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''The Mysterious Past' AR FF(Chapter 17 - Page 51) (Page 40)

..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Thanks Hira for the comment.
I will reply back all for sure.
Updating Chapter 15 in a bit.

..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Sorry all.Updating after like 20 days but then that's because I had exams.And I am not happy with the response , 10 of my readers have just disappeared.But the other 23 people loved all your comments.

And Please long comments as it encourages me to write more.Big smile

Chapter 15

'Gosh , Arima ne khaana khaya ya nahi khaya hoga',Raj
  blabbered while being worried.(He was moving here and there)
'Oyye military ki tarah idhar se udhar kyun batak raha hain?',Asked Muskaan.ROFL
'Arima!!',Said Raj showing a disappointing face.
'Abhey Hero , you are worrying about Arima as if she is your wife',Said Muskaan.
'Nahin yaar hum breakfast , lunch , dinner sab kuch saath mein karte hain',Replied Raj.
'Sab Kuch?',Asked Muskaan sounding that way.ROFL
'Shut up Muskaan',Said Raj.
'Mazaak karahi thi yaar',Said her.ROFL
'I Know pata hain mujhe',Said Raj.ROFL
'All right so you want to meet her , Right?Lemme plan something'.
'No no..I don't want to meet her till Dr.Armaan permits us.But then you call her and ask her if she's done with the dinner'.
'Awww you are such a sweet lover , sweet friend and a sweet brother',Complimented Muskaan.
'What?BROTHER?TO WHOM?',Shouted Raj thinking brother to Arima.ROFLROFL
'Abhey ullu Brother to Dr.Mallik',Said Muskaan shouting back.ROFL
'Oh Haan phir theek hain,mujhe tu dara hi diya tha tumne'.ROFL

Rahul came in and when Muskaan shot a glance to Rahul , her smile faded away.She became rough.

'Rahul ke bache tu yaha kya karaha hain..mein tujhse baat nahin karti',Screamed Muskaan.
'Haan tu mein konsa tum se baat karne aaya ho..I have came to talk to Raj',He screamed back.
'Fine mein jarahi ho',Shouted Muskaan and went.
'Haan Ja Ja',Rahul screaming back.

'Uff tum log kitna larh the ho',Commented Raj.

'Haan when you will get your Miss.Right you will understand',Said Raj.
'Naa..I don't believe in Mr.Right , Miss.Right its all fairytale and fascination.No one is right at every point.So I just want a simple , vivacious girl.And I have got her',Spoke Raj smiling sounding very formal and cordial.
'Really..Who?',Rahul was curious to know.
'WHAT?U must be kidding',Said Rahul.Raj wanted to speak but Rahul didn't leave him.
'Abhey Saale , ullu ke pathe she is mine.We are out since 5 years and YOU..meri waali pe dhore dhaalta hain',Blabbered Rahul..ROFL
'Ya Khuda Mein Kaha Phans Gaya!!',Screamed Raj looking up to God.ROFL
'Acha ab khuda yaad agaya',Said Rahul getting more angry.
'Abhey Yaar Shut Up..I meant Muskaan ki dost Arima'.
'What?Pehle kyun nahi bataya?',asked Rahul.
'Pehle kyun nahin bataya',Raj imitated Rahul.'Tune batana ka chorha kya.ROFLBus jab bhi dekho Nahin Nahin Nahin muskaan cant be urs.Seriously , Ekta ka bhooth charha hain tumhe..Apna talent waste math kar , chal jaake kuch role karle.ROFL
'Shut Up Raj'.ROFL
'ROLE KARLE , ROLE KARLE , ROLE KARLE',Said Raj sounding Ekta-ish.ROFL
'nahin karonga , nahin karonga , nahin karonga',replied Rahul.
'Theek hain..Math Kar..Math Kar..Math Kar'.
After hearing this from Raj , Rahul was too embarrassed as he had no answer for this thus he left the place.ROFL
'Abhey oyye darpok kaha jaraha hain..ruk tu sahi hain.acha sorry I was joking..ruko tu sahi',Pleaded Raj to make him stay back but Rahul went.ROFL
Raj chuckled to himself and finally remembered That Muskaan didn't call Arima to ask if she had done her dinner or not.

Scene shifts to Armaan.

Armaan : Boys and Girls..Saare boys is room mein soyenge and saare girls us room mein.
Is cupboard pe saare blankets parhi hain , you guys take it.
Everyone approached the cupboard and took the blankets and went to their respective rooms.

