marriage, new baby, husband-wife, brother-sister, mother-child - and still getting nowhere?
Same old Story, nothing hatke:
Again as pointed by Nisha, In KMH1 Arjun was blamed for pushing Aro's dad from the building and had to go through years of pain trying to convince everyone that he's innocent and was just trying to save him.
And here once again, we witness the same thing but this time it's Arohi's turn to go through the torture. Ekta mai, you gave us the "wohi jodi" but where's the "nayi love story"??
Please expose Gauri's real face as soon as possible, that's the only way to save KMH2. You have killed the baby, Rashi is in coma(most probably) or memory lose!, Daddu and DJ can't do anything now, Arjun has turned into a bad guy, Arohi is blamed to have pushed Rashi......what's happening next? any new character? new savior?? I can't bear to see Gauri anymore plus seems like she'll be losing her job now since she has done what she wanted to do so just expose her.
Arjun 8/10Clap You did what you could, and I'm glad you did it. You tried.
Arohi 9/10Clap Yes you won my heart after so many days. You were convincing throughout.
Rudra Pratap 8/10 "love your family" for once!Smile
Gauri 6/10 Still needs lots of improvement. You're evil, but not convincingSleepy
Daddu - no points for you today since you didn't do anything!Tongue but try to do something!Big smile
DJ - same for you!Big smile
Rashi 9/10 You're my sweetheartHug I wish I could give you back your baby.
Shaaheen, I'm touched by your post for adda buddies. Sweety, I'm also one of those who just joined RKA properly. I wasn't around during KMH1 but I have read many threads and I always felt happy. They were interesting, exciting, filled with love. I love adda buddiesHug. Keep rocking!

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
Shaheen...will comment more specifically later. But for now let me just say that I love your post chica! Hug

Hmmm...right now I am cursing myself for reserving and also committing to give my two cents on this episode.  Ermm But like true filmy characters, a commitment is a commitment and I am nothing if not a person who stands by her commitments...HAAN! ROFLROFL

So where do I begin...I guess the start of the episode is a good place as any to start. ROFL

The episode started where yesterday....did not the Sangeet dancing D'oh. What was with that? That said, this scene was good and provided the only lighthearted moments of the episode.

Predictably, Rashi goes to talk to Aarohi and a sly Gauri follows her to eavesdrop on the conversation. Story line objections aside, this conversation and everything up to Rashi falling down the stairs was ok. Parul Gulati cannot act to save her life and this sequence showcased exactly why! D'oh The camera movements as always were freakishly dizzying! Good grief...get a grip people...what is with the zoom - zoom sounds and camera movements?

From this point on the episode completely fell apart for me. Starting with everybody standing around like idiots watching a injured person...again...W*H was that? These are also not regular people...the Ahluwalia family includes so-called law-enforcement type characters! Angry Characterizations somebody???? Then there was the whole Arjun dramatically pushing away Aarohi's this what this story is now reduced to? What reason does Arjun have to blame Aarohi at that point? This is the pits as far as screenplay work in this show goes. Stern Smile Thumbs Down

Moving on...the episode then suddenly jumps to the Singhania mansion. Where was the bridging hospital scene writers? D'oh Stern Smile Of course Rudra Pratap is going to use the situation to get Arjun back to the dark side...can anything be more predictable than that? Ermm Honestly, this kind of crap is not worth my wasting any more time!

The episode finally closed with a suitably converted Don Arjun back at the Ahluwalias!

Overall...the episode was a 4/10 for me. Even those points were solely for both the KK's acting in the first part of the episode. Even they over-acted intermittently in the latter half of the show! At this point I could not care less how this story line progresses. Sorry Adda-ians...this episode seriously took the proverbial cake for me! All I can say to the creative team is this...I do not know who you guys listen to when you come up with ideas but whoever is feeding you these sorts of them!

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Ayesha_gla Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
@Shaheen- Thanku for the lovely post.. 
We will always remain friends Hug

I have already said my part on the note..
and yeah agreed loads of blessing for the true angelHug

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 2:14pm | IP Logged

I am on two takes:

First one:

Guys today was outstanding but ruined by Parul's actingConfused

I will like to have alot of points highlighted to it:(that will be my part 2)
First of all, I love today's episode.
Actually a new emotion waved in me today with this show:
I removed my specs and throw it LOL - I guess this behaviour of mine was the repeated mind's voice of  'O Damned it' 'Why Arohi? Why were u the one stand there and Arjun saw?' 'O Jesus Christ, more misunderstandings coming!' 'Nahiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn'
Yet from a deep corner in my heart,I was like this as well
'Nishu, seems fiery eyes in actions sweety!''
Guys,permit me to dedicate a new song for Arohi,soon,this is the state of her! I love this jazzy songWink (included one with lyrics. among song I listened high volume)Wink with some head moving aroundLOL but this song today is for Arohi, it will be really heart wrenching of what she will be.
We have to admit Ekta can drives us to any extremeties,guysWink

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saman87 Groupbie

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
hello adda ppl!!!
omg! *goosebumps*! though i knew th emiscarriage was coming but the way it was shown, added with arjun's fab change of expressions... very well dealt with.!

. rashi-aro convo
. karan's acting. well wht can i say about tht! he was brilliant Clap u could feel the way arjun's character must be feeling n his change in attitude was so justified.
. rps-arjun convo.

. gauri! Angry she ruined the whole scene by her blank expressionless face, looked so weird suddenly she just jumped in bw aro n rashi (tht too without any expressions chaging!) n then rushed her sentences! she has tht annoying whiny tone of talking!

arjun!!! the poor guy =( loved the way he entered the alluwalihas house in the end... tears in his eyes but all strong, firm and bad once again!
arjun just kidnap tht cheeku n take his plc during the wedding thng... phr lena alluwalihas se badla! Wink

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saman87 Groupbie

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
@shaheen. very sweet post! =]

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