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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Critical conclusion:Thumbs Up 
For changing on what I did not want to see in a way to accept it!
I did not want Arohi unwilling to go with Arjun and stayed at home,the concept this time she is married and dumped!
A gaze indeed and a twist indeed
Thumbs Up well said.  if  him marrying her was shock to her this one was a blow,  she might have thought he did it out of love but no, twist for mahaepisode.

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Critical view for the episode 61 (21/01/11)

Version 1 (my take from lounge)
love today's episode a lot and I am giving an overall of 8/10 (because I skipped all the Ahluwalias bitLOLLOL) for the show!
The show is getting better and better and giving me the love that I have for ''Kitani Mohabbat Hai''Thumbs Up
Today my analysis is entirely on concept:
The concept is growing awesomeClap When we saw yesterday the burning with fire Arohi to come to seek revenge from the Singhania and she had already seen it to be a ''won game'' from her side by leaving no stones to make Arjun went away by himself. It is a won game because everybody is not welcoming her. Everyone in the family had the distant and isolated looks  and she knew it is really easy to get away from the family.
Ironically she said to Arjun that in a married life, the married couple have to share ''ups and downs'' together and she has come to ''give the sadness part to Arjun as well.'' Of course burning with a ''stigma'' that she has not yet ''forgiven'' has made her said the sentence in the way ''to give the other person's deep wound.''
It was going the way she thought until Biji gave another ace entryClap with ''kamaal ki dialogue'' - the rawness and the  kindness well blendedClapClapClap to the extent that everyone except the members in the Singhania loved her attitude.
And this time the ace entry comes to give the ''nayi dulhan'' a ''warm welcome''
What the mother in law did not do, she completed all the rituals and by that binded again this new married couple in the sacredness and purity of the marriage relationshipThumbs Up and Arohi realised that she is actually an elder image of herself. For that warmth love and welcome she got from Biji, she has already been tied in the sacredness of this relationship. Her heart has already got the message and she felt conflicted because this was not the reason why she came here.
The way she kicked the kalashHeart and got the high appreciation from Biji is awesome because she has already ''seen the blow of change'' in this familyThumbs Up
We got a little husband wife nok jhok where they talked naughtily rather than with hatredness and even if Arjun has seen that Arohi is jealous to what he is going to do, he has once again underestimate Arohi. Actually,he is not at fault, it does take time to realise that someone is ''a carbon copy'' of you and this is the reasons of clashes and easily forgiving and acceptance as wellClap
RPS who has already seen that Arohi's character is like Biji and adding with the coming of Biji, he is playing safeClap
Then the little talk between Rajveer and Gauri is not only an indication that Rajveer is behind the culprit but also ''Gauri also will start play the cards of love for Rajveer not to doubt her -  a love story between them is on the tidesThumbs UpThumbs Up
The last scene was another good scene where Shefali,her true and best friend of all, has come at her place, knowing like Biji, that in whatever circumstances, that the marriage has already taken place now. As we know Shefalil she is more of a listener, rather than adviser, she will just be by Arohi's side and let Arohi unpuzzled her own dilemma. She will do something when Arohi is still confusedHeartHeartHeart
The talk on Biji Arohi makes me see this episode outstands others:
''A married lady,where all the rituals have been rightly done , in any circumstance, she is the rightful and dutiful wife of the man. No matter what type the family the man belongs, she has either to cope/compromise or where she found it needs to be changed,she needs to stand to it. Now being married, it is not only the Husband who has to protect the Wife but it is also vice versa. It is not a game,where whenever we enter in and whenever we exit. The true character and strength of a woman lies when everything is going against her waves, she knows that she has to match her tides to it rather than getting carried away. The in-laws come into priority in the marriage constitution, no matter how much the girl loves her family. The faster one assimilates it, the better for the person''Star
I know that I have put it in my words but that was the message. And I say,that's a true word from a true family, unlike at her maternal side, who is thinking of getting her back.  Biji has proved to be the true well wisherClap and better than even anyone in the Ahluwalia. Arohi has felt the power and intensity of the words but when again thinking for a while, what Arjun did, she refused to accept it. Ofcourse,it is not once said and to be accepted immediately. Now the message is here, she will accept it surely by herself. She is telling the same to Shefali who Shefali knows will be here to bring them closer in love rather than drifting them away and so the story will continue after Arohi inculcated this fact that is in the welfare of everyone, ''Mr Arjun Singhania and Mrs Arohi Singhania will help those members who have drifted away to know the meaning and understand what relationship is,its values and how to hold it.'' That's the ending feel I got from what I watched today and I like itThumbs Up

