Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

SS - My Kismat ~ COMPLETED!! (Page 6)

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Shot 3

Gay3 holding her head entered her room. Meher noticed her. 'ma, are you alright?' Gay3 'head ache beta. Everything happened in a hurry. I didn't take my medicine properly.' Meher 'did you took medicine now ma?' Gay3 'no beta. I'll Take it.' she sat on the bed. Meher searched the side table 'ma, its not here.' Gay3 'it will be there only.' Meher 'its not here.' she continued to search. Gay3 'ha. I took that when your dad wanted some medicine. I think I kept it in study room.' Meher went to study room.

Meher saw the medicine box on the table. She took it and turned to leave, she noticed Prem lying in the couch. Meher is confused 'why bhaiya is sleeping here?' she moved to him. she shook him 'bhaiya, why are you sleeping here? there bhabi is waiting for you.' Prem opened his eyes 'Meher, leave me. I'm very tired.' Meher didn't leave him 'bhaiya get up. bahbi is alone there.' she continue to rock 'why are you here?' Prem then only realized that he has to handle Meher now. 'Meher, I have work.' Meher 'you can do that t'row. Dad will manage all this for few days. get up.' Prem 'dad is gone to Delhi.' Meher interrupted 'bhaiya now get up otherwise I'll call dad now.' Prem got up. Meher pushed him out of the room.

Prem 'I'm going Meher. You go.' he noticed medicine box in her hand 'who needs medicine now? Is Ash alright?' Meher hit her head 'forget Ash and think about bhabi.' Prem 'Ash is' Meher interrupted 'Ash has all of us. But Bhabi has only you.' Prem 'why? Does she fought with you and Ma?' Meher 'bhaiya, you are behaving like younger to me. for all girls husband is everything.' She continued to push him until they reached his room. Meher pushed him in 'go.' she closed the door and locked it 'don't come out until open it t'row morning.'


Heer lifted her head when she heard Meher telling Prem to go into the room. She wiped her tears. 'Prem is coming. He loves me. All Ash said was story.' She got up and tried to smile. Prem jumped in by the pressure of Meher from outside. Prem rubbed his back of the head looking at the close door. he thought 'its not easy to escape from Meher.' Heer ran and hugged Prem. Prem didn't expect this took few seconds to realize the person hugging is Heer. He gently pushed her aside. Heer is confused and looked at Prem. Prem walked to the couch 'I'm sorry Heer. Meher pushed me in.' Heer happily 'its okay Prem.' she walked to him. Prem turned to other side 'Ash must have told everything.' Heer 'I know its not true.' Prem shook his head negatively 'its true.' Heer felt like she was blown into 1000 pieces.

Prem 'Heer, I love Ash from my school days. few days back Ash's mother went to pandit to match our kundali to fix marriage date. pandit told that I have this problem in my kundali. When dad decided to bring you as my wife, I was not happy. I called Ash to inform this. Then only Ash told about the Kundali matter and asked me to accept my dad's proposal. I told this to Ma. Even ma agreed. Dad and Meher are not aware of this.' Heer stood like a statue hearing those words from Prem. Prem took a pillow from the bed 'I'll sleep here in the couch. You sleep in the bed.'

Heer sat on the bed.  She want to slap him. She wanted to fight with him. But she didn't. She thought 'what is the use in it now? My countdown started. I'm the Luckiest to know my death date.' She took night suit out of closet and went to change.


Inside washroom, Heer sat on the floor and cried. Prerna words came to her mind. Before taking Heer to mandap, Prerna 'beta, you are going into new environment. All of them won't be the way you like. There will be positive and negative characters. With unconditional love on them you can win any toughest situation. You can change any person's hate into love.' Heer wiped her tears. She got up from the floor. she took a shower. she looked at herself in the mirror 'ma is correct. Prem, I will die as your love.'


Prem watched Heer going to washroom. he thought 'doesn't she get scared?' he is scared 'if her father comes to know the truth.' He is not sure about Anurag's reaction but if his father get to know the truth he will burnt alive. He is happy that his mother supporting him. with Ash and Ma he clearly planned how to handly dad and Meher. But he is little tensed about Heer's reaction. She didn't create any scene. In his heart he thought 'he grew up in US. So she won't be having any sentiments. At the same time she won't dare to tear his mask.' He is very much sure no one will be ready to die so soon. He is confused about Heer's behavior.

