Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Devil's Den Rajnikant ur Izzat&Mehboob r in khatra

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Hey Everyone

Today's theme is DanceBig smile..Eeeks Dance is one of my favourite hobbies..For me dance was all about having fun till I came across Geet where I discovered dance can express several emotions with several forms.

So we have here me Ash & my mom Anwesha creating ItihaasLOL..Mother-Daughter opening a den haha..Lol Honestly I look up to her when it comes to dance.She is a chupi rustam like that..She has learnt Salsa,Jazz and Cha Cha..Well offcourse being a gujju she loves garba..and I am ashamed to admit I am only into street dancing and I do figure skating but only sometimes..Now I shuld stop going into this matter and focus on the performances in Geet.
I am gonna will try to do sum Cursing  and Mom will do sum Praising...
-Behke Behke

Well There is nothing to curse about this but Mom had no time so I decided to write on this. Gurmeet is a fantastic dancer when it comes to western forms..We've seen his performance with Salsa, then the gold awards performance..he was just amazing with his moon wakl too..In behke behke his moves were surely perfect..Even though he dance wid Arahna and not Geet he did a fantastic job..He performed the variations perfectly..Actually when I am dancing I am expressionless coz I am a jungli like that but here Maan was in pain, in anger and hurt and GC expressed it flawlessly.

I Dance when I am in Pain
As I know in every step there is some passion to gain

I love his moves at 0:27 to 0:29 &  2:03:2:04..
Arahna she was just being lead by GC so don't knw wat to say about her becuase I didn't find her performance that satisfying mainly becuase I was annoyed with her that time sometimes her hair are on her face sumtyms thery r not really weird..

Song Choice I didn't actually like it but didn't mind it either.But there is a scene in middle where Maan walks upto geet goes behind her and walks back to the spotlight, at tht time the music is still playing which doesn't like match the situation I would have liked it if they did it like kurbaan hua when they both let go off their hands there is slow BG played then the scene shifts to Devtara and the song continues to Devtara and back to Maaneet.The Spot Lights were good..Effects weren't use randomly they were used to match the effects which was great..Editing was good too and the last part where Maan picks Arahna up just like he picked Geet up the Flashback editing surely had a great imapct on everyone..

Last but not least an applause to the choregraphers for training the actors and everyone so well for this performance..

-Main Agar Kahoon

As usual the SBB/SBS got us so exicted for the dance but thankyou so much to the new editing team Gunjan&Sandip who always fail in special dance segments..The Song choice I didn't like it..I am sure there is a better song choice for that..In my version the song is not that great either but I just wasn't happy with Main Agar Kahoon..

Now Moving on to the pathetic editing..In this dance itself they started this orange balls graphics..I mean why is it needed..Ok they were in a party sumtyms you have these lights but it was used constantly and its a distration..The Spotlights were good though..they went on further to use it in  Tere Mast Mast do Nain as well..That is just annoying if you have random orange balls running through your screen..They were not even kissing proper..then if you want to continue this trend put black balls during SR and we will imagine it in the air..The bit I loved the most was the flashbacks in the middle..It did look good but if I was like a normal viewer at home who didn't knw anything abt VMz I wuld jsut wonder was tht needed? Actually tht is the problem..VM makers have made VMz and mkaybe CVz have cum across it and they've seen the comments that others love it..
But You guys need to understand VM makers do it for fun and you are broadcasting an episode around the whole world so you are not editing a VM but an episode..PLease keep this in mind..
The performance was great from Gurmeet&Drashti's side..Not really complicated moves just a simple slwo dance with amazing costumes complimenting it..You see here the actors the costumes everything is fine but then the editing screws the whole performance..
Take My Hand to yours
Close your Beautiful Eyes
Hold me in your Arms
And Just Dance..

-Maahi ve

An apt song choice for the situation, A sangeet with the whole Family around..If you want to look at it more logically you might say it is all random steps and very Vague..But if you look at it in a realistic way that is how sangeet ceremonies are where everyone dances with joy together it looked natural rather than rehearsed..The random ppl jumping in front of Maaneet and then running away was a bit funny from 1:33 to 1:44..My fav moment is at 2:43 to 2:59 I culd ignore NE easily theree lovedd the we are family hug..
BUt Ofcourse the same Editing Issue here..In the start itself there are transitions as if we are watching a VM..Editors no if we wuld enjoy VMz ine evry episode what are the VM makers for..VM makers create videos for fun  and not to inspire you to follow their steps..Stop doing this..I like it simple without any sort of random FXs..and the orange balls again..I don't see them in sangeets..Editors if you want us to enjoy any sequences STOP adding these balls..tht cookie effect was used again where the flashbacks were inserted and tht too random oness..not even matching the lyrics..

