Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Gauri...AngryAngry...CensoredCensoredCensored.....DeadDead....literally i have so much swear words in my mind abt her...n on top of that the acting was not so gud..Thumbs Down..gosh Gauri is just vile...i wish she cud die in hell..AngryAngry..i felt like banging her head against the wall repeatively that her head breaks...AngryAngry...i felt like pushing her down the staires...I HATE GAURI...n dnt see any chances of her being a gud person at all..luks like Ekta has planned to make her a permanted villain..AngryAngry
Karan...*standing ovation*..ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap...the way he potrayed his feelings..shock...sorrow as arjun was just mindblowing...ClapClapClap...brillaint acting....his silence n expressions n eyes spoke everything..ClapClapClapClap...hats of to Karan's amazing talent..ClapClapClap...Hug..that whole scene was so natural n realistic...cud feel what arjun was going thru...even Kritika was amazing..Clap..the guilt n shock..even though she was innocent...great..ClapClap..but arjun stole the show once again..ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap...Embarrassed..loved how arjun stopped arohi from touching Rashi...ClapClapClap..great scene..ClapClapClap...n even arjun-arohi eye lock scene seeing Rashi like dis was great..ClapClapClapClap...uff cnt stop praising Karan...EmbarrassedHeart...ClapClapClap
arjun-RPS scene..ClapClapClap...both dad-son realtionship was really gud n strong..ClapClap n on top of that superb dialouges...ClapClapClapClap...RPS was fakin all this crying...Ouch..maybe cuz arjun is bac n back into the crime world...he's happy...his plan has succeded n he used his emotions as an excuse to make arjun even more determined to turn into a bad boy n take revenge on Ahluwalia's..but was he behind rashi's miscarraige?..i dnt think so...he wudn't do that to his own daughter...but never know..Shocked...
but today's epi was really sad..Disapprove..CryCry we knew this wud like dis..never imagined...uff what did Gauri get by pushing Rashi down the staires...ConfusedAngryAngry...Ahluwalia's r a disappointment....wen Rashi had blood spilling out den why didn't they call the ambulance...LOLLOLOuch
Im really sorry 4 opening late...CryCry
@Neethi..u can just copy n paste ur take over here na?..Tongue
@shibz n olly happy to see u guys active on this reading ur posts...ClapClapClapClapClap...Hug

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SHIKHA19 Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged
edited :-
one of d saddest episode so far though expected but touching Cry

1. GAURI - first her name is wrong ...she is devil but d name is of god. anyway what she did 2day proved it that she is not a human being 4 sure. d way she pushed rashi into d stairs without even thin
King once that she might die ,proved her d DAYAN Censoredof d show. AngryAngryAngryAngry acting wise parul Thumbs Down

2. RUDRA PRATAP- he once again proved that family , values, love etc r not into his dictionary ....used his own daughter's condition 4 his motive -arjun's comebac
K. n now his plan is successful ..arjun is bacK n all set 4 revenge .Ouch
but mohanji's acting Thumbs Up

1. RASHI - poor lady . what i can say except CryCry not just bcoz she lost her baby but d way bleeding came 4m her head was really Cry
but li
Ked d way she almost convinced aarohi Clap

2. AAROHI - awwe bina wajah phas gayi ...."WO TO MUJHE AISE DE
KH RAHA THA JAISE MAINE KUCH KIYA HO" now she will have to pay 4 all this ....nah i m not talKing abt marriage but arjun's narazgi Unhappy

ARJUN - his emotions 2day:-
as boyfriend -BlushingSmile
as brother-ShockedAngryOuchCry
as son-CryUnhappyEvil Smile

i thin
KKaran portrayed almost all emotions 2day ...4m happy , to angry , to sad ... ya he did his job very well ...n d proof is that my mom was crying CryLOL very gud acting 4m his side ...ClapClap

in d beginning their phone convo was gud ...n
KMH 1 yaad aa gaya ...engmnt scene when arjun was in his room above n aarohi was neeche he called her .Embarrassed

d best scene 2day - arjun n his dad convo part . though last part was also gud but it was half ,waiting 4 2moro .