 Soon he saw her coming out wearing pink color silky night suit. She looked like a princess in that. Her mother must have selected this suit for her. It is perfect for a girl who is going to sleep with her husband for the first time. He closed his eyes 'poor girl. I didn't mean to hurt you. but its your Kismat. Not my fault.'

Heer switched off the light and lyed on the bed turning away from Prem so that he won't see her face. she recollected the days spent with her parents Balraj, Teji, Anurag  and Prerna. The brotherly love she got from Preet. She drifted into sleep.


Morning, Heer got up early and got ready. She can't go out as the door is locked outside. Prem is still sleeping peacefully. Heer kept sindoor on her maang. put mangalsutra around her neck looking at his reflection in the mirror. She whispered '364' she removed the flowers and decoration in the room.

Prem opened his eyes and saw Heer arranging the bed. she is wearing red saree. Her red bangles in her hand making sweet sound as she doing work. Her mangalsutra hanging down from her neck. Heer saw him getting up from the couch. Heer without looking at his face 'good morning.' Prem like a boss returned 'good morning' and went to washroom taking his towel and kurta. Heer took the pillow from the couch and placed it on the bed. She moved to the window and looked outside and lost in thoughts.

Prem came out of the washroom rubbing his hair with towel. Heer looked at him. Prem went to dresser and didn't notice Heer staring at him. Suddenly the door opened as if it is opened by someone with anger. Ash entered and looked at Prem who is standing in front of mirror and Heer who is standing near the window.

Prem smiled 'good morning Ash.' He threw the towel on to the bed. Ash 'I told you to sleep in the study room. why you came here?' Prem 'Ash, all Meher's work. She found me there in the middle of the night and pushed me in.' sadly 'she even locked the door outside.' He turned to Ash 'believe me Ash. Nothing happened. I slept in the couch and she slept in the bed.' Ash 'how come the flowers.' Prem 'she might have cleared it.' Ash looked at Heer shook her head 'yes.' Ash is about to fire back, Meher shouting 'Bhabi' entered the room 'you already opened the door.' she held Heer's hand 'come bhabi, you have to prepare sweet for us.' She dragged Heer till the door then stopped. Heer looked at her confusingly.

Meher looked at Prem 'bhaiya, come here.' Ash is tensed. Prem came to Meher 'what?' Meher 'hold bahbi's hand.' Prem 'Meher.' Meher 'bhaiya.' Prem don't have any other choice he held Heer hand. Meher looked at Ash 'come we'll go.' she held Ash hand and dragged down shouting 'bhaiya come down holding bhabi's hand.' Ash got angry while Prem got irritated.


Gay3 standing in the mandir waiting for Prem and Heer. Prem holding Heer hand stood beside her. Meher on the other side. Gaya3 handed the pooja thali to Prem and Heer. they did arti together. They took blessing from Gay3. Gay3 pat Heer cheek 'you have to prepare sweet.' Ash 'she is international. Don't know Indian dish.' Gay3 'I have confidence on my bahu. Go beta.' Heer is confused to see Gay3. She thought 'is she acting again for Meher?' Gay3 'Meher take her to kitchen.' Heer quietly walked to Kitchen with Meher.

Ash looked at Gay3 'aunti, why you asked Prem to do arti with her?' Gay3 'Meher is familiar with all rituals. If I didn't tell Prem to join with Heer then Meher will get doubt. Our plan will get flopped if she gets small doubt. We must be careful in front of Lalit and Meher. Don't you remember Pandit words? she has to be with Prem for all 365 days.' Ash shook her head '364 days remaining.' Prem, Gay3 and Ash with a victory smile headed towards the breakfast table.

