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''The Mysterious Past' AR FF(Chapter 17 - Page 51) (Page 28)

angel_KSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 3:26am | IP Logged
loved the part....its awesome.....

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
amazing part!!!! love their talks!!

thanks 4 the pm n cont soon Smile

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angel_KSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 7:02am | IP Logged
i liked this part(esp. bus section) very much as i am a typical punjabi........

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 7:21am | IP Logged
Nice part.
thanx for d pm.

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
Thanks everyone for the comments.
As you all know today is Karan Singh Grover's Birthday and so today I have given a gift to all my readers.
Yes , finally I have revealed Armaan's Past.
It will be revealed more detaily in the next update.
Till then enjoy this part.
Hoping to see big big replies.LOLLOL

Chapter 11

'Suno..bus mein kisi ke saath zyada baat na karna haan?....aanjaan log hain kya bharosa',Said Raj getting possessive.
'Haan theek hain',Replied Arima.
They sat in the bus.They were offered the last seat right side as on last seat left side Armaan-Riddhima were sitting.Filhaal they were aaraam se taking
'Wow wow je ek naya couple',Said the same Punjabi lady.'Hamare bus mein tu couples ki baahar hain..chale batayein aap dono ki love marriage huvi ya arrange?'.
Armaan by her words woke up but didn't open his eyes.
'Ye aurat hain ya income tax waali..hamesha sawaal pochti hain',Said Armaan to Riddhima.
'Arrey Sir..kya bakwaas karahe hain aap?',Said Riddhima irritatedly since Armaan disturbed her from taking a nap.
Raj : Jee arrange marriage huvi.
Arima : Magar mein tu arrange marriages mein nahin maanthi.
Raj whispered to Arima : Abhey chup..arrange marriages mein mein bhi nahin maantha but inka saamne jhooth bolna parhega..ab chup karke haan bolo.
'Mein?Aur Bakwas?Dr.Riddhima aapka dimaagh tu kharab nahin hain',Shouted Armaan to Riddhima.
Raj eavesdropped Armaan-Riddhima and became aware about their presence in the bus.
'Nahin mere mathlab tha..income tax or sawaal pochne ka kya connection hain?Zaroori tu nahin jo log sawal bohut karte ho..wo income tax officer ho..aur zaroori tu nahin ke har income tax officer chatterbox ho',Uttered Riddhima some rubbish to change the topic and Armaan's mood.
'Haan best example.Dr.Riddhima hain..magar chatterbox zyada..god knows tumhe doctor kis ne banaya'.
'Aapne',Said Riddhima.
'Meine?',asked Armaan getting confused.
'Arrey mera mathlab..aapke hospital mein hi naukri karahi ho..aapki wajah se tu doctor bani J'.

' dono tu yaha hain',Muttered Raj to himself.
He took Arima's duppata and covered her face except her eyes.
Armaan suddenly glanced on the right side and in the mean while Raj noticed his glancing and covered his face too.
Armaan got suspicious and thus riddhima was sitting forward to him.He ordered Riddhima to move at left side while he took the right side.

'Raj..mera chehra kyun chupa rahe ho tum..aur khud kyun chup rahe ho?',Asked Arima.
'Wo dekho tumhaara hitler bhai….'.
'OMG..bhai yaha pe',Said Arima getting shocked.
'Haan ''OMG>>Bhai yaha pe'',imitating Arima.
'Raj ab bhi tu nahin suthrega',Said Arima angrily.
'Chup..he is coming towards us..unke saamne kuch math bolna..he'll recognize ur voice',Said Raj.
'As if he wont recognize ur voice..huh',Said Arima.
'He wont because I am not pagal like you',Said Raj/
'Haan haan tere tu mouth mein different voices ka cord laga hain..100 accents mein baat karsakta hain',Said Arima saying sarcastically.
'Shut up',Screamed Raj.

'Excuse me bhai saab',Signalled Armaan to Raj./
'I think meine aapko kahi dekha hain',Said Armaan giving a suspicious look.
'Oyye jee dekha tu barha famous hoya jee',Said Raj changing his accent.
Armaan rolled his eyes.
'Kya mein inko dekh sakta ho?',asking armaan to see arima since her face was covered up.
'Nahin',an immediate response from Raj.
'Achi ghar ki larkiyan apna munh nahin dikhati',Said Raj making stewpid excuses.
'Achaa..theek hain acha ghar ki larkiyan apna munh chupati hain…tum bhi larki ho kya?apna munh chupa rahe ho?',asked armaan..
'oyye nahin….'.
'Acha tu phir ache ghar ke larke apna munh chupata that what u r trying to say?',asked armaan giggling.

