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''The Mysterious Past' AR FF(Chapter 17 - Page 51) (Page 22)

..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by angel_ksg4ever

nice part..... waiting for next......

Originally posted by Riddss

heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


Thanks for commenting and liking this chapter.

..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ARKJ_4EVER

awesome part!!! RM were so funny!!!
n AR well...hope now Armaan mysterious past will open!!!

cont soon n thank u 4 the pm

Originally posted by husnia_4u

hey thnx 4 d PM gud efffort continue it

Thanks for commenting and liking this chapter.
..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Thank You All for the comments and likes.
Keep commenting and liking the FF like this only because it will encourage me to write more , more and more.EmbarrassedBig smile


Chapter 9

'Had hain yaar , Dr.Mallik apne aapko samajhte kya hain',Blabbering Riddhima to herself in anger.'Aaj ke baad mein unse baat hi nahin karongi..tabhi unko meri qadar hogi'.

Armaan the whole day was very busy.First the surgery and  then so many meetings.His full day was so hectic.And whenever his day is hectic , he always drinks a cup of coffee but today when he was rude with Riddhima when she offered him the coffee , after that he felt very guilty that he cancelled the coffee which the nurse was bringing.

Armaan never cared about anyone this much how he cared about Riddhima.He was rude,harsh and arrogant with all but never cared about it.But whenever he got rude and harsh with Riddhima , he felt guilty.
For the past many days Riddhima was too formal with him.Not talking much and doing work more.

It was briefing time when Dr.Armaan came with an announcement that they have to go to lonaavla to an orphanage.

They all were instructed to depart together in a bus 8:00 PM.

Armaan had a plan from a long time.His mind started working like a tube light.

Armaan on that day lots of lots of work to Riddhima that she couldn't excuse herself to go in the bus.

'Dr.Mallik , bus chali jayegi 15 minute mein..can I go now?',Pleaded She.

'Hmm..wait , bus hamara intizaar zaroor karegi..tum baaher mera intizaar karo , mein abhi aaya',Said Armaan.
'Theek hain Sir',Riddhima agreed.
As soon as she went , he made a call.
'Hello!!Yeah don't wait for us..we'll come later onwards',Said Armaan and ended the call.

'Uf..Dr.Mallik ko saara kaam aaj hi karna tha..God..please send him fast.',muttered Riddhima to herself.

Finally Armaan came out of his cabin and Riddhima just pulled him by his hand and started running.
'Riddhi..Riddhima..kya karahi ho tum',Asked Armaan.
'Chup kare na Sir , bus chali jayegi',Said Riddhima while running and pulling him to run.
And when she went outside she saw the bus going.She screamed , shouted did everything but the bus was gone.
'Bus tu chali gayi.YAYY',Shouted Armaan in triumph.
'Aap khush kyun horahe hain?',Asked Riddhima getting confused.
'Ye mera plan tha',Said Armaan proudly.
'Aapka dimaagh hain ya pateela..hamesha pakta hi rehta hain',Said Riddhima fuming with anger.
'Oyye hoyye , Riddhima finally baatein seekh gayi hain',Said Armaan showing a big smile.
'DR.MALLIK',Screamed Riddhima in Joy.
'Kyun pehli baar mujhse mil rahi ho?',Asked Armaan while his smile fading away.
'Jee Nahin..OMG..You smiled..WOW..That's seriously unbelievable',Said Riddhima excitedly.
'Ek baar aisa waqt tha jab Armaan Mallik hasne ke ilawa aur kuch nahin karta tha'Ye gham kya hota tha , mujhe maloom bhi nahin tha..Infact , koi andaaza bhi na tha..Magar ab..Zindagi ne bohut kuch sikha diya..Ab tu zindagi mein sirf gham hi gham hain',Said Armaan getting saddened.
'Agar aap chahe , aap dobara khush reh sakte hain..Mein nahin jaanti aapke saath kya hua..Aapka kya past hain..magar itna zaroor jaanti ho ke aap chahe tu phir se apni zindagi mein khushi la sakte hain',Said Riddhima sharing condolence with him.
Armaan paused and changed the topic and muttered.
'Tum bilkul ziddi nahin ho..tum zid pe thi ke Dr.Mallik se baat nahin karongi..aur ab dekho kaise khushi khushi baat karahi ho',Said Armaan changing the topic.
Riddhima now got to know that Armaan realized that she is angry from him.
'Nahin tu..Mein aapse kyun naraz hongi..aap bhi na',Said Riddhima giving him a fake assurance.
'Jhooth..Bilkul Jhooth',
'Mein jhooti nahin ho',Warned Riddhima.
'Jhooti..jhooti..jhooti',Said Armaan teasing her.
'Ab hum lonaavla kaise jayenge?',Asked Riddhima changing the topic.
'Pairon se',Said Armaan.
'Wow..I never knew..thanks for telling',Said Riddhima going sarcastic.
'That's great',Replied Armaan getting more sarcastic.'Waise bhi tum kuch jaanti ho bhi nahin..mere ghaari mein chalenge'.

And they travel in the car.

Scene shifts to Raj-Arima.

Raj-Arima come out of the hospital.

