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''The Mysterious Past' AR FF(Chapter 17 - Page 51) (Page 32)

..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anushkajain

lovely update Star
fantastic Clap
continue soonSmile

Thanks for commenting.

..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gupta.aditi20

wow yaar........
finally past is over...........
now finally romance start hon ka wait kar rahi hun.........

Thanks for commenting.
..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Iqbal Neha1

awesome part

Thanks for commenting.
..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ammy_ka_ashu

part was amazing
poor armaan....i feel soooo bad for him :'(

cont soon!

Thanks for commenting.
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 4:13am | IP Logged
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz update it dear as soon as possible...............

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Updating after a week.
So Sorry to say that I don't know when next I will update since my exams are starting.
Enjoy this update.


Chapter 12

'RAHOOOOOOOOL',Screamed Muskaan in anger.
'Kya hain muskaan kyun chila rahi ho..sab uth jayenge',said rahul.
'Sab uth jayenge?Bus mein koi hoga tab uthega na..itne se barhe bus mein sirf mein , tum , driver hain..hmphh'.
'I know baaki sab ditched us',Said rahul.
'Wo raj zaroor arima pe line mar raha hoga..isliye tu nahi aaya bus mein',Said Muskaan.
'Yupp..they both love each other..lekin pagal hain can't confess to each other',Said rahul.
Muskaan : 'Haan..I feel Raj should propose first.Girls are always shy to confess first'.
'Like you were shy',Said rahul staring at her.
Muskaan blushed.
'Rahul Please',Said Muskaan while blushing.
'Please kya?',asked he.
'Koi dekh lega'.
'Tumne tu abhi abhi kaha ke koi nahi hain',whispered rahul to muskaan coming more nearer to her.

'Shut up Rahul..waise why didn't riddhima and dr.mallik come?Are they together?',Asked muskaan changing the topic.

'Haan ek saath hi honge',Said rahul.
'tujhe kaise pata?',asked muskaan.
'hamesha tu saath rehte hain',replied rahul.
Muskaan : 'Haan sahi baat hain..But what is Riddhima doing with him..I mean Dr.Armaan is so Uncle typesROFLROFL'.
Rahul : Tu pagal hain..Dr.Mallik is not Uncles type.ROFLHe is quite young..He is just 27.
Muskaan : How come he is the dean at such early age?Being a dean of a hospital takes several almost 20-25 years.

Rahul : Yeah but his father Dr.Mallik retired 3 years ago..from that time he is the dean.
Muskaan : Oh Ok..thats great..but phir bhi kitna sadu hain..riddhima pata nahi kaise jhelti hain.ROFL
Rahul : ROFLLol , I know..anyways initial dino mein tujhe mein bhi kaafi sarhu laga tha na.
Muskaan : Sarhu laga tha?Tu sarhu hain aur hamesha rahega..
Rahul : Acha baba..mein sarhu aur tu'tu(finding words)..tu churail.ROFL
Muskaan : And tu Gadha.Bwahahaha.ROFL
Rahul : Bheryy Phunny!!Huh..
Muskaan : I Know.
Rahul : Gadhi.
Muskaan : apni tareef na kar rahoooool..
rahul : shut up..
Muskaan : you shut up.
Driver speaks in the middle.
Driver : Aap please thora silent rahe.
Rahul : Haha on your face.ROFL
Muskaan started showing faces to him and they actually fought for half and hour silently showing weird and sarcastic faces to each other.ROFL

It was 7 am they reached there desired location.
Armaan,Riddhima,Raj and Arima entered the orphanage where Rahul and Muskaan were waiting for them.
Armaan directly without resting and freshing up starting examining the kids.
'Kya keh rahe hain aap?',Said Riddhima jerking as she entered the room.
'Kya keh raha ho mein?',Asked Armaan confusingly as he didn't even utter a single word from his mouth before.
'Wahi jo aap kehna chahte hain',Riddhima possessing a big smile on her face.
'Kya kehna chahta ho mein?'
'Wahi tu aap nahin keh rahe hain , Sir!!',Said riddhima making Armaan hell confused.
'Shut up Riddhima..don't distract me',Said Armaan in anger.
Riddhima : 'distract you from what?',
Armaan kept silent.
Riddhima : Distract you from being angry with me.
Riddhima said in a low soft husk tone.
Armaan : huh..riddhima tum girgit ki tarah rang badalti ho..kabhi itni seedhi saadi..bholi bhaali..aur kabhi itni..(pauses and keeps silent)
Riddhima : Dhoka dena mujhe nahin aata..arrey wo insaan kya dhoka dega kisi ko jisko uski zindagi ne hi dhoka de diya ho..
Armaan : tumhaara aur mera ek hi haal hain..mujhe apne haal pe chordo riddhima.
Riddhima : Aapka Haal?
Armaan just realized what he uttered from his mouth a second ago.His deep,mysterious and tragic past..which he didn't share with anyone in past 5 years..And he just silently went away from the room without further interacting with riddhima.

