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''The Mysterious Past' AR FF(Chapter 17 - Page 51) (Page 25)

..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by CoolAquarius

AMAZING update!
AR apologizing part was so cute. Finally they are like friends now
Raj-Arima part was amazing as well. Raj lied to Arima so that he can go with her alone..aww that was so cute
And the precap. What a twist. AR and Raj-Arima all four of them in one bus
Wonder how will Armaan react to all this
Eagerly waiting for the next part
Do continue soon.

AR are now not exactly friends.EmbarrassedLOLyou know what I mean..its hard for Armaan to believe anyone in this state yet he has some attachment with Riddhima.Embarrassed

Haan all four of them in the same bus.Its gonna be full of golmaal.ROFL

Thanks for commenting Hira.Hug

..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Chill_Out

Awesome update, Mahiya!Hug
It's really nice to see Armaan opening up to Riddhima and treating her like a friend. He really needs one at the moment. Hopefully, he'll trust her enough to share his past and spend his future with herEmbarrassed
Omg, did Raj have something to do with whatever happened to the girl?? Uh-oh! So Armaan doesn't like Raj otherwise also, forget Arima?
No RM today??Ouch

And amazing precap!! Continue soon, soul sis!Heart

Thanks for commenting Neethi.
And about your prediction lets see if it gets true.Big smileLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome story.
plz add me to ur pm list.

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks all for your wonderful comments.

The comments encourage me to write more.Big smile


Chapter 10

'Hi Shy Jee',Said a Punjabi.
'Hello Ji..',greeted Armaan.'Wo hume lift chahiye..tu aap agar hamari madad karde tu barhi meherbaani hogi'.
'Jee zaroor magar is bus mein sirf couple ka aana allowed hain..kya aap couple hain',Asked the Punjabi.
Armaan after pausing replied yes.
'What?',Said riddhima getting shocked.
'Ek minute bhai saab',Said riddhima to the man and excused herself and Armaan.
'Sir ye aap kya karahe hain?Hum or couple..never ever..',Said Riddhima.

'Tum tu aise bol rahi ho jaise sach mein meri biwi ho..huh'.
'Hum kabhi couple ban bhi nahin sakte',Said Riddhima.
'Exactly!!kyunke mein sirf tumhaara senior doctor ho aur tum meri intern..but inke saamne we have to be couple in order to take a lift'.
'Okay',Agreed Riddhima.

And they get in the bus.
They are offered the last seats.Since they all are typical desi punjabi's they all gather around the new couple aka Armaan-Riddhima.
'Love marriage huvi ya arrange marriage',Asked a woman.
'Jee?',Asked armaan.
'Batao na tum dono ki love marriage huvi ya arranged?',Asked the lady again.
'Mujhe nahin pata',Said Armaan getting no answer.
'Kya?',The lady got confused.
'Inka mathlab ke love marriage huvi',Said Riddhima.
'Oh Acha Jee..bilkul rab ne bana di Jodi ho tusse log',The lady complimented.
'Shukriya Jee',Said Armaan ignoring it much.
'Acha tu love kaise shuru hua?',Asked the lady to Riddhima.
Armaan is trying to get some sleep since he had done much work in the hospital.
'Love?Wo aapko Sir batayenge',Said Riddhima in nervousness since she didn't find any answer.
'Sir?',Asked the lady being more confused.
Armaan directly opened his eyes and muttered to riddhima.
'Riddhimaa..Sir nahin Armaan',Said him.
'Mein ab apne senior doctor ko naam se kaise bulao?',Muttered back.
'Abhi filhaal mein tumhara senior doctor nahin shohar ho',replied armaan.
'Bilkul nahin..mein aapko naam se nahin bula sakti',Said Riddhima.
'Jab mujhe koi problem nahin tu tumhe kya problem hain?',Asked Armaan getting irritated.
'Fine',Said Riddhima
Armaan signaled Riddhima.
'Sir?Kya Sir kaisa sir?',Said Riddhima making her more confuse.'Meine tu iska naam liya..hain na Armaan?'.
'Ah yeah Riddhima',Replied Armaan and went back to sleep closing his eyes.
'Oh tu aap ye pooch rahe the ke meine iske saath pyaar kaise kiya..sab se pehle tu mein ye bata do , ke ye Armaan jo hain ek number ka ullu ka patha , gadha aur nihayat ajeeb-o-tareen insaan hain.',Blabbered Riddhima purposely since Armaan forced her to call him by his name.
Hearing so much gaalis Armaan opened his eyes and really was in state of shock.
''I know Armaan..tum abhi tak mere ahsaan mand ho ke meine tumse shaadi ki..but ab kya kare..ahsaan karne ki adat parh gayi',Said Riddhima purposely.
'Excuse Me',Said Armaan to all others.
'Oyye kya karahi ho tum?thori tu izzat karo meri..senior doctor ho mein tumhaara..itni bezati tu kisi intern ne nahin ki meri',Said Armaan.
'Arrey tumne tu abhi abhi kaha ke tum meri shohar(husband) ho senior doctor nahin',Said Riddhima giving a wonderful big smile.
'Bus bus bohut zyada free hogayi..ab ajaon apni aukaat pe',Said Armaan.
'Excuse Me?Mein tu wohi karahi ho jo tumne kaha',Said Riddhima.
'Aapne'.'Said Armaan correcting her.
'Acha baba theek hain aapne Armaan',Said Riddhima.
'Sir'.',Said Armaan again correcting her.
'How sweet of you..finally agaye na meri baat pe..kisna kaha mein ziddi nahin ho?Apni zid poori kardi na..and yes mujhe koi shauk nahin aapko tum ya armaan bhulana ka..I prefer Dr.Mallik more',Said Riddhima while giving a big wonderful smile.

