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''The Mysterious Past' AR FF(Chapter 17 - Page 51) (Page 47)

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Chapter 16

Riddhima swallowed the tablets to recover her illness.

'See , I am fine now',Said Riddhima possessing a big smile.
'Oh Madam..U have just swallowed the tablet , it hasn't worked yet..U still need extra-care'.
'Extra-Care?'.'Why so Much Care Just for an intern?',Asked Riddhima.
'You are not intern you are''..(paused)'''.'.
'I am?',Pleaded Riddhima to complete his sentence.
'Asthala Wishta Baby',Said Armaan greeting her bye.

'How Cuteeee!!',mumbled Riddhima to herself.

'I know I am cute',Said Armaan.
'Not more than karan singh grover'.
'Now who the hell is he?',Asked Armaan.
'Karan..He is the most handsome , cute , adorable , talented and down-to-earth actor',Riddhima admiring KSG.
Armaan started to get jealous.ROFLROFL
'Haan haan karan ke charche hain har jagah. Pinch
'ek min..ek min kahin aap jealous tu nahin horahe?',asked Riddhima.
'Oh hullo!!Excuse me , I am not jealous wealous..and why should I be?'.
'You CAN be..Infact , you ARE',Said Riddhima winking.
' your dreams'.
'Khwab hain aap mere'. Embarrassed
'Tu isse ek khwab hi rehne do',Insisted Armaan getting serious.
'Khwabon ko haqeeqat banana meine seekha hain'.
'Magar logon ko dhoka dena meine seekha nahin'.
'Haan aap khud ko dhoka de rahe hain'.
'Pichle paanch saal se aap khud ko dhoka de rahe hain..ab bus bhi kare'.
'Tum thi kya mere haal jaane waali?'.
'Mein tu hamesha aapki ho..'
The talk was getting serious minute by minute..Moment by moment..Both knew they love each other still never confessed.
'Mein jealous nahi horaha Karan Se..Kyunke mein jisko chahta ho uspe poora yaqeen karta ho..'
Riddhima got happy that Armaan loves and trusts him.
'Magar mein na tumko chahta ho na tum pe bharosa karta ho'. Smile
Riddhima's smile faded away immediately as he spoke the harsh words.She started being teary but she took control over herself and finally spoke.
'Ek din aisa ayega zaroor',She smiled and went away.
'Hmph!!Armaan Mallik tu kitna jhooth bolta hain',Interrupted Raj.
'Raj tum hamare saukidaar ho ke jab bhi dekho hume stalk karte rehte ho?',Asked Armaan.ROFL
'Dekho ab tu tumne mujhe Arima se milne ke liye mana kardia hain so I have nothing to do so I come to meet my phirend Riddhima..ab please khuda ke liye mujhe Riddhima se milne ko mana math karo..Arima ke baad she is my best buddy'.
'Tum ne Arima se bilkul baat nahin ki?',Armaan asked getting shocked.
'Nahin , mein jhooth bol raha ho',Raj getting sarcastic.
'Wow..this is a miracle..Raj or Obedient!!Woah'.
'Waqt ke saath sab log badal jaate hain Sir', Said raj possessing a big smile on his face.
'True!!',Spoke Armaan.'Magar tu nahin badla',Armaan chuckled.
'Jaise tu badla hain',Raj joined him chuckling.
'Waise tum Arima se baat kar sakte ho ab',Said Armaan.
Raj got shocked..'Phir se kaho'.
'Tum arima se mil sakte ho'.
'Phir se kaho',Said Raj in excitement and hearing those words from Armaan was unbelievable.
'Oyye mein kya recorder ho kya , phirse bholo phirse bholo'.ROFLROFL
'Yaar har baat pe bharak the kyun ho pagal insaan.'ROFLROFL
'Acha ab pagal ban gaya..allowing u to talk to arimma..okay fine u wont tok to arima now'.
'No no no no..mera mathlab aap bohut ache insaan hain..sweet hain..caring hain..sab kuch hain'.
'Mein apna faisla badlonga nahin..U wont meet her'.
'Yaar what is this not fair',Raj crying like a baby.ROFL
'I wont let you meet her',Screamed Armaan in anger.
'Mummy bachao..Uncle darahe hain',Said raj teasing him and making those wild expressions.ROFL
'Oyye I am not uncle okay?'.
'UNCLE..UNCLE..UNCLE..Mera Uncle ghar aaya Oh Ram Ji..Mera Uncle Ghar aaya Oh Ram Ji'.ROFL
Raj sang this and ran from the place before getting attacked from Armaan.ROFL
'Raj..raj kaha se arahe ho?',Asked Riddhima who met him in the way.
'Aap ke WO se milkar araha ho',Raj teasing Riddhima.ROFL
'Raj..Shut up..magar tum bhaag kar kyun arahe ho?'
'Kyunke mein Uncle ko sata raha tha'.ROFL
'UNCLE??'.ROFLROFL"Nice Raj I will also call him Uncle from now on'.ROFL
'Nahin..Nahin aisa math karna bechaara pagal hojayega'.ROFLROFL