Riddhima joined him.
'No sir..u r highly mistaken',Said Raj in his normal accent.
'Raj',muttered Armaan.
'Shit',mumbled raj.
'Raj tum',Riddhima getting shocked seeing Raj.
'mar gaye',muttered arima to herself.
'Aur tumhaare saath yeh larki kaun hain?',Asked armaan.
'aapki behen',said raj.
'What the….',Said Armaan not completing his sentence.
'What the hell is this raj and arima?tum dono yaha pe?',Asked Armaan angrily.
'Arrey aap inko jaante ho..inke abhi abhi 2 mahine pehle arrange marriage huvi',Said the lady.
'What nonsense.',Said Armaan angrily..
Raj banged his head against the seat.
Raj : Listen I'll tell u everything..
Armaan : No I dun wanna hear anything..Arima tum bus mein kyun nahi gayi?
Arima : Wo bhai..wooo…raj..r.r.r..raj ne kaha wo mujhe lena ajayega hospital mein jab bus ajaye..par ye jab aaya us waqt thak bus chali gayi thi.
Armaan : Ye zaroor raj ki chaal hain..
Raj : Is mein meri kya ghalti..jab tak hum waha gaye..bus jaa chuki thi aur hamari ghaari bhi kharaab hogayi.
Armaan : Meri behen se door raho tum.
Raj : Oh really?then Mr.Mallik agar mein yaha na hota tu aapki behen ye camp miss karti..and she wud have lost much marks..You should thank me to bring your sister rather than accusing me.
Armaan : Mind your language..I am ur senior doctor.
Raj : Yeah and Once upon a time you were my friend.
Armaan : Past is past , I don't want to remember it.
Raj : You are still living in your past Dr.Mallik , you still haven't forgotten her.And because of her , you have made everyone's life hell.
Armaan : I've made my life hell..only my life.
Raj : You are wrong.Not only your life is hell but your sisters Arima's life , your best friends life , your…..well-wishers life.(pointing at riddhima).
Armaan : ye dono couple nahin hain..
Raj : Magar aap dono couple ho.
Armaan : what do u mean?anyways chalo arima chalte hain.
Arima : Magar bhaiyya Raj..
Armaan : Forget him.
Riddhima chalo mere saath.
Riddhima : Mein Raj ko aise akele nahin chorh sakti.
Armaan : Riddhima tum jaanti nahin ho raj ko.
Riddhima : Raj mera dost hain.
Armaan : Aur mein tumhaaraaaa….(paused)
Fine raho apne so called friend Raj ke paas.
Tum dono mujhe apne shakal thak na dikhana.

Raj :Aap log waha pe thand mein lift maang rahe hoge..aur hum yaha aaraam se bethe ho..mujhse bardasht nahin..its my request please don't leave the bus..I promise I wont have further talks with you about that.Nor I would ever try to talk to your sister.
With raj's request they both stay.But Armaan and Arima sit separately in the front.

Riddhima : Raj can you do me a favor?Armaan Sir ka past bata do.
Raj became conscious after Riddhima asked him about Armaan's past.
Raj : Armaan..I mean Armaan sir ka koi past nahin hain..
Riddhima : Raj jhooth math bolo..batao na..
Raj : Haan Armaan ka past hain..lekin unka past mein tumhe nahin bata sakta.
Riddhima : Raj please bata jaane ke liye mein ek mahine se bechain ho..aur sabar nahin hota..unki saadgi..
Raj : Bardasht tu mujh se bhi nahin hoti unki ye ruswai.
Riddhima : Tu phir bata do na..kya hua unko?