Costumes-Maan's was simple but I still Liked it..Geet's costume was horrid..She didn't even luk lyk a bride there..Just lyk anyone I will pick out from the crowd wuld have a similar suit..Please Make her look like a bride..Others were Fine..

Yep Choreographers didn't have to do a lot since this looked a bit vague anyway they gave some new steps so clapa for that..

-Sheila Ki Jawaani

The Song used for Bachelors Party, the song choice did get all of us very excited..The SBS/SBB/E24 Segments got most of us hyper with the song being picturised for DA maan singh khurana's bachelor party who doesn't even luk at any other gal excpet his Githh..
Honestly I was hyper as well but then it did ring to me that history will repeat again and the sequence will be a flop..So was not watching wid any hope..It was totally ruined a BIG BIG let down..The song the actors da situation everything had a perfect scope but thanku thanku very much to the editors it was a huge flop..It was more like a VM and I hate that..even when I make VMz I hate adding effects I like it SIMPLE&CLEAN..But my thing is different I am making VMz and you guys are running a Daily show on TV get the difference..We don't look forward to watching VMz in daily episodes wat are the VM makers for?
The Hue Spotlights were PatheticSleepy

I was really pissed how everything was ruined..The SBS editors were soo much better..They took it from perfect angles..The scene where Maan is holding ears it was a more of close up which was better while you guys took a back shot and the back dancers were in the way..

And ofcourse the most talked lil close dance between them..It was an Onscreen one Cmon ppl it was onscreen and it was edited out bcoz everyone thot it was offscreen and this made the creatives rethink as to they are not in character so it shuld not be used..But as they edited it out tht step made viewers dream as to how that lil dance was actually offscreen..

The episode itself was a let down coz the editors decided to create a VM from the whole dance..
Costumes: Maan's was the best especpiallt the transparent shirt AHHHH.he was lukin hot..Geet's suit..It was stylish and a modern one but didn't like it coz it was too tight and she is supposed to be pregnant as well..Sayantani's was perfect for a Sheila..

Again, The Choreographers did a marvellous job..sayantani was given amazing new steps which Farah Khan didn't teach..and honestly they were so better..She gave an outstanding performance..I loved her..GC is a fab dancer wid western forms but he was overshadowed due to the editing buziness..DD didn't have to dance a lot but watever she did was g8 too especially wid her signature step..

So everyone's excitement with the dance lead to a huge downfall coz of the Editors..
It is just not fair one everyone else who place so much effort and then the editors ruin the whole if even one of the team members mess up something the whole outcome comes crashing down that is the same thing happened here..I don't knowif you will learn from your own mistakes..

-Bhangra Time

Maan's Bhangra-Ofcourse it is hilarious..NO complaints lol he does crack all of us up..GC can do all types of western dances but when it cums to the desi bhangra I close my eyes coz I cannot see him dance lyk tht..MSK's image is kinda ruined wid da bhangra but oh well it does provide some laughs for me so don't mind it..

I can't dance
my fancy dance dance pants
don't dance
they seem to prance
but never dance

Hopefully You are not in your bed right now..Do I write too much?Ermm
Don't Answer ThatLOL
And I haven't read through so pardon me for any errorsBig smile


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Hey Everyone
Lol do I really need to introduce myself.LOLOk anyway just for the Formality..I am Anwesha unfortunately someone decided to steal my precious name and frm that day I think My parents named me during the wrong Graha..Ouch

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi has given Indian Television some fantastic pieces of dance performances to remember forever..
-Kurbaan Hua

Who can ever forget the most extravagant piece of performance like Kurbaan Hua. I will actually cherish it for the rest of my life. It is difficult to describe it in words because there has been an equal effort from everyone with this masterpiece from babaji aka spot boy
to the actors..

