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Written Update : 13th Jan 2011

Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
The New Company where Manav  is working ..
Manav comes a little late for work .His boss is angry with him that he came late the very first day .Manav explains to him that he works as a mechanic during the day and that is the reason for his coming late .He tells his boss that to make up for that he will stay late and finish his hours .
His boss understand and doesn't say anything to him ...
Satish's room
Satish and Varsha are making a list of the guest they wish to invite .Varsha gets angry to see Manav and Archana's name in the list .She wants these two names taken off .
When Satish tries to tell her that she is seriously mistaken about them , Varsha gets angry and tells him that now he wants  to fight with her  on this issue as well.
She tells Satish that she has no problems with Archana coming but she will not be happy with Manav in the party.
Satish tells her that both Manav and Archana are their relatives and they have to look pass the bitterness that happend and that is the only way they can come to some peaceful resolution and if for nothing else then only to make him happy , Varsha should let them be invited .
Varsha is left with no answers and for Satish's sake she writes the names back in the list ...
Satish shows his pleasure by kissing her hand gently ....
Outside a store .
Varun breaks something  in a shop and the shopkeeper wants Madhuri to compensate for that .The item was for 300 ruppees and madhuri only has 150 ruppees.
Archana is passing by , She pays the rest of 150 ruppees and invites Madhuri to her house ...
Archana's house ......
Madhuri comes in the house with Archana .Varun wants to play outside with other children and he he goes out .
Archana starts enquiring about Mdhuri's husband .She asks her questions about him .She wants to know what is Madhuri doing in a hotel when her husband lives in Mumbai .madhuri tells her that he doesn't have a good place to stay and he works in a publication firm while his parents stay in a vilage in Gujrat .
Archana comes to a conclusion that Dharmesh is lying to her as well and keeping her in dark as well.
Meanwhile Manav comes back from work .He is shocked to see Madhuri there .Archana takes him to a corner and tells him everything .She tells him that she will tell madhuri the truth about Dharmesh .Manav initially tells  her not to but seeing how determined Archana is , he stays quiet .
Archana tells Madhuri that her husband is cheating her and that she knows all about him and his family . Madhuri is shocked and she wants to know what is Archana talking about . Archana tells Madhuri that her husband's second wife is her sister .
Madhuri : vaishali is your sister ( she starts crying ) .
Archana : how did yo uknow Vaishali .That means yo uknew everythig .I thought you were a sweet innocent girl but I was wrong .You know everything  and deliberately you are ruining another woman ....
Madhuri : Everything in life is not that easy to understand
Archana : Well ,why don't yo uleave Dharmesh and go .
Madhuri : Why don't your sister leaves and go .I came in Dharmesh's life first so that way I should be the  one to stay and she should go ....but she won't because as I said , everythign in life is not that easy to understand ....but you will not get it because I am not your sister .You will never understand me .
I am here for a very important reason and after that is done , I will leave .You need not worry about me .I will go forever .It is only a matter of few days now .I will leave Dharmesh's life forever and no one will ever hear of me again ....
Madhuri leaves , in  tears .
Hotel room
Madhuri comes in her room and Dharmesh is waiting for her  there .
Madhuri puts Varun to sleep and then she questions Dharmesh angirly that why did he hide the truth from her .Why he was hiding the fact that Archana is Vaishali's big sister .Madhuri is crying a lot .
She tells Dharmesh that she has lost a good friend because of him . Dharmesh tells her that Maanv and Archana are not good people but Madhuri sternly tells him that she can make up her own mind about who is good and who is not good .The way Archana and Manav helped her in Pune is enough for her to know that they are good people and  she feels ashamed that a good person like Archana thinks so poorly of her ...
Tha t she was told off by Archu in her house ...Madhuri is crying and tears are streaming down her face .Dharmesh has nothing to say to her .....
Archana's house .
Archana is standing near  the window looking depressed .Manav tells  her to stop agonising over what happened .
Archu cannot understand Madhuri .She cannot understand why Madhuri is sharing her husband knowingly with someone else .Soemthing  that she cannot even dream to do so ....
She doesn't understand wh yMadhuri does not wants to ask any question to Dharmesh .
She tells Maanv that marriage is th most important thing  to happen in a woman's life and the way Madhuri is treating her life is something she cannot understand ..
Manav tells her that soemtimes people get caught in circumstances , they  make mistaes of  telling what is right and what is wrong  and then they get trapped in  situations that even they don't like .Maybe that is what is happening to Msdhuri as well.
Archu is worried about what future holds for everyone in this situation ....she feels that the coming times could be testing .....
Outside Manav's house .
Savita is standing and trying to see Manav  from  a distance .She is frustrated that he is not coming out and is angry with Archana who she thinks keeps her son tied to her all the time  .In her frustration she first fights with a begger then with someone else ...
Manav who is going out  hears her and wants  to know   how come she is there ..
She tells him that she was just passing by ..Manav takes her in his house .
Archana is happy to see her  and she starts making tea for her .
Savita takes a good look around the  house .
savita : Our house  is much better than   this house .
Manav : This is a small house but we are happy here .
Savita : Of course yo u would be happy , because I am not living here to give yo u guys a hard time .It is not about a small or big house .Just look at the suroundings  and the people  living around .The people neighbours where I live still miss you so much Manav .They still  talk about you .
Manav : People  are nice here also ....why don't you come and spend some time here .You will like them .
Savita : Why should I ever want to come here ? Why should I stay with you when you don't want to stay with me ?
Manav : Aie , I want to come and live with you .But I cannot come alone and you are not letting Archana come with me .
Savita : Beta , what you are trying to tell me  here is how happy you are without me  , that you can live without me  , right ?? She smiles  ..
Manav : Aie, I am happy with Archana , but I am not happy to be away from you .
Savita: Living with your wife  now you are  good with all this smooth talking .....
Archana is listening to all this quietly . She brings tea for Savita .
Savita : My son is not that cheap that just for a cup of tea I will give him to you ......
She gets up and leaves   looks at Manav and smiles at him  saying good bye to her son  ...
Manav  : Archana , please don't feel bad about what she said .
Archana : I didn't feel bad about anything .I know why she was here .She wanted to see yo u.Take you back home but when she found out that you were not willing to go back then she just took it out on me ..but I am so happy that at least she came to our house and she came to see you and you got to meet her .
Honestly , I didn't mind anything  at all...she  smiles at Manav .Manav tells her to give him the cup of tea and he looks relaxed now ...
Varsha's house
Vaishu has come to see Varsha .She spots Varsha reading baby books .Varsha tells her that she has made the biggest mistake by aborting her baby .That she cannot forgive herself for this .She feels alone without her baby and she  cannot forgive herself  for this .
Vasihu tells her to forget the past and start fresh after her anniversary .
Varsha tells her sister that she will do exactly that and that she  now understand that having a baby is the greatest joy of life  .
Varsha is happy to have her supportive sister tell her all this  .Both sisters smile and are very happy .
Precap :
A lady doctor is tlling Satish that due to complications in her abortion , Varsha can never become  a mother  again .......

