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''The Mysterious Past' AR FF(Chapter 17 - Page 51) (Page 12)

gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:01am | IP Logged
i can onl say itz a very mysterious part....
but i lovd it..
waiting 4 next update n the mystery to reveal

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angel_KSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
awesome part dear....Clap

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_sana.Magic_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged
awesome part dear...m inlove with yr FF

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 2:14pm | IP Logged

beautiful update.........

simply awsum...........

thnx for the pm.........

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Thanks for your reply all.
So sorry for updating late as I was busy in studies.

Okay I want to announce something important.

If you want to receive PM's regarding FF Update then Please PRESS the LIKE tab because I;ve got many members in my friend list and everytime pming them all is too hectic and plus they aren't the ff readers also so don't want to bother others.Hope you all understand.

Chapter 6

Raj : Whats Up People?(bringing coffee and sandwiches along).
Rahul : Sky is up!!(saying to mock him).
Raj : Oh thanks I never knew that Rahoool(saying sarcastic).
Rahul : Stop being sarcastic.
Raj : You stop mocking me first.
Muskaan interfers since all are sitting on same table.
Muskaan : Uffo Rahul!!Hamesha kisi se larhte rehte ho , kabhi mujhse tu kabhi bechaare Raj se.
Rahul : Ohho bechaara , barhi fikar horahi hain tumhe BECHAARI Raj ki.
Muskaan : Oyye tu mujh pe shak karaha hain?(getting up angrily).
Rahul : Nahin mein tumhaari pooja karahi ho.(saying sarcastically while getting up).
And again RM start with their fight while Armaan interfers now.

Armaan : Aap dono bache ho or hospital ko koi market samajh raka hain?

RM stop fighting after they see Armaan.
Rahul : Ahm..Sorry.
Muskaan : Sorry Sir.

And Armaan just ignores them and goes to his table again.

Raj : Arima , tumhaara bhai aaj saare din caf mein kyun bethe hain?

Arima : Um..pata nahin , pooch ke aati ho.

Arima approaches towards Armaan's table.

Arima : Hello Bhai!!
Armaan : Good Afternoon Dr.Mallik!!
Arima : Um..yeah Good Afternoon Sir (getting professional seeing armaan professional) , waise aap saara din yaha kya karahe hain?
Armaan : Meri cabin ki halat dekhi hain tumne , bus uski safai chal rahi hain.

While he sees a lady coming with lots of books , she has so much stack of books that her face is also covered but after sometime Armaan notices its Riddhima so he rushes along to help her.He takes all the book from her and places it on his table.
Riddhima as well as others are shocked to see Armaan helping and interacting so freely with someone since he haven't done anything like that since ages.
Riddhima : Thanks!!
Armaan without replying goes away from there.
Riddhima : Seriously ajeeb-o-tareen insaan hain pehla madad karta hain upser se attitude dikha ke chala jata hain.Huh..
And she goes in anger.

Armaan enters his cabin seeing it like it was before.Neat.