'Whatever',Said Armaan showing an angry look.
'Uff aap insaan ho ya microwave , hamesha garam hi rehta ho',Complained Riddhima.
'Mein insaan ho microwave ho job hi ho..isse tumhe koi farak nahin parhna chahiye',Replied Armaan.
'Arrey tusse jagra na karo na',the lady interrupted.
'Behenji  jagra mein nahin karta , jagra tu yeh shuru kardetii hain',Said Armaan.
'Haan haan aap tu mere pooja karte hain',Said Riddhima sarcastically.
'Nahin bibi..aap meri pooja karti hain',Said Armaan getting more sarcastic.
'Mere paas itna time ho tu mein aur kuch na karo',Said Riddhima mocking him.
'Aur agar mere bus mein ho mein tumhe hospital se na nikal do',Said Armaan.
'Excuse me?Aap mujhe hospital se nahin nikaal sakte'.
'Mein kuch bhi karsakta ho Dr.Gupta kyunke mein hospital ka maalik ho',Said Armaan.
'Aap Mallik ho Maalik nahin',Replied Riddhima.
'Mein jo bhi ho..par mein sab kuch karsakta ho',Said Armaan.
'Acha theek hain mere baap aap sab kuch karsakte hain',Riddhima telling in frustration and holding hands.
'Baap?',confused Armaan.
'Aap..',Said riddhima with a big smile.

After sometime..Armaan was still trying to sleep and Riddhima was busy adoring him..and then she spoke.
'Agar aap burah na mane aap ko ek baat kaho',Said she.
'Tumhaari har baat mujhe buri lagti hain',Mocked Armaan.
Riddhima had a big smile on her face and it just faded away after he said this.Still she ignored and continued.
'Aap bohut ache ho',Said Riddhima with a smile.
Armaan immediately glanced a look at her.Just few seconds ago he behaved rudely with her still riddhima complimenting him was surprising for him.

'Tumhe mein itna acha kyun lagta ho?',Asked Armaan.
'Bus lagte ho',Said Riddhima smiling.
'Mein tu insaan ho..gunagaar ho..',Said Armaan mocking himself.
'Aap farishta ho..meri zindagi ka farishta',Said Riddhima still showing her smile which depicted love for Armaan.
Armaan was fully surprised..No one valued his presence so much how much Riddhima valued his presence in her life now.He was over-whelmed by the statement.
And he smiled.For the first time he actually smiled whole-heartedly.He was happy..He felt joy,he felt happiness.
Riddhima also gave a wide big smile back.
'Mein tumhe ek baat batao agar tum burah nahin manogi?',Asked Armaan.
'Kya?',Asked Riddhima.
'Tum bohut buri ho',Said Armaan and both laughed heartedly.

After sometime Riddhima was too tired so she went for sleep.
Armaan was on window side and was just glaring outside , he had a very great feeling.He felt very happy today.
When suddenly Riddhima's head fell on his shoulder when he looked he saw Riddhima was sleeping..He completely adored her.He was glaring at her beauty.To him Riddhima looked epitome of beauty and innocence.
And he glared at her for much time that after a while he also felt sleepy and slept.