The Editing is Damn Perfect.Jas and Rajnikant edited it impeccably.The Spotlights were in the right place at the right moment.The Actors were spot on with their performances with every move, they were in their characters equally..Maan&Geet felt the their first physical attraction through this dance and it was portrayed in a flawless manner. The most impactful bit is when they are losing the hold of each other's hand slowly.Just reminds me "Judaai bhi toh pyaar ka ek naam hai". And then they come back into each other's arms and start creating an own world of theirs in form of dance with extreme passion.There is anger first ,love & passion equally. Geet tries to go away but she is attracted to him. She doesn't realise she is dancing with her dusht danav she gets lost into another world. And when she realises that she pushes him back and Maan realises the same.He was confused about her.And all this emotions were portrayed through this dance.

I think many other tv shows have copied this form of dance as they have been inspired from Geet but those shows failed miserably haha.Kurbaan Hua was a moment that no other show can recreate no matter how excellent actors they use for the remake.The Song choice was perfect for both Maan&Geet / Dev&Naintara. Every Twist Every turn with the dance makes us feel so excited beneath, with everyone wishing that "I wish I had the same partner who would pull me with the some aggression+passion and make me feel as if I am living in another world"

It is just magical by the way I don't wish that because I've already been though this phase hehe.
The Costumes were just perfect with Maan looking dashing in black making me drool over him and Geet who adorned a white simple yet gorgeous looking saree. What More can I say the dance itself spoke 10 million words. The Choreographers did a splendid job with every move and 24th June was one of the best Executed episodes because of this performance.
-Maahi Maahi

Ash's Version of Both(Kurbaan Hua&Maahi Maahi)

They Aparrantly had to rehearse for sangeet at that time which never took place in the actual sangeet. But oh well moving on Geet was in a confused situation, she was blaming herself for ruining Maan's relationships with his family but she didn't know how to share the same with him. So They decided to express their emotions through salsa. Maan was confused about her behaviour while Geet was concerned about her past affecting him. And they expressed their emotions of pain through every step. They needed each other throughout to feel each other's love, to hold each other, they expressed the desire as to how that they found themselves complete with each other.

Song Choice was apt.It is my favourite song as well. The actors did a splendid job with every move. Drashti was suffering through back pain at that time that it took 10 hours for them to shoot so hats off to her for carrying herself well without showing a lot of pain&the whole team for co-operation, the way Gurmeet was being careful by holding her so that she doesn't feel much pain was really caring. And not to forget the gorgeous saree geet was wearing with the backless blouse sure made a trend for other women.

Editing was good but there were some spider web transitions used which was very weird. Anyway an applause for the Choreographers for choregraphing some new steps never seen before.

These two dances were all about pain&passion so...
Dance like there's no tomorrow
For you should dance, and dance with joy
Releasing that deep inner sorrow

Express those feelings and thoughts with dance
If you cannot speak those words
As dance is art, life and love
For dance is absolutely superb

Dance from dawn till dusk
If dance is what you know best
For dance is the finest form of body language
As dance is the best way to express

Dance reflects the righteousness of life
Delightful, meaningful, and evocative at times
For dance is the only way to show
That life can be so divine

-26th July Dance Promo

This was a Symbolic Promo where Maan and Geet are lost into each other, they are falling for each other,they are getting even more closer and the atmosphere was made more sensous but then suddenly they come back to reality where they are in office and geet's past dev is standing there who betrayed her and he is Maan's younger brother.

Not much to say becuase this never took place as it was delayed for some reason but the little dance was powerful according to the situation they were going through.
-Where's the Party Tonight

A typical disco party where Maan is grooving on the dance floor with the ladies trying to make his lady insecure.The main aim for this dance was for Maan to play his last card to know whether Geet loves him not and it worked. Geet really got insecure with him dancing with all the girls and we witnessed a half inch kiss & miss & hug..

It was great the 100th episode with an amazing sequence like this  which was worth watching. The spotlights, the surroundings everything was captured beautifully. The dance steps were choreogrpahed very well. Gurmeet did a fabolous job there. Costumes were reflecting the surroundings with Maan looking sensously hot shot it black and Geet in black suit with transparent sleeves.

The Sequence was Edited well too by Jas & Rajnikant. I hope the creatives work on the editing people a lot because how much ever everyone works, at the end of the day the editing table is responsible for the final outcome. If there is a fault there everything turns out to be a haphazard.
-Behke Behke (Forceful Dance)

The one at last when Maan forcefully dances with the pregnant Geet because he was drunk and angry. That was one scene where I hated him, I guess every woman did. But outstanding performances from both the actors as they portrayed every emotion of pain,anger,passion,desire flawlessly.

