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Family Waves The First Move s2 page17 (Page 6)

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Chapter 4

The Family

Scene 1

" Ye jagah sahih nahi lag rahi hai. Kya yahi address hai?" asked sana looking at the visiting card

" Ji Madam, Yahi jagah hai" answered the Taxi Driver

"Teek hai, ye lo" said sana as she handed him money and got off the taxi.

A beautiful lush green front lawn welcomed her to the house that stood behind it.

To call it a house would be a mistake as it bore a closer resemblance to the huge mansions she had seen in Florida. The tall white pillars stood as reminders for everyone that the residents inside of its premises were people of high stature.

Sana rang the doorbell and waited certain that her destination was not correct.

"Aap kon hai" asked a man dressed in what looked like a uniform. He wore a red turban that matched very well with his white shervani.

"Mera naam Sana Mehta hai aur main Mr. Rithul Mehra sey milnay aayi hun" said Sana almost expecting the man to deny Rithul Mehra's existence

"Aap andhar ayiye voh aap hi ka intezaar ker rahe hain" said the man as he moved aside for Sana to enter.


The living room was huge. She could easily fit her entire apartment into it. As she looked around she noticed beautiful wall paintings, indoor plants, lamps that seem to grow out of the walls and chandeliers hanging down the ceiling.

"ji..?" came a voice behind her. Sana stood up quickly and saw a woman standing in front of her. She wore a dark blue saree that brought out her light green eyes and exemplified her sharp facial features. Though her eyes looked questioningly at her, Sana could not help notice that they were extremely kind. The kind that makes one spill their deepest secrets to them.


"Hello. Mera naam Sana Mehta hai. Main yahan Mr. Rithul Mehra sey milnay aayi hun" Said Sana

"Acha. Maakhan gaya hoga use bulanay" Said Hansa with a questioning tone.


"Aap baitiye. Main dekhthi hun"

"Bhabi, Meri baat ho gayi hai Gardner sey. Voh kal aa ker dekh lega sara kuch" said Shamita as she walked into the living room with a phone in her hand.

"Aap?" questioned Shamita as looked at Hansa for further information

"ji Main Sana hun aur main Mr. Rithul Mehra sey milnay aayi hun" Said Sana for the umpteenth time.

"Rithul sey?" said Shamita giving away her excitement

"Dost ho?"

"Ji, main .. yahan .kam.." stammered Sana not knowing how to answer that question. She could not say that she wasn't his friend. What if they get offended? And she could not approve of that either. She could not say that she came here to work because technically they were partners and she had made it clear that she wasn't an employee.

"Mom ye humari nahi project ki supervision ke liye aayi hai" said Rithul looking at Shamita. Sana looked around to see for an invisible entrance through which he could have entered and she saw a small arch like structure that blended so well with the wall that one could not assumed that it was a wall design rather than an opening.

"Mr. Rithul aapnay mujhe kaha tha ki main aapkay office main aaun. Ye tho aapka ghar hai. Phir ye address kiyun diya aapnay" said sana now looking directly at him.

" Ms. Sana main yahin sey kaam kertha hun and we have an inbuilt office space upstairs." Said Rithul who was now giving her complete attention.

" I am sorry, I do not think I will be comfortable here. If you wish for us to take this project on then either I work at a proper office or don't work at all" said Sana


"Sana, aapko yahan koi takleef nahi hogi. Rithul aur shravan bhi ghar sey hi kaam kerthay hain. Aapko kaam kay waqt koi disturb nahi karega" said Hansa in a dignified tone.


" Ye bath nahi hai Mrs. Mehra-

"Aunty bula sakthi ho- aur please yahin per kaam kariyega

"ji" said sana unable to argue further.

Sana was not a person who could easily be convinced into doing something that she did not like but there was something in her voice that stopped her.

"Please follow me" said Rithul.


"Rithul nay aaj sey pehlay kisi ko bhi ghar nahi bulaya bhabi. Aur voh bhi ek larki ko?

