Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Zee's OS- Chocolate,Strawberries,Whipped Cream...

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Hey there people! Okay so it's been a while since i wrote a oneshot. Uni work sucks ConfusedOuch That reminds me...gotta update my FF EmbarrassedConfused....anyway

Right basically the other night me and my friends were chatting about the Maneet's SR night and wondered whether they do it straight after the wedding or leave it for another night or so before trying???  And if so will they do foreplay, or just get right into it???

Well here's my take! WinkEmbarrassed

By the way, a serious warning that people over 18 got to read this....i don't want to be in trouble with the Mods....EmbarrassedSmile

Chocolate, Strawberries, Whipped Cream and....ICE!?!?!?

Geet was giggling quietly, hiding in the space between the wall and their bed. She knew that Maan was looking for her, after teasing him during dinner. It was not usual of her, considering she was quite innocent and it was quite naughty really if you think about it, but Maan wouldn't touch her because he thought he would hurt the baby and she was craving some loving...Going back to the dinner, she had picked up his hand and played with his fingers, making Maan frown at her in confusion and then she "dropped" a spoon. Bending down to pick it up; she instead, exactly how she read it in a book Annie gave her, grabbed one of his fingers and stuck it in her mouth, choking slightly before slowly releasing it from her mouth, glancing up to see his reaction. She froze midway, her mouth open, and half his finger still in her mouth, seeing the predatory glint in Maan's dark, shining eyes. She felt a shiver go down her spine seeing that glint, and released his finger quickly, picked her spoon up and shuffled her chair slightly away, aware of Maan's eyes boring holes into her blushing face.
Hearing a noise outside the door, she shook herself from the memory and tried to slow down her heavy breathing, just thinking about what she did at dinner, made her all shy, hot and a tingle go through her body. She shook her head, and slowly peeked out from behind the bed, like a little child, and saw Maan with a tray full of bowls. She frowned slightly, 'Why has he got bowls??? We ate only like half an hour or so!' thinking to herself, her frown deepening when went Maan out of the room again. She peeked out a bit further checking to make sure he was gone, before getting up and stumbling slightly, muttering curses underneath her breath about the sari she was wearing. She glanced at the bowls and then down herself, if Maan was going to fulfil his threat of payback after what she did at dinner, she would need to run. Thus Geet peeked out of the door, and looking up and down the corridor, she nodded her head in relief before practically running over to her dressing table and taking off her jewellery, cringing slightly when she took off her churiyaan, hurting herself in the process.
Once her jewellery was off, apart from the mangalsutra and wedding ring, she went to her wardrobe and grabbed her pyjamas but froze. She could hear Maan's voice just outside the bedroom door and then hearing Dadimaa's voice about "pregnant women always have weird cravings, son!" She slowly turned her head and peeked over her shoulder, not seeing Maan but seeing Dadi near the doorway. She shifted her position slightly to the right and saw Maan with a tray full of...was that ice??? "Is he going to punish me by chucking ice down my shirt or something?" slightly scared at what Maan could do now. Hearing the conversation finishing, she dropped her pyjamas, and ran back to her hiding place, taking glances over her shoulder to make sure Maan wouldn't see her, before crouching down and getting comfortable in the space behind the bed once more. If she had turned a second later she would have noticed Maan's eyes flashing to her running figure and an evil smirk appearing on his lips.
As soon as Dadi left, Maan sauntered into their bedroom and placed the tray down, before going to the windows and closing the curtains. He then went to the doors and shut them gently and it was so quiet that even from where Geet was hiding she could hear the quiet click when the doors joined together. Maan then locked the doors, and he rolled his shoulders nonchalantly, when in fact he was gearing himself up for! He sighed heavily before saying in a quiet, teasing voice "Geet what you did during dinner was pretty brave of you. And here I thought I'd have a nice, quiet, wife who would obey my every demand," turning around slowly and leaning against the door. Geet opened her mouth in shock and before she could help herself, peeked out and seeing Maan with a glint in his eye, watching her from his position, made Geet starting to regret what she did at dinner and blaming Annie for giving her that book. Okay she wanted some loving but maybe she should have waited until she had her seemed she released some beast within Maan, since he seemed really tense, a devil-may-care smirk on his face and his eyes...gosh so dark and shining and glinting wickedly...
She moved back to be away from his eyesight, but he was already looking in her direction, and slowly straightened himself up. He went to the tray of ice and stood there, undoing the buttons of shirt quickly and shrugging it off onto the floor. He peeked over his shoulder and his smirk broadened further, seeing Geet's nervous, yet excited eyes peeking out from behind the bed once more. He waited until she "hid" herself once more, and grabbed a cube of ice before quickly walking around the bed, so that he would be behind Geet. He stopped about 5 paces away from her and just watched her. As she got up, trying to find where he disappeared off to, he moved forward then and put the ice at the bottom of her spine. He let it melt at for a moment, before moving it ever so slowly up her spine, bypassing the blouse fastenings, moving up to the back of her neck. As his hand went round to the side of her neck, he moved closer so that his hips touched hers, and his left hand went around her stomach, dragging her against him. He bent his head and licked the water that had melted on the back of her neck, before following the trail to the side of her neck, going down to the base, before going down her shoulder and back up to her neck, stopping at her chin.