I have never actually written so much and I promise I am not coming back to make you Yawn againLOL

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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away!  We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

9. There is Devilsden A/C.  Its for emergencies & our awesome Kreations Corner 
All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures" 


Star Player is testing whether they could go live at the same time or within the half-an-hour of airtime, but are NOT

Previous DENS with THEMES


Potential Plot lines (MB)



Aesthetics (make up etc)


Brij and Yash








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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Ghar Main Chori:Hawwww Maan Singh Khurana Tsk tsk khud ke hi ghar main chori..and that too haldiLOLHe was looking Yummylicious in his kurtaEmbarrassed
Dabbang Kurri:LMAO she was just ready wis da vase..why don't she do this to her broLOL
Naughty Munda:AHHH tht smirkWinkBobby deol smileeLOL&Kurri is already a step ahead "I'll start my action" I guess she has already warned him..Tongueand he will be waiting for her to do sum AkshonROFLROFL
Maaneet's Private Haldi ceremony:Loved itEmbarrassedSpecially DD's Rajnikant line I kwn its her improvisationLOLand her dhamkis were hilariouss..LOL
Bahar se koi andar na Aaa sake:The way she placed him everywhere in the room out of the window on the bedROFLROFL
Err-Jun NT's Ashiyana:The house was da same used for MJHT *memoriess crashin in*LOLThe way NT was smirking was hilariousROFLMasoom NT LMFAOROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL..
Dulhe Raja ka Balaatkaar:kaun pehle karega balaatkaar Adi sir ya Manisha-ah?ROFLAdi Sir sniffing his maan sir for the last timeROFLand Maharaja Maan Singh Khurana wants to start the Rasmaa..LOLIt was CUT shorttAngry
Mahila Party Doing Family Planning: Ay lee Shaadi to hone doo.let me go and take dubki in ganga and then all this bachaa planning will cum typical lineLOL
Faltu Security Kuttas:What type of security that someone like NT can enter easily that too with a gun in her purseShockedLOLGawsh wat are they being paid for..
NT's Confusion with Geet: First coz she took dev then coz of gith she went jail and her reasons for revenge keep on changing now NT is J coz she was bahu and now sumone else is gettin da darja so she wants revenge she is confusing meConfusedLOLHow did she get Gith's Mobile Number?Confused
NT's bad habit karne se Pehle hi sab kuch bol deti hai and tht too wid Over-Confidence and then her Maan Veerji Ruins her ArmaanROFLROFL
@Karishma Welcum back So glad to see you in action..Loved to see you back is saarisEmbarrassed
@Editors I HAAT you for cutting tht manisha scene.i have sum dushmani with you man..If I ever see you I willl snatch NT's Toy Gun and kill ya and then the sauce will fly everywhereROFL

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Anwesha_02 Senior Member

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Aaj Mere Shaadi hai!!Party

Maa beti ill do my Geeetay ki bidaai! hayeeeeeee!!Embarrassed

Imp Note!! read!Angry

*clears his throat.. *

Sab CHUP!! bilkul CHUP!!!

Moi is definitely going to jail!! HAAN!

but it ill b a one-night stand! on the spl occasion of my SR.! ROFLROFL

Charge : Anti-social Acitivity!Stern Smile

Prosecution : Public and NE's chromosomal sources!Stern Smile

: apparently i had picked up NE from Garbage where her *real*  sources had thrown her when tey realised wht was born to 'em.Stern Smile for the Welbeing of Humanity! Tey instantly recognised her from My Wedding Media Coverage!

Identification marks
: She was still wearing the yellow *drape* she was covered in at the time of disposal!

PS: ghar yah jail ki pharak painda.. Moi only wants Sleep!! HAAN!! ROFL


Anaysis : i Loved the Epi !! HAAN!! Embarrassed bas!Tongue

ok mayb.. LOL

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Salaam namaste guys!
Big smile
Wishing everyone a very Happy Lohri!

I was blushing during the haldi scene of maneetLOL

Anyhow- here are some points on the epi today-

1. Sangeet rasam
a. Maan and Geet
Her face that shone with love 
Her eyes that were illuminated with a promise
she wondered at the reality that gave her more than dreams could give
as she got lost in those eyes, that were brimming over with so much love

He marveled at the woman in front of him
for the millionth time wondered at his luck
he touched her to confirm she was not a mere vision
no she was there- there with him,with her eyes brimming with love for him

GC,DD- I am sure the AWESOME Bobby DEol Smile and Rajnikanth dialogue were their own!!
They were sooo funny!!