Riddhima tried to stop him but couldn't stop..and till the time she shot a glance over a diary..and further approached towards it and picked it up.She opened it and saw the first few initial pages empty..she wondered whose diary it was..but her eyes caught few pages filled up with black ink..But before the writing , there was a picture of two..holding hands..It was Armaan and some girl with him which she couldn't recognize.

''Hamari Adhoori Kahani'' titled the diary.

' kehna ka bhi haq mujhe nahin hain..Hum tu past hain aur present and future its just She and Me.Not WE.But Once upon a time , it was WE.She met me on the outskirts..Beautiful as a rose..white as a snow..and whenever I went near her ,  I got lost in her fragnance..always adored her beauty..she was beautiful , elegant and cute.She was a Perfect Bride..She loved me truly..She loved me sincerely..She loved me with complete trust..She loved me with complete respect..but one day..the most disastrous,terrific and horrible day of my life approached.Al though , officially she was my girl friend since the internship days..but that day with my parent's permission I went to propose her for the marriage..She called me to our favorite restaurant 'The Blue Resort'.I waited there for her the whole day , the whole night , the next day the next night.Like lunatics I waited for her,but she didn't come.I tried to call her , she didn't answer..She disappeared..She suddenly disappeared..She was neither found in her house.Weeks passed till a common friend of us travelled along my path and stated that she is been engaged to some guy and she is quite happy with him..I couldn't believe..I really couldn't believe that friend..I had faith and complete trust she cannot betray me..And thus , to ensure me , her friend arranged our meeting where she on my face confessed the bitter truth.I was left heart-broken , my heart scattered into pieces.Her betraying was unbelievable..After confessing the truth , she never turned back not once also..and just kept travelling on the opposite direction..That was rather shocking..She communicated with me on that day as if I was a intruder for if my presence in her life was if she forgot the olden golden times we spent together.She FORGOT everything.

She left me shattered..and now its been 5 years she has left me..yet it feels yesterday she left me along the path.I just CAN'T move on.Not because she betrayed me..and I still love her..But because she betrayed my trust and now I can trust no one.
No one is trustable in the world except myself..That's why I hardly interact with anyone.Not with my sister also.I have left communicating with my best friend Raj also..Because I feel one is good for nothing in this universe.
I am not that kind of a person who shares his thoughts in a diary..And that's the reason since 5 years I wrote nothing about this incident but today I felt like writing'Especially after Riddhima's arrival.
She's a nice gal , I like her.She also has a terrific past like me and thus we both share sympathies.
She is different than other girls..For a while , I really fell for her also.I mean she is good , she is cute.She has all the necessary possessions which a perfect girl should have..But my trust is already broken that now I can't trust her..Even Sarah was like that..she loved me truly..but what happened?She betrayed me , she deceived me.
Riddhima is a great girl , I can even accept her , but can NEVER trust her..Sometimes , I just fall into emotions and built trust upon her..its the time when my heart decides , but thankfully my mind interrupts and stops me from performing this Sin.Trusting and Loving is now the most biggest Sin for me.I don't know If I will ever retrieve from my past and actually move on.My life has become hell after that incident.It seems I am dead soul.. A soul which cannot love , which cannot trust , which cannot expect from people.Just a So-Called-Loner'.

Read Riddhima shedding tears..She always knew there was something special about Armaan's character..but now finally she understood his feelings..And She never believed that Armaan actually fell for her..Because he never made it evident while talking to her.But that's how Armaan is now..Possessing stone expressions or JUST NO Expressions..She finally understood what lot pain Armaan is going through..and what was his mistake?Just loving a girl faithfully.And Armaan was totally right in his place since if it was she , she would have never trusted anyone..She felt happy and sad simultaneously..Happy that finally she has got a person who can give her equal happiness , no infact infinite happiness,trust and value in life and Sad for Armaan as the poor soul had to suffer this much..But , But she made a decision , no matter what happens she will make Armaan to love again..Not because she likes him..but because to see him happy and her happiness lies in Armaan's happiness.


Please bear with all spelling mistakes since didn't read to edit.

Do read and comment.Smile

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nice update
thanks for the pm

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hey it was awsm....
i thought u'll atleast take 3 or 4 parts to complete ammy's past...
bt it was written too beautifully.............. that we understood the pastn we didnt have to read ammy n sarah's love story...

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