Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Zee's Oneshot- Tip Tip Barsa Pani

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Heres' another oneshot i wrote for one of my dearest friends birthday!!! Big smile ahhhh shaz remember when you read it and you just went into dreamland???WinkLOLLOLLOL 
No warning for this one i guess....???ConfusedConfused
Anyway onto the oneshot i wrote for her...

Tip Tip Barsa Pani

Geet took a deep breath and let it out slowly, before taking a quick glance at the clock and cringing slightly. "Babaji why am I doing this again???" she muttered to herself, while looking down at what she was wearing. Hearing a throat being cleared behind her, she peeked over her shoulder and pouted slightly, " think this is going to work on Maan?" waving a hand over her red sari, gold flowers embroided at the bottom of her pallu and the bottom of her skirt. Her blouse just covered her chest, leaving everything else bare; her shoulders (thin straps to hold the blouse up), arms, stomach that had a very small bump and her back! Her back was bare all the way down to bottom of her spine with a medium sized, gold strap going across the middle of her back that tied the blouse together. Her pallu helped to cover most of this bare skin being shown, but with Annie's idea...
Geet glanced at Annie once again, "I know I'm saying sorry to Maan about Arjun, but do I have to do it this way!?" waving her hand across the romantically decorated garden and the path of petals leading to their bedroom. Annie giggled and covered her mouth, while Geet, looking very sexy in her red sari and hair down straightened, looked very worried and nervous. Annie stopped giggling and looked slightly sympathetic, walked towards Geet, and placing a hand on her shoulder, turned her slightly, "Bhabhi, it's going to be okay! All you got to do is dance and sing around Maan, say sorry at the end and hopefully in the end, he'll pick you up and lead you to the bedroom!" nudging Geet in her side playfully, while winking at the same time.
Geet blushed heavily and lowered her eyes while whispering embarrassingly, "Besharam! Shut up! Go way! He should be arriving any minute now, anyway!" and Annie hugged Geet before giving a thumbs up for good luck, before running off to make sure the music would come on at the right time and then going to distract Dadimaa for the rest of the night. Geet prayed to Babaji once more for help, and got ready for Maan's entrance, who at that very moment was walking down the corridor that lead to the garden after getting Geet's short message. He shook his head wondering what Geet was up to and shrugged his shoulders nochantly. As usual he was dressed in black, black jeans, and black shirt that was buttoned up halfway, so that the taweez around his neck was shown for Geet's comfort and it was un-tucked since he wanted to go bed soon, after the busy day he had at the office. He frowned heavily seeing the rain falling, from the corner of his eye and walked a bit faster since Geet was in the garden and pregnant!
He came to a stop not seeing Geet anywhere, and just as he opened his mouth to shout Geet's name, he froze as the lights came on and music started to play, seeing Geet getting wet from the rain while dancing small movements. His mouth stayed open, while his eyes slowly went from the top of Geet's head to the bottom of her sari, watching her sway more intensely to the background music. His hands clenched tightly and cleared his throat, feeling very uncomfortable and quickly looked around to see if any other men were around to see his wife dancing for him, the jealous frown clearing when he realised it was just him....and his wife. He relaxed before taking a couple of steps to the side, leaning against the pillar, arms crossed, so that when Geet came near him, if she did, he wouldn't grab her and kiss her like he wanted to. His eyes burned with lust, as his wife continued to dance for him...
"Tip tip barsa paani
Tip tip barsa paani
Paani ne aag legaayi"
Geet moved forward and splashed Maan slightly with rain, he moved his head slightly to avoid the water but his eyes were intent on Geet, who moved closer and rand a hand down from his cheek to his neck, then danced away, turning her head to wink at him, while at the same time hoping to show her bare back which she did. He stared at her with hunger lit eyes and crossed his right ankle over his left, to stop himself from walking to her and taking her there and then in the rain.  
"Aag lagi dil mein to dil ko teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to jal utha mera bheega badan

Ab tum hi batao sajan majin kya kanu"

Geet danced around Maan, before going around to face him and ran her hands up from thighs to her heart, clenching her hands there before opening them towards Maan, who straightened up when he could see her stomach and chest perfectly, despite being covered up by her sari, he slightly looked up and feeling the drops on his heated face, grinned happily (more like smirked) and thanked god that it rained. He felt his hand being picked up and a kiss put on his knuckles before Geet's hand slowly caressed upwards to his right shoulder, before twirling near to his chest dancing against him, so close that he could place kiss on her neck that was just millimetres away from his lips, teasing him to do so. Instead he watched with passionate eyes as she danced away again, twirling around to the music once more.
"Naam tera mere labon pal aayaa tha
Naam tera mere labon pal aaya that
Ho main bahane se tumhe bulaaya tha

Jhoom ka aa gaya saayan main kya karu"

The wind had picked up and as Geet twirled around, her pallu was twisted around her, yet with all the rain, nothing was hidden from Maan's eyes watching every single movement of her body. She came towards him and leant against him once more, moving her body against his so tightly that he could feel every curve against his body and he clenched his hands tightly not wanting to touch the body dancing against him. She grabbed his shirt then, moving backwards and pulling him towards her so that he could come in the rain too. As he watched his shirt coming wet with rain, Geet gave one quick little pout since Maan wasn't doing anything, before dancing away, moving her hips more to catch his eye. He smiled then, seeing that little dance move, and then shook it away not wanting Geet to know she got to him from the very beginning.
As she grabbed the pole to the swinging garden chair and danced against it, Maan walked towards her, hands clenched tightly by his side pockets, just watching her body moving and swaying to the music and swallowed hard, the need to touch becoming very hard to control.
"Tip tip barsa paani
Paani ne aag lagaayi
Aag lagi dil mein to dil ko teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to jal utha mera bheega badan