MSK making haldi mixture and taking to Geet was so adorable..haha

I loved the intensity in maan's eyes
I loved how Geet hit maan - they seemed like hubby-wife!That was really good

Hmm..Geet talked about action and MSK got jazbaati about it..
Arre Arre..I hope BABA MAAN Singh Khurana sirf bol nahi rahi...HAHA

Haldi is to make the bride and groom look their best at their wedding seems Maneet don't really need it because the glow is already there on their faces...

b. Geet-Maan official haldi!
MSK-Manisha and others - Too good!!!
LOVED it!! hahahahaha
And Geet and the girls too..the taang khichai n all- very sweet

Feel good scene..

2. Arjun- Are you my Karna?
NT- very happy that Arjun is using Annie.
But Arjun makes it clear that using the innocent girl is against his USOOL..
DOESN't mean he is not loyal to a brother- he will avenge NT pe hue atyachaars

NT says she's innocent.
Not really. She has done quite a lot. She said she will destroy Geet's life- and uh..HASN't she done it once already?
she is a clever planner..and she will use everyone, including her own brother to get what she wants. Everything she wanted has been taken away from her and she holds Geet and Maan responsible for it- So she'll do all she can to take everything away from them too.

Killing Geet is again her agenda..So is Brij's.
But NT-Brij nexus seems a bit difficult..unless they have always been in on the plan?

Brij has not much role to play now.
So either he comes and gets shot by NT.
OR- Arjun comes and stops NT.

Arjun is a grey character- a man who wants to avenge the wrongs done to his sister but not using an innocent person to do it.
His plan is related to MSK..
He will use MSK to ruin MSK...not Geet..because he was worried about Geet's safety too right?

He clearly mentions he hasn't forgotten his work and he is doing it.

So we have-
Arjun's plan.
NT's thirst to kill Geet
Brij's thirst ro kill Geet

What we saw in the promo is Brij.
He will come back for sure..

its too complicated right now

arjun needs to be given dialogues that show his dilemma between his loyalty to NT as a bro and annie or his principles

geet ko kuchh nahi hoga
baby ko bhi kuch nahi hoga
maan bhi thik rahega..
so chill and enjoy the drama that's enfolding now!

about marriage-its happening! LOL

I liked the epi!
thats all
good luck to the team
Love to all

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res ////...........edit...

ae lo ....mere bina kuch likhe hi .....Devils ne like chaap diya...LOLLOLLOL
Love u all....jhappis from my side....Hug
Chal its take time...i m not very good at it...i m usually a silent reader of the den...but today i feel like writing....donno why? and dont ask?.....
Todays episode left me with mixed feelings.....happy and yet anxious...yaar ye marriage wali shaam kab ayegi......Confused
Pointers....Well i liked the episode....
1.  I loved the whole Haldi sequence...I was laughing( the way geet hit Maan when he enters from 
    the window) ,smiling ( the way geet pushes Maan away from him) , and blushing ( the way both 
    were looking so much in love and applied haldi on each other )......EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
2. DD was looking so cute and beautiful... she used to wear yellow quite frequently in HP  
    days...loved to see her in yellow...
    I always thought cute and beautiful are two attributes that dont go together....but our DD is  
    GC was looking yummilicious....He looks so dreamy in white....
    both were fabulous today...when they are not...ClapClapClap
3. NT is u girl....ClapClap
4. Mannisha u r a sweetheart....LOLLOL...u were so good...I loved the way u were so keen to apply 
     Haldi on ur Maan....oops My Maan...oops Geet ka Maan....Embarrassed
5. Less footage to NES/NEB...More of Maaneet....Big smile
6. epi was full of fun,love and continuity...
I wont write bout the lows or bloopers...not now not ever...LOL...coz u guys do it better.....more over i cant write anything bad bout my Geet.....
One more thing...I actually liked the sheela ki jawani...but aap logon ne to uski dhajeeyaan uda di...actually i always love all song sequences in geet...i never used to watch uch sequenced in any other serial...i used to laugh...but geet is different...i actually look forward to dance and song sequences....after watching the episode i m happy happy and then u guys dissect it.....Confused.....well i think u expect too ur dreams are shattered....for me everything works if Maaneet are there in frame...
I doono it always work for me.....I think its bcoz i dont set high standards after watching SBS/SBB...i usually watch them after the episode is it works for me....Big smile

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