confusion - y there was no hospital scene ?Confused n where was dadu's reply ? he was tal
King to DJ n that convo was half ?Confused

so 2 predictions is already true now...rashi's miscarige n arjun's revenge now its 3 prediction time ..arjun n aarohi's wedding but i thin
K we have to wait till monday 4 that . n after that there will full noK - jhonK ..again but twist is that - RASHI KNOWS THAT GAURI PUSHED HER NOT AAROHI ...TO SHE WILL TELL ALL THIS TO ARJUN N THEN RASHI WILL PLAY CUPID BW D TWO ...n obvsly usKo hosh shaadi Ke baad hi aayega ...chalo let's see Kya hota hai .

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged
What   an  episode !!!  It was intense through out Thumbs Up  Standing ovation to Karan and Kritika.  gr8 performance ClapClap.   Mohan kapoor and the actress playing rashi again fab ClapClap.  
After  the impact  this episode has created  I truly wish   that   character   chiku  will be  out of Arohi's life,   If still they get married after all this  then  I dont see why,  because the impact for Arjun to turn a bad boy has been created very strongly there is no need for another jhatka.   If incase  there is even a 10% probability of chiku getting married to Arohi , I want that to be removed too completely . we want 100% assurance of that, no chikuhi wedding even if there is a good twist immediately after, the already married tag is immpossible to accept when it comes to arjuhi . 
The scene between Arohi and Raashi was so good,  both fab  Clap,  and Kritika  looked gorgeous Embarrassed, the outfit and the hair style was perfect,   but why did they not show her outfit properly I mean one full length shot should have been taken,  and arjun should have looked at her in awe ,   it would have been so beautiful na such a scene Tongue.    But Gauri had to ruin it not only by her evilness Angrybut also by performanceThumbs Down .   Arohi was almost convinced that arjun likes her and also was beginning to doubt that someone is creating misunderstandings wantedly .  Raashi was humiliated Ouch, and the way she was dragged out by gauriAngry,  no one saw it since all were busy shouting and dancing no one heard all this nor did they see.   
Gauri is a kind of person who looses control of her mind and actions when she is pushed to the edge.  she did the same with the globe and the letter , destroyed it with full hate , now she did the same   .   Raashi Cry    , the symbolic sacred thread being removed Cry   ,  and the head injury Broken Heart, it was heartbreaking sceneCry.  sure she will go into comaDisapprove.   What happened to the police khandan they were all mute spectatorsAngry, why nobody made a commotion of calling a doctor and an ambulanceThumbs Down,  ahluwalia's tottally deserve the wrath of arjun singhania.  
Arjun and Arohi  Broken Heart-    brilliant acting  and a intense scene. Arjun looked at her questioningly and also blaming her and accusing her with looksOuch.   keep aside the fact that you are not supposed to lift a person who has fallen from a height  sply when there is a head injury,  well it is a show and the impact was needed, it was very strong and important scene for the story, arjun's rejection was obivious.  Poor Arohi is shattered coz of what happened to Raashi more than when she was after the kidnap track.  she could immediately make out he is blaming her  and is not able to believe that he accused herOuchBroken Heart .  Arjun kaash tumhe garui ke baare mein pata hotaUnhappy
Rudra strikes again Thumbs Up   even though he was upset about raashi;s accident he still used it to turn arjun into a more stonger and more shrewd  bad boy this time.  and using the words like 'masum phool jo unke huroor tale masal gaya'  he did not have much convincing to do for arjun to believe him.   great scene againClap.  this also means Arjun wont be kabootar ki bodygaurd and the kabootar better stay in the pinjar,  or else uske par katenge. 
last scene the way he kicked the doorShockedClapThumbs Up excellent.   I am impressed at the way it was thought of and shot.   and sweet arohi was so scared to even ask about the baby,  and was shattered again.   Now we know why the file was given to him , so he can throw it on their face and declare singhania is back ClapThumbs Up.  It is in the open now that the singhanias are declaring war.  well done,  Intense episode.  