He took a small gentle nip at her chin, before quickly moved away, to stop himself from grabbing her, ripping her sari off her and taking her right there, on the floor. He went back to the trays and took deep calming breaths and clenched his fists tight, closing his eyes but an image of Geet looking up from beneath her eyelashes and sucking his finger flashed before his eyes and made his think of....other places. He made a sound between a grunt and a growl and thought tiredly, 'She's going to be the death of me, seriously'. He shook his head internally and opened his eyes, grabbing the tray that had a bowl of strawberries, a bowl of chocolate sauce and a bowl of whipped cream, with the latter two having a spoon. He then placed the tray on the side table on his side of the bed and went to grab the other tray with ice, but what Geet didn't know was that Maan had a blindfold in his jeans pocket and had taken it out when she had hid behind the bed one time. He picked that up and put it on the side table on Geet's side of the bed, and he chuckled deeply when Geet went running for the bathroom.
He ran after her and grabbed her from behind, avoiding her kicks and attempts to push him away, before placing her on the bed. He then leaned over her heavily and watched as she struggled to get free, as Geet was in split thoughts to whether to carry on or finally get what she wanted in the first place. But as she glanced up to check on Maan's mood and seeing the love he had for her peeking from behind the hungry, lustful glint in his eyes, she stopped fighting and relaxed, surprising Maan slightly that Geet would give up this early. As his eyes darted all over her face and finally resting to her eyes, the trust he saw in them for him, made him melt. His smirk turned into a loving smile and the lustful glint retreated while the love shone right through his eyes. He bent his head and a quick glance at Geet once more, placed a gentle kiss on her lips, barely a touch so faint that Geet wouldn't have known it was there apart from the fact she could still feel the impression of his lips on hers. He leaned back a bit and she smiled at him, while wriggling uncomfortably in her sari, not noticing the effect it had on Maan.
She opened her mouth to tell Maan to get her pyjamas, but she barely got past the first word when Maan leaned across her and grabbed a strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate, before stroking the chocolate covered part across her lips, down her chin, towards the base of her neck stopping at her collarbone. He then ate the strawberry, kissed her very deeply, ignoring the fact that chocolate was getting onto to his own lips and chin, and worked his way down the trail he had made only moments before. Licking his lips, he murmured, "Chocolate covered Geet is delicious," and Geet blushed heavily, giggling slightly. Geet raised her hands to place them on his bare shoulders, and even seeing them many times before she could never get over the fact how broad or strong looking they were and itched to caress them to her heart's content. But Maan stopped her, and placed his hands gently over hers and said ever so softly, "You trust me, right sweetheart?" and Geet nodded, "You know I do Maan," not quite hiding the confusion from her voice. Maan then reached over and grabbed the whipped cream and the blindfold, placing them on the bed.
Geet sort of glanced at him nonplussed before letting him cover her eyes with the blindfold and shivered slightly when she felt Maan fingers caressed her shoulders before pulling her up in a sit up position. He then moved her pallu away from her chest and stomach so that it was bare to his eyes (ignoring the fact she still had her blouse on). He then grabbed the bowl of whipped cream and put big blobs onto her stomach going up and then frowned, tilting his head slightly when he got to her chest area. He then shrugged his shoulders and put one dollop on her blouse right in the middle before continuing upwards and stopping at the base of her neck. He then grabbed the chocolate sauce and drizzled all over her stomach area, eyes flashing heatedly hearing Geet giggle at the sensation of some sticky liquid slowly gathering towards her belly button, and put the bowl down before grabbing some strawberries and dipped one into the mixture on her stomach. He then gently rolled the cream and chocolate covered strawberry against her lips and commanded in a soft voice "Bite it gently, sweetheart" and Geet did so.
After some more strawberries were eaten like this and Maan eating his own strawberries the same way, he stopped and tilted his head before getting up and stripped off his jeans. He then glanced at a sticky Geet and a pleased smirk appeared on his lips, before glancing at the melting tray of ice. He grabbed one and stroked it up and down her left arm, before following the trail of melting water with his mouth, stopping when it got to her neck. He did the same with her right and afterwards, not helping himself, he bit and sucked the neck as if a vampire starved of blood. He leaned backwards, looking at what he did and felt like the king of the world. He then got up and with a quick glance at the still full tray of melting ice, shrugged his shoulders, not bothering with it anymore. "I think you need you need a shower Geet," in a demanding tone, picked her up bridal style, not caring that the sticky mixture got onto his own stomach or chest, and walked towards the bathroom, practically ravaging Geet's lips with a kiss. 'God....chocolate, whipped cream and Geet, what more can I have?' he thought to himself.