'Raj!!',Called Armaan.
'Yes Boss',replied back Raj.
'I need a blanket , I forgot to take it at that time',Said He.
'Alright Boss..I will get it',Said Raj and went to take the blanket.
When Raj went to that room he saw Riddhima taking blanket.
'Ahmm but Armaan needs blanket',Said Raj.
Riddhima was taking the blanket for herself but when she got to know Armaan doesn't has blanket she gave it to Raj.
'Raj ye le lo , extra blanket hain , unko dedo',Said Riddhima.
'Hmm..Extra Blanket..Jhooth Bhole Kawaa Kaate',Said Raj winking.
'Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj..Come on , ab tum jaakar Dr.Armaan ko na bata do ye blanket mera hain',Said Riddhima.
'All right Baba..I wont say',Assured Raj.
'Now that's like a good brother',Chuckled Riddhima.
'No..Now that's like a  good devar',Chucked Raj.
'Raj..Shut Up',Said Riddhima while blushing.
'Arrey wah abhi se blushing shushing',Said Raj.
'shushing?',Said Riddhima confusingly.'Lolzziee Raj tum pagal ho..ab jao yaha se'.

Raj gave the blanket to Armaan.

Armaan : Thanks Raj.
Raj : Your welcome Boss.
'Ye boss boss kya laga rakha hain?',Asked Armaan angrily.
'Izzat karaha ho',Said Raj with a big smile.
'Dosto mein ye waali respect nahi hoti..dil se respect hoti hain',Said Armaan.
'Kya aap mujhe ab bhi apna dost maante ho?',Asked Raj.
His eyes got softened and became moist.He was glad that Armaan split out his real feelings in those statements.
Armaan changed the topic.
'Are you sure this blanket is extra and everyone else got?',Asked Armaan.
'Jee , I am sure , Riddhima had this in hand and she said its extra so she gave me'.

Next Day.

On a bright sunny morning all doctors started to work.It was quite a busy day.Everyone were working except Dr.Gupta.

Dr.Mallik first didn't notice her presence but then he was quite worried why she isn't present.
'Dr.Muskaan where is  Dr.Gupta?'.
'Sir , she is ill'
'What?How?Kaise?',Armaan bombarded Muskaan with questions.
'Sir , yesterday there was no blanket left and therefore , she had no blanket and thus , she fell ill due to the windy cold weather yesterday'.
'OMG!!Where is she?'.
'In her room ,Sir!'.
'Okay Thanks'.
Raj heard the whole conversation.
'Beta Armaan ab tujhe tang karongi',Mumbled Raj giving a big evil smirk.

'Hello..hello..hello',Raj greeted.

'Raj listen I need to go',said Armaan.'
'Arrey kaha jaana hain aapko?mujhe ye case discuss karna hain.'
'Baad Mein Raj'.
'This girl has got typhoid after doing the tests but yet no symptoms are shown which indicated she has typhoid'.
'That's totally weird..If the test has proved it she has typhoid and there are no symptoms of it , so then go check if the test result is correct or not.And try doing a test again.You will get accurate results',Said Armaan and started to go.
'Thank you sir but Sir I need to discuss another case'.
'Raj , I am going its something very important'.
'Chala gaya phattu kahi ki',Said Raj.ROFL

'Riddhima..Riddhima..RIDDHIMA..RIDDHIMA',Screamed Armaan going here and there searching Riddhima in the whole cottage.

Finally he found her.
'Kya hua Sir , why are you shouting?'.
'Shouting!!You Stupid Woman you became ill and you are asking me why I am shouting'.
'You stupid Man , first of all , I am not woman , Second of all , I have become ill why do you care?'..
'I Care'.
Armaan has this one weakness.Whatever he has in the heart he tries his best to hide it but due to hiding his feelings so much , In the end he just splits out his feelings in open.That's what he did now.

'Madam , why you couldn't get a blanket for yourself?',Asked Armaan.

And then he went into deep contemplation.He observed Raj and His Convo yesterday.
And finally he concluded on the assumption that the blanket which Raj brought for him was actually Riddhima's blanket.
'Hmm..Why you gave your blanket to me?',Asked Armaan.'
'What Blanket?I never got a blanket so then how can I give you?'.
'Riddhima don't lie..You do not how to lie also'.
'Okay fine..I am lieing.But how can I be relaxed when you are suffering?',Asked Riddhima.
'And How can I be relaxed when you are suffering?',Repeated Armaan.
The intimacy in them came.Their voice softened , eyes became moist.Their face started to glow with each other's love.