Meher is praising Heer for the wonderful halwa. Prem too thought 'she is making nice sweets. Has lot of talents I guess. But everything is waste.' He continued his halwa. Meher 'bhaiya, don't you compliment bhabi?' Gay3 'he will give that privately.' Ash is happy that Gay3 stopped that discussion. Ash feared Meher will even capable of telling her brother to compliment in front of everyone. Ash didn't finfish her thought, Meher 'Bhaiya, why can't you feed halwa to bahbi?' Prem 'Meher, you are acting like grandma.' Meher 'our grandma is not alive to say this. So I'm taking her seat now. come give to bhabi.' Ash got tensed. She looked at Gay3 for help but Gay3 busy with halwa. Gay3 seems to be enjoying halwa.

Prem helplessly looked at Heer. Heer is confused whether to receive or not. Meher is not ready back from her order. Meher 'come on bhaiya. Don't feel shy.' Prem looked at Ash. Meher 'why are you looking at Ash? She won't stop you. even she must had the same thought. She is your best friend.' she looked at Ash 'I'm right?' Ash with a fake smile shook her head. Prem looked at Ash reaction and understood that she is going to shout at him if he obeys to Meher. But he know about his sister, she will get angry if he say no. Prem decided to pacify Ash later. He took spoonful of halwa and took it near Heer's mouth. Ash with anger started hitting the fork on the table. Heer with confusion looked at Prem without responding.

Meher 'bhabi, open your mouth.' She giggled 'seems like last in your husband love.' Heer coming out of staring at Prem opened her mouth to take halwa from his hand. She whispered 'thanks.' which Prem clearly heard.

Prem got an idea to pacify Ash. He took another spoonful of halwa and about to gave to Meher. He thought by this way he can also feed Ash. But Meher stopped him without opening her mouth. 'bahiya, you wife is first. So give this to bahbi.' Prem looked at Ash with a sad face. Ash returned an angry look. Meher didn't notice it. Heer noticed Prem and Ash exchanging looks. She quickly got up and went to kitchen.

After breakfast Prem and Heer left to Basu house. Ash decided to accompany them but Meher stopped her by taking her to shopping. Ash with a half heart went with Meher.


In the car Prem and Heer were silent. Prem is happy that Heer didn't react angrily hearing the news. At the same time he is tensed whether she is going to tell everything to her father. He is scared now. after several thought he came to conclusion 'she is his adopted daughter. naturally he won't feel angry when he come to know the news. In that part I'm lucky.' With a happy smile he drove the car towards Basu mansion.

Heer on the other hand is worried. 'if papa comes to know about this then he will burry him alive.' She looked at Prem. 'I know you are a good actor. Even then behave normally in front of my papa and ma. Otherwise papa will get doubt. I can't give guarantee to your life.' Prem is shocked to hear this. He thought 'she is really lucky to get nice parents.' he smiled teasingly 'unlucky to get me as her husband.' his feared increased when he recollect those words. he thought 'she is really a bold person. She won't leave this world to give me a happy life. she is capable of making my life hell after her death.' Event hat thought gave fear to Prem. Heer didn't look back at Prem. She tried to think some of her happy moment with Prem before marriage, so that her face won't reflect any sadness.


Prerna is running between kitchen and living room. Anurag smiled looking at his wife. Preet shouted 'Heer' and ran to door to hug his sister. Anurag is surprised. Preet hugged Heer 'I missed you Heer.' Heer felt like crying. She tried hard to control her tears.

Prem took blessing from Anurag. Prerna looked at Preet who is not willing to let Heer out of his hand 'looks like brother is showering love on his sister.' Preet 'mom, don't you feel sad without Heer.' Heer hugged Prerna. Prerna pat Heer cheeks. Heer hugged Anurag. Anurag, Preet and Prem settled in the living room. Prerna and Heer headed towards the kitchen.

Prerna 'Heer, what is Prem's favorite?' Heer is confused. 'why ma?' Prerna placing a pan in the stove. 'I prepared your favorite. Don't know about Prem's taste.' Heer thought 'that I have to ask Ash.' Prerna 'beta.' Heer 'ma' Prerna looked at confused Heer face 'what happened beta?' she teased 'don't get time to ask about him.' Heer looked down. Prerna took her hand 'no problem. he loves so much surely he will have your taste.' Heer shook her head. she doesn't have strength to look at her mother who is confident about Prem. Heer didn't notice her mother is scanning her face. but she is tensed thinking that her mother is capable of understanding her every pain and happiness.