Aapko nahi lagtha ki voh kuch aur hi chahtha hai" asked Shamita suspiciously


"Han mujhe lagtha hai ki voh use pasand kertha hai aur hum sabko milwana chahtha hai. Lekin agar usney ye baat zahir nahi ki hai tho hum bhi ye nahi jathayengay ki hum samajh gaye hain" Said Hansa with a smile


"Aur mujhe nahi lagtha ki Sana ko Rithul pasand hai" She added thoughtfully


"Lekin kiyun?" asked Shamita with a confused look that clearly stated that how could anyone not like Rithul.


"Kiyunki voh Rithul ko nahi jaanthi. Jab jan jayegi thab ki tabh dekhengay" Said Hansa


"lekin bhabi, Sana hai bohot khubsoorat. Uski aankhain, facial features kithnay achain hai na. Mujhe tho bohot pasand aayi" Said Shamita excited


" Aur khuddhar bhi maloom hothi hai" Said Hansa thoughtfully


"aapko kaise pata chala bhabi"


"thumnay nahi dekha ki kis tarah voh koi bhi rishta agay barana nahi chahthi thi, bina maksad kay, bina koi vajay sey. Voh tho kaam chornay ki baat bhi ker gayi!

Ye vohi kertha hai jisko apnay uper pura aatm vishwas hotha hai." Said Hansa with a satisfied tone.


"Chalo , inkay aanay ka bhi waqt ho gaya hai" she continued urging Shamita to move ahead


Scene 2

"Please come in " Said Rithul as he showed Sana inside of a room that resembled their conference room. There were five computers lined up against the wall side by side, a large printer, working space in the middle of the room that had a leather recliner and table desk made of granite with an iMAC on it.

"I hope you will find everything you need here" Said Rithul as he pointed to the computers

"Those computers are for backups all connected to the main server so everything you do will be automatically saved. If there is a glitch then you will not have to worry.

And here is your main machine that you will use to work. The latest iMAC, best known for their graphics, of course you are well aware of that" he said with hands in his pocket

Sana sat down on the recliner and turned on the computer with out showing any emotions.

"Its 9:30 AM ms. Sana hopefully we will start the work at 9:00 AM- tomorrow onwards" continued Rithul with a sarcastic tone, hoping to get some reaction from her.

"I arrived here at 8:50 AM and it took me 5 min to reach your door , past the huge front garden. It took be another 5 min to find a seat for myself and not to mention, the next 25 minutes passed with me trying to explain my life purpose to your kind family members and another 5 minutes to come up here. Of course another 2 minutes just passed by, me trying to give an explanation about supposed lateness!" Said Sana in an angered tone.

"Now if you will kindly excuse me I have work to do" she said looking back at her computer

It was good that she did not look up or else she would have noticed Rithul's expressions that resembled a squashed toad.

Without further attempts for a forced conversation and to save his left over dignity, Rithul turned around and headed towards his cabin that was adjacent to Sana's.

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I am going to repeat myself but once again beautifully written sweetie. I was LOL when I read Rithul face resembled squashed toad. Rithul's family seems really nice, eagerly waiting to know them more. 

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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I left the characters to your imagination
you can imagine Kinshuk as Rithul and Sana as Neha

or anyone.

There are so many good jodis and it will wonderful if they are dear to your heart as you like them not as how I would like them : )

Hope you all get to like my characters !

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Sorry for such a late post but wow Suchi di! I love your story so far. I can't imagine how you plan to write the story onwards so that Sana says yes to marrying Rithul. I feel bad for him. Sana is basing his character off of one meeting. Not a very positive attitude. But love the story none the less. Wish that I could match names with faces as someone had said before.

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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 Chapter 4

Scene 3

"Hello" Said Sana as she answered the landline phone that was placed near the computer she was working on.