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[Thanks a lot Tanya for the wonderful update.Have been waiting eagerly for you to post ur update.

The story is going around in circles again. The same old Arman trying to solve others' problems and getting caught in them.

These two try to do good but end up being blamed. 

SO as expectedVarsha cannot conceive agian thanks to her abortion.
But the doc doesn't seem to have said anything when the abortion took place right?
Why this sudden twist.

Satish must be ruing the day he refused to trust Archu and also the day he married Varsha. He would have been the happiest man on earth by now. if he had  had some sense.But that way there wudnt be a PR right?

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thnx for the update.

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Varsha not being able to have a kid was way to predictable!
Thanks for the updateBig smile

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
thnx 4 d update...varsha nt bein able 2 becom a mthr again wz expected..i knew dey were gonna bring it satish's mom iz gna get rlli angry with varsha....after vaishuz problm iz solved....archna will focus on versha'z problem....
plz CV can u plz let manav & archu live in peace for smtyme

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Originally posted by harpkaur

thnx 4 d update...varsha nt bein able 2 becom a mthr again wz expected..i knew dey were gonna bring it satish's mom iz gna get rlli angry with varsha....after vaishuz problm iz solved....archna will focus on versha'z problem....
plz CV can u plz let manav & archu live in peace for smtyme

accordng 2 CV's ArMaN r born to live fr others nt fr themselves..they want each nd evry issue whch is nt their concernSleepy

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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serves varsha right

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