'Mein pagal wagal nahin honga',Said Armaan coming from no where.

'Acha bhai..So u said I was stalking now what r u doing Mr.Mallik?'.
'Badla le raha ho',Armaan said proudly.
'Wah wah..Badlaa..Mujhe nahi pata Uncle ko badla lena bhi aata hain',Raj again started to tease him.
'Shut Up!!',Armaan said Raj to keep quiet.
'Kyun Uncle ko ghusa araha hain? EmbarrassedMummy Mummy Uncle ko ghusa araha hainEmbarrassed',Said Riddhima pretending as a Kid.
'Jee Nahin Aunty Jee. Embarrassed',Said Armaan.
'Don't u dare call me AuntyEmbarrassed' Uncle Jii'. Embarrassed
'Oh How can I forget Riddhima is still a Bachi..'. Embarrassed
'Don't u dare call me bachiAngry Angry',Riddhima fumed in anger.
'Mummy bachao Bachi darahi na na na'Riddhima shud go to Nursery..Na na nana na na',Armaan went ring-rong-ring around Riddhima singing the song , Armaan was enjoying while Riddhima was angry. ROFL
'Ye log kitna larhte hain..ek saath rehkar hume pagal kardenge',mumbled raj to himself and quietly went away from there.
'WAIT..U weren't suppose to talk to me..REMEMBER..REMEMBER..REMEMBER?',Armaan approached Riddhima hurriedly uttering those statements.
''.ahm..',The only thing Riddhima could was stutter.ROFL
'Haan haan khandaan , saari dunya..roti , kapra , makhan..sab kuch bholdo'.ROFLROFL
'What?' Confused
'Mera mathlab..jaise har insaan ke liye roti , kapra , makhan is zaroorthi cheezein waise talking to me is zaroorat for you',Said Armaan taking bhaav.
'Ye aapse kisne kaha?'.Stern Smile
'Tumhaare dil ne'. Approve
'Mein aapse ek baat pocho..Aapko bewafai se itna dar kyun lagta hain?',Asked Riddhima confusingly as Armaan's mysterious statements and his mood swings had made her go insane.She knew that he knows they love each other still he never confessed properly but he do gave hints.
'Bewafai se dar nahin lagta , Wafa se lagta hain'.
Those words were just like a curse for their love.It was his that abstract emotion which wouldn't unite them ever.She was rather scared and afraid about what will happen in future but one thing she was assure about that her assumption of Armaan loving her was valid.He was in love with her.Deeply in love with her but I guess he had trust issues.I guess he wanted to test her.But he hasn't tested her till now.

Scene changes.

'I just can't stop loving you',Wrote the hand in a piece of diary.

