Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Zee's Oneshot- Body, Heart, Mind and Soul

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This oneshot I wrote for one of my dear friends birthday last month!!!Big smile Remember Saz?WinkLOLLOLLOL Uhm i guess i should say theres' a warning like for people over 18 to read it. I don't want to get in trouble with the Mods for this one!ConfusedSmile

Body, Heart, Mind and Soul
Geet stared at the locked doors, decorated so lovingly with hers and Maan's favourite flowers, white and red roses, with lilies here and there in between. She heard the handle being fiddled and then heard giggles outside the door, and looked down shyly at her decorated hands, fiddling with her rings on the third finger of her left hand and blushing slightly, recognising Pinky's, Rajji's, Manisha's, and Meera's voices. She shivered slightly when she heard Maan's voice and bit her lip tightly, her hands clenched, while her stomach flew with butterflies and she breathed quite heavily.
Oh, she knew what was happening, Meera's mother had told her the night before and she blushed even more darkly remembering what Aunty had said and thought to herself, "It wasn't like that with was boring and painful actually," and then shook her head, "Stop thinking about Dev, he's in the past now! Think about Maan, Geet!" and a small smile appeared on her plump lips, thinking of him. She sighed happily to herself, thinking that the night couldn't get any better than it did.
She froze. Her husband had entered the room and she didn't even know! She could feel his eyes boring into her, looking from the top of her bent head to the toes that peeked from beneath her skirt, "You were thinking about him, Geet. Of course you wouldn't have known he entered silly!" and she bit her lip, before raising her head ever so slightly and peeked through her lashes to see her handsome husband standing there in his white Sherwani, with gold threaded edges.
Her breath caught in her throat and her heartbeat picked up, her thighs unconsciously tightened together and her breathing picked up once more and seeing that smug I-got-you-now smirk on Maan's face, she knew he knew that she was watching him. She glanced back down and released her bottom lip from her teeth, not knowing that her lip had become redder and plumper then before and Maan's eyes darted from staring at her bent head to that bottom lip, teasing him to just go over there and take!
"Geet," he whispered, in that low husky voice that turned any woman in his vicinity into a puddle of goo at his feet, made Geet tense up slightly because hearing that voice made her think naughty images in her mind that she shouldn't think of....of naked bodies, in silk sheets and moans being heard. Even now she could practically feel the heat from her cheeks and was thanking Babiji that she had her head bent so that Maan couldn't see her cheeks from where he stood. He took two slow steps towards the bed, like he was....stalking his prey and then stopped.
His eyes just couldn't seem to handle the simple beauty of his new wife Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. He couldn't help it, thinking of Geet's new name, he puffed up like a pleased lion that just took in his mate and thought to himself, "Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana! Now that is a name I like!" while his eyes took in the family jewellery that Dadimaa gave Geet to wear for the wedding, the wedding dress that was bought for her to wear, but mostly importantly the bright Sindoor on Geet's forehead and the Mangalsutra around her neck.
He took a few more steps, before moving away the flowers and taking a seat near Geet, who turned her head away shyly. He smiled at her shyness, yet his eyes shone with something more than admiration and love; it was hunger. He moved his right hand underneath her chin, and using his forefinger and thumb, slowly raised Geet's head until her eyes were level with his and waited for Geet to raise her eyes to look into his. He didn't wait long as she slowly raised them to meet his, and both just stopped breathing, seeing the love they had for each other shining in their eyes.
He smiled at her ever so softly and said, "Remember when I said, there will be a time that I will take my chances?" moving his right hand and cupping her face, his thumb caressing Geet's left cheek. Geet nodded her head ever so slightly, "This is one of those chances. We have joined our hearts, and ours mind together. Today we have joined our souls together for this lifetime and all future lifetimes. Tonight we will join our bodies at last," his eyes darting to Geet's lips every now and then as he said this, while his thumb slowly went down her cheek to caress her bottom lip that had been teasing him ever since he first entered the room.
Geet sighed quite heavily and whispered, "From every morning when we wake up to every night before we go to sleep, we will see each other every second of every minute of every day for the rest of our lives," staring lovingly into Maan's eyes and Maan's eyes shone with happiness and love, nodding his head before bending down and giving a light touch of his lips against hers. Geet closed her eyes and even when he moved away slightly, she could still feel every imprint of his lips on hers. She blinked her eyes open slowly, and smiled at him, so happy right now that she could have danced if she were standing.
Maan looked around all her face, her hands and her head before smiling down at her, "Shall we get rid of the jewellery, hmmm?" And Geet nodded, trusting Maan with every fibre of her being, remembering another time when he had removed her jewellery and duppata before telling her to go to sleep. Maan raised both of his hands and slowly removed Geet's duppata from her head, before folding it up half-neatly and putting it on the side table at the side of the bed, before looking back at Geet and leaning forward and kissing the top of her head.