As he entered the bathroom, he let go of her legs, bringing her flush against his body, so that he could feel every curve of her body and slowly undid the rest of her sari until the underskirt was left. Leaving the cloth on the floor, he undid her ponytail and finger combed through her hair, feeling the silkiness between his fingers. He then undid the blindfold and watched Geet slowly blinking her eyes open. She froze seeing him in his underwear and seeing herself in the blouse and underskirt, before she shook herself internally, 'Stop being shy Geet. You done this before, even if it was painful and anyway Maan is your husband and he's gentle. He'll never hurt you.' She then slowly looked up and bit her tender lip, not sure to be excited or apprehensive to meet Maan's eyes. She reached up and held his head, looking at Maan, before leaning in, initiating the kiss this time. It was gentle at first but then getting more intense and frantic and breath taking, fighting for dominance before Maan won and Geet following his every move. They broke apart for air, and moved to the shower, and as Geet looked down at the sticky mess, she suddenly remembered the strawberries she ate and blushed, and thanking Babaji that no one would see her like this apart from Maan.
Geet moved backwards into the walk in shower and with a quick glance at Maan, stripped everything off. She then turned around quickly, facing the wall and turned on the shower. Maan stared at the back of her body, the first time seeing her without her clothes and clenched his hands tightly. 'Not too fast Maan, not too fast,' he repeated to himself mentally. He took off his underwear and stepped in behind Geet, closing the door and just stared at Geet. Geet slightly shivered not knowing what was going to happen, when she saw his arm going over her shoulder and grabbing the soap, "I'll wash you shall I?" he whispered huskily, squinting slightly through the water pouring down on top of their heads. Geet's voice cracked "Y-y-" clearing her throat, she tried once more, cringing inside at how high and squeaky her voice was, "Yes, please." Maan shifted slightly, before slowly soaping Geet's back in large circles making sure he got every inch, before kneeling down and doing the rest of her body, stroking the back of legs quite...seductively that Geet grabbed on to the wall, before she fell down. He got up and rinsed her off thoroughly, before turning her around, and smiling gently, seeing her eyes closed tightly.
He chucked deeply within his chest, and Geet's eyes snapped open angrily thinking he was laughing at her, but when she opened her mouth to shout at him, instead she just stared at the naked body in front of her. She was glad that the shower was on; otherwise he would know she was drooling at every inch of his perfection and as she glanced down at his waist, she snapped her jaw shut and glanced back up at his eyes, before nervously moving them over his shoulder, concentrating on some spot in the distance. Maan just chuckled amusingly once more, before soaping down the front of her body, slightly sad that his whipped cream and chocolate mixture was going down the drain. He got down to wash the front of her legs, and glancing up quickly, he smirked slightly before using the soap to go down her legs on the outside before coming up the inside, missing an area that was in need of...attention. Geet frowned down at him, biting her lip because she knew Maan wanted her to beg him, but she wouldn't. She wasn't that....oh gosh he was massaging her legs and feet, not realising the sounds that were coming out of her mouth were taking a toll on Maan, whose eyes were focussed intensely on Geet's relaxed face.
As he got up and finished rinsing her, he moved her to wash himself but Geet stopped him. "Can I...?" And Maan waved his hand as if to say "Whatever, I don't mind." Geet just basically followed what Maan did to her and once she was finished, Maan couldn't help but place another bruising kiss on her lips and whispered against them, "I loved it Geet, don't be shy, you can feel it against your stomach," and boy could she feel it! As Maan picked her up so that her legs were around his waist, he turned them around so that Geet leaned against the wall, the water still falling on them. He kissed her to distract her from what was going to happen, and even though she did it once with a certain idiot, it had been a long time and she flinched slightly when Maan pushed through. "I'm sorry, so sorry sweetheart" Maan said in her ear, but Geet shook her head and kissed the side of his neck, whispering "It's okay Maan, promise." As Maan continued, Geet kept kissing him everywhere wanting to have him within the very depths of her soul, within her body, right to her bones and buried deep in her head, within her brain. As she let go, she slumped against him, drowsily realising that Maan kept going until he let go to, and then with Geet still in his arms, shut the shower off and opened the door to step out.
He gently nudged Geet and whispered in her ear, "Can you get dressed?" And Geet nodded slightly, kissing his shoulder that she leant her head on before slowly dropping her legs down, one at time, rubbing against him and then standing on her own two feet. Grabbing a towel, she dried herself before wrapping herself in it, and followed Maan into their bedroom, where she grabbed her pyjamas to put them on, not bothering with her underwear. Instead Maan stopped her and said, "Just put your kameez on sweetheart," and Geet shrugged her shoulders, not caring that he was ordering her around, she just wanted to sleep after the....long day she had. Maan grabbed some bottoms and quickly gathered all their clothes and dumped them on a chair, including the ones from the bathroom. Geet had climbed into bed then, and felt the bed dip when Maan climbed in behind her. She was perfectly comfortable but then Maan had to wrap an arm around her stomach and pulled her close against him, putting a leg over her legs, buried his head into her neck and whispering "Goodnight" into her neck.
Geet sighed happily, and moving her left arm to hold Maan's hand whispered back, "Goodnight, I love you," burying her head into her right arm curled underneath her head. Maan just kissed her neck and whispered "I love you too," following Geet into the land of dreams. The tray of melted ice and the tray of whipped cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries stayed where they were, ready to remind them both in the morning, of what happened the night before....
Hope you liked it!!!! If so please press the like button and do comment!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed