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Anjali, I gave my take in yesterday's thread! I've nothing left!ROFL 
Anyhow, Res! I'm studying right now. Will update tomorrow only. ChowyEmbarrassed

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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"i am in love i am in love itna bas muje pata hai" this song of once upon a time in mumbai i think this song is apt for kitani mohabbat hai
ok coming to episode
arjun calling arohi n arohi couldn't listen key words which he wanted to say to her that is KSA giving clean chit to him
gouri ppl its waste of time talking about such charecters i hate her from the first episode Censoredthe way she delivers her dialogue it is kind of she leaves it incomplete her dressing,personality what not i hate everything related 2 her cruel gouri u hv hurt rashi i love rashi's charecter she was the first person in the show who loved arjun from the bottom of her heart
arohi i think u deserve it i think season 1 n season 2 punishment for both seasons u r getting nowAngry u desrve it why arjun must always suffer now arjun is feeling that ahluwalias mainly arohi is responsible for the incident Ouch
i am too rude but i am happy that for the first time arohi will suffer for arjun Angry
but from season 2 point of view bechari arohiDisapprove but this is much less than "bechara arjun"
RPS u'll neverShocked change
anyways forget all this i am more worried about future no no no chiku n arohi marriage plz cvs spare us from such rubbish things we all love kmh plz don't ruin kmh
plz plz arjun n arohi are made for each other
all of u sorry for being partial to arjun but how to say y should arjun always suffer

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Now coming to my highlights:
(1) Brother Sister relationship
For me this is the most pure trustworthy relationship!
I just love all the dialogue from Rashi's here!
She is the only who knows Arjun wholly and this is her right to defend when someone's pinpointing nonsensical false allegation o your brother.
In a personal view, leave this,I am so defensive for my brother,if someone's try to make fun of him,they got to repeat that infront of me firstLOLLOLLOLLOL and ofcourse they realised that I am not the right person to tell toLOLLOLLOLLOL I so love my brother that at times I feel if one day I have to lay my life for him, without thinking twice, I will.
This is the exact kind of brother sister relationship we found between rashi and arjun. It is as deep and intense that when one is defensive,the other one is protective. A strong feel of protection that if he has to decide who is the one he can bring tears to - the lover or the sister? He can sacrifice his lover for his sister!
This is exactly what Arjun is towards Rashi,
Ofcourse Rashi will not let him to do it but now the truth is not out.
(2) Arohi's mind: Pieces of Puzzle - need to see the shape who is the one?
The way Gauri became hyper and insulted Rashi when even Arohi like we saw in the masquerade party does not demean people,she respects them the way she is.
Today the reason of the misunderstanding highlighted:
She felt she is being used! She trusts her best friend a lot.
No Gauri is hyper and she does not let her talk.
She was getting waves from Shefali too. She knows this happens that it happens only when she turn her back,there was only gauri and rashi there.
When Arohi will recover from the shock, she will realise how she has been betrayed from her best friend.
(3) The song fire because there were lot of fiery eyes today:
(a) Rajveer - He is genuinely the well wisher of her niece Arohi - he knows Arohi is telling the true and when he will hear all the truth -
Gauri Chachi - Prepare for the 'Dhamakaal' explosion from Rajveer!
You will break into pieces, Gauri, now start realising what you are doing!
Prepare for a bahut 'jor ka jhadka' itni jor ke koi tere saath na dongue jab tum dhadke se ghar nikal rahe. Even your father and simmi will not be by your side.
Only Arohi will save this and with eyes of redemption and penance - a forthcoming love story between rajveer and gauri - a love that this time in the eyes of penance - need to erase this 'zakhm'.
(b) Rudra Pratap Singhania
I know his genuine concern to his daughter was then replaced with a sarcastic relief Arjun is back.
Reality is he is so strong character that he can gulp this pain by himself and he needs to make Arjun by his side for revenge.
It is entirely Gauri's plan - I will choke if Rudra is in there.
(c) Arjun
Arjun is as strong character as RPS. He is burning with anger like all of us know and the way he kicked the door of Ahluwalias and give them an 'ehlaan' that he is back 'the don,catch me if you can.'
Like Arohi's misunderstanding shield the truth and backsided her love, the same misunderstandig Arjun is having on Arohi's (Please Ekta,spare us from KavyaAnjali track -  as I am feeling the kavyanjali track here - Arjun can drives Arohi to mental,just like Anjali did to Kavya - as Anjali was being filled that Kavya killed her twin sis and she was succeeded until she saw that it is a machiavel plan from her mother in law! I am feeling the same thing Arjun constantly reminds Arohi to be a murderer, a murderer of a baby. Arohi will plead in vain that she is innocent until truth is revealed and for that Rashi's unconsciousness will not be for too long.)
Arjun is actually now becoming the black person in the sense that he is going to be a dreadful criminal - one a way to revenge to Arohi that she always accused him of this and now she is living  with that and secondly taking revenge out of the world for the ruin of happiness in his family - now because Arjun has already covered this love with hatredness to Arohi! His eyes were looking for an answer why she did that! His eyes are accusing her! This is why I included the fire song as this exactly what Arjun is feeling.
'Rashi was the only innocent fragile member in the family and why happiness is snatched from Singhania famiy'
I realised that they chose Rashi because this burning fire will be mitigate by another innocent in the family and that will be the coming od Arohi in the family. RPS will like her later for sure like her daughter and yet in sacrifice of one innocence, another innocence is crushed. Arohi will need to become a really strong character because if she married to the family of Singhania,everyone will pinpoint her as murderer and there will be a coldwar. Yet Rudra will realise from Arohi,it is Gauri's doing and he will not spared her as he has already got back his son.
I am sad that in order the revival of an innocence, one innocence has been forsaken!
Yet it seems it has been a sacrifice for the betterment!
In a string of fate,it has to go to extremeties for this extreme love to go further.
That's it from my side!
song posted in previous thread for today's ep:
as justified above