He then went to her hands and slowly removed each churiya from her left hand and gave a little kiss each time he had removed one. He then put them on top of the duppata. He did the same with her right hand, removing each churiya and giving a little kiss after one was removed and made sure they were on top of the duppata as well. He turned back to Geet and leaned in closer to remove her earrings; instead Geet stuck her tongue out at him childishly, before rolling away to the other side of the bed and got up away from him. She laughed at his slightly shocked face and said, "You think I'd make this easier for you?" before running towards the bathroom that had a lock on the door!
Maan smirked, "Geet!" he growled softly, loving the challenge of a chase and the prize being his wife. "You don't know what you've done!" And smirked more fully, his eyes shining brightly with lust and hunger for his wife who was running towards- "Hey! That little tease! I'm gonna get her!" Scrambling up a bit clumsily, he went running after his wife, and grabbed her around the waist, just as she had entered the bathroom, and twirled her around onto the wall beside the door, so that Geet was trapped between the wall and Maan. He looked down at her and said softly, "You really think you can run away from me, Mrs Khurana?" And Geet cheekily smiled up at him, "No...But I can try!" before ducking underneath his arm and running towards the bed.
Maan hung his head in slight defeat, but he was smiling, before turning around and ran after her, grabbing her from behind and pulled her against his chest. His right arm went across her waist, holding hers tightly against his own and she blushed. "Uhm have you got something in your pocket?" And Maan laughed darkly, "You know I don't have anything in my pockets," his left hand slowly teasing up the left side of Geet's body, from her waist to the side of her chest. Geet's breathing had sped up a bit and from his position he could clearly see her chest moving up and down and he clenched his hands tightly, where they were.
Maan noticed that they conveniently stopped next to the dressing table opposite the bed, and a thought popped into his mind and he turned them to face the mirror. He looked into Geet's flushed face and thought he had never seen anything more beautiful. Geet stared at Maan's face, a bit afraid of what she might see in Maan's eyes, but she plucked up the courage and stopped breathing. She swore her heart missed a beat or two, seeing the love, the adoration, the respect in Maan's expression and her love for him shined brightly from every line in her face. Maan noticed this and he smiled slightly, before leaning down and nuzzling her neck.
He frowned slightly, remembering he hadn't taken off the rest of the jewellery and sighed inwardly. His moved his left hand from its comfortable position at her chest to her ear and gently took the earring out of her left ear, blowing hot air into it, while his hand went to put the earring on the table in front of them. He did the same with the right ear, and moved his head to her right shoulder, watching intensely at Geet's reactions to his ministrations. He then turned them so that they faced each other and took off her tikka, putting it down on the table and kissed her on the forehead where the sindoor was.
He stopped for a minute, seeing that simple beauty coming and then went to take off the necklace off. He put it down on the table before taking her hands and slowly took her back to the bed. As he sat her down, and then sat down next to her, practically on top of her, he took one look into her eyes, and seeing the trust in them leaned down and gave little kisses going up from her chest, his lips touching the mangalsutra before continuing upwards, turning into hot open mouth kisses where he sucked the skin a little, leaving little hickeys up along her neck, before kissing her chin and then giving a deep bruising kiss on her lips, his tongue coming out to trace the seam of her lips begging for entry and she opened them, letting him in.
As Maan continued to kiss Geet heavily, his hands crept from their places at her shoulders, towards the back and slowly pulled apart the string holding the top part of the choli, before stroking his hands down her bare back, before stopping at the zip. One hand released the zip, ever so slowly, while the other hand followed with soft, teasing touches all the way down to the end of her spine. While his hands were stroking Geet's back, up and down so slowly, he moved his lips along her cheek and down her right side of her neck, stopping at the base of her neck and sucked, kissed and lightly bit the skin there, creating a pretty large hickey.
He moved his head away and his smile was positively gleeful, seeing a mark on Geet's neck, his mark! Now everyone would truly know Geet Khurana was his wife! Throughout all this, Geet just breathed heavily trying to get oxygen back into her brain and trying to think clearly, but her left hand was on his chest, where his heart was and feeling the beat of his heart she shivered, knowing that fast beat was for her. Feeling slightly brave, she moved both her hands to the buttons of the sherwani, and slowly opened them one by one, and stopped when she came to the last one.