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Version 2|: Focused on Biji Arohi Convo & Shef Arohi Convo(my 2nd take in the lounge)

I felt getting the charm of KMH again, the felt charm I got when I kept on repeating mode listening to the mother's letter in KMH1! What a beauty! Classic! 7-starsStar
I always felt but why now Arohi has got a whole joint family, why there is not the same charm of the mother's letter. Unconsciously I kept hunting for the 'hadke' response in KMH2 of the mother's letter and I felt it to be missing. As the concept also was unveiling, I had to wait for it to unfold to understand what the concept is about.
I always felt that in the love of Ahluwalia's there is still missing for Arohi. I kept in a search mode that Arohi needs something more than that and even being full in warmth of her family, there is something more she needs. I could not figure then what?I could not link the photoshoot stills with the show how it was going and yet it has given us so so much in concept!
The fairtytale built of the show with the charm of adding real themes to it, truly mesmeris me! I will later have a post on this bit!
For the time being, I will focus on Arohi and Family.
I realised after watching this episode that what was it showing indeed!
Like typical parents, no matter how grown up the child becomes,they pampered her so much that in their eyes' she is still the baby. The child, though at time feels overprotected and suffocated bu knows it is out of over love to her and refuse to see that she is the big girl now! In response to this love and warmth and goodness, she spread the innocent joy to them even if she is different with her friends. ''friends are for that nah,seeing the proper blooming of the person, where at times parents failed to see.'' It is not fault of parents', it is just they love their children more than anything else in this world. This is also the Ahluwalias. In building this love,they have also inculcated prejudices in the child's mind about what is meant by good and bad. They are again not 100 percent at fault because they did not want their children to be hurt.
I felt the sense of suffocation of Arohi in this environment! It was not in a bad way but then she loves them all equally that she is ready to do everything for their happiness. Like last time we said that Arjun was the puppet of Rudra Pratap Singhania for his business work, here Arohi is the puppet of the family love.
I realised yesterday, this was not the story at all! It was not about the Ahluwalias but it was how different two families can be! Mother's house will remain still the baby's shelter but as it is said and every parents (''damned I am myself being haunted on the moment''LOLLOLLOL) have the dream that their children married and progress in new family and life. It is not that they want to get rid of their daughter but like my mom once told me ''Nisha, just like I left my home to come to build this family, one day, you will do it as well. The instiled values in you when brought to another new home and accept part of the new values, that in itself is magnemity.
Secondly, as when you have come in this world, we have already seen more life than you, it is logic that we are going to depart from life before you. In this sense, the parents feel happy to see that their children have someone other than them by their side who will walk and live life together and instil those mixed values to the newcomers of the world. For wherever you or your brother progress in life, this is the biggest achievement in life.''
I was teenager when mom told me this, that time I felt that 'I will never leave my parents for somebody else. He has to come and live at my place. Why should I leave my parents for him?'LOL
Phir I grew upLOL and when I fulfiled my dreams, concerning studies, I start seeing more and more meaning in these words, making me realise that from the ''phase of growing up'' now i have ''grown up''.All I know now, is the experience and strong and far sighted character of my mother is the tubelight of my life. I have grown to the same level where I see what is in it and many more ''knowledge'' she filtered me. So for me guys, it was hard for me to gulp the fragility of Arohi's mother. Yet Arohi's mother was the sweet and fragile person who is only thinking the best for her daughter.
Her eyes blurred yesterday was all for the motherly affection and genuine care she has for her Arohi and as she is also built with a picture what is good and bad, she fears to see Arohi in more tears and in that the parents failed to see that Arohi is changed and is ''growing up.''
All the persons in the Ahluwalias except DJ and Dadu actually are unable to match the strong character Arohi was building too. Still it did not match the fully real strength and support of character that Arohi needed. They were more of her ''letting go with limits'' and thus still was uncomparable to the ''mother's letter in season 1''
