Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Zee's Oneshot- Our Wedding Day

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Hey there people!
My friends have told me to paost some of my old oneshots from last year and my latest one. So here's the first one. This was my entry for the FF contest that ran last september and i won as the runner up! Big smile

Our Wedding Day

Geet continued looking up the sky, tears falling down on her cheeks onto her hands where she had brought them forward, wondering if she was doing the right thing for her baby. The door had closed behind Maan, who tried his very best to persuade her mind, but she couldn't change her mind. After the truth had come out, Naintara was divorced from Dev and thrown out of the house never to be seen again. Dadimaa couldn't handle their love story being broken by Dev's betrayal and so had gone to the countryside to live there until she was ready, Dev reluctantly had agreed to marry her for the sake of their unborn baby and Maan...well she thought he hadn't cared but after what she saw just now... She closed her eyes helplessly, not knowing what else to do, and an image of Maan flashed before her eyes. She smiled sadly before opening them and turned around clean herself up and to wait for Pinky, Rajji and a few friends to take her downstairs.
As she stepped out of her room, with Pinky on her left side and Rajji on her right, she looked at down at the floor, remembering every moment she had with Maan in front of her eyes like a movie. From the moment he saved her from drowning to the moment he had come into her room, to persuade her to change her mind and marry him. The way he had put her hand on his heart and then back to her own heart, with tears in his own eyes...she looked up to avoid the image, but instead saw him, standing near the bottom of the stairs staring at her, with Sameera on one side and Adi walking up behind him, to place a hand on Maan's shoulder in comfort.  Yet even as she continued to walk to the staircase and he had stopped near the entrance of the door, they never took their eyes off each other. Everything was being said between their eyes, from forgiveness, to happiness, to sadness, to regret and love.
Geet stopped in the middle of the stairs, tears falling down her cheeks, knowing she was making a mistake at the moment but Dev had promised to be responsible and look after them both properly. Rajji and Pinky looked at each other before staring down at Maan, who turned away not wanting to see anymore tears coming Geet. It was like a thousand knifes had stuck into his heart all at once and twisted it at the same time. Sameera looked helplessly on, not knowing that the outcome of her plan had backfired and instead turned out to become this situation. She turned around to face Maan, but instead her eyes caught Dev, who for some reason looked really angry sitting before the fire. He stood up, grabbed his dulha hat and chucked it to the floor, before rushing towards the stairs and running up to meet Geet. He stopped a few steps beneath her and took one glance into her eyes; he clenched his jaw tight, before grabbing her wrist tightly and walked down the stairs quickly.
Geet looked at Dev, shocked at this display of behaviour because he really didn't made contact with her much, since the truth came out and to see Dev like this, it slightly boggled her mind. She stared as they walked past the marriage pandol, and then gasped as she felt herself be thrown towards Maan who managed to catch her around her waist and they looked at each other shocked before looking back at Dev who smiled at them. They didn't notice that Maan still had his arms around her or that he unconsciously pulled her closer to him, as they both wondered why Dev was smiling happily. Not only did Maan and Geet looked at Dev in shock, but also everyone else invited to the wedding. Due to them looking at Dev who was smiling, they hadn't notice Dadimaa entering the hall, who had received a call earlier from Dev about coming to the wedding because of a surprise she had to see.
"Dev...?" Maan said quietly, Geet who had noticed his arms, started to move away and Maan let her, too busy concentrating on Dev who was speaking, "...was wrong. At that time Naintara thought up of the idea and I went along because I had to pay my gambling debt back. Geet?" Geet who had been staring around the room, wondering what people might say, jerked her head in Dev's direction and said, "Dev, what are you doing?" Dev looked at her and smiled apologetically said, "Did you know, ever since I knew you were here in Delhi, I always wanted to ask for your forgiveness and to move on, while our child would be looked after you and I could visit every now and then. This isn't what I wanted or what you want either." Geet opened her mouth and Dev's smile turned softer and more relaxed, "I have seen in your eyes the love you have for Maan every day since we met again and to marry you with that knowledge?" he then looked at Maan who tried to keep his face blank but he couldn't as so many emotions was going through him, he could not have kept it blank at all.
Dev then looked back at Geet, who stared at Maan as well, but turned her head to face Dev again, "You thought you loved me Geet, but it was only an infatuation with me. Not love, never love," Dev said quietly, then looked down quietly frowning slightly before looking up and said in a softer tone, "Maan is your first and only love Geet. You will never love another person apart from Maan because since you know love and understand it you tried get away from Maan, remember? But love and destiny always brought you back together again" He slowly walked up to them both and stood in between them, looking at Maan first, who stared at him, jaw clenched yet his eyes were full of hope and love for Geet, and then Dev stared at Geet who looked at him, eyes with hope, yet slight fear. "You were going to give up your love for Maan, for me? The man who hurt you, betrayed you and left you pregnant with our child? Crazy girl," He grabbed Geet's hand with one of his and grabbed Maan's hand with his other hand and placed both of their hands together, were they both threaded their fingers together and held each other's hand tightly, "I could never come between your love for each other" Dev said smiling once more, before dropping his hands away from their joint ones.