Just then Preet came in and pulled Heer 'ma, you decided to keep Heer with you. come Heer' he pulled her out of the kitchen. He pushed her to sit next to Prem 'sit here.' Heer sat next to Prem. Prem uncomfortably shifted his body little away when Heer sat next to him. Heer smiled as Preet started joking in his style.


After Prem and Heer left, Prerna is sitting in her room thinking about something. Anurag entered with the confused face. he sat next to her 'Prerna' before he could ask Prerna 'Heer is not happy there.' Anurag 'I too feeling the same.' Prerna almost in tears 'not even they consummate their marriage.' Anurag is shocked. He thought 'they have some misunderstanding.' Prerna 'we made a mistake. I didn't think Lalit bhaiya will cheat us like this.' Anurag 'how do you know that?' Prerna 'how do you know that she is not happy? Did you asked her?' Anurag shook his head 'I saw sadness in her eyes.' Prerna 'I'm her mother. I can understand her heart.' Anurag know that. Before Heer entering the house Prerna can sense her heart.

Preet just walked in 'ma, I feel Heer is not happy there.' Anurag and Prerna looked at him. Preet 'papa, we have to tell Prem to keep Heer happy. Otherwise I will make his life hell.' Anurag 'no Preet. Don't get tensed. We don't know about the reason.' Prerna 'Heer won't tell anything.' Preet 'I'll get that.' Prerna 'how?' Preet 'leave it to me.' Anurag 'you must be careful. Otherwise Heer life will be spoiled.' Preet 'I know papa.'


In the night, Heer changed into her night suit and lied down. Prem entered and he is happy that Heer didn't waiting for her like a TV serial wives. He is about to close the door when Ash entered with full anger 'why are you here Prem?' Prem looked outside to make sure Meher is not near their room. Ash 'Premmm.' Prem lowered his voice 'Ash, if Meher.' Ash interrupted 'you come and sleep in my room.' Prem with a shock looked at Heer and turned to Ash 'are you mad? How can I?' Ash 'when you can sleep with this girl in a closed room, why can't with me?' She held his hand and pulled him.

 Heer who is awake and listening to their conversation didn't show any sign of shock. Prem released his hand from her 'Ash, I should not. Its wrong.' Ash 'whats wrong Prem? you didn't consider her as your wife but sleeping in her room.' Prem 'Meher will get doubt.' Ash 'you come with out her knowledge.' Heer sat on the bed leaning back on the board 'I'm sleepy. Can you please take your decision fast? I need to close the door.' Prem is shocked.

Ash 'he doesn't need your permission.' Heer 'I don't want him to disturb me in the middle of the night. Prem, take all your items.' Prem 'Ash, you go to your room. I'm not coming.' Ash 'Prem, I'm doubting you.' Prem 'I love you. Ash. I won't do anything which hurts you.' Heer 'can you please keep your love scenes out of this room?' Ash 'Heer, you are talking too much.' Heer 'you have to tolerate me for next 363 days. I can't help it.' Heer got out of the bed 'good night.' She is ready to push Prem out of the room.

Prem looked at Ash 'Ash, you go to your room if you have trust in me.' Ash 'Prem, I have trust on you. but I can't trust Heer.' Prem 'she can't touch me without my permission.' Prem looked at Heer with cheap smile. Ash left the room. Heer closed the door and switched off the light. Prem is shocked by Heer's behaviour. Heer 'I'm Anurag Basu's beti. My papa never taught me to burry my head into sand when trouble comes. Never scares for anything. My ma taught me values of relationships.' Prem felt hard slap in his heart. 'she addressing herself as Basu parivar's daughter'. he feared 'will her father know the truth?' he struggled to sleep after that.


Morning, when Prem got ready to go to office, He saw Heer dressed checking herself in the mirror. Prem looked at her confusingly 'where she going?' Heer 'I'm coming to office.' Prem 'why?' Heer 'I have only 362 days to live in this world. I want to fulfill all my papa's dream. We need to launch this project within 3 months.' She picked up her hand bag 'we are only official partners. No personal talks.' She walked out of the room. Prem took several seconds to understand what she meant. He thought 'I thought she will sit crying all the time. This is the difference between national and international.' he pushed her thought and went to get ready.