'Finally my Home Sweet Home',Said Armaan getting excited to see his neat cabin again.
Armaan : Abhi mein us Riddhima ko apne cabin ke andar aana hi nahi donga , saara satyanash kardegi.God she is such a disaster.
And Riddhima knocks and asks him if she can come in.
Riddhima : May I come in , Sir?
Armaan : No..
Riddhima : What?(getting confused)
Armaan : What what?Shaitaan ka naam liya or shaitaan hazir.
Riddhima : Aap mujhe shaitaan keh rahe hain?
Armaan : Nahin sirf shaitaan nahin idiot stupid tumhe sab kuch keh raha ho.(with a grin and getting all sarcastic).
Riddhima : Huh..
Armaan : I don't want you to enter my cabin.
Riddhima : Oyye(Riddhima entering cabin getting all angry and then when sees Armaan she moves along back and realizes she crossed her limits).I mean mujhe koi shauk nahin hain aapke cabin mein andhar aane ka.
Armaan : Acha isliye tu pehli baar akar saara naksha badal diya tha is cabin ka.
Riddhima : Sorry , sorry bhola na uske liye , ab haath pakar ke maafi mango ya pair pakarke?
Armaan : Tum haath jhoron ya pair pakron , lekin Armaan Mallik kisi ko itni asaani se maaf nahin karta.
Riddhima : Huh..Itna attitude..
Armaan : Any problem?
And Riddhima realizes he is her senior doctor so she has to stay in the limit.
Riddhima : Nahin koi problem nahin hain..(with a big smile)And you know what attitude hona zaroori hota know why why?
Armaan ignores.
Riddhima : Mein bolti ho why..Because attitude hain tabhi log izzat karenge warna everyone will take you for granted..and you know what happenes when anyone takes you for granted?you know you know?
Armaan still ignores.
Riddhima : Mein bolti ho what will happen..when someone takes you granted they start disrespecting you..and you know what happens then?
Armaan still ignores while studying a file.
Riddhima : Mein bolti ho what happens..when people start disrespecting you , you get hurt..and you know what happens when someone gets know , you know?
Armaan still ignores and keeping down his file.
Riddhima : Mein bolti ho''.
Riddhima before saying anything Armaan speaks.
Armaan : Mein bolti ho acha bus kar meri Maa.(holding his hands)
Riddhima : Ma?????
Armaan : I mean Riddhima..RiddhiMA tumhaara naam..(with a fake smile).
Riddhima : Waise aap kyun haath jhor rahe ho , wo tu mujhe haath jhorne the na.
Armaan : Haan meri maa , mein ab haath jhor raha ho..
Riddhima : Mujhe maaf kiya?
Armaan : Haan , haan , haan.
Riddhima : Oyye ye nikaah nahin hain ke haan haan haan.
Armaan : Maaf kiya aapko Dr.Riddhima.
Riddhima : Yayy!!Kisne bhola Armaan Mallik kisi ko itne asani se maaf nahin karta hain ab tu kardia.(getting irritated).
And in excitement she runs away and Armaan screams because in state of anger and irritatement he says all this.
Riddhima also does all this drama so that Armaan accepts her apology.

Armaan : Uff Allah!!Kya larki hain..(and smiles with himself)

Scene shifts to Raj-Arima.

Raj pulls Arima to fire escape.
'Raaaj',Screams Arima.
Raj : Shhhh(putting hand on her mouth)
Raj : Kya hua yaar?Aise chila rahi ho jaise mein tumhaare izat lootne ke liye aaya ho.
Arima : Wo tut um kabhi zindagi mein nahin karsakte.
Raj : Achaa..(he gets more closer to her making her lean against the wall).
Arima puts her eyes down and tells Raj to stop.
Arima : Raj please..
Raj  realizes what he's doing and immediately steps back.
Raj : Mein mazaak karaha tha..anyways chila kyun rahi thi?
Arima : Oyye stupid idiot , meine socha someone got me from my back..
Raj : Someone nahin Raj.(said sweetly)
Arima : Haan mujhe nahin pata that tum the.and wait tum hote tab bhi chilati.
Raj : Acha mujhse darti ho?
Arima : Tumse nahin bhai se..Bhai ne dekh liya hume is tarah ek saath tu kasam se maar dalenge.
Raj : Wo kyun marenge?Hum tu sirf dost hain koi bg-gf nahin.
Arima : Ek larka aur larki kabhi dost nahin ban sakte.
Arima blushes and runs away from there.

Scene shifts to Rahul-Muskaan in locker room.
Rahul : Suno , shaadi ka kya iraada hain?
Muskaan : Chi chi chi , shaadi or wo bhi tumse?(being muskaan-ish)
Rahul : Nahin pados waale se.
Muskaan : Kash karti.(dreaming)
Rahul : Muskaaaan!!(getting angry)
Both shouted to purposely make it seem like echo so both of them can hear.

Scene shifts to Armaan-Riddhima.

Armaan : So Dr.Gupta do the blood tests and I need the reports asap because after that only we can continue the case.
Riddhima : Yes Sir..I'll do the blood tests asap and sent you the reports.
Armaan : Good!
And Armaan goes.

Scene shifts to Dr.Mallik's cabin.