" I hope everything is going well" asked Rithul


"Its lunch time Ms. Sana so if you will kindly join all of us-

" Sorry, I will do lunch outside" Interrupted Sana


As she hung up the phone she heard a knock at the door.

"yes" said sana a bit harshly thinking that it was Rithul again but her expressions became softer as she saw Hansa at the door.


"maine disturb tho nahi kiya?" she asked genty


"Nahi aunty, sorry, maine socha ki.." said sana stopping in between, rethinking on her words

"Beta, khana khanay aa jayiye. Lunch ka waqt ho gaya hai na"

"am main bahar sey kha lungi. Aap kiyun takleef uta rahi hain"

"Takleef kaise. Aap humaray guest tho, ithna tho haq bantha hai humara" said Hansa gently

"teekh hai aunty" said sana unable to refuse her once again


They went downstairs and turned right towards another hall, which was smaller in comparison to the living room. It had a long rectangular dining table with chairs all around it.

Hansa took Sana to the front section and pulled out a chair for her.

"Thank you" Said Sana as she sat down

Rithul, Shamita who came along with a young woman and a little girl, and two other grown men that she did not recognize, joined them.

Sana felt extremely uncomfortable sitting amongst so many people that she wasn't familiar with.

"beta uth kiyun gayi ho" said Shamita as Sana stood up


"Baito beta, please, aap uncomfortable na feel karayn. Ye Naina hai, Rithul ki bhabi aur Sharavan ki patni" She said pointing to the young woman and the one of the men that had joined them.

"Shravan mera beta hai aur Rithul Shamita ka. Aur ye Neel hai , meray devar, Rithul kay papa" She said pointing to the other man who smiled at her.

"Hello  Mr. Mehra" Said Sana wanting to sound confident but failing in the effort.

" Hello  Sana… Mehta" Said Neel looking at Sana and then at Rithul with an eye of confusion.

"Papa ye Sana Mehta hai , SM Creations ki President. Voh humaray marketing ki jo project hai usko oversee ker rahi hain" Said Rithul looking at his father and at Hansa, like a child that had been caught doing some mischievous trick.

"Chachaji, Maine hi isko kaha tha ki Ms Sana ko ghar wali branch main kaam kernay ko kahey" interrupted Shravan before neel could ask any further questions.


" Mujhe lagtha hai mujhe jana chahiye" said sana standing up once again, realizing that this decision was probably made by Rithul alone and his father did not have knowledge about it.


"Sana, kya humari hospitality main kuch kami ho gayi hai beta. Yun khanay ko mana kerkay nahi uta kerthay" said Hansa calmly


"Neel, Sana Yahin per kaam karegi kiyunki main nahi chahthi ki Rithul baar baar office kay chakkar katay jab ghar per hi sara kaam nipat saktha hai. Aur iskay baray main hum baad main baat karengay" said Hansa with a commanding tone.


Everyone sat down. Rithul took a seat opposite to Sana and besides him sat Neel and Shamita. Naina and shravan sat to the right of Sana and Hansa sat besides Sana to her left.


"Yahan per meri koi respect  nahi hai" Cried the little girl loudly.

"Mera naam Dolly hai aur main Mr. Shravan Mehra aur Naina Mehra ki beti hun" Said Dolly extending her hand towards Sana.

Sana smiled at her and indicated her to come and sit besides her.

Hansa made space for Dolly to sit besides Sana.