Ab tum hi batao sajan main kya karu"

She danced away from him, catching him standing nearby and danced towards the garden table and chairs, to stand on the table to dance and tease Maan. Maan's eyes widened in worry before quickly walking over to make sure she wouldn't fall, and just as he got there, she jumped and went into his arms. They stared at each other, emotions being said through their eyes, before Geet slowly slipped down Maan's body to stand on her feet, while Maan's hands stroked her back, before slightly loosening his hold on her. Just as she stepped back to dance again, he grabbed her around her waist and pulled her close to him once more. Geet smiled in triumph and to hide it, she moved her head and nuzzled the left side of his neck, while her hand stroked the other side of his face slowly.
Maan let go of his right arm around her waist, but brought it back by stroking ever so slowly a finger up the middle of Geet's spine, making Geet shiver in excitement. Maan smirked in triumph this time and buried his face into Geet's neck, giving small little kisses along her neck and shoulder.  He then twirled her away from him, before walking near her and put his hands on each side of her face, before stroking them down every curve of her body, going on his knees and placing his head on her stomach gently. He kissed the small bump he could see and feel, before getting up to move away from her.
"Duubaa dariyaan mein khadaa mein saahil par
Duabaa dariyaa mein khadaa mein saahil par
Tu bijali banjar giri mere dil par

Chali aaisi yeh pagal pyan main kya karu"

Before he could move away, she moved first, about a yard away and gasped. Maan had stared throughout, looked at her bare back being shown  once more before following the pallu towards him, looking down to see a corner twisted in his taweez and a button. "How did that happen?" Maan muttered underneath his breath, before looking back up, smiling slightly. He closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to end all of this so soon, but when he felt a tug and stumbled forward slightly, he snapped his eyes open and seeing the front of Geet's body with no sari covering it...he just stared. Slowly dragging his eyes from her stomach, to her chest, lingering there longer than necessary, then moving upwards to her neck, to her face and finally resting on her eyes, he took a step forward.
He untangled the pallu from his taweez and button, dancing slightly the last couple of steps towards her before covering her up. He then grabbed her hand and danced with her. He grabbed her around her waist, and she wrapped an arm around his neck, while he lowered her towards the ground and nuzzled his face into her neck, before moving up and looking into her eyes, pulling her closer with a dance move. So close, that their lips were a breaths away from each other. He straightened up then, bringing her along with him, continuing to dance. As he got behind her, his hand across her neck clutching the other shoulder, he went down to lie on the wet ground, Geet laying on top of him.
He then turned them quickly, so that Geet was laying on the floor with Maan on top, his hand moving down her body, feeling those curves once more. Geet sucked in a breath, and looking into his eyes stuck her tongue out at him childishly, before pushing him away, and rolled over so that she could get up. She then danced off towards the swinging garden chair again.
"Tip tip barsa paani
Paani ne aag lagaayi
Aag lagi dil mein jo dil teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to cha gaya mujhepe deewanapan
Mere Bas mein nahi mera maan main kya karu"
Maan walked towards her quite quickly, before grabbing her hand and twirling her a few times. Showing off a couple of dance moves that impressed Geet, he pulled her close once more and gave her a kiss that she wouldn't forget in a long time! He then picked her up and noticing the path of flowers started to walk on it, following it towards their bedroom. As the song finished with the background music, he entered their bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him and went to the bed, laying her down gently on their bed.
He took a couple of steps back and tilted his head slightly to the right, before smiling, more like a wolfish smile before his hands went to his shirt to undo the rest of the buttons. As he shrugged off his shirt he said quite huskily, "I liked your apology Geet, liked it very much." Leaving the shirt on the floor, he stalked towards Geet, whose eyes had darkened in lust and breathing quite heavily. He sat on the bed, and carefully placed his right hand beside Geet's head, and leant over so close, just watching her face, eyes darting over every feature, but most especially her eyes; eyes that were telling him so many things.
He smiled softly, contrasting with his eyes that burned brightly with barely controlled lust, which made Geet's heart skip a beat or two, before Maan bent his head and whispered so softly that he breathed on her ear, making her shiver, "Now you get your reward", turning his head and softly biting her ear, before kissing down the side of her face towards her lips. As he was kissing her, his right hand went to her pallu and pulled it away, before stroking her stomach, hip and back, meeting his other hand in the middle to untie the blouse...
As the heat rose deeply inside, outside the window the rain continued to fall heavily...
if you like it, you know what to do! Press the like button!Big smile

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Wow!! Loved it!! Super hot and super sexy!! This song is the hottest rain song ever....but you took it many notches higher!!

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Super HoTTTTT......Well only sad part is that v will never get to c anything like this on TV...BUT as long as there r writers like u.....v can have fun....WEll-written dear....Thumbs Up

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WOW!!!! That was brilliant!! Loved it!!

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LOL The famous Shaz's birthday OS...gosh the one that she keeps a copy under her pillow and reads it every night like a bedtime storyROFL.
Ok she is gonna killOuch me for writting this...oh wellBig smile!
Like i said's awesomeThumbs Up. I enjoy reading all your workHug.

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Nice romanctic one
Geet's apology was fabest fab
Maan loosed himself wen he tried his best to not

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Zee Zeeeeeeeeee....Tht was Hot!!!!

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