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The title itself made me run here TweenieROFL

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Ok Zee, I just have one questionTongue...who's your muse? And can I borrow him/her for a day...LOL (ok that's two questions)

I was trying to breathe normally while reading thisEmbarrassed and my vivid imagination did not help. to say "Zee Mata Ki Jai"ROFL

Right so as u can see I loved itDay was very sensual unlike the half - baked stuff we getLOL.

Great skills...might come in handy in the futureROFL.

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Oh, My, Goodness. . .

I was blushing profusely whilst reading that you haven't a clue! Zee, you delightfully surprised me with the xratedness in my bday OS LOL and now this is just at another sinfully good level !!! Blushing

so THIS is what Maaneet make you think like? haan jaanu? Wink LOL uffff.. I'm actually not quite in the state to comment with their 'sexy time' dancing in my mind as I type... erm.. it was HOT!

Like IMAGINE them actually performing that... that'd be insanely "yummy" as the foods and all in the OS, but this alone is causing my braincells + tummy butterflies to do bhangra...! I'm sorry this is gonna be short but I'm like stumped, and that's just not normal...

oooo a quick request - Although by Maan's 'underwear' I believe you mean his under garments - as in actually Underwear, but could u change that to boxers please?? LOL LOL
x x x x

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wow! 2 good - this is the first 1 that I have read. If u dnt mind can i plz have the links to the ones you have written before Embarrassed

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That was hot!!!  Awesome!!

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gosh i am still blushing...really it was awseome...i loved every part and i read it twice...too good....

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will read later

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