' bus kab ayegi?',Asked Arima.
'Jab campaign khatam hogi',Replied Raj.
'What?',Asked Arima getting confused.
'Arrey baba..chill..mera mathlab tha bus tu kabki chali gayi',Said Raj.
'What?',Asked Arima getting shocked and surprised.
'Uf..Kya kya..What what..aur kuch nahin aata kya?',Said Raj getting irritated.'Meine tumse jhooth kaha tha ke bus late jayegi..taake tum aur mein akele akele chale',Said Raj.

'Raj tum pagal tu nahin hogaye.Armaan bhaiyya ko pata chalega tu..',Arima started blabbering but couldn't finish since Raj started saying something.

'Tu maar dalenge..jaanta ho jaanta ho..tumhaara bhai aur kar bhi kya sakta hain',Said Raj completing Arima's sentence.
'Ye tumhaara bhai tumhaara bhai kya laga rakha hain..tum tu bhaiyya ko bachpan se jaante ho na..',Asked Arima.
'Hmm..pehle wo kaafi ache the..mujhse baat bhi karte the..mere ache dost the wo..magar jab se wo''(getting paused)'..tabse unhone mujhse baat karna chordia hain aur kaafi rudely mere saath behave karte hain'.
'Hmm..haan..mere saath bhi zyada tar baat nahin karte hain',Said Arima.'Anyways , unke bhi kya fault hain..wo tu..(getting paused)..khair chalo chalte hain hum..warna bohut deir hojayegi'.

Scene shifts to Armaan-Riddhima.

'Tum kuch bologi nahin?',asked armaan.
'Mein kya kaho',Said Riddhima.
'Kuch bhi..Agar mein sorry kaho tu tum kya jawaab dogi?',Asked Armaan.
'Aap mujhse kya jawaab sunna chahte hain',Asked Riddhima being too formal.
'Yahi ke meine aapko maaf kardia Dr.Mallik',Said Armaan while he gave a faint smile.
'Ek senior doctor apne intern se maafi maange..acha nahin lagta',Said Riddhima.
'Magar ek dost dosre dost se maafi maange..wo tu theek hain na?',Asked Armaan.
'Aap tu kehte hain aapka koi dost nahin..tu phir?'.
'Tumhaari baat alag hain',Replied Armaan.
'Kyun?',Asked Riddhima getting confused.
'Because you are an exception', Said he.

Riddhima immediately looked at him after he finished speaking.She was really touched by his words but still she wanted to maintain a formal relation with him.

Scene shifts to Raj-Arima.

'Arimaa..Arima..Arima',Shouted Raj in a rhythm.

'Kya hain yaar?kyun paka raha hain?',Said Arima while trying to sleep since she worked the whole day in hospital.
Raj stopped the car immediately.
'Kya hua?',Asked Arima.
'Oyye mein tujhe apni ghaari mein isliye nahin lekar aaya ho ke tum araam se yaha sukoon se so sako..mujhe tere se baat karni hain',Said Raj getting angry.
'Acha..tu tu aisa bol raha hain jaise zindagi mein kabhi baat nahin ki aur pehli baar baat karaha hain',Said Arima.
'Zyada bol math..aur samjha kar Arima',Said Raj.
'Acha..tu phir tum mujhe samjho',Said Arima.
'Dr.Arima Mallik tumhe samajhna mushkil hi nahin , na mumkin hain',replied raj.
'Abhi abhi Don dekh kar aaye ho kya?dont fool me , meine Don 20 baar dekhi hain'Replied Arima mocking him.
'Uf..tumhe koi nahin patha sakta',Said Raj banging his head.
'Great..Cool..Lets go',Said Arima.

Scene shifts to Armaan-Riddhima

'Dr.Mallik , Dr.Mallik , Dr.Mallik..kya karon mein aapka?,Shouted Riddhima fuming with anger.'Seriously..aapke ghaari mein petrol nahin..tu phir aap ghaari mein kyun aaye?'.

'Arrey mujhe kya pata tha yaar is mein petrol kam parh jayega..and excuse me tumhaara senior doctor ho izzat se baat karo mere saath',Said Armaan.
'Acha sorry..mein kuch zyada ghussa hogayi thi',Apologized riddhima realizing her mistake.'Par ab hum kaise jayenge?'.
'See that..the bus is approaching , lets ask lift',Said Armaan.
They asked for lift and the bus driver agreed.

Precap : Raj-Arima enter the same bus..what will happen if Armaan sees Raj-Arima together and not in the lonaavla bus?How will Raj-Arima react after seeing Armaan-Riddhima together.


Please bare with all spelling and grammatical mistakes since didn't read to edit it.

Please do read and comment.

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superb part
luvd it
thnx 4 d PM
cont soon

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amazing update
loved it
looking forward for the next update
continue soon

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nice part

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great update yaar
loved it

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AMAZING update!
AR apologizing part was so cute. Finally they are like friends now
Raj-Arima part was amazing as well. Raj lied to Arima so that he can go with her alone..aww that was so cute
And the precap. What a twist. AR and Raj-Arima all four of them in one bus
Wonder how will Armaan react to all this
Eagerly waiting for the next part
Do continue soon.

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