'I can suffer but I can't let you suffer',Said Riddhima in a soft hulk voice.

'And you expect me to do that?',asked Armaan.
'Maybe because I love you more',Said Riddhima.
'This is not fair.You can't jump on conclusions without knowing my feelings'.
'What are your feelings?'.
'That's what I can't say'.

Both shed tears.

'You Can..Just try Once..U surely can Armaan',whispered Riddhima.
Armaan realized that again he was flowing into emotions.
Armaan : Tumne divaai nahi khaayi na?Stupid , Idiot.Come on , take this tablet Cafodox , it will make your infection stop.
'Nahin mujhe nahi lena..because I didn't eat anything and this tablet is After Food'.
'Acha fine..Lemme prepare something for you..'
'YOU?',Riddhima got shocked.
'Nahin Mera Bhooth'.
'par mujhe bhooton se dar lagta hain',said Riddhima.
Riddhima stop acting like a kid.
Riddhima : ROFL
Armaan went to prepare something for Armaan.
'Hmm..Omlette bana deta ho'.'Eggs..2 eggs..Hmm..Isko thor the kaise hain?'.ROFL
'Apna sar pe phoro , toot jayenge',Said Raj coming and showing a big smile.ROFL
'Woww.. I never asked you anything'.
'But I felt like helping you.'
'True Friends are always there to help whether you need them or you don't'.
'Raj , why do you make me remember those past memories.Why are you still so faithful in our friendship?'.
'You are also faithful in friendship , so why questioning me?'.
'No , I am not'.
'I know you Armaan , more than everyone.You have this attitude of denying things but deep down your conscience accepts it.So yes , U are faithful but you are denying it'.
'Let me make Omlette for Riddhima Please'.
'Oh Haan Bhabhi Ji ke liye omlette..Banayein..Banayein',Said Raj with a big smile.
Raj is just terrific in changing his expression the other second he was serious and now he has this big smile on his face.
'Shut Up Raj',Said Armaan chuckling back.
'Lemme help you',Raj offered.
'Mad or what?I am gonna make the Omlette for Riddhima'. Embarrassed
'Aww How Sweet..Okay then me going..Bye'.
He soon made Omlette God knows How. Ermm
'Ridzi..heres omlette for you. Hug
Riddhima ate the omlette , it was made very well.
'Thank You Sir'. Hug
'Chalo ab dawai lo'.
'Sirf ek sharth aap har roz mujhe Omlette bana ke denge',Requested Riddhima.
'Jo Hukam Sarkar'. Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Crazyy_Fan

Heyyyaa :D Gr88 part hun :))
ma exmzz r gng shrt cmntzz till den...big cmntzzz after exmzz....

Thanks and no problem.Big smile

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Originally posted by prachi_mjht

good yaar

kash ab raj aur armaan ke bich ki saari misundestading clear ho jae

thanx for pm

continue soon

Yeah Hope So.
Thanks for commenting.
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Originally posted by ammy_ka_ashu

wow i loved it! too good! the whole sttick chading was just tooooo good!

esp looved this bit: (esp the underlined/bolded part!)
'Armaan',Called Raj.
Armaan looked at him.
'Agar mein tumse kuch mangonga , tum mujhe doge?',Asked Raj.
'I know what you want..The permission to talk to Arima',Replied Armaan.
'No , just your happiness',Said Raj.

Armaan looked at Raj again..He was totally touched by the last statement spoken by Raj..After so many years , for the first time , his best friend's Raj precious words became priceless for him.He was totally touched by Raj's statements that he remembered their friendship which they possessed since childhood and the friendship which they lack now.

anywayss cont super super soon!

Aww thanks , glad you liked it.
Thanks for commenting.
..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by AMMY12

Nice part.

Thanx 4 d pm.


Thanks for commenting.
..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ARMAANKSGFAN

Awesome update
Loved it
Loved armaan nd raj's cat and mouse chase
Hope they can clear their misunderstanding soon
Loved AR cute nok jhok
Can't wait 4 more
Con soon
Thanks 4 da pm

Thanks for commenting.
..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

that was soo hillarious........

gosh cant stop laughing...

kaun kis ke peche tha.................

simply loved it...

hope armi raj ke beech sab teekh ho jae..........

thnx for the pm..............

Thanks for commenting.

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