'I have received a heart-break before , which made me trust no one.But you have come in my life an angel in disguise to set my life heaven OR hell because I really don't know you love me truly?I DO..I love you truly..But true love comes with Trust..And I don't trust you..So I guess its not True Love..But Once U prove me u aren't fooling around with me..I'll start to trust you.We are Impossible to happen BUT still possible.I am a deam and you are my intern , we have 5 years of difference..But Still Love doesn't see any profession or age difference , it's the understandings between 2 people.I need YOU Riddhima..I Need You.I want you to be my healer.To heal my wounded wounds..To make me relieve from my pain..To teach me how to live a new life.BUT that can ONLY happen if you are truthful , honest and sincere.I need not need your love but I need your trust..Your respect for me so that I can trust you ,respect you'.

He ended it his statement , closed the diary , kept it on side and went to washroom to freshen up.

Scene changes.

'Raj , I need your help', Requested Riddhima.

'Yes Ridzzi my jaan..ask ask',Replied Raj.
'Oyye thameez se baat karo mujhse. Embarrassed'
'Kyun aap meri khala hain kya thameez se baat karo?'. ErmmPinch
'Ya Allah!!Tum mein aur Armaan mein koi farak nahin..'.
'Armaan se yaad aya unhone ne mujhe abhi tak Arima se milne ki permission nahin di hain'. Ouch
'Tum abhi tak Arima se nahin mile?'. Shocked
'Arrey yaar jisko ko bhi bholo shock hojata hain woh.Kya koi shocking session chal raha hain kya?ke job hi sabse acha shock hoga usko 1 million dollar denge?'.GeekROFL
'Hehe raj tumhaara sense of humor bohut acha hain.Waise unbelievable , u r so alag from aaj kal ke larke..I guess every guy should have a guy like you.Arima is very lucky to have you..and Armaan is very lucky to have a friend like you'.
'Thanks..Armaan is the most luckiest man on earth..He has got you..A Gifted Angel On Earth Just for Dearest Armaan Mallik'.
Riddhima smiled.Raj-Riddhima had become best of buddies in no time.

Just then Arima entered with some files to discuss the case with Riddhima.She didn't notice Raj as her eyes were on the file and started speaking as she raised her eyes , she glanced at Raj and immediately stopped her mutterings.

'Tu mein chalta ho',Abrupted Raj.
'Nahin',Arima stopped him.
'Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm',Spoke Raj.
'Apna khayal rakhna..'
'Tum Bhi',Raj bid bye.

'Suno..I will go.',Arima stopped him.'I just want to say I missed you a lot..I hope bhai agrees so we can talk'.

'Yeah..missed you too.Take care',Raj talked too seriously while immediately then Arima went.

'Acha tum bholo..kya keh rahi thi tum'.

'Raj dekhoo..Armaan loves me but he is hiding it'.
'That's because he has trust issues..He loves you but he is trying to see if you love him truly or not'.
'How do you understand him so much?'
'I guess that's why we are true friends'.
'U just guess..But I am sure u both are true friends'.'Yeah but how will I make him trust me?'.
'Just wait..Let you guys go back from lonaavla and confess to him in Sanjeevani..In the meanwhile , try your best to show that you are supportive and will always support him..And one IMPORTANT thing..DON'T FIGHT..which u always do'.
'Yaar but he fights I don't'.
'Lolzz u also fight..Try ur best to be sweet , caring and supportive.And try your best to make him reveal his emotions he is hiding from you'.
But the main thing don't fight..It will seriously work'.
'Okay I will try Raj'.'Thanks for the help , u r a gr8 friend'. Hug


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awesome update 
loved it
love raj
he is hilerious
loved AR's uncle nd aunty  fight
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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oh god..

they fight sooo much..........

can't they stop for a minute also...

but loved it yaar..

n specially that uncle aunty part..

loved raj irritating him......

thxn for the pm................

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awesomee ff!!plxx add me to ur pm lst alsoo!!
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wow such a nice update....
ooohhh armaan and ridds not fighting.... waiting to see that
continue soon
thnx for pm

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Loved the part plz write more soon And thnx so much for the pm :)

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awesome update 

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