When Heer went down, she saw Ash and Gay3 having breakfast. Heer sat with them and had breakfast. Ash is confused about Heer's behavior. Gay3 finisihed her breakfast and left that place. Ash decided to tease Heer 'seems like bride is going out to enjoy her last days in memorable way.' kept a sad face 'but alone.' Heer smiled 'so that you will get your Prem?' Ash angrily 'what do you mean?' Heer 'it won't take much time to make Prem fall for me.' Ash got angry. Heer 'I don't want Prem to cry after my death.' Without a word she left the house. Ash threw the plate on the floor.

Prem shouted 'Ash, what are doing?' ash 'Prem, did you heard what she said?' Prem understood that Ash must have teased Heer that might result in hard word from Heer 'Why are you crossing her way?' He looked around found few servants looking at them. He quickly 'Ash' Ash angrily 'you are' Prem whispered 'servants.' Ash controlled herself. Prem 'I'm going to office.' ash 'what about me?' Prem 'listen Ash, I'm busy for next 3 months. I don't have time to thing about other things.' He walked out of the house. Ash just stared at him confusingly 'did I made correct decision or not?'


Heer entered Basu's cabin in the office and found Preet. Preet hugged her and looked at her back expecting Prem. Heer smiled 'he has a small work on the way.' Preet shook his head. Anurag entered 'Heer, what are you doing here?' Heer looked at him confusingly 'papa.' Anurag 'you got married only two days back. today.' Heer interrupted 'papa, don't you remember we have to launch this project with in 3 months.' Anurag 'that Prem and Preet will take care.' Heer 'you will keep Prem here for 24 hrs.' she crossed her hands across her chest 'then what I will do alone there?' Preet 'nice question.' Heer 'now I can be with Prem for every second.' Anurag touched her head 'became very clever.' Heer hugged him 'your beti.' Anurag felt proud. Heer internally thought 'papa, I want to be with you, ma and Preet for next 362 days.' Preet shouted 'there he is. He can't sty away from Heer for long.' They saw Prem talking over phone coming towards their cabin.

Days passed, Prem, Heer and Preet worked hard to launch the project. Anurag and Lalit gave them guidance. In the home, Lalit presence didn't allow Ash to go near Prem. sometime Meher presence made Prem and Heer to stay very close that irritated Ash. Prem did everything to put a show in fornt of his father and sister. Prem and Heer returned home very late in the night. They left early. They hardly got chance to meet other family members. Prerna send them lunch to office. As Heer requested sometime Prerna came to office to spent time with Heer. Eventhough Prem moved with Heer is for professional, Heer is happy because they had lunch together. He discussed with her. He helped her when she struggled in the work.

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Shot 4

Almost 3 months passed after Prem and Heer marriage. Project is ready to for the launch. T'row is the launch date. Prem and Heer returned after checking all the final arrangements. Heer straight away went to her room as she is very tired and want to sleep so that she will look fresh t'row. She changed and lay down on the bed. Prem changed and about lay down in the couch. He looked at the water jug and found it empty. He decided to get water. Prem and Heer never spoke to each other for the past 3 months inside their bedroom.


Gay3 'Sona, come early t'row. don't dealy like today. there is lot of work to do.' Sona 't'row I'll come early. Today morning there was a meeting to hear judgment in my slum area. That is why I'm late.' Gay3 'judgment?' Sona 'ha ma. One man raped a girl in our slum. So the elders gave the judgment. That man has to marry that girl.' Gay3 'what? That idiot raped her. Then how he will keep her happy.' Sona 'he touched her then he is husband' Gay3 'what kind of logic is this?' Sona 'ma,we are poor. But have some self respect. Only husband has the right to see one virgin girl body. He seen her fully. She got raped even then she will accept him as her husband.' Gay3 'this is not correct.' Sona 'you ask pandit they will tell you. This sindoor and mangalsutra are only symbol to others that this girl is married. But she became his wife only when he touches her.' Gay3 'your belief also has some meaning.'