Riddhima woke up after few minutes..and when she glared outside she got totally confused.She saw the bus is going again to Sanjivani side.It isn't morning and the bus was suppose to head towards to lonaavla and not back to Sanjivani..She woke up Armaan.
'Sir..sir..uthiye na',Said riddhima while shaking Armaan.
'Kya hain riddhima?',asked Armaan getting irritated since he wanted to sleep.
'Dekho bus phirse sanjivani ki taraf jarahi hain'.
'Riddhimaaa..pagal hogayi ho tum..bus lonaavla jarahi hain',Said Armaan.
'Kyun aapki aankhon mein durbeen hain kya ke bina aank khole aap keh sakte hain bus kaha jarahi hain?',Asked riddhima in frustration.
'Haan hain kya karogi?'.
'FINE',Shouted Riddhima.

Scene shifts to Raj-Arima.
'You know Arima , mere car 200 ke speed se bhi zyada chalta hain',Said Raj cooly.
Arima gave him a 'whatever' look.
And raj went on and  on complimenting his car that suddenly his car stopped.
Arima who had put down her head to take a nap woke up.
'Haan haan..tumhaari car tu 200 ki speed se zyada chalti hain..tumhaari car tu hawai jahaz hain na?',Asked Arima.
'Haan',Replied Raj.
'Haan isliye tu kharab huvi car'.
'Kyun hawai jahaaz kabhi kharab nahin hote?',Asked Raj angrily.
'Tu phir tum jaahil ho Arima',Said Raj.'Cars or airplanes ke baare mein tumhaara kaha knowledge hoga..tumhe tu sirf do cheezein karni aati hain..ek tu apne MR.RIGHT ke baare mein sochna aur ek apne So-Called-Bhai se darna',Said Raj.
'Oyye mujhe koi shauk nahin Mr.Right ke baare mein sochne ka',Said Arima angrily.
'Haan uske baare mein kyun socho jab Mr.Right tumhaare saamne ho',Said Raj giving a big smirk and then rushed down to go.
This made Arima confused.She knew what he meant but still denied.

Since the bus was coming on the way of Sanjivani , it came on Raj-Arima's way and Raj asked lift so it stopped.
'Lift please..hamari ghaari kharab hogayi',Asked Raj.
'Ye lonaavla jarahi hain bus and sirf couple ki entries allowed hain',Said the same Punjabi man.
'Haan hum couple hain',Said Raj.
Raj went to his car and called Arima to be out.
'Dekho lift mil gayi',Said Raj.
'Great',Replied Arima breathing a sigh of relief.
'Haan magar sirf couples allowed hain tu meine unko bol diya hum couple hain'.
'What?',Shocked Arima.
'Tum tu aise shock horahi ho jaise..',.
Raj didn't complete his sentence..he knew Arima loved him..but wasn't sure.
'Jaise?',Asked Arima.
'Chalo chale',Raj said to change the topic.


Please bare if there are any spelling or grammatical mistakes since didn't read to edit.

And was busy so couldn't update early.

Do read and comment.

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Amazing update Mahi!
This part was funniest one so far...looking forward to the next one, as u said thats even more funnier
aww just loved the way AR have to be a couple before sitting in the bus
and the passengers asking abt their marriage was too cute and funny
cant they live without fighting and taunting lolz
and at the end AR convo was so adorable...'aap boht ache ho' aww...I hope they both soon realize how important are they for each other and hopefully R will take A out of his lonely world

In the end, Raj-Arima part was amaziing as well
THey both have to pretend like a couple for the seat
I wonder what will A's reaction be when he will see them as couple
Ah cant wait for teh next part
Do continue it soon.

Edited by -Hiralious- - 17 February 2011 at 3:13pm

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ammy_ka_ashu

amazing readit one go! please pm me!


sorry was short of time last night!

okay toh this ff has me blown away! 
i mean i wonder ki itna dukh kyun hain armaan ko? i mean i understand ridz's pain - even though she doesnt show it!

but armaan? i mean shilpa ka saath aisa kya hua ki? i'm just dying to know! 
aur it seems like ridz is falling for armaan! yay! aur even armaan feels something for ridz but i doubt he has realized yet....he is to busy drowning in his sorrow...i just hope he doesn't get mad at raj and arima!

pleaseee add me to your pm list and continue super soon!
i'm dying to know what happens!

Hey thanks for commenting.
Lol Shilpa ke saath kuch nahin hua..LOLLOLwaise shilpa wo larki nahin hain..She isn't Armaan's past.Smile

Armaan has a past which I cannot reveal so soon , because If I reveal it tu story khatam.ROFLROFL

But before revealing Armaan's past he is gonna get kind and little bit same as he was before.Big smile

When the truth will be revealed the confession between Armaan-Riddhima will also happen.Big smile

Thanks once again for commenting.
Olicity_23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 4:24pm | IP Logged

thanx 4 the pm

update soon


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