Riddhima before going in.
Riddhima : Knock karo and ijazat mango ya nahin?(asking herself)Ijazat nahin mangongi tu ghussa mein konsi nayi baat hain..ijazat mangongi tab bhi ghussa honge..aur waise bhi ghussa tu inke naak pe hamesha charha rehta it doesn't matters.
And thus she goes in without taking permission.

Armaan : Excuse Me??How did you enter without my permission , I did not permit you to come.
Riddhima : Yeah but then if I would ask you permission you would deny me coming in so thus , I had to come without asking you since these reports are too important.
Armaan : Important or whatever , I don't care..Go back..
Riddhima : What?
Armaan : Go back , come again with permission and then submit the files.

At that time all the interns were present in Dr.Mallik's cabin and this was just a disrespect for Dr.Riddhima Gupta getting insulted by her senior doctor infront of all..She did whatever he told her to do.She went back , came in with his permission and submitted the files.She obeyed his every command.But deep down somewhere , she was sad about getting insulted by her senior doctor infront of all.

Riddhima : Why cant I just stay away from that dude.(Talking to herself).I dunno whats so special about him which appeals me to talk to him everyday.He is just my senior doctor like other senior doctors are.He is still a intruder and no one thinks so much cares so much about intruders.Seriously , this is so illogical , I am being way too illogical.I was never like this before.Why does his one apology mattered to me so much that I did everything to accept my apology.It was certainly not because he is my senior doctor but something else.Huh..I cannot understand anything.I am in state of confusion.Seriously!!God help me.

After the duty was over , Riddhima was found outside , lonely walking.Armaan also came outside in search of Riddhima since the whole day either she ignored him or he didn't find her free.
So finally he got the opportunity to talk to her without anyone's presence among them.
Armaan approached towards her.It was a windy night and Riddhima's hair were flying.
Riddhima when felt his presence just ignored him.
Armaan : I am Sorry!!
Riddhima got really shocked as she never knew a person like Armaan even knows the meaning of sorry.
Armaan : I said I am sorry for what all I've done.I know I disrespected you at that time infront of everyone and that wasn't right.
Riddhima : A senior doctor can humiliate his intern.That's not a big deal.
Armaan : But I can't insult you.
Riddhima : Why?Maybe you treat me as your friend.
Armaan : No..Never.No one is my friend in this world.No one..but yeah I am sure you are something else.
Why are you so shocked?
Riddhima : Never thought Armaan Mallik also knows how to SAY Sorry!!
He goes back to his past.
'Sorry',Apologized Armaan.
'OMG..Armaan tum aur Sorry',Said she.
Armaan : Yup , yaqeen nahin aata na?
'Haan bilkul yaqeen nahin aata',Said she.
Armaan : Armaan Mallik sirf 2 baar sorry bolsakta hain.Ek apni girl friend se aur ek apni hone waale biwi se.
'Acha , mein kon ho',Said she.
Armaan : Meri girlfriend?
'Haw!!Tu mein biwi nahin ho'.
Armaan : Kyun tumhaara mere saath nikaah hua hain?
'Jaon mein tumse baat hi nahin karti..jab mein chorke chali jaongi tab baat karna apni biwi se',Said she.
Armaan heartily laughed as she got irritated by a small joke of his.


Please bare with any spelling mistakes since didn't read to edit it.

Do read and reply.

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-Hiralious- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Hey maaaaahoooo, OSM part like always
AR convo was the best part of this update
And RM and then RR sarcastic fights were so funny
and then AR scene was so sweet
Ridhimma somehow made him to accept her apology
That part was hilarious where she says mein bolti hon
Raj-Arima are so cute
And aww armaan humiliated her in front of his interns and in the end asking for apology was the cutest
and then again the suspense thing...when r u gonna reveal it TEHE
Always liked the dialpgues  of ur FF
Please continue it soon
Lovely update like always

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kavyaa IF-Dazzler

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kavyaa

just read d part!! i luv d way AR bicker around... & aww armaan said sry 2 ridz was so cute!!Big smile

Thanks for liking and commenting.Big smileAnd yeah AR are too cute.

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