"Mera naam sana hai" whispered Sana into Dolly's ears

"Aur ye aapke liye hai" said sana as she took out a Milky Way bar from her bag

"Lekin khanay baad mama sey puch ker khana, abhi nahi…" she said with a twinkle in her eye


"Dekha, ise kehthay hain manners. Sana didi .. amm main aapko di bula sakthi hun na"

"Didi.. ? Teek hai  lekin main aapsey bohot badi hun" said Sana stifling a small giggle

"Tho kya hua. Main abhi 2nd standard main hun. Ithni choti bhi  nahi hun" said Dolly angrily

"ok, Sorry. Sorry. " smiled Sana

"Han tho main keh rahi thi ki , Sana Di ko patha hai ki mujhe kya acha lagtha hai. Aap login main kisi ko ye khayal aaya? Nahi"

"vah vah! ye kya baat hui, abhi tho uper aayi thi mujhe chocolate lenay. Dolly , sudhar jaao , warna saray danth gir jayengay ! pehlay hi 2 daanth gir chukay hain. Buddi ho jaogi thum!" said Rithul


"Chachu!! Voh huamara secret tha" Cried Dolly

Rithul smiled at her and his eyes flickered towards Sana. He had a distinct feeling that she had been watching all the time during their little conversation.

"Mom khana kya bana hai. Bhuk lag rahi hai" cried Rithul

"Abay kuch tho sharam ker. Voh dekh rahi hai, tera voh sophisticated character ghaas charnay chala gaya kya. Ek din ke liye apnay aap ko change nahi ker saka.  Mama's boy kahin ka" whispered Shravan in his ears

RIthul's ears turned red as he realized that he had just given away his secret identity.


"Rithul thumhay bhuk bardash nahi hothi na" complained Shamita

"pehlay mehman khayengay uskay hum sab"



Scene 4

The servants started to serve Sana food.

"Ye panner butter masala hai" said Shamita

"thumhay pasand hai" she asked

"ji" replied Sana softly

"So Sana, Kam kaise jar aha hai. I hope you are comfortable here" said Neel, Rithul's father, as he started on his meal

"Yes thank you. Main aapko progress report aaj janay sey pehlay de dungi" Said Sana after she wiped her mouth with the table cloth.

"no no, please , today its your first day"

"Mr. Mehra, usually we give out reports on daily basis. Its part of our customer service. This is what makes us, the best in the field," replied Sana confidently

"I am impressed" said Neel

"you have chosen the right person Rithul" he said smiling at him

RIthul saw Shamita and Neel exchange curious glances at each other. He decided to put that discovery in the back of his mind.


"Kam kay baray main baad main discuss kerthay hain" interrupted Hansa

"Neel aapkay bhaiyyah nahi aaye"

"BHabi voh aj thora late ayengay" said Neel

"aap kha lijiye"

Sana looked at Hansa curiously.

'How typical' She thought. The man expecting his wife to wait up for him! Its ok for him to go where ever he wants but his wife has to mind all his needs!

"koi mujhe miss ker raha tha" came a voice from the back

Sana saw a tall man standing behind Hansa, bending low as if whispering something into her ears. Hansa's face obscured his face.

"Meri pyari ardhangani, ye kabhi ho saktha hai ki aap humaray intezar main aankhain bicha ker baiti ho aur hum, na aye?" Said Hasit


"Bhaiyyah, aap tho late anay walay thay na?" said Neel surprised

"Main thumhari tarah nahi hun Mr. Neel. Mujhe bhi isi ghar main rehna hai.  Kahin biwi naraz ho gayi tho lenay ke denay par jayengay" he said pulling his chair besides Hansa

"kiyun, sahih keh raha hun na main" He said nudging her

"Aap bhi na.. Mehman aye hue hain" Said Hansa going slightly red


"aap hain Sana Mehta- introduced Hansa

"Hello Sir." Said Sana

His face has the brightness of a moon, the twinkle that seemed to have taken a permanent place in his eyes and a smile that beautified his kind features.

She was taken back by his gesture towards Hansa. She had never seen a husband behave so kindly towards his wife all her life. She had always known that men take advantage of their wives, play with their emotions and discard them like used towels. "There must be something wrong here " she thought seriously

"Tayaji ye humari Marketing project ke liye aayi hain, usko supervise kernay ke liye" Said Rithul quickly looking everywhere but at his tayaji's eyes.