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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well i have nothing much to say ..u guys have sai it all..LOL.....first thing is the epiode didnt have any continuity.....they din show KSA and DJ convo...!!..Confused it was strange...Confused...and as many of u said that there was so hospital scene..hehe well i thought that since it was kmh so may be the CVs have tried to do hatke and din waste time by hospital drama.(its my POV)..LOL..
@shibz karan wasnt in diff suit was the same he wore i guess..only he opened his coat..may be i am wrong dunno..LOL......and ya he was rashi is in hospital and arjun found time to shave!!Shocked..LOL..anyways jokes apart..karan was fab in the scene with RPS...omg!!Shocked RPS is so evil....i doubt he must have joined hands with gauri..god!! its better he doesnt..Evil Smile.....well mohan kapoor was also good..

i felt sad for arohi but not  much..she has left no stone unturned to hurt our poor arjun..she deserves that..but still she is innocemt so hope arjun doesnt treat her that badly..and i know he cant..Embarrassed
loved the open challenge of arjun to the ahluwalias they deserve that spclly rajveer and that epressionless dad..Angry..though i want arohi to be saved from his wrath..LOL..

ok thats all ..overall a good episode ..but the excecution cud have been better..
looking forward to next epi..Smile
@shibz u r rite about the actor part..karan has proved his best..yet i wud love to see more from him..LOL

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Allwaysindian Senior Member

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  :"( SAD .
Just LOVE THE WAY ARJUN SINGHANIA CHARACTR is developing . VERY STRONG PERSONALITY .. And The way Karan  make it so REAL .. So NATURAL .. So Beleivable .. Just FAB!!!! No need to say a Lott .... KARAN OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE !!!!! THE BEST !!!! Tumse upar koi nahi  for me karan is THE NO.1 ....yeah I cried .. I don't like misscarriages :...(
BUT coz of karan's acting LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pheww that was heavy
  ( sry lil busy so copy pasted from FB Tongue)
and yayyyy ..looks like kabutar gonna go phuuurrrrrr ..and our bad boy gonna marry arohi jabardasti ....Tongue haha ..wahi toh maine bola Arjun  abad boy pahale shadi karlo Arohi se ..shadi ke baad ..continue ur revenge ..
Wink Day Dreaming Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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