Geet and Maan looked at Dev, the same question in their eyes and Dev shook his head before looking directly into Maan's eye and nodding his head in Geet's direction and smiling. Then he looked directly into Geet's eyes and nodded his head in Maan's direction and smiled too. Geet and Maan then slowly looked at each other, staring into each other's eyes and seeing the love and happiness Geet moved forwards at the same time as Maan to hug each other and slightly bumped their heads together. Maan chuckled slightly, while Geet started to say sorry, and Maan shook his head smiling at her before hugging her tightly in his arms. His head was on top of her head, eyes closed tightly in happiness, while Geet laid her head on his chest, smiling, with tears streaming down her cheeks.
While they were hugging, Dadimaa went up to Dev and said quietly, "I'm proud of what you done today." Dev looked at his Dadimaa and smiled at her happily, tears of joy slightly glistening in his eyes before he hugged her, and winced when he got a harsh slap on his back, "This doesn't mean I haven't forgiven you yet, after what you did to Geet," Dev just smiled and said "I know Dadimaa, I know," before moving away and looking back at Maan and Geet. Adi and Pinky who had stood near each other through the whole speech , were now standing awkwardly as Pinky had hugged Adi in celebration after Geet and Maan had hugged each other. They kept glancing at each other and looking away embarrassed at what happened. Sameera who stood near Adi, just smiled happily before glancing at an obvious jealous Sasha and frowned slightly, before an evil twinkle lit up in Sameera's eyes, "Hmmm wonder what she'll do if I blackmail her?" smirking slightly at Sasha, who turned to face her, as she couldn't bear to witness the happy occasion and gave a dirty look in Sameera's direction.
Maan moved away slightly, and putting his hand under Geet's chin, who suddenly had turned shy looked happily into her eyes and said quietly, yet joyfully, "Will you marry me, right now?" And Geet looked at him, before nodding her slightly before burying her head back in his chest, embarrassed at how things turned out to be. Maan moved away, grabbing Geet's wrist gently and started walking towards the marriage pandol, "Pandit, you can start the ceremony now" Maan said in a firm voice to the pandit who nodded quickly and started saying the marriage chants. Throughout the ceremony, Maan, kept looking at Geet not believing that he was finally marrying Geet! And Geet just looked down, happy yet slightly worried as the Suhaag Raat would be coming soon. As they went round the fire, Geet looked at Maan, first at the back of his head and then taking small glances from the corner of her eyes. When the Pandit finally said "You are now husband and Wife," Maan just looked at Geet, full of happiness yet there was something passionate about his eyes and he grabbed Geet around her waist and knees and held her against him bridal style.
"MAAN! Put me down!" Geet giggled nervously and looked at everyone, pleading with someone to help her and they all smiled at her mischeviously and she muttered, "Well that ain't helpful! Useless people they are! Humph!" and jumped slightly when Maan bent his head and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry Geet, I'm not going to do anything tonight, okay?" And Geet looked at him and smiled, "I know Maan," and Maan just looked at her, while slowly walking away from the marriage pandol to the stairs, ignoring the congratulations from the guests. They went upstairs and as soon as they were away from the sight of the guests, Maan put her down slowly, yet stayed quite close to her. Geet slowly looked up through her eyelashes and smiled slightly, "Maan, what's going on?" Maan smiled at her, before leaning in and kissed her forehead before grabbing her hand and taking her towards the direction of her room.
Geet frowned slightly before realisation hit her, as they went into her son's nursery. Maan stopped just before the cot, grabbed Geet around her waist and hugged her sideways while staring into the cot, "He's my nephew technically, but in my heart he's my son. My family is complete now. Thank you Geet, I love you," before looking down at Geet who stared up at him, tears in her eyes once more. She smiled at him before leaning up and kissing his cheek, "I love you too, Maan," before they both turned and looked back at their baby son sleeping away in his cot, unaware his mother finally married her one true love....
if you like it, press the like button despite being it so old!EmbarrassedSmile

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Lovely OS! :)

I couldn't help but think of KKHH and the scene with Salman, Kajol and SRK while reading it.

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love it.
though i was thinking of kkht.

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nice  love it

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Reminded me very much of the KKHH final scene.
Brilliant OS though! Loved it! :D

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It was really nice
Chalo kuch toh Dev ne caha kiya

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nice one.

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