"swagat ho beta aapka" he continue kindly


"Naina betay meray liye bhi khana lagwa dijiye" called Hasit

"ji papa abhi laayi" said Naina as she rushed away from the dining hall

It seemed to Sana that her presence had created a momentary silence and she became certain of it when Dolly's voice erupted around her

"YE HO KYA GAYA HAI AAP SABH KO" Cried Dolly loudly

"Dolly, ye kya baat hui beta, is tarah baat kerthay hain, ithni unchi awaaz main" said Naina angrily

"Aur nahi tho kya mummy, aj sabh ithnay khamosh kiyun hai. Khanay main maza nahi aa raha hai" she complained


"han ye tho hai" added shravan

"acha beta thum batao kya hua aaj school main. Aaj tho half day tha na" he asked


"Han , aaj humara field trip tha, hum log science museum gaye thay" Said Dolly excited.

Sana smiled at her excited face. She was quite what her name said, a doll.

"Aur vahan per humnay Animal categories kay baray main pada"

"Did you know papa ki Animals main Mammals jo hain voh egg lay nahi kerthay. Live birth detay hain jaise ki Cats aur Dogs" spat out Dolly

"Han, pata hai" said shravan

"Pata hai? Shukr hai thumhari beti thumhari tarah nahi hai" snorted Naina into shravan's ears.

Sana who was sitting besides them gave a small giggle unable to control it.

"Lekin papa mujhe ek Jawab chahiye" asked dolly


"Papa, hum bhi tho mammals hain. Hain na. Kiyunki hum bhi egg sey nahi aathay. THo hum kahan sey aathay hain?" asked Dolly curiously

Shravan who was drinking water gulped it all at once that a series of cough over took him.

Sana looked at Dolly with a slight smile on her face and she was surprised to feel her ears turn red. She saw that the entire family had suddenly started talking with each other.

"Koi tho mujhe jawab do" cried Dolly out loud

"Dolly, khana khatm karo phir homework bhi tho kerna hai beta" said Naina trying to change the subject

"mama meri kal chutti hai main nahi abhi karungi homework." She complained

"teekh hai, lekin agar khana jaldi khatm karogi , tho teek hai, varna nahi" said Naina laying down her condition

"ok I am done. Main apnay kamrey main ja rahi hun" said Dolly

She then stood up and ran away from the dining hall.

"Dekha Zyad samjhdar honay ka nateeja. Jaker thum hi jawab dena usko. Thumhay pata hai na, chornay wali nahi hai ye. Jab tak jawab nahi mil jatha tab tak kaan khati rahegi" complained shravan

"Shh.. Shravan, ma sun lengi" hushed Naina

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mahix3 Goldie

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That scene with Dolly made me crack up!
I can so imagine that happening! SOO CUTE!

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Hi Suchi, Hug I want to first begin with saying how sorry I am about not reading your SS earlier. Thanks a ton for sending the PM to me, otherwise I would have still not read it. Sorry, just a bad habit of going directly to the NivRen thread in the forum. Unhappy Okay, now coming onto the SS, OMG, Suchi this is simply brilliant. I cannot fathom how you do it!! I truly am speechless. This is an exceptionally well written script! It seriously is. I mean, in the NivRen's weekend retreats, these characters are already established and we all know them so well, however, to start from scratch and give a distinct shape to each individual character is extremely difficult and you have already achieved that in just few chapters. I am already in love with Rithul and absolutely love the bonding that you have depicted between the brothers, Shravan & Naina seem to be the ideal couple with their near perfect marriage and Sana, I think this is the most intriguing character that you have created. As of right now, I don't like her, or saying it more correctly, I don't like her harsh exterior which clearly is shielding the real person underneath. Absolutely love the enigma that you have created around this character. Thanks Suchi for sharing this SS with us. It is amazing and I for one am really enjoying it a lot. Smile

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OMG suchi... the last part was too too good... Dolly was so cute.. :)
waitng for next part dear....Smile

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