Gosh she had taken little peeks at his torso so many times, when he stripped a couple of times in the office in front of her, when she interrupted his work out sessions a few times and especially that one time when she came into his bedroom, and he had just taken a shower. Thank god for the jeans he wore otherwise, she wouldn't know what she would have done! As she stared intensely at his torso, Maan wondered whether he should feel smug about having a good chest and a 6 pack stomach or slightly self-conscious about being so damn good looking!
Geet moved her head closer, not realising that as she moved her choli fell down to her waist and Maan's eyes widened in appreciation of her large chest. He gulped slightly, telling himself to control himself, instead of just diving in and taking. Geet kissed Maan's stomach exactly where the middle line of his abs could be seen, and slowly moved her up, noticing the tremor in Maan's body, wondered if she was doing the right thing. Just as she got to his chest and opened her mouth to ask, he grabbed her closer, smashing their chests together, kissing her harshly, biting her lips, while his hands fiddled with the back of her bra to open it.
As Geet's bra came off, Maan hurriedly turned to himself and hurriedly got rid of everything of his own clothing apart from him boxers and the taweez, Geet eyes widened at how well his legs looked, including his feet! What the...? Was he just born with good genetics or something??? Shaking her head slightly, she looked back and froze at where his waist was and gulped slightly. Maan who just watched Geet for her reaction, bent down over her and got comfortable on top of her, sitting up with his weight distributed evenly on his elbows on either side of her arms and smiled down at her."It's okay Geet. Everything is going to be okay, you can touch it if you want!"
Geet stared up at him with wide unblinking eyes and said quite hoarsely, "Mini you is well....not so MINI! How can I touch such an... IT!?" Her voice squeaking by the time she finished speaking. Maan chuckled deeply from within his chest before bending his down and nuzzling the left side of her face, and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, it'll fit once it's inside you!" As he slowly brought himself fully down on top of her, yet letting her breathe, his hands went to her skirt and he unzipped it quickly, before pushing it down and then Geet wiggled slightly to get rid of it fully, his hands caressed the smoothness of her legs, going up, past a certain area towards her stomach where a slight bump could be seen.
His hands stopped there, he bent his head and smiling softly, before kissing the bump a couple of times, quite excited at the thought of being a father. He moved back up, kissing Geet's shoulders and neck, wanting to leave another hickey or few on her body. At last they moved to get rid of their last barriers and as Maan was prepared to go in, Geet clenched her hands tightly on his shoulders, pulling him down and whispered in his ear, "I love you." Maan who was prepared just go in for the first time, froze before moving his head away and looked down at Geet's face, and smiled brightly that turned slightly eager before bending down and whispered "I love you too," in her ear, just as he entered.
Afterwards when they both had been taken to heaven and beyond, and were slowly getting back down to earth, Maan who was on his back, gathered Geet in his arms, and laid her half across his side. She laid a leg across his legs and her left arm across his stomach, while her right arm curled up underneath her and sighed happily as Maan kissed the top of her head, happy that Geet was his at last; of body, heart, mind and soul.  "Are you okay Geet? You're not hurt or anything? Oh my goodness what about the little one!" he said worriedly, as his right hand went to rest on Geet's little bump. Geet moved her left arm, so that her hand could touch his and she said softly, "We're both okay Maan, seriously we're both okay," before kissing him where his heart was.
Being a bit cheeky, Geet made sure her eyes was hidden from Maan's because she knew he would read exactly what she had mind if he saw them, and said quite nochantly, "That was okay I guess. Not brilliant as some people have said..." and she bit her tender lip once more, so that the giggle that was bursting to come out wouldn't and Maan tensed underneath her. He slowly looked down at her head, and mouthed to himself "Okay? Just OKAY???" and as his face turned into that familiar angry frown he notice her shoulders were shaking slightly, and that she giving little coughs. "Oh so that's what she's doing, eh? Trying to bring me down with that sort of comments about my bedroom skills, well we'll see about THAT!" and his expression turned mischievous, while his eyes shone with anticipation.
As Maan grabbed her and rolled around on the bed, kissing, laughing, touching and teasing each other, they were finally Mr and Mrs Maan Singh Khurana, and by the sounds of it, will be happy for the rest of their lives.
First time I went bold???EmbarrassedBig smile
Press the like button if you loved it, or died and went to heaven! WinkLOLLOL

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Nicely done...ROFLROFL

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  Since Shaz and Saz got one for their hoping i get one too...Tongue

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That was seriously the first time you went bold?ShockedI refuse to believe that! That was bloody AWESOME!! I am absolutely loving all of your one HOT!Blushing

If CV's show even 10% of that then I'll be over the moon!!

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MINI ME............ROFLROFL.......They need to give it a better name........

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wooow loved da oneshot
it was amazing

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