Raj : Tum jis Armaan ko abhi dekh rahi ho..waise wo kabhi nahin tha..Infact now what he is is not Armaan Mallik.
Wo bohut cool , care-free , flirtatious guy tha..bilkul bighra hua larka..but apni friends ki bohut qadr karta tha..and he always dreamt of an idol girl..he actually got one.
Riddhima : Kon?
Raj : Sarah.Sarah naam tha uska..Uski girl friend thi..she was a beautiful,nice and a decent girl.
She fell for her , he fell for her….unki ek normal lovestory thi..bohut simple si seedhe saadhi lovestory..They both blindly loved each other..cared for each other..and they never never had fight…BUT one day..
Sarah ditched him by marrying off another guy.It happened all of a sudden.I still remember I joined Medical University at that time..He told me he is gonna meet Sarah and propose her for the marriage when all of a sudden he found out that Sarah married some guy 3 days ago at that time..It was dramatic..It was tragic..poor fellow..what all he went through..And really no one could believe Sarah would betray him since both has such strong relationship which couldn't be broken by anyone..But maybe , Sarah was never in his destiny , thus they both didn't meet.And this is what I am explaining him from the past 5 years ke its high time forget her , stat ur new life..a new beginning..She never deserved you..or maybe she wasn't in your destiny..Maybe you are someone's else destiny..She never needed you..But your soulmate , your companion will need you..Try to live for that girl..But he doesn't want to start a new life.He has not forgiven Sarah till now..He still loves her..but hates here..he doesn't wants her anymore..but thinks of her..Seriously , this guy has gone mad..and have made everyone's life hell.
He thinks I am his enemy..bcuz she broke her trust , he has trust on no one now.I dunno what will happen in future.He really needs someone..and Riddhima that is you.
Riddhima shed tears after she got to know about Armaan's miserable past.
'Me?',Questioned her.
'Yes Riddhima you..I know that you love him..I've been noticing that since past 1 month..How much you care about him..I know everything.',Said Raj.
Riddima still shed tears , now she found out why Armaan was so heart-borken.Now she found out why he appears so rough and harsh from outside while he is so much soft from inside.She pitied Armaan.She became more sympathetic.Her respect for Armaan grew more after she got aware of his past.She truly never thought Armaan have faced so much in life.
'I admit I love him..but for what he is..And therefore now after knowing about his past.My love , trust and respect have become infinite'.
'You know what.Now I get the reason why Armaan and Sarah broke up.Because Armaan deserved someone better like YOU.Because God has already written Armaan-Riddhima's name.Because GOD has already made you both a pair in heaven.
Riddhima smiled while crying.
Riddhima : Raj tumne mujhpe bohut ehsaan kiya ye bata kar..warna Armaan Sir mujhe kabhi unke past ke bhaare mein nahin kehte.
Raj : Anytime Sis.
Aur waise bhi ab tu tum meri bhabhi ho..ahem..ahem..
Riddhima : Chup kar na raj.(riddhima blushed).
Raj : Armaan Sir ko tum dono ke baare mein pata hain.
Raj : Kis dono ke baare mein Riddhima Ji.(Said Raj became way too formal , showing zic-zac expressions as if he knows nothing.)
Riddhima : Raj dimaagh kharab math kar aur bol.
Raj : Nahin..Nahin pata isliye tu abhi tak zindah ho..jab bhi unko pata chala..wo mera is dunya mein aakhri din hoga.
Riddhima : Arrey wo tu abhi tumhe allow nahin karahe hain isliye ke..he has lost trust on all..when he becomes like normal Armaan Mallik he wont do anything.
Raj : Jee nahin..agar aisa hota tu mein tension kyun itni leta..before also..he was possessive for Arima..and didn't allow any guy to talk to him also..except of he knows me since childhood..
Riddhima : Exaclty.he knows u since childhood so he'll surely accept your relationship.
Raj : Not so easily.I know him very well.He is very stubborn guy.
Riddhima : No Probz..I will convince him.Dr.Mallik ko convice karna mujhe aata hain.(Said riddhima cooly with a wink.)


Bare with spelling or gramatical mistakes since didn't read to edit.

Do read and comment.

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

simply superb part..

loved AR bickering alot...........

soo awsum...

thnx for the pm................

Originally posted by ARMAANKSGFAN

awesome update
loved it
loved AR
soooo cute
g8 2 c armaan smiling
cant wait 4 more
what will b armaans reaction 2 c raj and arima
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

Thanks for commenting.

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ammy_ka_ashu

amazing update lovved the AR scenes but im confused!

why are they ging backwards?

Originally posted by sammy4u

amazing part yaar
continue soon

Thanks for commenting.
..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prachi_mjht

nice update

thanx for pm

continue soon

Originally posted by gupta.aditi20

nice update

Originally posted by -poornima-

awesome update gr8 part
continue soon

Thanks for commenting.

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