This was because the story this time is different. It has taken the right amount of time but now is showing light to it. Yesterday's episode earmarked it. The story is not about a girl who is going to fulfill her deepest dream for herself and for her father. The story is not about an unmarried girl who has some dreams to fulfil before moving on the next step in life. The story is not about a start of a love story.
The story is about the journey of a young girl/a daughter to a married woman/daughter in law of a new family. A new family of different way of living and culture and initially how difficult is the young girl who has spent years in a family shower of love and warmth has now married in a family where emotions donot exist and is more materialistic.
It is difficult to adapt if it keeps being compared on ''my family is like this'' ''your family is like that''
This is where the word of experience came again to tell her how to live!
This is masterpiece and all of a sudden felt, this is the support and strength that Arohi was longing to hear. All of a sudden I felt the wisdom and experience of the mother who taught her child how to move on to her dreams and getting someone special and never lose courage (season 1) is now giving knowledge of ''expectation one has in married life and family and when it is not like the dream and expectation, how to live and be happy in it.''
It was a masterpiece for meClap to the extent I quote one of the line as my siggieSmile.
Biji ( represents old age and wisdom, represents strong character, represents kind heartredness and sacredness of character, represents good that can exist among the built prejudice, represents the pillar of the family, represents ''never give up'', represents ''stand for it'' and represents warmth and love) talking to Arohi (represents young and impulsiveness, represents learning new lessons in life, represents ''yet to be seen' represents 'respect to elders' represents individuality and freedom of thoughts, represents of ''if it has not get proper advice, never compromise'','represents modern and stubborness in character,' 'represents needs to ripen in character and finally but not leastly ''assimilating lessons in life) Star
What lessons she got in the conversation (already wrote in first take)
And again Shefali, who is also young and is learning experience of life, learned those values from Arohi. Shefali who knows Arohi more than her family knows that Arohi is changing.
After the conversation of Biji and Arohi, it is contrasted immediately to the conversation between Shefali and Arohi.
The friendship of Arohi and Shefali is one of a kindStar
I have never seen this friendship explored in old shows I watched. Shefali is a practical and cool girl. She is as sweet and innocent as Arohi but she is more outgoing than Arohi. In the sweetness of her character, beauty is added in her simplicity and girlie personality that is as kind and clean heart as Arohi. No wonder she is the ''ame soeur'' of Arohi. Shefali is not those friends who ''prompt into conclusions.'' she is not those friends who listened a sentence and give ''5 lines of advices'' and she is not those friends who wish bad and hurt her friend. The value of this friendship is mindblowingClap with an element of 'chill' and 'support', with an element of 'having fun and blast' and 'learning the lessons of life togetherClapClap
She knows the nature of Arohi well and infact when Arohi was not married,she was the only one who understood Arohi from the start.
She was not that friend like Gauri would have reacted 'she is an old lady,forget it, we are youngs,we know we are right, you need to do it.'
No she is not! She respects the 'old lady' as much as Arohi does and she is as different as Arohi. For a moment of glory to her,she was happy that 'Biji' melted the anger of Arohi but still Shefali is seeing the self conflict of Arohi and Shefali knows that Arohi has once misunderstood Arjun and once it is cleared, Arohi will double love Arjun. Shefali will push Arohi to it but not in words and actions but by being a listener and get her on the right wave. Her facial expression when Arohi said ''arjun is not my lifepartner'' was equal to a smile in her heart with the thought''you have already married her Arohi and you always wanted him to be.'' and then when Arohi said she has not come for ''sudhane'' but for 'band bajane''
Again a sweet smile on that thought in Shefali's expression knowing she will melt soon because if Arohi is not a vindictive nature. She is stubborn and is thinking she is hurt but Shefali knows 'once Arohi gets it right by herself.' She will stick here onlyLOL She is a beautiful character and she will only ''talk something to Arohi if Arohi is growing stubborn to infinity.''
Both Biji (the word of old wisdom) and Shefali (the word of innocence) are sided to Arohi and she feels complete with her strong character and soon apply those lessons she learned from Biji and learned to''forgive and accept the truth'' for the betterment of her own self and everybody!
I have a third version, will post laterWink