Prem heard this conversation and stood thoughtfully standing in the stairs. Gay3 sent the servant and turned to go to her room saw Prem standing thinking about something. 'Prem, why are you standing here?' Prem came out of his thought 'I came to get water.' Gay3 walked passed him. Prem 'ma.' Gay3 stopped 'ha beta.' Prem 'what do you think about that?' Gay3 'about what?' Prem 'ma that Sona told now.' Gay3 'may be true beta. Sindoor and magalsutra are man made rituals. But becoming one soul is God's plan.' She went to her room.

Prem went to kitchen with the jug. as he filled the jug with water his brian processed everything. He leaned on the counter recollecting the words told by sona. 'this means me and Heer are not husband and wife until we consummate. But how can I touch her without interest' his soul 'just make love with her as if you are sleeping with a girl for money.' he 'but I'm not used to that.' Soul 'She will easily melt in your touch. No girl can hide her feeling when she gets one handsome person. Here she is married to you. your job is easy.' He 'if Ash come to know this.' Soul 'how? You don't open your mouth to Ash. Heer is not a girl who talk about her private life to others.' He 'how can I believe Heer that she won't tell this to Ash?' soul 'put some drama to keep Heer and Ash separate.' He headed towards his room thinking 'I wasted more than 60 days now. her life extended for one more year. I don't want to delay her death. I need to do this to get my Ash soon.' He entered the room 'today I have to do it for my love.'

Heer felt a movement on the other side of the bed. She is facing the otherside. So she didn't notice what is happening on the other side. She thought 'may be Prem decided to sleep in the bed today as he is very tired.' She is thinking about how her parents will happy about their hard work. She felt a hot breath on her back. She didn't turn thinking may be in sleep Prem moved closer.

Prem put his hand on her shoulder and turned her flat. Heer is confused and looked at him. His face closer to hers. He gently spread her right hand wide and lyed between her body and hand. Heer sensed that he has removed his shirt. Prem hand travelled across her stomach to her other hand. He started rubbing her hand with his palm. She stayed quiet and motionless. He whispered as his lips brushing her cheek 'thanks Heer.' he moved his hand upward to her shoulder. He massaged her shoulder. She stopped his hand when he tried to move to her chest. 'Prem, you' Prem placed his index finger on her lips. 'shhhh.' His fingers moved down to her chin then to her neck. he whispered 'I want to give you a gift for our success.' Heer thought 'is he drunk? what is he talking about?' Prem 'Heer, every girl wants his husband love. I didn't give that to you. Even then you loved me. Today, I want to return my love to you.' Heer couldn't believe her own ears 'what made him to change his heart like this? Few minutes back he was old Prem.' Heer is lost in her confusion. She felt his hands opening her night suit. Heer is in confusion whether to accept his love or not. She neither stopped nor responded to him.

Prem leaned forward and kissed her forehead. He seductively kissed her cheek and his fingers roamed on her bare stomach. He brushed his lips on hers. She tried to control herself. He sucked her lower lip and tasted her seductively. Her hands which is lying on the bed without responding to him, held his bare back and she moved closer to him. He is happy to get some response from her. She responded to his. As they deepened the kiss his fingers searched her more. They broke to suck air. He buried his lips into her neck. she started breathing heavily. His hands tried to remove her every cloth and threw down. Both became naked soon. He put his legs on her. she held between her legs. she guided him to touch her body with his lips and fingers. She moaned as he touched her body with his lips. She bite his shoulders and kissed his chest. both rolled on the bed kissing each other. when they became ready, she lyed flat inviting him to enter her. as he entered carefully into her, she closed her eyes and whispered 'Prem, I love you.' Prem burried himself into her 'me too.' They slept cuddling into one soul.


Morning, Prem opened his eyes and saw Heer on his chest sleeping peacefully. Her palm on his chest saying that she is happy and complete. He tightened his grip around her waist. He kept his palm on her cheek 'now you are my wife. And have only few more days to live. After that I'll live happily with my Ash.'