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Du_Nish Goldie

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My short take shared with a friend on the origanility presence in yesterday's show:

Today for me wa my KMHLOL It was just so good, see I gave an 8 today! You know why - it was just original;-) the football kick of the kalashLOLLOL the more I see the expression of Arjun, I am more sure is that he does not want to argue with her as he loves her and he will not hide it, what Biji said - that whatwever happene before or after the wedding,it does not count,the ritual was sacred and this is true. it is not a kick of the wedding institution but to the reputation of the family and girl. Arohi is fighting for her self esteem but today Biji gave her that againStarStar Biji is awesome, I really like her and best the bit '''find happiness in what we have''Thumbs UpHeartStar Don't run on what our mind wanted to get but accept and be happy on what we have - it is so true! I still feel that eve if Ahluwalias were showered of love and warmth, the fact remains, she is overprotected and typical parents- even married, they still treat her like the baby - they have not yet seens she is a growu up girl. So finally when Arjun was treated as puppet by RPS for illegal deeds, even Arohi was the puppet of their love. I love the way how Biji soothes the anger of Arohi. She took it so lightly and funnily:-) If kumud would have done this, ''her band really would be baje''LOL
Biji knows Arohi is hurt and she is going to melt her in the free styleStarStarStar love it
Also today Arohi was awesome in the westernised dress ;-) above kneelsLOLLOL and thats how the rasam too was doneLOLLOLLOL I love it dear - so stylish LOLLOLLOL Another originality!!!!

Today's episode was for me promises of so many good themes and when Shefali listened to her and she is exciting on the bit when Arohi said ''band bajane'' - it is more than ''sudhane''

Everything is so improved in this show - even elders too good - modern and coolClapClap''

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rasika_DS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 5:01pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the link :)
Yeah hoping that it happens in reality not in dreams..plz CVzEvil Smile
Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
i remember one of my note and am happy thats the way it is going Thumbs Up
thanks everyone who like this post

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Eshu11

i remember one of my note and am happy thats the way it is going Thumbs Up
thanks everyone who like this post
hey.. post this on fb too na..
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Hello Mates
I thought as the show has ended, I need to give a last critical view of the overview.
I personally feel, with the merge of kismat post, that I will write there, there has been 2 months of filling episodes because the show was ending and trying to drift the focus from the main story and allow other characters to play the bit on the story.
We definitely saw a changed and deeply in love with a strong character of Arohi and a melted to kindness Arjun!
Yet with a show where there had been awesome dialogues ''dadi's speech to arohi after the wedding,'' did mean something, did not it, where I felt if the story has to extend, that speech should have been in mind.
Unfortunately after Arohi's redemption, the blossom of love was seen in the filmy unneccessary way of being separated and then in the end even the world accepted it.
Love to understand every thing seems fit at the right time but it was funny on how all of them focused in the end when it was left that they are living their married life and love continues to cherish, but however,it was rather focused on ''happy ending,'' which appealled like arohi and arjun are not going to love each other.
An explanation is needed for such a poorly executed ending! Still I will not forget to mention, what was expected the normal flow of the show, happened this way only except some melodrama on overextended themes.

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