Prem smiled 'its written in your kismat.'

Heer opened her eyes and shyly with a smile lifted her head and saw smiling Prem. she kissed his chest. he kissed her forehead. She searched for her dress. As her chest is exposed and her creamy skin in the morning light weaken his manly hormones, he felt urge to touch her. he tried to control himself. but he couldn't. He pulled her back on his top. Heer 'Premmm. We have to.' Prem 'we have enough time.' he started nuzzling her face with his lips. Eventhough their breath smelt badly they didn't bothered about bad smell. As his lips moved on her cheeks, his fingers caressed her soft tissue on her chest.

Suddenly he pushed her flat and started sucking those tissues hungrily. She moaned and wrapped her legs around him. she held his hair tight as he shifted his mouth from one to another. They went for another round of love making repeating the night again.

Prem scooped her in his hand and went to washroom kissing her. they spent another 30 minutes in the shower kissing and hugging. Both were standing under the shower hugging, touching their head to toe. They were not in the state to move away. they forced themselves to finish shower and come out of the washroom wrapped in towel.

Heer searching dress in the closet. Towel wrapped around her chest. her wet legs visible. Prem wrapped towel around his waist. Heer's beauty pulled him towards her. He felt like drunkard. He couldn't control himself touched her shoulder and turned to face him. Heer looked at his eyes. Both stared at each other. Prem kept his hand on her chest to remove the towel. She stopped him 'Prem, pooja.' Prem came to sense but his hands shivered he hugged her tightly and kissed the side of her neck. then left her.

With a shy smile, Heer took her saree and went to change behind the screen. Prem with confusion about his feelings towards Heer, took his suit and changed. When he got ready turned towards the mirror, he saw Heer wearing a beautiful peacock green saree adjusting her jewels. Without wasting a second, he hugged her from back and kissed her bare shoulder and about to move downwards on her back caressing her stomach. They were interrupted by the knock on the door.

Prem immediately pulled away. Heer quickly picked up their scattered cloth and dumped it in the dirty cloth basket and went to open the door, while Prem checked his tie before turning to leave. Ash entered the room. Heer without giving any attention to her moved to the table to pick up her mobile. Heer quietly walked out of the room.

Prem looked at Ash and watched Heer moving out of the room. Ash happily 'you are looking handsome Prem.' Prem bowed 'thank you.' Ash is about to tug his hand in the crook of his hand, he 'Ash, its good for you to stay in the home.'Ash confusingly looked at him 'why Prem?' Prem 'today, I have to put up a biggest drama in front of the world. Our every move is watched by media. So I need to move closer with Heer. you can't digest that .' ash 'Prem, I want to be with you during the celebration.' Prem cupped her face 'I know Ash. Later I take you out some where. Only you and me.' Ash shook her head. Prem is leaned forward to kiss Ash, Meher shouted from outside 'Bhaiya, come down fast.'

Ash expected a quick peck from Prem, but he ran down as soon as he heard Meher. With a disappointed face she looked around the room. She noticed the messy bed. She thought 'I never thought this stupid girl sleep like a boy.' She smiled 'sleep baby sleep. You have less than 300 days to live in this room and in the world.' She went out of the room and saw Juneja's leaving after the pooja.

To Be continued...

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OMG....Premeer be came one....buh Prem done it for Ash....urgggghhhhh...that witch has cast a spell on him...he is in her web....he's blinded by Ash's so called love that he can't see Heer's true love.....Eagerly waiting for the moment when Prem will confess his love to Heer.
It will be worth seeing how Ash will react to this.....plzzzz knock some sense into Gay3...she is blind too....luved Meher as always....
Update soon n thnx for the PM.

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awesomeeeeeeeeee too good very nice part i think prem has started loving heer waitinggggggg for next asap.

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awesum part aww loved it , dis ash hate her 

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awsm story loved it!! plzz update the next part asap!!

Edited by premiti - 16 January 2011 at 6:24am

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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 6:06am | IP Logged
Awesome update !
Loved it !
So our Dear Prem is falling for Heer !
But actually he is a real selfish man !
Just want his way !
Not even bothered abut someones life !
May be his true love changes him !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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